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It was a great book, and I would definitely recommend it. This books makes you think how much of this happens to other people. Some people let it go, but you have people in the book that’s not afraid. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.
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Thank you NetGalley and Penguin Random and Danielle Steel for this ARC.  

In this riveting novel, Danielle Steel tells the story of a group of remarkable women navigating the challenges of balancing their families, their personal lives and the high stakes of ambition at the top of their game.

So many characters and stories to learn but a pretty short read. This book is #metoo driven but didn’t take away from each characters strength and bravery. The way Danielle Steel tackles relevant and timely topics is always why I am drawn to her novels.
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Another great read from Danielle Steel.  This is a fast paced, quick read about different women, and how their lives are effected by their jobs.  Some of the women in the story are subjected to harassment by one of the agency's owners, and this leads to a lot of upheaval.  The story deals with love, life, family, sexual harassment, and second chances.  Read it in one sitting, couldn't put it down.  
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This book was just ok for me - and a bit sad.
I always enjoy DS books and it was a quick read!
Thank you NetGalley!
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No surprise here that I gave Danielle Steel's five stars!  I just love everything she writes.  How she comes up with new plots and characters so often is a testament to her true talent.  Well done!
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Thank you Netgalley, Danielle Steel and Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine for the ARC of High Stakes. This is my personal review.
I wanted to like this book because  I am a huge Danielle Steel fan. I devour her books from front to back as soon as I pick them up to read them. This time I was very underwhelmed by the story.
The book was based on the “MeToo” movement. I know it happens and many are hurt by it. The characters in the story were portrayed well but the storyline felt rushed, and some parts seemed to be just put in to fill pages.
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Written in true Danielle Steel  style, this book features five powerful and successful women.

This  book had a lot going on in the beginning and it was a little confusing to keep track of who was married to who, I stood with it and it all came together.

Fans of Daniel steel will love this book as it is what she does best A true page Turner, and a book that you will devour in a day or two .
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High Stakes is a fictional work that mirrors the “Me Too” movement. It is a tough topic to tackle, but the book itself was good.

This is the first Danielle Steel book I’ve read and I’m just not fond of her writing style. I felt that character development felt forced. I was being told a story, not shown a story. There were parts or aspects of a character that were said the same way multiple different times throughout the book that wasn’t necessary.

I feel like this book had the potential to be really powerful, but just fell a little bit short. However, it is a quick read and it does truly make you feel things deep in your soul.
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Hardworking mom? Divorce? Love? SA? Jail time?   Mix all that in together and you have Danielle Steels next big book!   I love the way she can combine so many things into a book and still make it where you’re able to follow and not lose track of whose who.   This book started off good, and kept getting stronger by each chapter.  I absolutely loved this book, and the different things that was thrown together to make the story complete.   I can’t Thank NetGalley for choosing me read this book, for my honest opinion!
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to review this book.

Jane Addison is ready to start her career as an assistant to a literary agent on her way to her ultimate goal of owning a small publishing house. The agency she works for is both literary and dramatic and has some big names associated with it. Bob Benson and Dan Fletcher have built the business successfully, but things begin turning ugly as soon as Jane starts there. 

