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A fairly standard domestic thriller exploring class divides and fertility issues - I feel like I’ve read this story so many times and I’m afraid “Grace” says nothing new.
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Really lovely heartwarming story about a young vulnerable girl who puts her baby up for adoption and the woman who adopts….which ends in a tug of war. Loved it
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The book was very well written and flowed well. The plot was great. Everything I thought it would be from the description
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Grace has had a complicated life, and is now very pregnant. Since she herself grew up in foster care, she does not want her baby to go through the same. She finds a lovely couple to adopt baby Grace, but eventually, she misses her baby and wants her back. You follow the adoptive mother as she falls in love with her child, but of course, life with a baby is complicated and hard. Imagine having to go to court because the biological mom wants her back. It's beautifully sad, and well written. Obviously not a light read.
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Heartfelt and heart wrenching, this book played with my emotions. i had to read it in a day, and was so engrossed. I didn't know who I was rooting for to end up with the baby - teenage mum Michelle, who has been so damaged by the system and let down her whole life, or foster/adoptive mum Amelia who loves baby Grace but who is having to face some hard truths about her marriage. I think this is showing us that nobody is perfect and it's very difficult for an outsider to judge on what they see. Some twists and turns here, and a satisfying ending. A beautiful read. #netgalley #Grace
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What a beautiful book this is. Right from the start I was totally drawn into it 
I liked all the characters and I didn't know how it was going to all turn out. Either way, there would be no winners at the outcome.
Relatable characters, a heartbreaking plot and a beautiful style of writing make for a totally engrossing and captivating read that will stay with me for a long time.
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Grace's mother gives her up for adoption as soon as she is born.  Amelia and Piers are desparate to become parents and agree to foster Grace with a view to adoption. Grace's mother Michelle was brought up in care and doesn't have a good opinion of Social Services but then when she reaches rock bottom she is helped by an unlikely source and finally realises that she could bring up her own daughter.  

An interesting topic and well worth reading.
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When I first saw this book and started reading it, I had no idea it was set in an area I knew. Having spent a few years in Worcester when I was around the same age as Michelle, I could identify many places she mentions and it helps contextualise a lot of the book for me, even the parts in Malvern that I am less familiar with. 

The relationships set up between characters really show the excellence of Victoria Scott's writing. Seeing Michelle's trust come and go for different people and how it affected the way she thought of them and spoke of them, especially Gillian, was what really drew me in. 

The character of Amelia and her narrative was handled so well and respectfully that I teared up at the end, no spoilers, because of how attached I had gotten and how much I cared about whay happened to her.

While it is not my usual go-to genre of fantasy or even romance, Grace has reminded me of the importance of reaching past your comfort zone to try something new.
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I absolutely loved Grace and wasn’t expecting to love this book quite as much as I did. 
This is such a bittersweet story that moved me emotionally and had me changing my opinions throughout.
At the heart of this story is baby Grace and the adoption custody battle that ensues. Each chapter is a countdown to the final court session where the judge will decide who gets custody of baby Grace. 
The story is told from the perspective of Michelle Grace’s birth mother and Amelia who is fostering with the hope of adopting Grace.
At first Michelle is adamant that adoption is the only choice, she believes she isn’t fit to be a mother – she has no job and no prospects and what kind of life can she give Grace? She’s living with an abusive drug addict with bare cupboards and no power! 
Social services think this is a straight-forward foster to adopt case as the birth parents are not willing to engage with the process at all.
Amelia and her husband Piers have been wanting a child for so long. They have what looks like a perfect marriage and can provide a loving home for baby Grace. 
So when they get the call that the foster to adopt option is finally an option thanks to baby Grace they gratefully accept the opportunity.
But as the custody case rolls on Michelle starts to have doubts. Can she be the mum Grace deserves? 
With the help of Gillian and her husband (who have fostered for years) Michelle starts to turn her life around and realises that she does love Grace and she wants to be her mother more than anything else in the world. 
But is it too late? 
I really went through the ringer emotionally reading this book, it hit so close to home. My birth parents with to family court in a custody battle for me so many parts of this story really resonated with me. 
People are not always what they seem, and this book demonstrated that, perfectly.

This was a really emotional and brilliant read.
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Such heartbreaking themes in this story, but one I’ve really enjoyed reading. I was rooting for Michelle and Amelia at the same time and wanted them both to triumph. I think the ending was perfect.  Can’t wait to read more from this author
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Very well written and a really good storyline.  I really enjoyed reading this and it kept me interested right to the very end.
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Grace follows the lives of two very different woman who are worlds apart. Michelle is a teenager, living in an council flat with an abusive boyfriend where they regularly forfeit food and electricity in exchange for drugs. Amelia is married to Piers, the housemaster of a private school where they live on campus. She’s privileged and well-off and has the life she’s always dreamed of having… hasn’t she?

