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Nothing But the Truth is a rom-com with good female relationships, no miscommunication, femimist postive and is closed door.

Lucy Green is turning 30 and for her birthday she wished for the “Perfect Day”.  Instead she wakes up with the capability to only tell the truth.  How in the world can this lead to the perfect day when you job alone relys on you lying to clients and the media?  

A lot of things happen in the next 24 hours, some items being beyond believable.  But I still enjoyed the story and the light shed on some serious topics.  I love that the women build each other up.  This book was fun and quick and still enjoyable.
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If you are looking for a positive,feminist, rom-com with good friendship relations? This book is yours to read!

At the eve of Lucy Green’s 30th birthday, she was sitting in a bar alone, waiting for her boyfriend- and hopefully fiancè to come share drinks with her. The hot bartender noticed that she barely touched her dirty martini which she only ordered because her sophisticated boss likes it and thought it will be her drink of choice too. Hot bartender said, that the way she stared at her phone screen and watches the door like a hawk tells that she is unhappy and could use a life changing cocktail! And just like candles on a birthday cake, Lucy made a wish that the next day will be perfect before taking a sip of  the life-changing cocktail! 

Big day came and everything seems to be wrong! As a publicist, Lucy is used to smiling her way with clients, giving them what they need and telling them things they want to hear. But being 30 is making Lucy way too honest about everything, put entitled people in their rightful place, tell everybody the ugly truth and somehow she feels its about time for her to do even if it meant that she might be losing her job. 

There is a lot of things happening in the 24hr duration of the entire timeline of this book and that was my issue with it. I love how feminist this was. I love how bad guys were held accountable, I love how the story has its happy ever after. The romance was very wholesome and I was okay with that. It was fast, refreshing and fun story overall! 

Thank you to Penguin Random House-Dutton via Netgalley and PRHAudio for the complimentary copies for review.
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I really enjoyed this book--from the concept to the characters. Lucy Green, publicist, turns 30 and has a drink for there birthday that doesn't let her lie for the next 24 hours. It makes her challenge her misconceptions about the world. It was a fun, powerful book, and I would recommend it!
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This was a fun, easy read. I loved the feminist angle but at times I felt like it was a little heavy-handed, like we were being force fed. I thought Lucy’s character was amazing, very charismatic. The plot line of the story was very entertaining, and reminded me of the movie Liar Liar (which I loved). Overall a good book, just not quite a favorite. I am excited to see more from this author as she develops her writing!!
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What a breathtaking book and concept! A story that from the first page has you saying, “This is what happens in my mind! This is what I think all the time!” A tale that has you cheering for Lucy Green, a publicist, encouraging her to embrace her true self because why not? The worst part of  hiding or running away from the truth is the way it alters one’s mind status.
Everything changes for Lucy Green on her 30th birthday when a drink gives her the power of not lying for the next 24 hours. All the small things that a female usually thinks in a day for her social appearance turns the tables on their heads and the truth is out. For instance, working out in the morning and then not having a breakfast you want because it’s not your cheat day; if it’s something that you truly want to do go ahead, but if it’s something that you’re doing because that’s the way world wants you to be - big no no. 
To see Lucy in her element was definitively refreshing. Throughout the book I was constantly connected to Lucy’s thought and it never felt like the story was dragging on. Along with these smaller moments, the book focuses on the MeToo movement and encourages the readers to stand up and never succumb to any injustice. The way this sensitive topic is portrayed is beautiful and if anyone was unaware of it, they’re finally getting a chance to understand what it is. I’ve heard so many misconceptions spun from the moment this movement started getting pace and to have a story which finally sheds light on the reality of it deserves an applause.
A beautiful tale of a woman being true to herself and striving forward in her life, Nothing But The Truth was a story that every reader needs to read through!
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Cute story and props for putting a spotlight on feminism! It gave me '13 going on 30' vibes when Jennifer Garner started righting all the wrongs she had done as an adult. Knowing her worth, not settling for less, doing what is right, and all that jazz. Such a shame though that although it's "just a story" lies some truth. I feel that this could be a possible eye opener for those who don't see those injustices in their workplace (if there are any). 

