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The world according to Jackson a kids show with large following is how Shelby, Cameron, and Lyle met when they were 11. After a public breakup with Lyle, Shelby returns home to Michigan away from the LA spotlight and she begins a furniture and housing restoration business. Ready to return to civilization Shelby and Cameron team up alongside conniving Lyle to create a reality home show- homemade. Will their relationship and show be successful? 
Super easy and lovey vacation read- finished it in a day while camping. I love rom-com style books and this did not disappoint. A little too much smut for my liking but overall cute storyline.
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Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher for the eARC! 
Built to Last is about 2 childhood stars, Shelby and Cameron, that reunite for a house flipping show (Shelby’s real talent) and how their love story continues. I really liked the two main characters, Shelby and Cameron. I wish the story went back in time more so we could see how the characters were when they first met. Overall, this is a cute storyline with an overall happy ending
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This is such a sweet childhood sweethearts/second chance romance with the added fun of being set within a home renovation reality tv show. 

Shelby Springfield and Cameron Riggs have been friends since their childhood years as co-stars on a tv show. They were in love but too young to know, or appreciate, the kind of love they had. This story follows them in their later 20s, about 10 years after parting ways. 

There are brief glimpses into their past history, but I would have preferred a bit more of that honestly - it would’ve really fleshed out the feelings of lost love that are the undercurrent of the current story. There’s enough to make it work though. 

The love story in this is just perfect really. They start as friends just getting reacquainted with each other but the longing underneath is apparent. Eventually the sweetness gives way to some spiciness that left me feeling all sorts of good ways. Who doesn’t want a love that takes their breath away? 

Anyway, I loved this story and I rate it 4 stars only because I would’ve liked more of the back story beyond first intimate encounter. 

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for the e-arc in exchange for my honest opinions.
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This is a terrific novel that feels so authentic that I wondered what connections the author, Erin Hahn, had to the entertainment world.  All the characters are fleshed out, especially Cameron and Shelby.  Starring together as youngsters, they grew up on a sound stage and their parents, Cameron's dad and Shelby's mom, were not helpful at all.  I loved the arc of this story as they fell back in love again and had to work together to defeat Lyle, their jealous former co-star, who had really tried to ruin Shelby's life.  With all the attention to home renovation shows, this is a must-read for anyone who enjoys those shows and romance.  I hardily recommend this book.  I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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While this book had a lot of exposition and background to sift it into, it eventually became a completely adorable and sweet romance novel. Much like the author's previous YA novels I've read, this book was full of compelling language that drew me in and I couldn't stop myself from smiling so wide. It's a positively, adorably, heartstoppingly, sickenly sweet romance, like, I mean. By the end, it was a completely fun read that further solidified Erin Hahn as an auto-buy author for me. It was literally so flipping adorable. And, can confirm, that Cameron is one great book BF like seriously, I'm swooning.
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Shelby Springfield has spent the last ten years trying to overcome her past. But as a former child star, it’s hard to forget a widely documented meltdown and huge public break up with her former co-star Lyle Jessup. It’s also hard to forget her other co-star and true childhood sweetheart, Cameron Riggs—the one who got away.

I'm a big fan of both Erin Hahn and home makeover/second-chance romances, so I had to get my hands on this one.  Unfortunately, this one didn't tug on my heartstrings quite like her other books do.  It was cute, it was fun...but it was missing that special something that keeps me coming back for more Erin Hahn.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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I’m a huge fan of Hahn’s YA and knew her adult debut would not disappoint! BUILT TO LAST is a sexy and heartwarming, with a romance you’ll be rooting for from page one. I fell for Cameron and Shelby as they fell for each other.
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When I first started Built to Last I wasn't how I felt about it. It took a bit for it to hook me, but once it did I became delighted with Cam and Shelby's second chance romance.

Shelby and Cam were childhood actors and grew up together. They were together for a bit as teenagers, but then Cam went to college and Shelby stayed in LA for a bit longer. It's now been 10 years since their show ended and they're in their late 20's. And they're going to be on the big screen together again.

