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We All Have Our Secrets

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Jane Corry is fast becoming a favourite author. I did love the book. The Emily/ Francoise story line was intriguing. Kept me interested and I couldn't wait to see how it all panned out. Well written with fully fleshed 3 dimensional characters that I was invested in.
One minor gripe.- the ending went on a bit- could have been sharper. Although I liked it I felt it dragged a little
A very good read which I thoroughly enjoyed
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This book leaves you asking questions throughout, who is telling the truth? is it all as it seems? 

Keeping you booked with the story this is a great read!
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Really this author can do no wrong. Loved this book. No surprise really as the author really has a knack to write. I think I found it believable and kept me enthralled right to the end
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Jane Corry never fails to deliver a great story. 

This is yet another great book with unforeseen twist after twist leaving me intrigued right to the end.   I couldn't put this book down and when I had to, it had the pull to make sure I picked it back up again as soon as possible.  

However, I will be honest, there were some parts in it where I had to suspend my disbelief at some of the plot devices but these parts did not spoil any enjoyment of the book, and it is fiction after all, so if this means an author has to use a bit of poetic licence in order to bring the story together and tie up loose ends, then so be it.  

In all, the story and writing flowed well and the book did what I want a book to do and kept me entertained for several hours.
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A new author for me and I have to say I really enjoyed it. A storyline full of intrigue that kept me gripped and was quite emotional in places. Set in the past and present and told from different perspectives with believable characters made for a cracking read and all ended with a bit of an unpredictable ending. I would recommend this book and author and I will definitely look to read more by this author.
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Such an intriguing read, which ended up being completely addictive with many twists and turns. I loved it! Emily returns home to her father's after a stressful situation in her job as a midwife.. She finds a beautiful french woman Francoise looking after her ailing father...all is not quite what it seems and hereon in unravels quite a tale..who is telling the truth and what is the truth?  I loved the fact that interwoven is the story of Harolds life...
A great read. Highly recommend. Kept me hooked.
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I really enjoyed this book, believable characters a brilliant plot with an emotional edge to it. I’ve always loved Jane’s books and this was no exception. Five of five stars from me.
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Read and reviewed in exchange for a free copy from NetGalley.  Having read and enjoyed Jane Corry's other books, I was pleased the publisher invited me to read her newest novel.  Although it was an easy and relatively enjoyable read, I felt it lacked tension and didn't feel Francoise's voice was that authentic.  However, I was interested in Emily's story.
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Thoroughly gripping read, this is the first Jane Corry book I have ever read and it certainly won’t be the last, give it a go
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Thank you for this ARC.   What a great read.  A totally absorbing story of past and present.  Would thoroughly recommend to others.
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Jane Corry could write a shopping list and it would get my attention! This latest book from her is an intriguing tale of complex family relationships; a dominant father wrestling with his own wartime demons, Emily his midwife daughter who has never thought she was good enough and a young French woman who seems intent on replacing Emily. As the story unfolds be prepared for the unexpected twists and turns; should secrets stay in the past where they belong? Who is telling lies and why?
This story holds the readers attention tight up to the unexpected conclusion. I highly recommend this book if you want a psychological thriller with an unpredictable ending.
Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Books for an advanced copy of e-book version in exchange for an honest review.
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I love Jane Corry books she has a talent for drawing the reader into her stories and this book was another winner for me

Emily returns to her family home after making a mistake at work hoping to get clarity and advise from her   elderly father.. 

What she finds is not what she expected  Francoise a beautiful young French girl has taken up employment looking after Harold her father without her knowing. 

The ensuing events find the two woman deeply suspicious of each other. The twists in the story had me finding it difficult to know who to believe. 

As secrets are slowly revealed and Harold’s health deteriorates both woman seem to put their differences aside and pull together to help look after him, 

I enjoyed the dual timeline. Harold as a young solider in wartime compared to the elderly gentleman of present day . 

Full of plot twists this book had me gripped . I loved how the characters evolved and how it reinforced that although blood ties are important, love is what really matters in the end.
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The reviews had given me high hopes for this book. However, it was not as gripping as I had expected. Parts of it were very repetitive and confusing. It just wasn’t for me.
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She’s definitely my favourite author loved every book and this one was no exception.  Emily is a midwife with everything to look forward to until she makes one mistake which changes her life.  She goes back to her family home to see her dad for solace but an unexpected person answers the door who she is definitely not sure about..  As the story unfolds there are flashbacks of her dad in the war and what he had to go through all the characters in the book are amazing and was sorry when I finished this fabulous book.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an early copy
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I don’t trust you but I doubt myself too, are you a better person than me or are you just out for your own gain? A intriguing story that involves complex personalities that are well drawn and believable. Lots of twists and turns that take you to an unexpected ending.
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I'm not going to write a lengthy review of this book.  I will only say it is absolutely brilliant and is one definitely not to be missed.
Immediately before reading/reviewing We All Have Our Secrets I had abandoned the previous one after 10% as, in my words and opinion, it was too verbose - reading pages without anything much happening.
This book is the complete opposite and definitely drops firmly into the categories of 'page-turner' and 'couldn't put down'.
There are 2 primary characters Emily/Emilee and Francoise and I found myself swinging between each of them as the story unfolds.  There are so many twists and turns that you do not know who to believe.
Not wanting to give anything away, the final chapters are the perfect ending for the book.
Can't fault this book in any way.
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What a cracking read, very hard to put down, a great storyline told well, all wrapped up to a satisfactory conclusion
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Jane Corry is one of my favourite authors so I was delighted to receive this book as an arc. Whilst the premise was really interesting, I just felt the book fell a bit flat. The timeline/ages of the women didn't seem to make sense either. 
I enjoyed the book and it kept me reading but I felt it became a bit repetitive in parts and a few things about it didn't really work.
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We are introduced to Emily in her role as a midwife. When there is an incident at work, she decides to return home to stay with her dad. However, her dad, Harold, has employed a new carer, Francoise. Emily believes she has a hidden agenda and merely wants money and gifts. Both women have secrets which are gradually revealed. When Harold's death seems suspicious, there are questions about who was responsible.

The story kept me engaged throughout and I felt invested in the journey of each of the women. Initially, I suspected Francoise had a hidden agenda, but I came to like her more as the story progressed. I liked the references to the piano and certain pieces of music.

I wasn't sure about the story of Harold's time in France during the war. For me, it interrupted the flow, but I can see why Antoinette was important to the story.

Thanks indeed to Netgalley and the publisher  for the ARC.
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Another page-turner from one of my favourite authors. The story was compelling, the characters interesting and the secrets come tumbling out as the story unfolds. Jane Corry is masterful in weaving the stories of individual characters together so it all comes together in the end. Just brilliant.
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