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Ms. Steel has done it again!  All of her books are fantastic but this one I can say is my favorite so far.  The story line of sexual and mental abuse was portrayed beautifully.  You could feel the victims pain and anguish, and their relief and happiness when they received their settlements and when Dan was sentenced for his crimes against them.  Even though it is fiction,  you really feel proud of Jane for having the courage to stand up and make a stand for what was right!  I loved this book. Bravo Ms. Steel on a job well done!
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This is a very timely book about women joining together to end the sexual thuggery that exists in many organizations. When Jane gets a job at a talent agency she is confronted by one of the partners who quickly begins to touch and threaten her as he demands sexual favors in return for her job. 

The author takes us behind closed doors and shows us the hidden horrors women face in the workplace. The story revolves around several women, not just those who have been sexually abused, but who struggle with other issues. Single parenting and financial struggles dog these women as well. 

This novel drew inspiration from earlier novels, such as THE BEST OF EVERYTHING, written about women in publishing in the 1950’s. Here the author takes us into ME TOO, when, finally, this awful behavior is confronted and forced to change.  The main characters are likable and a sense of closure and justice are brought to their lives. 

This is not typical Steel, it’s a bit heavier, but certainly a really interesting read. It will give book club members a good opportunity to discuss their own issues in dating and office. Of course, daily celebrity disclosures and tge understanding of why disclosure is too often postponed.should be discussed. 

Thank you Netgalley for this ARC in return for an honest review.
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I always loved Danielle Steel’s books, just so easy to read and then it’s done.  This one has a lot of characters,  women all working together , some struggling more than others, then you bring in a man who was just horrible and thought he could do whatever he wanted and no one would fight back, but he was wrong and learned the hard way.  It was about fighting back, trusting yourself and letting yourself take a leap of faith. Loved how all the stories entertained, and how you can chase your dreams. Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC!
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Danielle Steel brings us into the world of literary and talent agents.  We get a glimpse into the lives of five vastly different women who worked hard to get where they are in this exclusive agency.  Jane Addison brings us into this world when she is hired to become an assistant to a literary agent.  Through her, we meet the cast of characters who appear successful in both life and work.  As we get to know each of the women, we start to see the cracks and get a glimmer of what they each had to sacrifice to get where they are.  When Jane can no longer take the unwanted advances of someone from work, she opens the door to decisions each of these women must face.  Will each of these women stand up for what they want and what they have worked so hard for, or will they crumple under the pressure?  Their decisions will not only impact the agency, but it will impact their personal lives and those who they hold dear.

Danielle Steel brings us a story of women who are faced with decisions that brings them out of their comfort zone.  These women have to make a choice that is best for themselves and their families no matter the consequence.  

