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A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting was a fun historical romance. It hit most of the usual marks of a regency romance with some twists. The plot was a bit more of the focus than the romance which is not necessarily bad but is not my preference. I also did not love the side characters very much. They felt a little bland or annoying in my opinion, and I did not feel as if I connected with the main leads very much. 

I did, however, like the writing style, and I loved the journey of enemies to reluctant allies working toward their own goals to lovers.
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Absolutely LOVED this book! I’ve been in a very Jane-Austen-reading mood, but was hoping for something new. When I saw that Illumicrate had selected this book for a special edition, I added it to my list. I was not in the least bit disappointed! The story may be full of the usual characters and even usual scenes, but it was truly enjoyable in how it was carried out. There were of course some delicious twists to make it all more enjoyable and a bit modern. 
The romance was subtle and grew with each page, which I quite appreciated since instalove is not my favorite trope. I love how willing Kitty and James were to embrace, accept, and even appreciate each other’s full personalities (not just the “good” qualities). And of course I adored the nods to Jane Austen! I will say, I definitely yelled out, “She’s got too many sisters,” one point early on in the story because I was having such a hard time keeping them straight— I could have used one more nod to Jane Austen here since I at least know very well the names and birth order of the Bennet sisters. It was a very enjoyable book full of nostalgia for some of my favorite literature while still being fresh and bringing in a slightly more modern feel to the story. 
Things I admired the most:
- slow burn romance
- Kitty’s tenacious confidence and courage
- James’ appreciation of Kitty’s more mercenary qualities
- how adorably naive Archie is
- Cecily’s ability to basically lure in a titled, wealthy man with no effort behind the scenes (talented family!)
- Aunt Dorothy (she was just a good time, all the time)
- the way this book made me feel: happy, intrigued, not wanting to put the book down
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I love how so many things happened in the book. I could not keep myself from the book because it was so good
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Sophie Irwin's A Lady's Guide is a wonderful book. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I read the majority of it under the desk at work. While it is heavily influenced by Jane Austen, it is wonderfully self-conscious in that regard. Her characters are modern in sentiment, yet not in behavior. The whole thing feels credible. Though I immediately knew how the marriage game would work out, it was still incredibly enjoyable to watch it. Five stars and I will recommend it to everyone who is in the mood for a fun read.
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A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting pleasantly surprised me.  I had a fun time reading and didn't guess the true love interest until more than halfway through the story.  The female lead was unapologetic in her quest to marry for money as she had a family counting on her. Her will and determination made her a true heroine.  Then there is Radcliffe, he's secretly charming and sexy.  His constant lurking behind her with wise words in her ear at the balls was smooth and flirty.  

This book was filled with humor, flirtiness and heart. It was fun to watch the blossoming romance between the main characters. I throughly enjoyed an opportunity to read and review.   

Thank you PENGUIN GROUP Viking, Pamela Dorman Books for the advance reader copy.
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What an absolute blast from beginning to end. From our first introduction to Kitty, I couldn't help but root for her. A fortune-hunter who is clear cut about what she wants and how she gets it? Be still my heart. I LOOOOVE that her character was true till the very end. Do you know how rare that is these days? I enjoyed her thoroughly and admired her loyalty to her family through it all.

This book was filled with great characters, witty banter, and shenanigans galore. I laughed out loud in so many places, and had a really great time. I didn't even mind lack of sexy times!!!! LOL. I can't wait to read more books by the author.

P.S. I had to read the author's bio and when I saw she wrote a dissertation on Heyer, a light bulb went off. Truly this was Heyer-sqe in the best possible ways.

A huge thanks to the Publishers and NetGalley for the ARC.
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(ARC from NetGalley) Ok main thing here is that this isn’t really a romance. I think if you’re a fan of Jane Austen classics this is definitely for you. Kitty is manipulative and willful- love her!!
I’d have liked to see more of her sibling dynamics as well as banter or just ANY connection with the male MC (he was super forgettable). @SaltyCarolineReads said it best, the book relies too heavily on the reader to know the conventions/tropes common for the time period. Felt like I was making up the romance in my head more than being shown why these people should be together.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group VIKING for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

To start off, I liked how Kitty was very upfront about her goals for the Season from the very start- marry rich so she can save her family from the financial ruin that her father left behind after his death. She has to enter London society under the guise of a rich family in order to achieve her goals, except there's one person who sees through her facade- Lord Radcliffe, who sees her for who she really is- a fortune hunter. She was cunning but charming and poised while wooing all her potential suitors and she was unapologetic about it all. Her relationship with her sister Cecily reminds me of Eloise and Daphne- Cecily, like Eloise, is more interested in literature and the arts than finding a suitor. Personally, I didn't feel the romance between Radcliffe and Kitty all that much until the very end of the book but other than that, this was an enjoyable Regency read!
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Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to get an ARC copy of this book!