There were so many characters and storylines in this book. It took away from the story that Steel was trying to tell. The basis of this book was a take on the Me Too movement. One of the heads of the agency is a sexual predator, assaulting women both verbally and physically. This could have been a powerful book, but instead, it was watered down and there were other subplots of romantic liaisons and drama that weakened the overall thread of a brave young woman who was able to stand up and not only say no but bring her attacker to light. This is the book about Me Too that you read if you want to say you saw an author take on a tough topic but you don't want to get into the nitty-gritty or feel even the least bit uncomfortable. The book is safe and nonthreatening, and that's what makes it not only boring but frustrating.
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This is a story of 5 strong successful women who work for a literacy and entertainment agency. Jane who is the new person in the office has to deal with a sexual harassment issue, other people have been confronted in the same fashion but did nothing to stop him. What happens is both terrifying and enlightening. The 5 women come together to help each other heal and move on. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.9
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I really enjoyed this book by Danielle Steel. It was very well done and I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
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High Stakes describes the lives of five women working in an entertainment/literary agency.  The women are at different stages in both their professional and personal lives.  Steel creates likable, believable characters who tackle some difficult situations.  It is a quick read with a satisfying conclusion.  My issue with this book, which is a common complaint for me with Steel’s books, is that for all of the women to be successful and happy there had to be a man.  I would have liked for at least one of the characters to finish the story happy and alone.  I thank NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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This is a story about the employees and clients at a literary and talent agency. The author presents their crazy lives in a way that truly feels like a whirlwind, including the pursuit of charges against one employee for sexual harassment and rape. While I’m glad the author tackled such a difficult subject, I found this book to jump back and forth between characters too much.
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High Stakes was a timely read in the era of the Me Too movement. We follow a group of women working in entertainment and publishing and their experiences with a coworker who is a predator. Each of the women have a different experience with the man and a different response. We follow their journey and their relationships. I hadn't read  Danielle Steel novel in years. Even though the topic is tough and unsettling, I enjoyed following each woman's story and seeing them come together and find resolution and healing. I do agree with other reviewers that the author could have written the ending a bit differently to allow them more independence. Thank you to NetGalley and Delacorte Press for the ARC!
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This story is about women working at a talent agency, how their lives are impacted by the choices they have to make trying to balance work and family.  The women in the end were stronger for their choices.  I did have a problem with both owners of the agency, one of them for abusing women sexually for years and the other for not doing anything about it. Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.
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Another amazing book by Danielle Steel, this is a great story. Timeless characters with real flaws and very real issues that readers we be able to relate to into their everyday life. This book could easily of been a great weekly show or even a movie. This book has a lot of meat in it, meaning lots of details of the women involved. I love being able to still read a Danielle Steel book and fall in love with it again.
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4.5 Stars for tackling a difficult subject!

With this one I have to applaud Danielle Steel for dealing with a difficult subject matter, which was sometimes hard to read about. I thought that it would interest me because as a voracious reader of practically all genres, agents and publishing is particularly interesting to me. I didn't know the extent of the abuse that these brave women had to deal with. It is about two male owners of a business that have two separate divisions of the agents that represent both Literary and Drama branches. The two men are who are the owners are completely different in how they treat their female employees. As I write this my heart is still breaking for Francine who gets TEN YEARS of torture from one of the most vile men I have read in Fiction. His name is Dan and he has been blackmailing the head of Literary named Francine to meet with him twice per week at night after hours forcing her to be his sex slave. She already probably felt worn down and I can imagine how low her self esteem and self worth was when her husband left her for a much younger woman. Needing her job it isn't any wonder that she acted like his robot and most likely felt self hatred because Dan the owner and her boss threatened to fire her if she didn't meet him and on top of that threatened to "Blackball" her with everybody in New York City. I think it's possible when one is already a single parent and the sole earner of two teenagers that she believed him when he said that he would make sure that she wouldn't be employed by anybody. A mother that already feels traumatized with two teens my heart goes out to her. Not everybody is going to allow that to happen to them but since she fell victim to doing it just once would that make her less believable if she went to the authorities? If she did what he wanted was she less of a victim? No. I saw her as a victim of despicable acts that she felt afraid and that nobody should have to endure what she did. I just saw this poor woman who needed her job and was so traumatized she kept their arrangement because she needed to support her daughter and her son and was afraid that she didn't have a choice. It brings up many negative consequences such as the crippling shame and I am making a big assumption in thinking that she had possibly felt because she had more to lose and perhaps coming from a different generation that she felt terrified and trapped and that quite possibly nobody would believe her even if she did report him.

