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This was... fine. I finished it, but probably wouldn't recommend. It was kinda slow and mundane. Lucy was plain and the book had no depth. 

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC!
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I thought this was a fun take on the movie Liar, Liar, but at a certain point around the 60-70% it kind of lost it's novelty for me. I think the mc was mostly well written and I enjoyed the humor weaved throughout the book. The topics discussed leaned on the more serious side and while I think they are important topics to be had, I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable with the heavy handed feminist agenda.

I really liked Oliver and I don't think he was deserving of the constant rants thrown his way by Lucy, and if I'm honest he was probably the only reason I stuck it out till the end. I think Lucy had a lot of potential to be a lovable fmc, but with her constant preaching and lashing out it made it impossible. I also think this book lacks the lens of intersectional feminism, which contributed to my dislike of that portion of the plot. I'm all for strong female characters who stand up for themselves and don't take mistreatment from anyone, but this could have been executed a lot better in my opinion. I think this book had the potential to be great but lacked balance. 

I don't know that I would necessarily recommend this book, but if you do happen to decide to read it please check tw!
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Lucy wakes up on her 30th birthday and finds she just can't bring herself to go through her normal routine of intense spin class, full face of makeup, and tight Spanx. Turns out she can't tell a lie -- to herself or others. Which is potentially problematic when you're a Hollywood publicist, and you haven't been to true to yourself in awhile.

This was a fast read, and I agree with a lot of the themes presented. At the same time, it felt over-the-top in parts. To be sure, I think that was the author's intent -- to be completely obvious about the ways in which certain expectations for women are upheld and perpetuated, as well as how unfair they are. But that could lead to Lucy monologuing at times, when maybe her point could have been conveyed more seamlessly. Or, maybe it's just that this book is more for those who've never heard the words makeup tax or had to take pains not to be seen as bossy when you're just being assertive.
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I should have known this wouldn't be for me when it started talking about her workout routine and dietary restrictions. While yes, the premise was a woman fighting against these stereotypes, it often was just cringey and unrealistic. The number of times I rolled my eyes was too many. It read like something from 15+ years ago, not present day. And it tried way too hard. Not for me.
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Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for my digital arc of NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH  by Holly James, in exchange for an honest review. This book published July 12, so you can grab your copy now! 

What if you could only tell the truth? Like, you were literally unable to lie, even if you wanted to, or intentionally tried to? 
Wow. I have never read a book quite like this one before. I don't want to say too much, because I went into it fairly blind, and i honestly think that is the best way to experience this book. 

If you like strong female characters, who like to smash the patriarchy, have some healthy workplace competition, and state all the unfair expectations women are supposed to uphold, then read this book! I highly recommend it, and even the audiobook was great!
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This book warmed my heart in so many ways. I am definitely going to try that magical drink she received and realized she could lie no more. 

Plus, who doesn’t love books about book people.
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Thanks to @duttonbooks and @netgalley for the gifted e-Arc. Lucy Green loves her job, is excited to turn 30, and hopes to be engaged by the end of her birthday. But when she wakes up on her birthday, she cannot lie, which is going to make her job difficult. As she navigates through her day, she has to unravel and rebuild her world to better fit herself.
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A feminist book at heart that landed a bit hard on subjects that were distinguished by the actions of characters more than anything. It is an inspiring book nonetheless. I felt myself rooting for Lucy because I wanted to see her happy ending. A very entertaining read.
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3.5 stars [Liked it]

This was a good debut. I loved the writing and the narration of the audiobook was also great. I loved the characters and seeing how Holly’s journey to finding her voice. The overall story was just okay for me, it felt a bit bland at times. I did love the feminist aspect of the book. 

Thank you to the publisher and @netgalley for providing a free advanced copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved the idea of the book. I connected with the main character on a lot of levels. There were a lot of points that hit home about not wanting to do the things that society makes us feel we have to.
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Nothing But The Truth

3/5 Stars

Liar Liar meets 13 Going on 30 meets 16 Candles.