What a perfect trollop to read in the summer! This book gave me some serious Bridgerton vibes, which is exactly what I loved about this book. The beginning was a bit slow just figuring out who everyone was and how they are all connected, but once that's sorted out, it's off to London for the season. From there it's balls, parties, engagements, and gossip all the way to the end. Like I said, a great summer read for those that want to drift away into an entirely different world.
I figured out pretty early on how the couple would end up together, but it was enjoyable to see the process in how they ended up together- that is the focus of the book and it's done well. The author didn't give too much away, but there was enough foreshadowing so that every time I second guessed myself, I got a clue that my instincts were right. I also loved a bit of the David/Goliath complex between Kitty and Lord Radcliffe; seemed like they were constantly at odds with one another in the book, but Kitty ever so slightly gained ground with each passing chapter- I could relate to her fearlessness and oblivious to etiquette.

Would recommend this for anyone who has a craving for more regency romance novels that are you're not your mother's copy :)
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A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting doesn’t break any new ground in the Regency romance genre, but it is a very enjoyable debut novel. 

Kitty Talbot’s parents are dead, and she, along with her four sisters, are left with a huge amount of debt. So off Kitty, with her sister Cecy in tow, goes to London to snag a wealthy husband before the family cottage is taken away. Right away she meets Archie de Lacy, the brother of one of Cecy’s school friends, and aims to convince him to marry her. She does not factor in his titled brother, Lord Radcliffe, who sees through her act and wants her to stay away from Archie.

To cover some aspects of the book that might turn some readers off: A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting is definitely a slow burn. The main characters aren’t even on the page together until about 20% into the book. There are quite a few secondary characters and the narrative head hops frequently. 

However, if those things I listed above don’t turn you completely off, then I would recommend A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting. Kitty is an amazing female main character. She’s manipulative and forthright, and she cares about her family and would do anything for them to be safe. I really cannot understate how much I enjoyed Kitty as a character. She’s bright and clever, and uses her smarts to get what she wants, and isn’t apologetic about it, and I loved it. Radcliffe is a complex male character who is battling his own demons and would rather be anywhere but London and putting up with the social scene, but he also cares for his family in his own way. The banter between the two is stellar and one of the highlights of the book. 

The book’s plot isn’t anything romance readers haven’t seen before. Unrepentant fortune hunter out for a rich gentleman manages to fall for the one person who knows what she’s up to? It’s not the most original storyline, but I still think it’s done well. The enemies to friends to husband and wife trope plays out nicely, and the antics at the end by the respective siblings of Kitty and Radcliffe make for a fun way for the two to realize their entanglements with each other. 

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting manages to feel both classic and fresh, and it was a very enjoyable read. I will definitely check out whatever Sophie Irwin writes next!
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This book looks amazing, and it is getting many good reviews and buzz - so definitely try it out! Have been unable to review due to illness. Review coming soon! This novel looks fantastic and I highly recommend this author to everyone! Can't wait to read this one!
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A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting by Sophie Irwin is her debut romantic novel. We meet our heroine, Kitty Talbot, at the start, when she is jilted by her fiancée.  Kitty is not only shocked, since they planned to marry soon, and now she is in a bind.  Kitty is the oldest of 5 sisters, with her parents gone; she knows she is responsible to find a way to come up with money to save their home.  She only has few months to find a wealthy husband, who can pay off their debts, as well as fix their decaying cottage; she decides to go to England, as the London season is open to find a rich man.

