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15 Minutes of Shame

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I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. 

This was an easy read! I am a pretty quick reader, so it typically doesn’t take me long to get through a novel, but this one took me only a few hours. 

The story follows Darby Vaughn, the “Dr. Oz of Dating,” as she navigates a messy divorce that leaves her career in jeopardy. The divorce leads her to Holt Gregory, her divorce attorney, who seems interested in her in more than just a professional sense. She has to choose between her career and her personal life, while hoping she’s making the right decision. 

I enjoyed both Darby and Holt as separate characters. Darby’s reaction on the Today Show and her anxiety surrounding her major career decisions make her an extremely relatable character. She’s easy to empathize with, while also noting that her convictions are standing in the way of her possible future. I also found Holt very interesting. He came off in the beginning as cold and calculating, but by the end of the book he was saying all the things a romance lead should say. I enjoyed seeing his vulnerability and willingness to give everything up for Darby. However, I just didn’t really feel their chemistry specifically. I felt as though you could have swapped Darby out with any female character in the book and the relationship, as it was set up, would’ve worked. 

All in all, this is a cute, easy-to-read chick lit novel. I definitely enjoyed seeing how it would turn out!
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15 Minutes of Shame is an emotional roller coaster. It made me laugh and cry. If you're looking for a believable/relatable romance, look elsewhere. This book is outrageous, but it is a very fun read. Fully recommend you grab yourself a copy!
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I enjoyed this book. It felt different from the same tropes or formulas that many rom coms rely on. It was interesting to see the main character change and grow, as she was able to be more honest with herself about her thoughts and feelings and see situations from different perspectives. 

(I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.)
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This is my first Lisa Daily book. It was such a quick, fun read. I had a feeling what may happen between Darby and her husband Will but I didn’t know all of the other conflicts that would happen. I liked the characters, it kept my interest and didn’t have any slow spots. I also like the wit that Lisa uses. Sometimes we just want to sit down with a romantic comedy and a read light-hearted story which is exactly what this is. Very cute. This is a great time of year for the book to be released because it is a wonderful beach/vacation read! 

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Siesta Key House for the ARC of this book. I am looking forward to more by Lisa Daily.
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this book was unexpected i guess. when i started, I did not expect the  major twist to appear so quickly and i was so frustrated about all the things that were happening to Darby. the whole plot is sort of mysterious, when i was like a quarter book in i wasn't even sure what was gonna happen with Darby and who was gonna be her love interest. i certainly did not expect it to be Holt but what can you say, the author certainly created a mysterious vibe to him.
the book s very engaging and draws you in like a magnet, i finished it off in a few hour because all i wanted to do was know what was gonna happen in Darby's life. the story is like a dating motivational wake up call. it has instances which motivate you or sort of awaken you and make you reflect back in your dating choices. That's the part that i loved the most in the whole book.
the story of love and sacrifice as shown in the book is amazing. This book keeps you on your toes and leaves you a mess of emotions and self reflection. The plot is sweet and engaging but this is isn't your typical romance novel, so if you want a typical romance this ain't the book but if you want drama, tragedy, love and great friends in the plot, this is the book for you.
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This was such a fun, delightful book. 15 Minutes of Shame is a quick read, full of warm humor, with a lovely happy ending. Highly recommend.
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i admired darby so much and cheering for her despite all the curve balls life threw at her. she just jumps right back up after a blow and keeps trudging BUT with double the force! i love how this novel not only focused on the idea of fighting for who you love AND finding “the one” for you… but it also showcased how capable women are of accomplishing things on their own. darby certainly empowered her viewers through her perseverance and optimism, which definitely make her such a likable character! if you enjoyed reading emma st. clair’s “the buy-in” then this book should be added to your TBR. the way darby is determined to look out for will’s children (who aren’t even biologically hers) reminded me of lindy and how she fought for her niece. both of these women don’t let anything stand in the way of those they love and, when they have their mind set on something, make sure they see it out to the end.

i absolutely loved this book!! i looked forward to the little blurbs from darby’s dating advice column because the topics were clever and hilarious… they tied perfectly into the storyline and easily put a smile on my face. darby is surrounded by a group of such supportive, patient friends and they all played an important role in the novel without taking away darby’s spotlight. if i met these women in real life, there’d never be a dull conversation with them!
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A quick, delightful read! It’s heartfelt with humor and a guaranteed happy ending!

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for a free copy!
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Frothy and witty, I can only hope Lisa Daily continues writing!