I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't more of a romance novel, or at least it could had possibly a little more development in that area. You did get a bit of romance here and there but it just didn't feel enough for the hopeless romantic in me. I'm clearly a sucker for a really good love story. 

Some stuff did seem a bit far-fetched but overall, it was a pretty good read!
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Thanks to Netgalley for providing an advanced copy of Nothing But The Truth!
If you're looking for a funny and easy beach read, Nothing But The Truth should be on your list. The characters were fun and the plot dealt with some heavy subjects while
keeping the overall tone very light-hearted.

The book takes place over the course of one day and I wish it had been spread out over the course of at least a week. At times, it felt extremely rushed. While this wasn't my favorite book of the summer, l'd recommend adding it to your TBR.
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I was unable to finish this book. I just couldn't connect with the main character. I'm hoping to be able to pick this up again in the future. I understand that this is supposed to be a feminist novel; however, the "feminism" portrayed in this book felt very much like the "not like other girls" trope that was so rampant in YA in the late 2000's and early 2010's. Perhaps the character development and feminism rounded out as the book progressed and resolved. However, I couldn't get past it.
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The night before Hollywood publicist Lucy Green’s 30th birthday, she gets stood up by the boyfriend she expected to propose to her. She makes a bitter wish over a cocktail for a perfect birthday. The next morning, she wakes up to find that she can’t lie or bend the truth — about anything — even to herself.

I love how this book explores feminist themes and heavy topics with optimism and a touch of magic! Lucy's wild day grabbed me from the very beginning, and I saw a lot in Lucy's realizations that I recognized from my own life. I can't wait to read what Holly James writes next!
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I enjoyed this book. From her job as a publicist, to the new romance with the hot bartender, and  the true life lessons and James imparted because Lucy could not lie. Throughly enjoyable.
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It’s Lucy’s 30th birthday, but she wakes up with an odd surprise. She cannot tell a lie. When she begins her morning routine, she can’t bring herself to go through her entire beauty routine, and when her boss makes het uncomfortable in the office, she doesn’t hold back as usual, but lets him know how she feels about him. Today was supposed to be the perfect day. She was going to land a huge new client, get a promotion, turn 30, and get engaged at her birthday party. Suddenly it seems like all of the above, besides turning 30, is on the line if she can’t find a way ton reverse whatever truth serum she seems to have taken.

A day without being able to tell a lie. Part of me feels like that would be a fantastic day. The other part however, recognizes that my poker face does not exist. Seriously, you can read exactly what I am thinking on my face, there really is no reason for me to say it! I flew through this book and just adored the entire story. I love a strong female lead, and damn if Lucy didn’t fit the bill. I loved the me too aspect of the story, and how truly accurately out was portrayed. I also really enjoyed Adam throughout the book. Overall this was a really fun story, that also had a big dose of reality and covered some serious topics as well.
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I absolutely adored this book! A  cute , and quick read that will have you falling in love with these characters. I 
had quite a laugh at times.
And the ending was soo perfect!! I even teared up a bit all while smiling the goofiest grin ever.
Thank you so much netgalley
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This is a very cute story about Lucy who is turning 30, successful, in a relationship, she has it all, or so we think. Like most women that age society expects them to have everything mapped out, marriage, career, kids, Lucy wants it all, but the day before her bday things go wrong, and everything she has set in motion for her life, she is questioning. This book gives you a mix of romance, a little magic, some huge GIRL POWER situations, and learning about living your own truth.
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This is a cute lighthearted story. Lucy is excited about her 30th birthday and has a big party planned for the evening. When she wakes up on the day of her birthday she realizes she can’t tell a lie. Because of this she begins to become more aware of what she really wants her life to look like. She decides she is over living with many of the double standards women are being expected to abide by. Gone are the uncomfortable clothes, immaculate makeup and shoes that are a nightmare to walk in. Her goals and desires for the other aspects of her life are becoming more evident as she moves through the day. Lucy is a celebrity publicist so she has to figure out how to do her job without lying. How long, with whatever spell she is under, will she be unable to lie? This is a quick and fun read - perfect for summer.
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Nothing But the Truth was such a fun novel! It reminded me of that old Jim Carrey movie Liar, Liar. But with a positive message!