I loved that this was a home improvement show and Shelby got to show off her true talent and Cam got to learn to flip a house while she restored. It had so many fun and sweet moments. I really enjoyed all of Erin Hahn's YA books I read and I'm happy that I enjoyed her debut adult romance as well.
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This is such a solid book. I loved it so much. I did find the timeline a little bit inconsistent and confusing, but towards the middle, it really settled and hit its stride. The characters felt real - their voices in both POVs were clear and obviously different. It didn't quite follow the formula of what I usually expect from a romance novel (fear not - there was still a HEA!), but this departure really worked for the story and felt refreshing! I can't wait to read what's next from Erin Hahn! Perhaps a little something about our friends Lorelai and Drake?
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Shelby, Camereon, and Lyle were on a musical show in their teens (think High School Musical). They grew up together and came of age together. Although Camereon was Shelby's first love, he left the show and her and she ended up dating the less nice and cheating Lyle. Now that ten years have passed, Lyle is a television producer who wants to reunite Shelby and Camereon on a house remodeling reality show. When the exes are reunited, sparks fly and they realize that their bond and love can be rebuilt. 

This is how you write a good rom com. This is the book I wanted Christina Lauren's The Honey Don't List to be. I loved a previous book by Erin Hahn (You'd Be Mine) and I can't wait to read her other books I've missed. I like how the author weaves in teenage angst and grown-up love. I like that these characters want to succeed in their jobs and grow or repair themselves and their relationships. I enjoyed the side characters and think this is a solidly plotted and written rom com. I hope that Erin Hahn finds the audience that her contemporaries are because this book is worth it. 

Thank you to Netgalley for the advance copy for review.
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***I received an ARC from Netgalley and the Publisher in exchange for my honest review.***

Shelby and Cameron have been in love since they have known what love is. However, when it was time to commit, Cam got scared and Shelby made one wrong move in regards to her dating pool and got to pay for it for years following the break-up. Unfortunately, Shelby is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity that could push her back to the top - the only stipulation is that she has to work with both men for it to be a success. Although the plot was nothing overly unique, and I struggle with engaging with characters that are unwilling to commit and/ or that will use one another for their own gain - the story of Cam and Shelby finding their way back to one another is worth the read.
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A book with an excellent execution of second chance romance and a great cast of characters. I loved reading a home Reno themed book after watching so many different tv shows on the same subject. Will definitely look for this one in October!
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Built to Last is sweet and charming read that reminded me of a couple of books I’ve read this year and mashed them into a single volume. You have the child star who’s gotten involved in life outside of their gig acting (a la Birds of California), you have the reunion that takes place for a public event, and you have the two co-stars who find themselves in love.  I’ve read the premise before, but the execution is what matters, and this one is definitely worth the read.

The amazingly named Shelby Springfield (is Hahn a Simpsons fan?) is still trying to overcome her past as a child star. She was a costar on the Disney/Nickelodeon style The World According to Jackson, where she played Makayla Jackson, the sweetheart of the titular character. Shelby and and her co-star, Lyle Jessup, dated in real life, and when they went through a horrible breakup as they exited their teens, the world shifted. Shelby tried to break out of the box to become a singer, and instead had a big old public meltdown, and Lyle made creative grist out of their breakup (see: You Chose Wrong, his Grammy-winning hit about her leaving him). Her mother – a pushy stage mother who actually wrote a tell-all book about her – is a nightmare she’s mainly shut out of her life. Now she’s trying to pick up the pieces as a furniture rehabilitator, and is living with her dad while doing so.

Cameron Riggs, who played Jackson’s best friend on the show, has long since carried a torch for Shelby. He’s always hated her mother (his equally negative relationship with his dad is no prize either), and tried to defend her against the world’s slings and arrows. Cameron became a globetrotting documentary filmmaker, but he’s always come home whenever Shelby needs him.

This time, he’s called home for a different reason. Lyle has a proposal for them – a reality home renovation show called HomeMade. Though Shelby is reluctant to step back into the spotlight and Cameron is reluctant to settle down, Lyle coaxes them into appearing on the show. The problem, naturally, will be keeping things professional – which is hard to do when Cameron and Shelby are tempted to give their attraction another try and the ever-scheming Lyle dedicates himself to causing drama. But a shot at redemption for Shelby and a shot at love for Cameron are waiting around the bend.

Built to Last is realistic about the pain that child stars go through. Cameron, in particular, is a likable cinnamon-roll who loves Shelby no matter what but is reluctant to take the relationship further. Shelby, too, is a likable person who’s survived a hellish childhood (her mother is a true nightmare). Hahn gets everything right about tabloid culture, and provides a lot of fun. Lyle – a Justin Timberlake-clone, complete with his very own modelized wife – is a perfect foil for them both.