Darby is the girl next door who falls into fame as a dating expert.  She has THE perfect life, until she doesn't

When her marriage falls apart in the most public way possible, her career is on life support.

You'll find yourself rooting for her as she struggles to keep her family together with some great snarky humor
and unexpected romance.
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A different kinda romance novel but I enjoyed it. This story follows a relationship expert, Darby, as her own relationship goes up in flames. She faces major scandal as her husband announces divorce while she’s on live television. Darby salvages her career and repairs her heart as she moves on from public disgrace. But is it just her, or is her divorce lawyer interested? Not just in her divorce but in her romantically. Read this quirky, comedic, and loves Le romance to find out ;)
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Girl gets cheated on and find out while she is giving an interview on live TV plot. Personally I really enjoyed the book the beginning was funny and kept me entertained. My only thing was I feel like the male lead came out of nowhere, and it put me off. I wish there would have been more interaction with him in the beginning and middle to make the ending make sense. Otherwise I really liked it, the read is fun and fast!
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This book was. described as a light and fluffy romantic comedy, but it gave me more anxiety than anything. I think the idea for the book was great, but the plot line quickly felt like a pinball gone rouge. 
I think that the characters had the potential to be great, sans the constant fear of cheating thing, & with a little refinement, this book could be great!
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This book is described as a funny romcom but it feels more frantic & overanxious. The chapters are very short, each ending in an article written by the protagonist. Unfortunately since I was reading an ecopy on my Kindle, these images weren't legible at all so I can't tell if they added to the plot. I have a feeling this book would work better as a movie featuring Kate Hudson or one of those 2000s romcom favorite types (white, conventionally pretty, high-pitched & well-dressed). I didn't like it enough to want to finish it, let alone read it again.
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I liked this book, but I thought the romance was too quick to develop. For me, it kind of just happened in 3 chapters, and I would have liked to see it happen throughout the whole book. It seemed his book focussed a lot on the main character, Darby, dwelling on her failed marriage and not on the new romance. I felt like I didn't even really get to know Holt that much.
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This was a fun romcom, that was a relatively quick read.  I wasn't sure how I felt about the main character at first, but I quickly felt so bad for her and I was rooting for her through the entire book.  I wanted the best for her, and the worst for her husband.  Caught completely blindsided on national television, Darby finds out her husband is filing for a divorce.  What comes next for her is a roller coaster ride of emotions...and dates.  I read this in one day and couldn't put it down!  Definitely a fun binge read!
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Thank you netgallary for this ARC

First book ive read by Lisa Daily and i look forward to more. 

I loved everything about this book. A sweet fun romcom. The main character was a favorite for me.
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Wow!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY adored this such cute read, totally devoured this book. Lisa has an awesome way of writing for sure. Breath of fresh air for my crazy long week. 10/5 recommend!!!!
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Loved this one. The best description for this book is light and fluffy with a great voice. You can’t ask for more in a romcom. The way the book opens grabbed me right away, I wanted to know what was going to happen to the protagonist. Which means the author did a great job setting the conflict in the story, the contract with the reader. The voice, which is the Big Kahuna in writing was immediately likable, clear, and most important, a person I wanted to spend time with
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Thank-you NetGally and the publisher for the chance to review this ARC. 

This was a quick read. 
This is my first time reading a Lisa Daily book. 
I'm looking forward to reading more. 
The premise was very interesting and it was more heartfelt than I was expecting.
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The way this story moved quickly got me interested and kept me involved throughout reading. The main character, Darby, absolutely stole my heart. The love and hurt she feels are palpable and although there were moments that I really disagreed with her stance, I could never say that she wasn’t acting out of love for her step children. 
I think that the idea of public humiliation on national television is a pretty stomach-turning thought for most people, so you immediately want to root for her. But, just when things seem to be looking up everything comes unraveled again. The story itself may not seem relatable to most but the overarching theme and the human emotion involved certainly will be. 
Seeing Darby come full circle is incredibly satisfying and her point of view is refreshing, to say the least. So often, women are pitted against one another and you pick sides without ever trying to see things from all perspectives. It’s so easy to dehumanize someone who has wronged you. It’s the easiest thing in the world to hate someone. It’s much harder, and much more personally rewarding, to forgive and to empathize. 

On a lighter note, was not expecting to become so engrossed in the column entries that are at the end of each chapter. It reminded me of reading Cosmo magazines that I pilfered from my older sisters room in middle school, except the advice was better. 

I really enjoyed this book and I would read more titles from this author.
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