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This is what all climate thrillers should be like.

An amazingly propulsive plot, lots of details about the storm itself and the aftermath, characters that you get to see both before and after the storm, so that you really care about them. And the throughline of humanity coupled with amazing writing.

This was a completely surprising masterful read that I thought was just going to be a summer thrill. This had so much more depth than that.

I absolutely loved the family elements here. The author does an amazing job of making us care about these people fully.

Also, this book has so many details that make you feel as if you are the one who is going through the displacement. The dawning knowledge that the life you were living before is completely gone is absolutely horrifying and it creeps up on you in this book in the most perfect way.

I found myself looking around at all of my creature comforts and thinking "I need to be really grateful for this right now".

I am all in for climate fiction. I feel like I could read it all day long. We need to be paying attention to what is actually going to happen if we don't fix the things that are wrong. And I think fiction is the most serviceable way for us to do that. 

This was such a five star read for me. It's one of those books that will please people who love character development but won't leave behind those of us who love a good plot line. There's so much going on here, but the other never loses his thread or his throughline.

 I absolutely loved this book and now I'm very interested in picking up “the gifted school, by the same author.
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Wow wow wow! I absolutely treasured this book and will without a doubt be returning to it! My entire career is centered on hurricane preparedness, and my master’s thesis focused on social vulnerability and flood recovery, so when I heard a book about hurricane recovery was coming out, I emailed Riverhead asking for a copy. Thankfully, they obliged! I can personally vouch for its accuracy from the disaster management standpoint, but the best part of the book was of course the journey of the characters, which encompass so many real truths about recovering from disasters. 

The Displacements is about Luna, the world’s first Category 6 hurricane, taking a devastating path through Miami, restrengthening, and then slamming into Houston. Millions of people become “Internally Displaced”, a term the Red Cross chooses over the term “refugee” since they still could find safe shelter within their own country. 

The Displacements takes the reader through the heightened alarm pre-landfall, evacuation, and the full disaster recovery. It’s a well-paced, compelling novel with so many components I was absolutely in love with. Parts of this novel are shown as blog or website posts, which readers find out at the end are part of someone’s dissertation project. It was such a unique aspect of the book!!
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The Displacements was disappointing. Every step of the way I had to suspend belief to buy into the story. It is hard to believe that Holisnger has any personal experience with poverty, or raising a family. There were some many ways this went south...the lost purse, the disappearing nasty father, the grandmother's magical reappearance, the drug dealing. I will be interested to see the reception when it is published. Contrived, unbelievable and manipulative. I like to be moved by a novel, manipulation is another thing. Till, I work at at Florida bookstore and this book comes out during hurricane season, so I'm sure I'll recommend it.
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3.5 stars. I really liked the concept, a terrifying natural disaster in the near future decimates Miami and Houston leaving millions displaced. The story follows mainly the once wealthy Larsen-Hall family's journey interspersed with POVs of the FEMA director in charge of the relocation megashelter, a drug dealer taking advantage of the situation, and historical records from a project attempting to cover the situation from various survivors and news accounts. I didn't really connect with any of the characters and it felt a little weirdly political at parts, but still a very interesting exploration of what a massive ecological disaster would do to the United States.
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My favorite book of the year!  This book is promoted as "gripping, full throttled and adrenaline fueled"and I agree 100 percent. 

As Category 6 (!Yes 6!) storm bears down on Miami, the Larsen-Halls make evacuation plans. Little do they know that this storm is truly the storm of the century and will displace tens of thousands of Americans to 18 megacenters. Holsinger builds a world within the Tooley Farm tent center where the Larson-Halls end up and it's within this microcosm of America that the drama plays out. 

Themes of family, race, privilege, class, government bureaucracy and climate change underplay this beautifully written very human story of contemporary America. If you like your thrillers realistically well written, if you love a family saga, and if you want to read a story that may change you and how you think about the world, The Displacements is for you
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I really enjoyed this, despite the depressing content.  Some surprises here that I would have enjoyed a little more detail on.  But very good story.
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This was an intense, frightening story., with details that are all too believable. There are many thought-provoking issues, including climate change, racism, and socioeconomic disparities wrapped inside a harrowing survival story. To say that I enjoyed the book would not be precise, but it is very well done. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A harrowing, devastatingly poignant look into the future (which may be here?) Bruce Holsinger's THE DISPLACEMENTS is a masterfully drawn portrait of a family (and a world) in freefall after disaster. A portrait of trial and triumph, this is a hard read at times, as it's painfully insightful, but a truly timely one. Highly recommended. 

My thanks to Riverhead and Netgalley for the pleasure of the early read.
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‘The Displacements’ displays a harrowing future we will witness rushing in too soon to claim us. 
Whittling down the problems of humanity within a  FEMA-run shelter, housing the displaced victims of a natural disaster,  escalates the tension and provides a needed claustrophobia. 
Many allusions to our current climate disasters, criminal political posturing, class and racial divisions, make this one a hard read. It not only could come true, it mostly already is.
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This was definitely one of the more surreal “end-of-the-world” type novels. With most of the story taking place in a FEMA camp far away from the Larsen’s destroyed home, one gets a sense that the storm has damaged everything in the United States. I initially imagined the whole infrastructure completely collapsed. But when Holsinger describes the life outside of the displacement camp and how it continued, as usual, it reminded me of the victims of Hurricane Katrina and how they must have felt. Holsinger accurately portrayed the feeling of loss and despair along with the surrealism of the normalcy outside these camps. 

While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I was initially hesitant about how the story began. It was a bit confusing and made me feel like the book description was incorrect. I had to go back and read it before continuing to make sure I got the correct book. 

Otherwise, this was an overall excellent read. It gave me chills throughout as it mirrored some real-life tragedies and made you ponder the “what-ifs.” 

The publisher provided ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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An intense story of nature and loss.  This book is an absolutely captivating account of one families trial with an act of nature.  The poignant story of survival is probably one of the best I’ve read.
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