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There was TOO MUCH GOING ON in this novel.

I had such a hard time following all of the characters and places and things people needed to do. The main character had a laundry list a mile long for her novel “To Dos” and it really never got better. I was so distracted and kept squirreling- it took me forever to finish and really I should have just stopped when my gut said stop.
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For the Love of the Bard by Jessica Martin

Two former high school flames have a second chance at love when they both return to their hometown during a Shakespearean festival.

⁉️ Do you enjoy Shakespeare?

What it has to offer:

💋 Romance
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Drama
🎭 Shakespearean References
👯‍♀️ Female Relationships

Quick thoughts:

✨ A hot and cold type of romance.
✨ Cute animal sidekicks.
✨ A lot of things going on at once.
✨ Growth and bonding in sisterly relationships.

Filled with romance and Shakespearean vibes, this read transports you to a small town overflowing with charm and a family full of love.

Overall thoughts:

📝 I thought the writing was good. It had that warm, cozy quality that makes you want to curl up and read.

💋 The romance was definitely a hot and cold one which can be frustrating to read sometimes but this didn’t drag out so it was okay!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 There was a bit of family drama that played out. It felt very realistic.

🎭 The Shakespearean references were scattered throughout and were understandable. 

👯‍♀️ Female relationships played a huge role in this story especially between sisters which I loved. There were so many different types of relationships represented.

💔 Some things I found a little off putting where the pacing at times and the fact that so many different storylines were happening at once. 

💜 I loved the sisters relationship dynamic the most.

If you like second chance romances with cute animals and Shakespearean references then this one is for you.
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This was a an awesome and sweet second chance at love romance between two former high school flames, Miranda and Adam who both find themselves home for the summer and are forced to work together on the town's play.

This was a fun story with lots of witty banter between Miranda and Adam while they rekindle old feelings in their small town. It had lots of fun and quirky characters that gave me some laughts and I really enjoyed getting to know this town and its adorable second chance couple.

I really HATED what Adam did to Miranda and honstely I am not sure I would have forgiven him but I felt this book had a theme of learning to let go and moving forward and forgiveness and gowing up. I loved the authors writing style and the quirky characters and town.
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I did not finish this one. I made it about 20%. I was hoping to gain a new appreciation for Shakespeare through reading this, instead I grew bored.
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For the Love of the Bard is entertaining and nerdy contemporary romance that follows Miranda Barnes who returns to her hometown, Bard’s Rest, for The Centennial, Shakespearean summer festival, and to write her long overdue book in YA fairy series, but on arriving home she found herself tangled in festival committee, responsibility of directing the mainstage, deal with her mom’s recent health issues, and reconnect with teenage crush who crushed her heart.

It is about literature, theater, sisterhood, family, friendship, forgiveness, heartbreak, getting over self-doubt, letting people in, taking leap of faith, and giving love a second chance.

I loved the way author divided the story in scenes and each chapter titled with the different places of Bard’s Rest mentioned in the chapter where characters’ lives play out. this book packs more than just romance and author has included many light and serious scenes with witty dialogues and so many quirky characters. Miranda and her family are my most favorite characters.

The best part is setting of Bard’s Rest. This town is full of geeks and nerds who loved Shakspeare so much that their streets, stores and business are all Shakspeare-themed. Romance is slow and sizzling with second chance arc, hate to love trope, and complex relationship. Chemistry between Miranda and Adam is hot and sexy. It’s most realistic romance I have read so far.

Overall, For the Love of the Bard is delightful, entertaining, witty and quirky romance with amazing characters and setting.
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Perfect for theatre and literary nerds, this sweet second-chance romance celebrates family, creativity, and love with warmth and humor. Plus, Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow has got nothing on the quirkiness of this book's sweet town of Bard's Rest.
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I had high expectations for this one after reading the synopsis but it left something to be desired. I thought they mentioned the word bard too much to the point where I went crazy. I was so ready for this Shakespearean Summer rom-com. It had a lot of elements I loved but it wasn't executed as well as I hoped. I will say that if you’re looking for something easy and love Shakespeare in the Park, I think this will be a breezy summer read for a lot of people. It has a small town full of eclectic characters, a sweet love story, and a noble character journey. Just didn't give me the feels I was hoping for.
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DNF, this one wasn’t for me! I absolutely love the cover of the book though! I have read a lot of other reviews about this book and completely agree! I wanted to like this one so much but had a hard time.
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Okay, how to organise my chaotic thoughts about this.

I enjoyed it. But there were a few things that got to me: 

- The love interest was too obviously keen from the get go. It felt like insta love. It just didn't tantalise me.
- The constant "thank the bard" and other stuff was a bit much. Like yes, they live in a town that lives and breathes shakespeare, but it just didn't feel right. It felt like a weird episode of gilmore girls (stars hollow!!)
- The mothers breast cancer storyline was actually pretty triggering. And, I feel like it was maybe too much for what is otherwise a pretty light story? It is a very sensitive spot for me - my own mother had cancer (and passed away as a result) and ALSO ignored her health for a long time so I get it.. but it just felt to heavy. That could just be me being too close to this situation. 

There were lots of other cool things that I did enjoy, and overall it was a fun and entertaining story. It just fell a little flat of what I had hoped for (which might say more about me than the book).
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Miranda is back in her hometown for the summer to finish writing the final installment of the popular fantasy series that no one knows she authors. Mortified to run into her ex, hunky veterinarian Adam, she is frustrated by how much her dog loves someone she really wants to avoid due to a long-held grudge. Her mother is in poor health and Miranda ends up having to direct a production of Twelfth Night for the Shakespeare festival, where of course, she keeps running into Adam.