Thank Goodness for the rescue of the young and bold new hire Jane Addison who comes from a wealthy family and when Dan sexually harasses her and pushes her up against a copy machine Jane calls the police and sees an attorney who empowers her to press charges. Jane is brand new to the Agency and doesn't have the fear that Francine felt. Jane works for Hailey and I admired them both for different reasons. I would think being arrested for what the owner Dan did to Jane that he would have learned his lesson.

I thought that all of the women that worked in the Agency were brave and admirable. I liked the Chief Financial Officer Merriwether Jones and like Francine she suffers a more subdued form of abuse from her jealous husband in his constant criticism of Merriwether because she is the sole big earner. He doesn't work and she affords him the chance to pursue his dream as a full time writer by earning enough to support him. He chips away at Merriwether by complaining and acting childish because she is the high earner and he knows deep down that he isn't contributing financially.

Allie who works as the head of the Drama Department acts the most carefree of all of these women as she has short lived affairs with Actor's until she falls head over heels in love with one of them. I thought Bob the upstanding other owner acted sort of like a hypocrite by warning Allie that by being seen with her boyfriend was hurting the Agency, while he bails his partner out of jail after what he did. I think that Allie acted very inappropriately at Bob's party by doing what she did, but I ended up warming up to both Bob and Allie because of their taking responsibility for their actions.

I enjoyed Hailey West and admired her for her for supporting three young children and her willingness to read Phillip's manuscripts who was an Author and client. She attained super power status with me as always putting her three children's feelings ahead of her job. She was able to attain the right type of balance by traveling with Phillip on his book tour. At work she was all about being efficient and she was never one to call in to not come to work because of her three children. She was left a widow and she was highly organized and she made sure Phillip's book tour was a success by anticipating his every need.

I applaud Danielle Steel for addressing this difficult subject matter. I didn't expect it to go in the direction that it did. In Jane being the youngest with less to lose she creates a voice for two other women in the Agency to come forward. I hope that anybody reading this will draw inspiration from these women and illuminate that there doesn't have to be silent suffering of any of the behavior that Dan put three of these women through. This book would make a great book club pick as there is much more to say about the book.

Publication Date: March 8th, 2022

A Huge debt of gratitude and Thank you to Net Galley, Danielle Steel and Random House Publishing Group-Ballantine-Delacorte Press for generously providing me with my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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In this thrilling novel, Danielle Steel tells the story of five incredible women finding their way through the challenges of balancing their families, their personal lives and the high stakes of the risky situations of her job, in which, someone will win or lose a great deal. They each have a lot of ambition and is at the top of her game.
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Four and a Half Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭒
High Stakes by Danielle Steel is one of my favorite of her books that I’ve read recently.  I liked that she took on the #MeToo movement with a vengeance.  These characters were realistic and I was drawn into this book from the very beginning.  

Jane Addison arrives in New York City ready to start her new job at Fletcher and Benson, a literary and talent agency.  Jane is assigned to Hailey West, one of the best literary agents at the agency.  Hailey is a widowed mother to three children and still struggles to balance her home life and the busy life of a literary agent.  Also in the office is Francine Rivers, a divorced single mother to two children and head of the literary department.  Her stern appearance hides some deep emotional hurt that she can’t let anybody uncover.  Allie Moore is one of the drama agents and she loves her job mixing with top actors and actresses and wining and dining with her clients.  Merriwether Jones is the CFO of the company, she’s married to an aspiring writer who also stays home and cares for their daughter.  

The new woman, Jane, soon finds out the agency has some secrets and she’s not about to let the status quo continue.  As the newest woman on the team, she has the least to lose, and she’s not afraid to shake things up.  

I’ll admit at first there are a lot of characters, and it’s a bit difficult at first to remember who is who and who is married to whom.  But, eventually, these characters become very clear and the journey each of these women takes makes for a very engaging story that kept me turning those pages as I read this book in only one sitting.  What I loved was the way these women supported each other and took back their power.  I thought the book was inspiring to all young women out in the workplace.  

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves women’s fiction.  I received a complimentary copy of this book.  The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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