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This was cute and I enjoyed it, but I found the pacing to be really off!
It started off really strong and really good, I was hooked. Then it slowed down to a snail's pace and I was sludging along. Then it would pick up again. Etc. I just really struggled with staying engaged.

The story was CUTE! I just did not enjoy the pacing.

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A fun romance, with two lead characters you can't help rooting for. Both have pasts as child stars, and yearn to show the public that their teen personas are not who they are as adults. Both have grown in unexpected ways, yet still have a strong bond from their teenage years. The supporting characters bring a surprising amount of depth to this book, making it such a stronger story. It was my first Erin Hahn read, but it definitely won't be my last.

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This book fully has me singing: “buy dirt, find the one you can’t live without, get a ring, let your knee hit the ground, do what you love but call it work”.

Cameron + Shelby are childhood sweethearts turned strangers through MANY miscommunications and are reuniting to work on an HGTV-esque home reno reality show. I didn’t realize how much of this book would be miscommunication trope… which is one of my least favorites, particularly in relationships with grown adults. A good chunk of the beginning of the book is rife with poor communication + it lead to me not really connecting with the characters. I didn’t feel like we really got to explore Cam/Shelby’s relationship as kids, their passions as adults (I would’ve loved more about Cam’s documentary making + Shelby’s woodworking!), and it was very insta-love + a little cheesy in that regard.

That being said — it really was cute! Some good banter and the way they were with each other was VERY sweet once they got past all the misunderstanding. A little spicy at points too!! I’m not mad I read it at all.

I was between 2 and 3 stars but you can see my engagement with this book in my reading speed — time wise, it was a super quick & easy read, but it took me almost a week to get through because I just didn’t get invested in it.

I received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion - thank you to Netgalley + St. Martin’s Press!

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I don’t know what I was expecting but I was blown away!!

This story details the journey of former best friends, costars, and lovers, Cameron Riggs and Shelby Springfield. Having been apart for a decade, their love has never wavered. When thrown into a Home Renovation Reality Show, Shelby finds herself working with her horrible ex boyfriend Lyle and her first love Cameron. Finding their way back to each other while facing many challenges won’t be easy, but with hard work and determination, they can do it.

I LOVE the relationship between Cameron and Shelby. It’s so rare you meet your soulmate at 11 years old, but for them, it happened. Every stolen glance and simple moment just foreshadowed their love for each other. I have never smiled so much reading a novel… especially with how fast their connection seemed to respark.

The witty banter and comic relief throughout this story was to die for. The running joke about “tree-trunk thighs” had me laughing everytime. It was honestly relatable.

Erin Hahn did such a great job writing this book, and I will be sure to recommend it to everyone when it comes out!

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I love watching home reno shows (hello, fixer upper and dream home makeover) so the plot of this book was appealing.

Characters: Shelby was just as charming and loveable on the page as she was on screen. I loved her redemption arc but wish she would've banned Ada Mae from her life. Cam was a dream and I loved that he wasn't wishy washy about his goals and choosing his future. Theres a special place in he'll for Lyle...

Setting: great descriptions of the the locations and especially all the thoughtful house details. I loved the different styles.

Plot: the plot was fast paced without any boring unnecessary scene. The characters guided the story and I appreciated how Cam and Shelby added together to finish the house and determine their futures, on and offscreen.

Final thoughts: a fun easy book that will be going back into my to-read pile that gave justice to the characters.

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eARC was provided by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
5/5 stars
Very charming and entertaining. Friends to lovers, and a bit of second chance romance from their childhood. I liked the home renovation and show business aspects. Highly recommend this book!

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I wanted to love this but I just can't.

Far warning for this review, I read 7 chapters of 25 total (about 30%) and that's when I decided to DNF because I'm not forcing myself to finish things I'm not enjoying this year. That being said:

It's not bad, it's just not for me. That is clear from the amount of 5 star reviews on the Netgalley site. The first three chapters (prologue included) moved at super sonic speed throwing backstory at me then the following chapters slowed down to a crawl of dialogue hinting and mentioning everything just previously told to us. Without the prologue and the events in it, I think I'd be able to enjoy this more but it threw me off. 10 years ago from present day, co stars on a teen show go their separate ways, with Shelby and Lyle in a relationship and Cameron on his own. 5 years ago from present (the events in the prologue) Lyle cheats and dumps Shelby, and Shelby who hasn't spoken to Cameron in 5 years drunk texts him where he drops everything to go to her only to realize she's drunk and walks out on her while she's sleeping (their whole in-person interaction was like 2 hours long if that.) Present day, MC's haven't spoke to each other again for 5 years and that 2 hour interaction is treated as life altering. By chapter 7 they're basically already a couple and have both admitted they're in love with each other.

As a self proclaimed childhood best friends to lovers to strangers/enemies to lovers trope's #1 fan, this disappointed.

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If you are looking for a super cute, heart-warming read, this one is for you.
This is a second-chance soulmate book, that weaves Cameron and Shelby’s present with their past as child stars.
It took me a little while to get into this book, because it was a bit frustrating to see how much they still loved and cared for each other (and how attracted they were to each other) but they continued to keep their distance.
And while they were slowly realizing their love was still there, they both start to work through the hard parts of their past, leaning on each other for support.
And the ending? Perfection.
Thank you to Net Galley and St. Martin’s Press for the eARC. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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This book was so cute!! I absolutely loved the house renovation concept and got to live out my Chip and Joanna Gaines fantasies through Shelby and Cam. I loved these two main characters and of course loved the dual POV throughout. Their complicated relationship history laid the groundwork for a fantastic rekindling of the love they had for each other as teens and rediscovering what that means for them now. Such a good read!