Kitty brings her sister, Cecily with her to stay in London with their aunt Dorothy.  She is determined to push herself upon the London wealthy families, using her own ingenuity, pretending to have money.  At first, she meets young Archie de Lay, who becomes enamored with her, and Kitty uses her wiles to get his mother and sister into a friendship; that is until the older brother comes home, and can see she is a fortune hunter.  
Lord Radcliffe has been away from London and his family for a couple of years, but when his mother writes him to come home, and talk to Archie from getting married.  When Kitty meets James (Lord Radcliffe), they immediately get off on the wrong foot, but her friendship with the mother and sister continues, as she begins her conquest of finding a rich man, who once married, would help pay off the family debits, and help her sisters future.  The continued banter/arguments between Kitty and James were amusing, as Kitty changed her tune, and put pressure on James to help her in finding the right man.  The only thought I had throughout the story, was they the eventual slow burn romance was just about nonexistent; even though we found it fun and charming.  With all the possible conquests, James does help, but as we get closer to the end, he fights off his own attraction to Kitty.

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting was a fun story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I did find Kitty a bit annoying early one, but she was an amazing and strong heroine, who put her sisters first, in her desperation to marry, even if not for love.  I also enjoyed the aunt and Cecily. To say too much more would spoil the fun.  A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting was a regency era romance, that was very well written by Sophie Irwin.
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A Lady's Guide to Fortune Hunting is 60% Austen, 20% Bridgerton, and 20% modern day common sense. Kitty Talbot is the oldest of five sisters, recently orphaned. Their parents had retired from the London social scene, to avoid scandal and raise their daughters in peace. Unfortunately, peace does not mean prosperity, and now Kitty has only a few months to find a way to pay the family's debts or they will lose their home. A promising engagement falls apart, and sends her to London for the Season and the marriage mart. Kitty is there for her family and she will let nothing stand in her way, not even the meddlesome older brother of her most promising prospect. 

This is a fun and fast read. The characters don't have quite the level of social polish that you might expect from the leads in an Austen-esque period piece, but that is part of their charm. Recommended as a vacation read, or as a book to take you on a mini vacation from the modern world. 

I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.
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Calling all regency romance fans! This book is one you don't want to miss!

Kitty is the oldest of 5 sisters, and when she loses both of her parents and inherits an abundance of debt, she takes off to London to find herself a wealthy husband. The problem is, she was not raised in London high society and is missing the money and titles to introduce herself, so she relies on a carefully planned twisted ankle and an abundance of scheming to see just how far she can get into the world of the wealthy elite. Can she find herself a husband who can solve her money problems and maybe even fall in love with her too?

This book was such a joy to read! Kitty was a fun, witty, and headstrong character who would do anything for her family - even marry someone she could barely tolerate if it came down to it. Her adventure through the London season was full of ups and downs and kept me on my toes! I stayed up hours later than I should have because I could not put this book down. The enemies-to-lovers plot was very much reminiscent of Bridgerton's Kate and Anthony and I was here for it!

I would highly recommend this book to historical romance fans - there was a lot of discussion about the structure of high society events which I found so interesting, and the development of the romance was natural and felt genuine. I can't wait to read any future books Sophie Irwin writes!

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group Viking for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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A Lady's Guide to Fortune Hunting by Sophie Irwin brings me back to some of the more classic historical romances I loved. It kind of gave me some Lisa Kleypas vibes (but without the sex) because they characters are well rounded and dynamic. The story is pretty straight forward: Kitty needs a rich husband to save her family, but she isn't really part of "the ton". Lord Radcliffe sees her as a gold digger right away and it leads to some great tit-for-tat exchanges.

I loved how the book explores the disadvantages of women in the time and how one of their only recourse for helping their family was marriage. It might not be the same as today, but the plight of women continues and it makes the story feel real.

Like some of the classic historical romances, this is low heat and they don't profess their love until just about the end. As someone who just finished an insta-love read before this, it creates a huge build up. I went back and forth between the audio and the kindle edition. The audio narrator is Eleanor Tomlinson, a new to me narrator. I enjoyed the narration and felt it was a worthwhile listen! Because it doesn't have sex, it might be a nice audio while you are at work or in the car if you are afraid (as I am) that someone will overhear from your headphones or car stereo.
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When needs must!

