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The Lies I Tell

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Erin K, Reviewer

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This was a solid novel that kept me invested in the lives of two characters: Meg, a con woman who has embarked on her greatest scam yet, and Kat, a journalist who is hot on her trail. However, I would disagree with this being categorized as a traditional thriller. There wasn't really any suspense in my opinion or twists in the plot - everything was pretty predictable. There was also a lot of jumping back and forth with the time frame, which I'm never a fan of.

That being said, this was still a four-star read for me because it was written in a way that allowed me to get inside the character's heads. I was able to jump past some major plot holes because Clark writes in a way that feels authentic. And I love a good tale of a woman seeking revenge! I'm curious to see how this book measures up to Clark's other popular novel, "The Last Flight" - I'll still check it out at some point.

I wouldn't recommend this for people looking for a fast-paced read, but if readers are comfortable with more of a slow-burn story, they might enjoy this one.

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