The romance here provides a nice, spicy slow burn, and it’s a comfortable pace that gives Cameron and Shelby – who are worth liking and loving time to grow on readers. I liked Shelby’s relationship with her father, Cameron’s struggle in overcoming his relationship with his own dad, and Shelby’s reunion with her dream of becoming a singer.

Built to Last is fun and romantic, and a good way to spend an early fall afternoon.

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This book was cute! It’s a second chance with former child TV stars who have been estranged but reunite to film a home renovation show.

Shelby was once a party girl and pop star following her years on TV, but now she’s sober and back home in Michigan, helping her dad renovate houses. She also has a thriving business restoring old furniture. Cameron is her first love and former co-star, who now travels the world filming National Geographic documentaries. Through the machinations of their former co-star Lyle, now a TV producer, Shelby and Cam are back together to film the pilot of a show where they renovate houses together.

I liked Shelby and Cam a lot, and enjoyed reading about them reconnecting. The home renovation aspect was also fun. I could have done with a lot less Lyle, though. He’s the villain, and he’s definitely there to serve a purpose, but I also felt like sometimes his schemes took away attention from the romance arc. That said, I still had fun reading this book.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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This was such a cute story and feel good book. I enjoyed learning more about Shelby and Cam, as well as their good group of friends.
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This book is a sweet second chance love story and it was overall cute! It was a nice story but I didn't care much for the characters, I felt like there was just a tad too many. The focus was taken away from the couple with the additional characters. Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for this ARC ebook in exchange for my honest review.
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Second chance love, childhood romance rekindled. 

Quick rom-com read with some spice.  Great for summer or a vacation. 

I enjoyed this super quick read! Thanks for e-ARC St. Martin's Press and NetGalley.
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“I don’t think Ada Marie has intentionally touched me since she squeezed me out of the birth canal.” -from Built to Last 

3.5 stars

This is a fun second chance romance. The two main characters were child stars together, and now are trying to make a relationship work. 

While I liked our female MC and best friends, the male lead felt a little flat to me. He’s always been in love with her, but literally walked away twice. Problems pop up, but are easily dissipated with little effort or sometimes even a real conversation. I would have liked to see more flashbacks, and not just them sort of looking at each other. If you don’t think to hard, it is a decent read- the home renovation parts are certainly a highlight; but the characters don’t seem like ones that will really stick with me. 

Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This was definitely the light-hearted HEA story I needed after a couple of very heavy reads.  Romcoms are the perfect books for me when I want to slip away to a happy place and enjoy humorous banter and fun flirting.  My favorite romcom trop is second-chance love so when saw the synopsis for this book, I requested a copy right away!

Shelby and Cameron met while young teens acting in a television series.  This story opens with them both working outside of Hollywood - Cameron with National Geography and Shelby building a name for herself in home renovation/restorations.  When an ex-boyfriend brings them together again to film a house-flipping TV show, the sparks begin to fly immediately.  Both Shelby and Cameron are such likeable characters.  Their friends are just as likeable and hopefully at least one of them will get the next book dedicated to their story?!  And then there is Shelby's ex - Lyle - and he is super easy to dislike. 

I really liked the honest family dynamics.  Shelby had a crappy mom who seemed only interested in what she could get from Shelby's fame.  Her father, admittedly somewhat absent from her younger years, works hard to make up for lost time.  Cameron on the other hand, has a doting and supportive mother, and a father who he feels like he can never be good enough for.  He has run a narrative though his own head that's hard for him to change.  

The character growth was great to see.  I loved the home renovation aspect and the fact that Shelby and Cameron were intent on fixing up these houses for the everyday buyer in that Michigan market.  I loved their banter, their chemistry and their easy relationship.  My only small complaint is over the way Lyle acted in the end.  I'm not sure I believed that outcome was likely.  Even with that though, this book was such a fun and enjoyable read.  Definitely recommend!  Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the advance copy to read and review.
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This is a cute contemporary romance with and HGTV setting. I wish I had connected more with this book, as the general premise is great! However for me there wasn't enough that made sense in the plot, and I feel like the ex-boyfriend Lyle being so involved throughout the book didn't really bring anything to the romance. The tension between Shelby and Cameron breaks quickly and left me wanting more. While we get a few conversations and descriptions of their original romance, it somehow did not feel very much like a second chance romance.. Again I think Lyle being the difficulty between them instead of timing, or other circumstances took away some of the romance. I did enjoy the furniture and remodeling aspects! However, overall this was just fine for me. Thank you to St. Martin's and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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