I have read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine, Delacorte Press for this privilege.
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This is a #METOO themed story that focuses more on the female characters than the perpetrator. It is a subject I relate to and have deep convictions about. It was refreshing to see the women's everyday real life struggles with career, family, spouse, children and believable circumstances.
The setting is in NY at the successful Fletcher and Benson literary and talent agency. The co-owners are Dan Fletcher and Bob Benson. Francine is head of the literary department, with Hailey as the second agent in that department. Allie is head of the dramatic department. Jane is a young recent graduate and is interviewing for her first job at the agency.
The personalities and individual lives of all these women are realistically depicted. Francine is bitter, sour, angry and tough. She has two teens. Hailey is widowed with three young children. Allie is young, gorgeous, single and focused solely on her career.
The spectrum of everyday life has characters who are
divorced, widowed, single, happily married, and marriages of convenience. They have babysitters, teens, financial insecurity, homework to oversee, dinner to prepare and they take work home just to keep up.
The inner workings of the agents, publishers, editors and the setting at the agency was vividly portrayed by the author. As a reader, much of that side of the business is unfamiliar to me. I'm sure the author has  personal knowledge of this subject which enhanced the narrative.
It doesn't take long after Jane arrives at Fletcher and Benson for her to be confronted with sexual harassment. The secrets at the agency run deep and have been hidden for years. 
This story is fictional and has adult content. I recommend any female over twenty should read and believe this is what their Mothers and grandmothers dealt with. It isn't a thriller or romance story, while those elements are present. There were owners, bosses, and coworkers in my career described in this book.
Many thanks to Netgalley for the advance digital copy of "High Stakes" by Danielle Steele and to Random House Publishing. These are my personal thoughts and opinions given voluntarily.
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Great read. To me a little different of a book than DS usually writes but so good. Talking about the me too movement.
We meet 5 ladies that work together and follow them through their careers and personal lives.
It look me a few chapters to keep everyone straight but a really great read, I read it all in one sitting today.
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Danielle never fails to deliver a brilliantly written book. This one i finished in a day and a half. I just couldn't put it down. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.
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The drama is high in a New York City publishing house in "High Stakes". Danielle Steele writes of love, loss, sexual harassment, and the trials and tribulations of the women young and older who work in a small publishing house. One, is new and working her way up, another is older and the long-term lover of one of the owners, another married with a child is experiencing marital discord, and still another a widow who struggles while juggling a life with three children. This book is full of the experience of working women, the courage of revealing the truth in a workplace that can be frightening and traumatic for those who have experienced harassment. Ms. Steele handles all these problems with her usual prose and the reader will breathe a sigh of relief when the women find the answers to the dilemma they face in this book. Thanks to #NetGalley#HighStakes for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I have been reading Danielle Steel books since I was a child.  She always delivers!  
This book, about a group of women working for a talent agency, was no exception.  Jane, the female lead, is my hero.  She stands up for what she believes in and inspires others to do the same.  A few of the other ladies who work at the agency are a bit antiquated in their beliefs and suffer as a result.  Dan, the male antagonist, is truly evil and represents many men still prevalent in today's society.  If you're looking for an enjoyable short read, this is it.   Definitely recommended.
Thank you Danielle Steel, Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine and NetGalley for allowing me an advance copy for my honest feedback.
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3.5 Stars 

In recent years, the author has tackled some relevant social issues and “High Stakes” reflects her willingness to confront a contemporary problem in the workplace. It was not an easy book to read – the first half was a bit depressing and the overall tone is somber.

Jane Addison has big dreams of owning her own publishing company, but as a new graduate, she takes an entry level job at Fletcher and Benson, a literary and entertainment agency. On her very first day she encounters Dan Fletcher as he begins a systematic approach of sexual harassment. Dan, one of the co-founders and partners in the agency, is well known for this behavior and to the disgrace of his partner and his “victims,” everyone turns a blind eye. Not so Jane. 

The story focuses on five talented, competent women working at the agency. Each maintains a professional façade at work while struggling with a myriad of challenges including a deteriorating marriage, single parenthood, loneliness, love and degrading blackmail. The catalyst for change occurs when Jane stands up for herself and is willing to risk her job for taking action.

The book is a quick, thought-provoking read. I am definitely not an attorney, but my one criticism is the “evidence” against the sexual predator seemed weak. There are a lot of mixed messages about “appropriate” relationships in the context of the work environment – bosses with employees, employees with clients – and the resolution of many of the issues seemed a bit too pat.

My thanks to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for the privilege of reviewing this book. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

This review is being posted immediately to my GoodReads account and will be posted on Amazon upon publication.
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Danielle Steel continues to publish several books each year.  Some are much better than others, but all are good quick reads for a rainy day.  HIGH STAKES fits into that category.  The story centers on a group of high-powered women working for a publishing company in a New York and their various struggles to balance their work and private lives.  The “me too” movement also becomes central as the several of the women have to deal with a lecherous co-owner of the company.  Having been out in that situation, each woman reacted differently.  HIGH STAKES was a decent read and definitely takes up a dreary afternoon.
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Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to read this book. Jane is moving to New York to work for a friend of her father's. Her first day was a blur. She had a difficult encounter with a ceo and was very brave. She would not be a victim and stood up for what she believed in. In the time she has worked their she  has grown in her maturity. I liked getting to know the different individuals who worked for the publishing firm.
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"They had a right to their happiness because they were brave." These women found their voice and had the fortitude to believe that they were entitled to be treated with respect even under inconceivable circumstances. What Dan did was abhorrent to these women whether it be Francine, Julia or Jane because he made them feel less then and should be submissive under his reign of terror. However, they had the guts to go after they wanted and deserved and served as a role model to Allie, Bob and Merriweather. A must read for women who know what they derserve and the rewards for pushing ahead.
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I grew up reading Danielle Steel novels,. It was a mother-daughter bonding activity and I enjoyed the author's books.. While some readers feel that that her books are formulaic, I disagree as Steel's historical fiction and current event stories are my favorite. 