Lucy Green is having a milestone birthday (30!) and she thinks her boyfriend of 2 years is going to propose at her birthday party like in romcom movies. She’s also expecting a big promotion at work, and the night before her big day, she is stood up by her bf. The hot bartender takes pity on her and makes her a special birthday drink on which she wishes for a perfect day. 

When she wakes up, she finds she can’t put herself through her usual make up, hair and fashionista outfit as she had planned. When she arrives at work casually dressed, everyone is shocked. So is Lucy when she realizes she can’t lie! Not any half truths, fibs or white lies. She is forced to tell the truth to everyone. This isn’t great for her work day where she’s a publicist who has to smooth things over with her clients and has to deal with her creepy boss. 

This novel was such a refreshing book! I loved the LA location and the publicist job was a fun change of pace. I personally love workplace novels and this book hit it hard with the #metoo movement. I loved that Lucy encouraged others to stand up for themselves even if she want quite ready to do it herself. I also loved all the jokes about LA traffic and being happy in your own skin. 

This is a debut novel and I cannot wait for more from @hollym_james! Thank you so much to @duttonbooks for my gifted copy! Nothing But the Truth is out now!
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2.5 Stars

The day before her 30th birthday, Lucy makes a wish for the perfect day. When she wakes the next morning, she realizes she’s physically incapable of lying in any capacity. This causes a whole slew of hijinks to occur as Lucy must face the truth when it comes to her relationships and the injustices she faces at work. 

The novel started off very bumpy, with Lucy’s morning routine taking up a quarter of this novel as she realizes she hates every aspect of getting ready that she’s grown accustomed to. It started off witty, but turned repetitive and annoying.

Finally at work, the readers are introduced to the wonderful Oliver, Lucy’s work friend. He’s so bubbly and funny - anyone would kill for a ride or die like Oliver. Unfortunately, Lucy often goes on feminist tangents directed towards Oliver despite him not doing anything bad. Poor guy gets scolded so often, even Lucy admits to herself he doesn’t deserve her wrath but he just happens to be the nearest individual with a penis. 

This was my biggest issue with this novel. The feminist message is nice in theory, but this sort of message is more feminazi. Lucy is such a massive man hater that when she meets a genuinely nice man she believes she’s delusional and is hallucinating him. This guy puts up with her craziness and has to prove he’s a real human being to her. Like… girl I know you’ve had lots of encounters with shitty men but shockingly they are not all like that. 

I am a proud feminist, but messages like these are dangerous. Yes, queen, point out those workplace injustices and rant about the patriarchy, but don’t take it out on your male best friend and the cute guy treating you as you should. They’re innocent, yet are taking the brunt of your frustrations! It made me frustrated! I was cheering alongside the characters when the men who deserved it were told off, but when the other men were feeling the heat from the message too it made me feel uncomfortable. Lucy acknowledged herself that she was unhinged at times and I hate to agree. Such a great message lost through over-preachiness. 

The birthday party scene at the end felt dragged out and the set up was a little ridiculous with all the characters of the book arriving one by one to close out their plot lines. I was having some fun with this book when Lucy and Oliver were trying silly online remedies to rid her of her “truth curse” and I enjoyed the Hollywood aspect of this novel, so it wasn’t a total flop. It was just way too preachy for me and Lucy wasn’t that lovable of a heroine. 

Thank you PENGUIN GROUP Dutton and NetGalley for an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I will be recommending this to my followers who are obsessed with romance. This will be a good beach read
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It was such a beautiful read in how she discovers what she truly wants in her life.I will highly recommend this book
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I liked this book and the concept, but it got a little long for me. I had a hard time making it through the last quarter of the book. I would give the first half four stars though. The story does wrap up nicely and tie up all the loose ends.
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Thank you @netgalley and @duttonbooks for the gifted ecopy. 

This is a cute read, that’s a little bit The Hating Game and a little bit Liar Liar. Lucy wakes up on her 30th birthday realizing she can’t tell a lie. At first she kind of freaks out thinking this is not a good thing but as the day goes on, Lucy realizes that maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all. Maybe she’s been lying to herself for a long time, about everything from spin class to spanx to her boyfriend.

Check this one out for a quick and fun read. I think it could be a super cute movie too!
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