Kitty Talbot must marry and marry well within the next four months else her beloved siblings will be left virtually homeless. That means off to London for a season, fortune hunting with a vengeance. How to gain access to the higher echelons of the ton is only a minor setback, and acquiring an Almack’s voucher?  Well! Kitty lays her plans, garnishes her intuition and takes leaps of faith when the situation presents. Her goal is firm and unwavering. Family first!
Only Kitty doesn’t plan on running across James, the Earl of Radcliffe, who recognises at a glance this young woman’s mission, an outsider spinning the wheel of chance. Although he doesn’t perceive the reasons driving her.
Of course there are confrontations, annoyingly so. Witty repartee, humorous situations with a real poignancy of fighting for loved ones, flows underneath. Kitty is a breath of fresh air à la Heyer.
A pleasing read with a couple of fractiously determined, yet loveable leads. 

A Viking ARC via NetGalley. Many thanks to the author and publisher.
(Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.)
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I enjoyed this book a lot. There were so many nods to Pride and Prejudice in the setup (5 not wealthy unmarried sisters, 1 is Kitty and 1 is Jane😂), the MMC is a proud prejudiced wealthy titled gentleman, and later in the book a possibly scandalous elopement. This is a G-Rated Romance or even could be YA honestly as it ends only with a kiss. There was plenty of humor and banter to keep everything enjoyable. On occasion I felt like the plot moved a little slowly and I was ready for things to move forward. Overall I really liked it. Thanks to NetGalley and Viking for the opportunity to read and review with my honest opinions.
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A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting by Sophie Irwin
A debut novel that is not to be missed! Kitty Talbot needs a fortune. Or rather, she needs a husband who has a fortune. So she leaves home and heads toward the most dangerous battleground in all of England: the London Season.
I thought this book was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. 
The main POVs are independent and sassy. Kitty is determined to make a good match and won’t let anything stop her. I just adored her and her stubbornness and ingenuity. And then there was Lord Radcliffe, who was so much fun to read from too. The book had moments that made me laugh, moments where there were sobering subjects, I teared up several times, and ended with a lovely cheesy smile on my face. I already have half a mind to reread it tonight. 
Such a fun story and I HIGHLY recommend! Absolutely adored it. 
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Thank you Penguin Group and NetGalley for providing an e-arc for an honest review. 

After her parents' passing, the fate of her sisters is left in Kitty Talbot's hands. With an ended engagement and debtors breathing down her neck Kitty sets off to London for the Season to find a wealthy husband. Her plans are soon thwarted by an unlikely ally. Kitty must navigate the ins and outs of the ton and what it means to be a part of society. 

This was such a fun read and kept me engaged the entire way through, which can sometimes be difficult with regency books which tend to focus on the society and rules rather than the actual plot. This book was beautifully balanced giving you all the information you needed to know about the rules of society without making it bland. Kitty's journey is entertaining and her wit is amazing! I loved reading about how she talked her way out of and into situations and the banter was top notch! 

If you are a fan of regency romance and SLOW burn then do yourself a favor and pick up A Lady's Guide to Fortune-Hunting.
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A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting by Sophie Irwin is an enjoyable debut romance novel set in England's regency era and follows Kitty Talbot, the oldest of five sisters, who is jilted by her fiancé after a long courtship. Kitty was only marrying him so that she and her newly orphaned sisters don't end up destitute. With him going back on his expected offer of marriage to her, she now needs a wealthy husband and fast. The house where she and her sisters live is about to be taken from them if they don't come up with money owed on it. She has twelve weeks to achieve her goal, thereby throwing herself into the London season as she tries to hide a secret that could ruin everything if it became public knowledge. With her parents are dead she feels the weight of responsibility for her sisters.

Focused on her mission, Kitty was assisted by her “Aunt” Dorothy, a friend of her mother’s and able to become immersed in the season. Aunt Dorothy was fun and honest, stepping in at times to keep Kitty from appearing a fool.  The snobbery of the ton, the judgment they passed onto those of reduced circumstances, and how the men perceived women and their role in society plays a role in this story. Kitty met her match in James, Lord Radcliffe. They did not like one another and James had soon figured out her intents and worked out her schemes. These two verbally sparred, coerced favors out of one another but very slowly, feelings built. The banter between Kitty and James was amusing while there was almost no romance between them, until there was.

Ms. Irwin wrote a entertaining and enjoyable story that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with humorous escapades, clever banter, subtle chemistry and endearing characters giving Kitty and James a chance to fall in love.  I highly recommend A Lady’s Guide to Fortune-Hunting to other readers.. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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