When the author ventures outside her trademark romances, she pens well-researched stories and powerful protagonists.. Steel's take on the #metoo movement provided a different angle that what's traditional told. 

As a recent college graduate, Jane eagerly awaited her new job working for a leading literary agency. That excitement quickly turns to anguish as there's a predator lurking.. Through Jane's eyes, readers receive an insider's perspective of the agency as well as what happens behind glass doors. 

From the outside, the powerful women embody what she desires. Jane  models herself after them to find her footing. Her colleagues are strong and successful women but are each hiding secrets. Will Jane find the courage to stand up for what's right or are the stakes too high to tell the truth? 

Thank you to #NetGalley and the publisher for the early edition of #HighStakes in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed the story and the author's spin on the Me Too movement.
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Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the ARC. This was a story of 5 empowered women fighting sexual harassment in the workplace. It was a good representation of the 5 women until the author changed direction and made them dependent on men.. I would have like to see them continue to stand on their own two feet. Of course its Steel formula reading where excessive wealth was the theme and is tiresome. Not one charcter has any semblance of a normal life . I would like to see her expand her writing beyond dripping with wealthy excess and material items and focus more on the charcter building and plot. It was a dull story and a disappointment .
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This is the story of 5 different women with careers and their struggles of raising families and being women in the work place. Also the story of sexual harassment in their work places. While I understand the importance of discussing these issues I just didn’t find this book very entertaining. Thanks to the publisher and netgalley for this copy for review
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When ambitious Jane Addison takes an entry level position at Fletcher and Benson she has no idea that she will force wide-ranging changes on the literary and entertainment agency. She’s welcomed  by Francine Rivers, head of the literary department, entertainment chief Allie Moore, top agent Hailey West and CFO Merriwether Jones.

High Stakes is told in the voices of these five women and what a story it is! Their private lives are far different from their office personalities as each faces a personal crisis. Jane quickly discovers a long held secret that has affected many of her co-workers. The necessary and  important decision she makes will change lives and careers.

Danielle Steel always tells a great story and High Stakes is no exception. The problems faced by these women - childcare, ambition, money problems, harassment, love - are almost universal. And, as usual, the settings - office, luxurious apartments and elegant restaurants - make you want to step into the pages of the novel. 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, Random House Publishing Group and Danielle Steel for this ARC.
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This novel focuses on five women with successful careers in a literary and acting agency.  Jane is the newest employee, and eager to make a name for herself in the business.   She quickly encounters one of the male owners of the company who is brash and brazen in his treatment of the women, and definitely crosses the line of sexual harassment.  The women have grown fearful of his threats, but Jane tells him that she won't stand for it.  The story evolves as each women is dealing with their own personal challenges with their families and relationships.
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle by Random House Publishing Group- Ballantine  and #NetGalley for my honest opinion. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

I would’ve liked the women to be more empowered, especially since it was a take on the #metoo movement. I feel like the women involved could’ve broken off and formed their own agency, had a more powerful story without pandering to the men in the story. It’s formulaic Danielle Steel though, women needing men in some fashion. It’s still my guilty pleasure. You know exactly what you get when you pick up a Danielle Steel book. That’s okay if that’s what you seek.
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This book was sent to me by Netgalley electronically for review…I have read every book by this author and enjoyed many.  This one is romance…there are too many explicit scenes for me, but others may not mind…I just skip those…the story is about romance but a,so big business and harassment…this theme runs through.  It is evident that this author is ingenious at weaving a story.
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