If you love Gilmore Girls, the small town feel of this novel will hit you in all the warm and cozies. I think the author even REFERENCES Gilmore Girls. At first, all of the Shakespeare allusions and puns were groan-inducing and eyeroll worthy… and then I started to really appreciate how the characters developed into solid, real, complex people. The sister dynamics evolved as well.

I received a free advance reader’s review copy of #ForTheLoveOfTheBard from #NetGalley
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Miranda returns home under pressure to finish a book, help her parents, helping at the theater and trying to avoid running into Adam, who broke her heart when they were teenagers.
I loved the small Shakespeare themed town Bard, known for its annual festival. It’s a charming quirky town with with fun characters. It’s a delightful second chance romance that doesn’t boggle you down with the works of Shakespeare, just enough but not too much.
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A writer rom-com that's also a second chance romance??? sign me up! Reminded me of Jen DeLuca's Well Met series. Very sweet and earnest in the best way
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this was a perfectly cute romcom!! it felt like such a cute summery romcom. the only complaint i have is the way the main character would CONSTANTLY say "for the love of bard" after the 10th time if started to feel SOOOO annoying. but honestly thats a pretty small complaint.
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What a smashing good time! I love books with specific settings and this one did the trick. Plus, romance. It was an easy A for me!
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I requested this book based soley on the title.  Beyond that I had no expectations for this story.  Now, personally, I've tried to read Shakespeare and was glad I finally made it through it and haven't been motivated to read another.  Give me all the re-tellings and re-imaginings in the world.  This isn't either of those.  Miranda is a literary agent & (closeted) writer.  She is returning to her hometown of Bard's Rest for Bard's Centennial Festival.  She needs to write her next book and help her mother with any festival duties she can.  The first day in town her dog, Puck, got ahold of some chocolate requiring an emergency vet visit, but instead of kindly old Dr. Winters, she finds his son, Adam.  Adam broke her heart on prom night by kissing her older sister and going to prom with her instead.  She hasn't really gotten over it.  

So this is an enemies to lovers.  I enjoyed Miranda and Adam's story as well as all the other characters in Bard's Rest.  From her sisters to her parents to all the stores and restaurants and places of note being named in honor of Shakespeare.  My favorite thing maybe Miranda's catch phrase when something goes wrong...."For Bard's sake". 

Thanks to NetGalley, Berkley Books & Jessica Martin for the advance ebook.  I really enjoyed this book.
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For the Love of the Bard is the story of Miranda Barnes, a literary agent who also writes a popular YA series under a pen name.  When she returns home to visit her family, she is roped into directing a play at the town's annual Shakespeare festival -- which leads her to meet her high school flame again.

I wanted to read this novel because it looked like a fun, light summer read. The Shakespeare festival setting was appealing, and so was the lost love storyline.

This was an enjoyable read.  The author did a good job at capturing small town life.  I loved all the Shakespeare theme businesses in the little town in this novel.  

Miranda is a likable protagonist and Adam, her first loved, now a veterinarian, was a great book boyfriend.  Her sisters, parents, and quirky friends round out the story.

I recommend For the Love of the Bard for anyone looking for a light beach read or weekend read, and especially for anyone who enjoys small town settings, community theater,  or Shakespeare.
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For all of my Shakespeare peeps, you will definitely enjoy reading this book. It has a lot of references to Shakespeare's works. But I would say go with caution when reading this book. Let me explain.

I don’t like to read second chance tropes in romance books. I find myself unforgiving of the main characters because there was a reason why the break-up happened. And as I read through For the Love of the Bard, I just knew that the main character, Miranda, deserves better.

Miranda returns to her hometown to help her mother play, and also work on her book that she has yet to finish. She does not have the time or the heart to deal with dealing with her ex-love, Adam.

He broke her heart in the worst way by kissing her older sister on prom night. Who the hell does not? I’m sorry, but I will just refuse to forgive him. But no, she gives him another chance, and he blows it again. I just can’t. He blew his chance twice already. There is no need to go back to him after a third time. Makes no sense to me.
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Fans of Jen DeLuca's renaissance faire series won't want to miss For the Love of the Bard, Jessica Martin's charming debut. This Shakespeare-themed romcom brought a smile to my face, with a compelling love story and delightful side characters. It was sweet and surprisingly moving. I hope its the start of a series set in the Bard-loving village.
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✨Adam = Ted from Schitt’s Creek✨

I’ve seen others say that this book is great for fans of Well Met and it totally back that! I had a really good time with the setting and the characters. It had a few distinct choices that made the story a little less cookie-cutter.

🎟 The grudge she held was valid and I totally would’ve been mad after ten years too
🎟 Adult decisions were made and I thought the breakups and her anger were pretty logical
🎟 A sex scene that felt natural for the story (I would’ve like more but whatevs) 
🎟 It wasn’t Miranda to break them up that last time
🎟 I liked Miranda and I think she made a lot of decisions I would’ve made!
🎟 Endearingly real sister relationship 

I didn’t mind all of the Shakespeare, but saying “thank the bard” instead of “thank god” and other phrases was just toohoo much like girl that’s kinda weird. It made the book a bit too campy but it didn’t really impact me enjoyment. 

I think the breast cancer and how the mother decided to approach her treatment (she didn’t take it seriously for a while) could be sure triggering for some readers. Approach with caution if that’s a trigger for you. It ends with the mother getting surgery to remove a tumor, but nothing conclusive.

Overall, this was a fun ride and I’m happy I bought a ticket! If you’re a Shakespeare fan, former theater kid, or small-town romance enthusiast, I can see this being for you.
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what a super fun book this was!! i truly enjoyed this one a lot!! i'm so thankful to netgalley for supplying me with yet another huge hit of a book!!
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