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Built to Last is an adorable second chance romance about friends-to-lovers. This book has a great premise and the main characters are very likable. I was swept up in the author's writing style - I'm totally hooked on Erin Hahn!

Shelby is a "ruined" child pop star, while Cameron is a traveling photographer for National Geographic. They have a lot of history between them, but they end up working on a home reno show together with Shelby's ex (this dude adds a ton of drama). Not only do they rehash why Cameron left her twice but they also rekindle the spark they had in their teens.

There's a ton of pining and angst in this one which is totally my jam! While the characters struggled to communicate, they both loved each other (quite obviously) and neither ever did anything so heinous that I couldn't forgive them. I enjoyed seeing adult Shelby and Cameron come together in a more mature way, but I also loved the flashbacks of their teen years - they were just so darling and innocent.

The dialogue is sharp and snappy in this one. I felt like I was in a real place because Hahn is just such a wonderful storyteller. She shows the feelings and the plot rather than telling. I can't wait to read more of her future work!

Trope-wise, this one has:

Jealousy on both ends
Valid miscommunications
"Only one bed"
Sex dreams
Nicely descriptive sex scenes
Really awesome side characters who jump off the page

Literally my only criticism is that the characters confessed their love a bit too quickly. Suddenly, they were both all-in but we had more plot to go. I would have rathered them get together but not actually profess their love so that I could remain a bit more interested. However, this is just a super small thing and I TOTALLY recommend this book overall!

I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, but these opinions are all my own.

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Shelby and Cameron were child co-stars in star-studded LA, but that life left them longing. Through a never-ending connection they are brought back together living a much more simple and private life as home reno flippers, and their incredible love story is given another chance to shine.

I found myself rooting for "Spriggs" at every fork in the road of their relationship! The writing truly captured the essence of a couple worth fighting for and the imagery was beautiful. It's not often that a romance novel keeps me turning the pages in the way this one did. I loved the aspect of Cameron finding his own niche and learning a trade that kept him right by Shelby's side. In addition to reading I am a huge fan of home reno shows, as are many, so I feel this novel will truly appeal to the masses.

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Read this book if :
💗you like stories about first love conquering time and distance and winning in the end
💗you like light romance novels (with a little bit of detail 😉)
💗you like an easy read
💗 you like happy endings

This story is about 3 child stars (Cam, Shelby & Lyle) many years after the TV show ended. Cam and Shelby had a crush on each other (and one night together) when they were filming the TV show. But, life always seemed to be against them.
Cam & Shelby went on their separate ways after the show ended. Shelby and Lyle ended up dating for about 5 years before he left her for her best friend.
Years after the breakup, Lyle reaches out to both Shelby and Cam to do a home renovation show. Shelby did restore antique furniture for a living but Cam worked for NatGeo. Lyle tries to ruin their relationship during the filming of the pilot episode. Can their relationship survive?

I thought this story was very cute and I loved the happy ever after ending. 💗

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This book about two former childhood stars turned home renovators was so much MORE than I was expecting! I absolutely adored the connection between Shelby and Cameron, and I was rooting for them from the very first chapter. The plot was substantial enough that the sprinkling of spice was more than enough. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the eARC of this title!

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4.5 cute stars. This book was super cute with a little steam factor. I connected with the characters and was really invested in their story. I loved the setting too. It was different and cute. Overall, I really enjoyed this light read. Hope there’s a second! Thank you NetGalley for this advanced copy of this book. I will definitely be recommending to friends and family.

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Super cute book and I enjoyed the story line. I wish it had a few more surprises in it to keep my interest more. I loved the authors writing style, and would love to read more of her books,

Thank you NetGalley and st martens publishing for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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This book was everything. I loved it so much. Hahn's adult romance debut is a home run. There is so much to be had here. I couldn't get enough. Child stars growing up and discovering how to live in the public and still keep a private life. This was just a beautiful balance.

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Shelby and Cameron, child stars who fell in love as teens, have never got their timing right. Over the years, they have pined for each other even while being worlds apart. Shelby now lives a quiet life in Michigan restoring old furniture, while Cameron has spent their years apart trotting the globe for National Geographic.

But when their old costar (and Shelby’s ex) Lyle brings them together for a reality home renovation show, it seems like the stars are finally aligned. While working alongside each other, they find that together, they can build something that lasts.

I always enjoy second chance romances, and when you add in the unrequited love factor, I enjoy it even more. I liked Shelby and Cameron’s characters, and I also liked all of their friends. The only thing missing for me was a little more conflict between Shelby & Cameron.. Once they were together, there was really no questioning their relationship or where the book was headed. Overall, it was a cute, lighthearted read with a sweet happy ever after.

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press & NetGalley for this arc in exchange for my honest review.

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Do you love romance books and HGTV? Then this is the book for you. It was so freaking adorable. Shelby and Cam are the cutest couple on the planet. I think this is the fluffiest book I ever read. The ending was a bit predictable but it doesnt take anything away from the story. I would LOVE to see this a movie.

Build to Last comes out Oct 18 and I hope everyone gets a copy! #Spriggs

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ARC provided by Net Galley
I loved the premise of this book and the emotional arcs that the main hero and heroine went through. A little fast-paced, but the background provided at the start established the relationship. I loved both the hero and heroine and felt that they balanced each other out. It had funny dialogue and good development for the hero and heroine both individually as well as a couple. I laughed and teared up at the end. I really hope that the author continues with the side characters in the same universe. I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to more from this author. X

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I’d give this a 3.75/5. Not quite a full four stars for me, because while it was enjoyable, it took me some time to start rooting for the characters. They had great physical chemistry, but the miscommunication in the beginning made it a little harder to really feel their emotional connection. Overall, a fun, light read and I definitely look forward to reading more from Erin Hahn, especially if she gives us Lorelai’s story.

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