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I went into this expecting a beautifully weaved witch story and I was given a "younger" YA romance. The characters left me wanting and the dialog did not deliver. 

That being said, Griffin's writing style is what most consider "easy" or as a friend has started saying "effortless". She takes a simple story and adds a smidge of depth to create a quick and fun read. I think this book just landed at a time when I was craving a bit more.

I was lucky enough to get this on audiobook and digital copy. The narrator was perfect for this light and easy read. She kept you engaged and had a nice style.

Thank you to NetGalley and RB Media for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!
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I loved the author’s debut novel and was eager to read this. There aren’t enough standalone contemporary fantasies, and that I definitely enjoyed from this one. I enjoyed, in particular, the themes throughout of forgiveness and grief and fear, of being careful what grudges you hold. 
Unfortunately, the enemies to lovers narrative just didn’t work for me here. Pike’s behavior in the beginning was so obnoxious, the way he treated Iris so poorly, and no excuse really “excused” that for me. I couldn’t move past it and their dynamic felt off.
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I was pleasntly surpirsed with how much I enjoyed this book. And I can safely say I actually liked this one a lot more than The Natures of Witches; I simply enjoyed the tropes more in this second book--with enemies to lovers, close proximity, only one bed etc. 

I also felt Pike and Iris had tons of chemsitry and the enemies to lovers was justified. Though I will say I wasn't Pike's biggest fan; he got on my nerves quite a few times, but he grew on me by the end. 
Also side note, I loved the queer representation we got in this--with Iris' mom being in a relationship with a woman--like it didn't play huge role in the plot, but it was still nice to have the rep. 

Last thing I'll say, was that the world was easily understood and the explanation of it wasn't overly complicated. I feel like it's the perfect book to read if you want a simple, but entertaining urban fantasy (or if you really like witches). 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an e-arc in exchange for an honest reivew.
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was so excited to read this book, as I absolutely adored The Nature of Witches, also written by Rachel Griffin. Plus, this book promised so many elements that I love: nature, owls, wolves, woods, magic. So when I settled in with this book and a cup of tea the other night, I already knew that I would more than likely love this book. And, I did.

Iris Gray loves her life in Washington. She loves the animal rescue she and her mother run, Foggy Mountain Animal Sanctuary. She loves the wolves, particularly a wolf named Winter, the animals they help, her mom's "friend", and most of all helping the animals using her special brand of magic that allows her to communicate with the animals. What she doesn't like - or rather who - is Pike Alder, the intern at the rescue, who hates witches. After one particularly ugly incident between them, Iris practices a tradition taught to her by her grandmother, one that allows her to give her feelings to the earth, in a ritual that involves writing spells but not actually sending them into the world. However, the one that Iris intended for Pike but not really gets away from her, and could have terrible consequences, for more than just Iris and Pike.

I have to admit it sort of gave me anxiety! The rest of the story is about Iris trying to recapture her curse before it blows up, and to do so, she needs Pike's help. 

This book is a fast read, quick paced, and definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. I even got a little teary at one part! I would love to read a sequel, as I enjoyed the setting of the animal rescue and the Pacific Northwest. And I feel like Iris and Pike's story is not over yet! 

This was a fun read, and if you are into witchy magic books, this is a definite must!
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Not only do these two words describe the PNW but they perfectly describe Rachel Griffin's new release, Wild is the Witch.

I read this all the way back in March, snuggled in my hotel room with the fireplace roaring as the rain poured over the Oregon coast.

It was the perfect setting to read this book that features a loathe-to-love romance, an adventure in the woods, only one tent and a beautiful magic system that focuses on nature & animals.

Pick up this book today!
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I loved everything about this story! The nature and the animals and the two main characters! The suspense, the romance, the magic. Rachel did it again with this one. I was so impressed and strongly recommend this book! I read it in less than a day and loved every second of it. Will definitely be picking up a physical copy to have. I cried, I laughed, I had hope, I was happy. This book was so phenomenal and Rachel took me on an emotional roller coaster ride that was worth every second. Five stars easily!
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A fast paced read with a nature based magic system. 
Iris is working at her mothers wild rescue Resort, together with pike whom she doesn’t get along with. After a encounter where iris is angry with pike she curses him with the intent on destroying it after. Before she can destroy it however the curse gets stolen by a owl who flies a way with it. To get it back and prevent the curse to strike, she needs to team up with the one the curse was intended for. 
I already read Griffins first book the Nature of witches wich I really enjoyed. The story felt unique in combination  with a campy atmosphere. 
As for the writing it was immersive and felt somehow comforting. The characters were likable and the romance was cute. I just wish there was a bit more magic.

Read via Audio Book wich I enjoyed, the narrators voice fitted well.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Rachel Griffin does it again! She is a word witch, and her stunning sophomore novel just further solidifies her as an author to watch for!