When Michelle gives birth to a baby girl (who she calls Grace) she is taken away by social services and placed into the care of Amelia and her husband who plan to adopt baby Grace. The only issue is… Michelle wants her back. 

This book was utterly brilliant. A harrowing look at the extreme class divide in the UK and how so many children are failed by the system. It also explores the idea that all the money in the world cannot buy you happiness.

A really beautiful book that will stick with you a long time after you finish the last page.
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I enjoyed this book although it did tug on the heartstrings a little.
The characterisation was excellent, I could really feel the voices of Michelle and Amelia and understand their emotions. They were very similar in the way their upbringing had coloured how they related to others and viewed themselves.
A worthy read.
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An emotional tale of two women whose lives will never be the same again. Grace was given up by her mother to be adopted by the other. Her mother wants her back but only the court can decide. A mother's love versus a stable home. There are no winners in this story. Very emotional.
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Victoria Scott has a special kind of tenderness and warmth in her writing that you can't find anywhere else. 

Grace tells the bittersweet story of two women - 19-year old Michelle who made the decision to give up her baby girl to avoid her suffering the same life Michelle has, and Amelia who had been desperate for a family with her husband and finally gets the chance of a lifetime to adopt the baby. But then, Michelle realises she isn't doomed to repeat the past - she's a mother, and she wants to be a great one - she wants her baby back. But now, it's out of her hands and both women can do nothing but pray until a ruling decides. 

This book handles such difficult topics with sensitivity and grace - dealing with truths about motherhood, the care system, toxic relationships and the struggles of being a young woman. Both Michelle and Amelia are perfectly written, their differences clear as two sides of  coin, Michelle is hard and hurt, Amelia is soft and warm - but as we get to know them, we begin to not only feel a connection to the characters but start to find ways to connect them to one another too. Both characters have their issues, but are completely empathetic - it becomes clear very quickly that both their lives would be changed forever whether they become the legal parent of the baby or not. 

Absolutely absorbing and heart-wrenching, Victoria Scott should buy stocks in Kleenex with the amount of tears she provokes with her writing.
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I was so happy to get invited to read this, I loved Patience - both the story and Victoria’s writing style. 

Her second book didn’t disappoint at all! It beautifully tells both sides of a foster/adoption story, and where it could have dived into schmaltzy tropes, it never does. The emotional impact on everyone involved (and it’s not just the two women most directly affected, it’s everyone around them too) is told with heartbreaking clarity and detail, I found myself constantly thinking what I would do in their situations as they were all relatable to me to varying degrees, such was the realism with which they are drawn. 

It dawned on me early on that the very nature of this story meant that there wasn’t going to be a fully happy ending for everyone and I tried to steel myself in readiness…it didn’t work. I was still a bit of a blubbering wreck as I came towards the end. 

Another fantastic read from Victoria Scott, I can’t wait for the next one.
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This book was a difficult read but it was oh so good. Michelle is the birth mother and Amelia the adoptive mother. You can feel the pain of both of them throughout as you see everything from their different viewpoints but they are both facing the same struggle.. This gives you an insight into the court battles and care system, the emotions that are felt in these situations. As I said before its a really difficult read with some really hard situations but ultimately I could not put it down
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I’d describe this book as realistic fiction. The author has done an amazing job at creating imaginary characters and situations that depict the world and society. The characters focus on themes of growing, self-discovery and confronting personal and social problems. This is a first for me by the author and one I enjoyed and would read more of their work. The book cover is eye-catching and appealing and would spark my interest if in a bookshop. Thank you very much to the author, publisher and Netgalley for this ARC.
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This is such a bittersweet story that moved me emotionally and had me changing opinions throughout. 

It is the story of baby Grace, and whether she should be placed with her birth mother or her foster to adopt parents. 

This story is definitely one that I’d recommend, it is well thought-out, emotive and demonstrates that things are not always as clear cut as you think they are.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for gifting me this arc in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
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This is a beautifully written, very tender and emotional account of WANT. 
A woman after a previous still birth WANTS a baby, so she and her husband foster with a view to adoption. 
A young unmarried mother WANTS the best for her baby daughter, and believes that adoption will keep her baby safe. 
Sensitive subjects are dealt with so very realistically, without blame and accusation. We learn about the poverty that forces people to rely upon food banks, and the kindness and understanding of the volunteers. The kindly shopkeeper, who is aware of theft, but recognises acute distress and need. The neighbour upstairs, thought to be a busy body, but who steps up to the plate when required. Social workers, much maligned, but doing a sterling job, despite past mistakes. Everything felt right in this story, then, Wham! Ugly issues arise, which will be disturbing to read by some. Coercive control and manipulation are found in many guises, but the strong and determined survive to fight another day.
I was pleased that such a powerful and warm hearted novel, did hold the promise of future happiness for most of the main characters. What a film this would make!! 
A five star read. My thanks to Netgalley and Head of Zeus publishers for my advance digital copy, in exchange for my honest review. 
I will leave reviews to Goodreads and Amazon.
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