Nothing But the Truth was such a cute and inspiring novel – following Lucy, a Celebrity Publicist who does nothing but lie, spin the truth, use fake smiles and cover up the scandals her clients create in their day to day lives. 

At the precipice of her 30th birthday, Lucy Green raises a glass to a new chapter in her life. She wishes on her cocktail, wanting nothing but to enter her 30s with everything she needs, to have the best time ever. But this little wish at a local bar (with a drink from a super-hot bartender) leaves her unable to tell a lie, unable to hold her tongue at work, unable to take what she usually does. Leaving her try to undo her wish, almost ruining her career – but in the long run making it better than it ever was – threatening her relationships and the entire life she’s built for herself.

Nothing but the Truth was short, sweet, and a lot of fun to read – even if there was a lot of feminist dumping throughout the book. All the points were valid – but it was dumped into small spaces that ended up over flowing with a little bit too much. 

Happy endings with not a lot of tenseness. Overall just a really good fluffy read, easy to get through and with a satisfying ending.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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To be honest, I felt like there wasn’t much special about this book. The voice didn’t really captivate me, and I’ve read plenty of books about white women going through quarter-life crises. DNFed.
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Wait I absolutely LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I want so much more because I did not want it to be over, but also it was perfect and not overdone and didn’t feel too long. This book spoke to me on such a deep level, and I know so many others will relate to Lucy and the struggles she goes through daily as a woman. The underlying story is very me-too but the additional plot points of honesty, friendship and romance had me fully swooning over this story. Absolutely adored!!!
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I need to confess than I could not read the book. However, I found a way to finish it. I always feel super responsible to keep my promises. 
Luckily for me I found an audiobook and  one of my favorite narrators made it possible. 
What can I say.... I will definitely not get back to this book any time soon if ever. 
The heroine is just plain. 
I always expect some emotions but nada. 
I say 3,5 ⭐ . Half point I gave extra to my favorite narrator who made me finish it.
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"The balm for the soul that I needed. We women don’t need to smile more or look pretty or conform to expectations…we just need to read this, buy a copy for our best friends, and toast to the truth."—Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of Wish You Were Here

In this sparkling, page-turning debut, Lucy Green learns that when you make a wish, you don't always get what you want…but you might just get exactly what you need.
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Nothing But the Truth was a really enjoyable read for me. Essentially Lucy Green makes a birthday wish for a perfect day and when she wakes up, she starts making all of these choices that are things that she WANTS to do, but normally doesn't because she isn't supposed to. In a lot of ways, these choices are comical and you don't really catch on to the fact that something is going very wrong, until suddenly... Lucy can't lie. And when you have that realization, it's a whole thing. 

Now, something that you should know is that this book addresses the #MeToo movement in the sense that Lucy's boss is sleazy and gross. And this book takes a stand on that issue. In a lot of ways, this was really difficult subject matter to cope with, but at the same time, I thought James had a deft hand and also never let me as a reader, feel like things weren't going to somehow work out. 

Additionally, there's a really delightful bartender/bar owner character who is fantastic and wonderful. And Lucy is great. I do think the writing is something that will either work for you or not, so try a sample to decide, but if the storyline of going after what you want (partially because you don't have a choice as fate is intervening) appeals, then I would definitely recommend!
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Somehwat of a modern retelling of Liar Liar, this was a thought provoking and really great read! Im telling everyone to read it.
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This is the perfect hug for best friends. I read this just in time for my 30th and it made me all the more nostalgic and appreciative. I love that this is more than a love story. It’s about loving and caring for yourself and finding liberation in telling the truth. I think we all should read this.
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I really enjoyed this! It's written with a real bouncey joyfulness, and the concept (Lucy makes a wish about her birthday, and then finds on the day that she cannot tell even the most basic lie) is brilliantly silly and also not silly at all. What would happen if you had to be truthful about your work, your relationships, your clothes? Would everything stay the same or change forever? Everything in her life unravels and she's panicking and yet also -free. Very witty, with great characters.
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This was very boring and bland. I loved the idea of the plot…but why did it have to be soooo detailed. I wish I could of loved this more, but it just wasn’t for me.
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