She paints the setting for her readers like an artist, immersing the readers in the sights and smells of the characters. If every single Rachel Griffen book is like her first two, I’ll be perfectly happy.

Iris is a fantastic protagonist who feels more and more real to the reader as her story progresses. Her connection to the world around her makes me appreciate the beauty of the world even more. As she faces her challenges head on, as a reader I found myself rooting for her, cringing with her, and my heart thumping alongside hers.

And Pike. The enemies to lovers arc we all know we needed. Iris and Pike together are a force to be reckoned with, and I loved reading as they learned and grew from one another. Their witty banter and secret longing was enough to fuel me for…well, until her next book!

The world building of the magic system is simple yet fresh. The issues she faces unbelievable yet relatable. Griffin creates a world I would get lost in time and time again.

I definitely suggest you pick this one up and read it over and over again!
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Absolutely fire. This book will take you out of a book slump and bring you on the rollercoaster that is "Wild Is The Witch". Perfect spooky vibe before Halloween.
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This book is easily one of my top reads from this year. While it is technically YA it is a YA title that can easily translate to an adult audience, which can sometimes be a rare and challenging feat. It is rich, transportive, and heartfelt. There is some element of this story for everyone to relate to. Some element that will tug uniquely at your heart strings. It reads like a breathtaking love letter to the PNW and nature and stands apart from other books, witchy, YA, or otherwise.
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Wow! Rachel has done it again! Wild is the Witch is a beautifully written story about a young witch, Iris, and the journey she takes coming into her magic. This book has it all strong character, animals you will fall in love with Winter the Wolf and Macguffin the Owl, elemental magic, family, love and accepting consequences of life mistakes. I was so moved by this book and I would love a sequel with Iris and Pike. I picked it up and read it cover to cover in one sitting. I highly recommend it!

Thank you NetGalley for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review. #wildisthewitch
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Holy cow can Rachel Griffin write. 

YA isn’t an easy genre to write, but this book has appeal for all ages! Perfect amount of romance, magic and ya themes. 

I loved this book more than her first, which is saying something because I LOVED that one! Auto buy author tbat I always recommend at the library. 

Cover is gorgeous too!!
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When I read the synopsis for Wild is the Witch I was intrigued. Enemies to lovers, witches, and camping definitely check some boxes for me. Plus, I am a fan of Griffin’s debut, The Nature of Witches, so I knew I had to read this one. 
Wild is the Witch is a quick read that certainly gave me all of the key points I mentioned above. However I felt like it was lacking when it came to atmosphere and chemistry between the characters. I was also hoping for more magic. The types of witches described sounded really interesting and I wish we could’ve seen and experienced these magics more.
Perhaps my expectations were a little high for this one. I’m sure others will love it and I do plan to read any future books by Griffin.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Sourcebooks Fire, and Ms. Griffin for the opportunity to read an ARC of this title. An honest review was requested but not required.

Somehow I missed posting a few reviews so I'm catching up on backlog.

I haven't read as many YA novels lately but this was gorgeous. Witches seem to be very on-trend for plot material lately and I've read quite a few that didn't really hit the mark for me but Ms. Griffin really succeeded here.

Iris Gray and her mom moved away from their previous home in Nebraska following a magic accident and have made a new life in Washington (Pacific Northwest) running an animal rescue. Iris works at the rescue - school isn't much mentioned, so it's either summer or she's graduated? - alongside intern Pike, whom she cannot stand. The feeling seems to be mutual. Of course we all know that mutual hatred in YA novels, at least half the time, means one or both of the characters is secretly in love with the other. After another magic accident, a curse that Iris never meant to release is accidentally cast onto an owl, which in this world serves as a magic amplifier, and Iris must find the owl and remove the curse.

I really liked how the magic system was detailed. We clearly didn't get Every Last Exhaustive Detail, but neither was it too shallowly described. The enemies to friends to lovers (sort of, this is really left as a fade-to-black situation, but I don't think they do more than kiss, if you're concerned) is also handled very organically. A lot of emphasis is put on cathartic moments and forgiveness and true understanding of one another, which was beautiful. It could have felt like a therapy session but somehow, it didn't, it just felt peaceful. The atmospheric pacific northwest woods also featured heavily, becoming almost a character themselves as Pike and Iris hike along looking for the owl. I will say, I think KIND bars owes Ms. Griffin an advertising fee ;)

I will definitely be on the lookout for future work from this author. I was really impressed by this book.
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Thank you Sourcebooks Fire for the gifted copy.

Wow - this book was really good.  I love books about witches, especially set during modern times, and not too fantastical.  This one hit all the marks for me.

I liked how witches fall into one of three categories - those that are drawn to animals, people, or plants.  The magic isn't all random spells, it's more like working with nature to bend it to their will.

The chemistry between Pike and Iris was good, yet predictable, but that's okay.  I knew what would happen on their journey to find the owl, but there were a few twists and turns that I wasn't expecting.

I will definitely read more by this author.
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Rachel Griffin’s new fantasy novel, Wild is the Witch, follows Iris Gray, an 18-year-old witch, who works at a wildlife refuge with her mom, who is also a witch.  In their former hometown, Iris’ best friend Amy accidentally kills a boy who wanted her to turn him into a witch.  Witches aren’t usually welcome in most towns anyway, but that was just too much and so Iris and her mom decided it was time for a fresh start and relocated to the Pacific Northwest. As long as no one finds out they’re witches, they should be able to get the fresh start they’re looking for.  

When we meet Iris, the only obstacle standing between her and a happy life is a witch-hater named Pike who works as an intern at the refuge.  Pike gets under her skin like no one else she has ever known.  As a way to work through her frustrations with this guy, she decides to concoct a curse that will turn him into what he hates. She has no intentions of actually cursing him, having learned from her best friend’s mistake, but when something goes wrong and the curse ends up attached to an owl, a known curse amplifier, which then flies away, Iris’ life gets turned upside down.  If she doesn’t track that owl down and dispel her curse, she risks not only turning Pike into a witch but everyone in the region.

There were just so many things I loved about this story.  First, there’s the magic itself.  I do wish there had been more of it spread throughout the novel, but what was there was amazing. Iris and her mother have powers that are directly tied to being able to communicate with animals. Griffin’s first novel The Nature of Witches focused on witches whose powers were connected to the weather, so I loved that this new novel continues that nature theme.  Speaking of nature, I also loved the author’s description of the natural world and her descriptions of the various animals that Iris connects with throughout the story.  The writing was so gorgeous and atmospheric that I really felt like I was in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Then there’s Iris.  She’s a likeable character and her initial frustrations with Pike are easy to relate to since he’s such a jerk.  I also liked that Iris is messy and flawed, and that she still makes mistakes even though she knows better but that she also immediately owns up to them and tries to right the wrongs she has caused. Her trying to find that owl and destroy her curse is what drives the bulk of the action in this story.

My favorite part of the story is of course, the journey to find the owl.  Why?  Because of all the people who could possibly end up accompanying her on this adventure, she ends up stuck with Pike.  I loved watching the two of them get to know each other better as they are forced to work together and as Iris realizes Pike isn’t as awful as she originally thought he was and that he has an understandable reason for his hatred of witches.

So, does Iris find the owl and destroy her curse in time?  You’ll have to read the book to find out.  If you’re in the mood for an atmospheric witchy fantasy that reads a bit like a contemporary enemies to lovers romance, I highly recommend Wild is the Witch. 4.5 STARS
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Iris Gray is a witch but she can’t let anyone know. After losing family and friends, facing the Witches’ Council, and relocating again, she is trying to fly under the radar and avoid scandal. Enter Pike Adler, witch-hater and annoying intern. To let out some pent-up frustration, Iris concocts a curse for Pike, intending to do what her grandmother taught her and release it back to the earth. However, the process is interrupted by an owl and now her curse is not only amplified, but could be released at any time. Now, Iris must find the bird and who better to help her that the intern, Pike.

I absolutely LOVE Rachel Griffin’s writing. I felt completely submersed by this magic world. The setting was beautiful and I felt like I was right there in the Pacific Northwest. I read this in two days because I just couldn’t put it down!

Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for an ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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Thank you NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for the ARC! 

I have to say, I adored this story. It was fast-paced, witty, and the writing was almost lyrical. If the Pacific Northwest could be read, this would be it. 

I adored Iris, our protagonist and witch, with an affinity for animals, and who has a wolf best friend. Pike definitely grew on me and I ended up quite liking him as well. 

“Enemies to lovers” isn’t quite right, but it’s the gist, and I quite like the story. Tracking a cursed owl though the forest together was quite the adventure, and I’d gladly read more of their story. 

Definitely recommend!
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With her sophomore novel Griffin has cemented herself a place on my list of instant purchase authors. 

I liked how the personal growths of Pike and Iris were perfectly intertwined with their relationship with each other but they were just as important as the romance. Pike’s journey to trusting and loving magic again, Iris’s journey to moving on from her past AND their journey to trusting and eventually loving each other all were focused on equally. Neither topic was made to seem more important that the other because for one to grow the others needed to as well. 

I really enjoyed the use of animals and nature within the magic system and would love to maybe see a story set in the same universe possibly from a witch whose talents are different from Iris’s. 

Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book which definitely is on my favorites of the year!
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I love Rachel Griffin’s writing so much. There is something so beautiful about it and I really enjoyed it in this book. The way the forests and animals and magic were described was so intriguing. I really enjoyed the enemies to lovers POV with the twist at the end. This book was so great and has ensured that Rachel is staying as one of my insta buy authors.
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