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When I read the synopsis for The Godparent Trap, it reminded of the movie "Life as We Know It" with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. The way I could not contain my excitement when I got approved for this book...and it did not disappoint!
The dual perspective of Colby and Rip is just perfect and I love being able to see into their minds as the story unravels. I'm not typically a fan of miscommunication in stories but this was very well done.
A great balance of heavy emotions and romance and cuteness, I loved this story!
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Unfortunately, this was a DNF from me. I got about a third of the way through and I just wasn't invested. Not for me.
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This book had the potential for something real special.  But I feel like that specialness was lost in this book.  If you've seen the move Life As We Know It with Katherine Heigl, then you already know the plot of this story.  It was very similar, though it's been awhile since I've seen the movie and I don't remember all the details.  However, in this story, I couldn't find myself jiving with some of the writing, and I really didn't care too much for the main characters.  This just wasn't the beautifully heartbreaking story I was expecting to find,
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This story had me in tears so many times, but it also had me laughing out loud throughout the entire book? my emotions need a checkup after finishing this! The Godparent Trap is pretty much the movie Life as We Know It but in a book. The book was funny and I liked some characters but the characters and dialogues felt flat and weak. The protagonists go from hate to love all of sudden, the way Rip treated Colby at the beginning was really harsh and suddenly he realizes he likes her they forget everything he said… yeah that not convinced me at all. Overall, It was fun, easy to read and page turner but it was shallow and it lacked development.
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I frantically flipped the pages of this book over the course of one day, so it was highly readable & I definitely fell hard for the plot but overall it was extremely predictable even though it was very emotional at times. The children were adorable and I loved that storyline as much as it broke my heart for them to be without their parents. I don't read fiction in order for it to be realistic, so I didn't mind that, overall, things seemed to be much easier for Rip and Colby than I think they'd be in real life if a situation like this were to occur, but I did find the pacing to be a bit too quick for them to go from enemies to lovers in that kind of time frame while supposedly grieving.

A cute story with a mostly happy ending & definitely a great escapist read. TW for loss of siblings/parents unexpectedly.
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3.5/5 stars | i had high hopes for this book, the cover and title made me very intrigued. i did have a fun time, i caught myself smiling, laughing and even crying at some parts. but overall it was a very heartwarming book but it wasn't the best book i've read and i feel like some parts could be better.
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This was a great book with such a cute premise! Definitely had some sad moments attached overall but I did really enjoy it!

thank you to netgalley and the publishers for providing me with an arc for an honest review!
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I liked the premise and was really excited to read this but this story just fell flat for me. I couldn’t really connect with anyone or anything through the writing, and Rip was such a dick for so much of the book (and not the fun enemies to lovers endearing kind but just an insensitive ass). The insults he used on Colby and the way he talked to her in the beginning was cruel and fucked up and he didn’t even grovel for an apology. It was less grumpy/sunshine and more cruel, insensitive asshole/sunshine
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3.5 stars.

Of all the books I’ve read this year, this book was a quick and easy read, with some fun and humor in it as well. 

I will say that there are a few content warnings that should be read before reading ahead. 

This book was pretty heavy at times and managed to pull at my heart strings. Although I did enjoy the story in it’s entirety, I wasn’t able to feel a genuine connection between the two main characters. I felt that the romantic aspect in their story was too short. The shift from enemies to friends was not as seamless as it should’ve been. 

I also felt like this book had the same premise as the movie, “Life As We Know It.” 

Other than that, I genuinely liked this story for it’s take on grief and just the emotions it evoked out of you.
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I really enjoyed watching Colby and Rip figure out their roles and dynamics within the household, as they both came to recognize the importance of what is done for the family in and outside the house. However, I just didn't feel super connected to them as a couple, the pacing of their relationship development just felt off.
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This was my first book by Ms Van Dyken and I had really nice time reading it. The plot was great and had such fun moments,  it kept me intrigued and anxious to see what happened  next. The story gave me vibes of the movie "Life as We Know it" and that was a movie I really enjoyed. The characters were well-developed and endearing, with relatable and realistic qualities and you can't help but fall in love with them.  I really got drawn into Colby and Rip's story and couldn't wait to see how it ended. It was a charming and entertaining read and I enjoyed it all the way through. Both hate each other on the outside, but secretly pine for each other. They don't think the other can handle the new responsibility they have been left with, but they soon learn that they both have a lot to learn and the "hate" quickly turns to respect as they learn to navigate their new family. They begin to see each other in a new light and I loved watching their already strong feelings for each other blossom and grow into so much more. Wonderful characters and an engaging storyline will keep you captivated till the end. This is a lovely, heartwarming story and am happy to to have had the opportunity to read it. I am hoping to read more by this author in the future.

I received a complimentary copy from Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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The Godparent Trap really had me feeling all of the emotions. It was a very cute read that made me laugh, cry, & a mix of emotions in between. I enjoyed Rip's character growth through out the book. He went from insufferable to adorable with excellent pacing throughout it all. I felt like the deeper aspects of this book were handled very well. I loved the story, the characters & the side characters also.
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This is a story about grief and overcoming it. There are moments of sadness in this story; bit also moments of hope. The book is written in 2 POV and each POV describes the same event. A great enemies to lovers story.
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The Godparent Trap
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars
by: Rachel Van Dyken
Genre: Romance/Contemporary Romance/Adult Fiction
Thank you @netgalley for this copy

I fell in love with this book very early on. I laughed and I cried; it was an emotional rollercoaster for me. I'm not for sure why exactly it's tugged on my heart strings but I think all my feels went to the children in this story.

Colby and Rip's lives are turned upside down and will never be the same. Colby's best friend, Monica, and Monica's husband, Brooks, are tragically killed in a car accident while on vacation. Colby and Rip are actually watching their children when all of this takes place. Monica is actually Rip's sister as well.

This leaves their children without parents. Brooks and Monica passed on that responsibility to Rip and Colby in the event of this type of situation. Problem is, Colby and Rip cannot stand one another. They need to rely on one another to make this work and to help navigate the children through this hard time. Can they let their animosity go for the sake of the children?

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book!

Published July 19, 2022
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When I read saw the title, I immediately thought "hmm, must be the same as Parent Trap but only with Godparents." This is more emotional than I anticipated. The pain of losing a sister, a best-friend in top of still morning your parents. I've lost a parent and after so many years, I'm still grieving this loss. They say grief is just love with no where to go...  I can relate to where Rip's head is at. He want's things in order, he's a planner, he likes control... but Colby is his opposite. And the only thing they have in common is their love for the kids, so they're determined to make it work by hook or by crook. I know I said it's more emotional than I anticipated but Colby brings humor. 

I've read this overnight and enjoyed every page from start to finish.
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The Godparent Trap by Rachel Van Dyken. Pub Date: July 19, 2022. Rating: 🌟🌟🌟. When a mother and a father both tragic die, two adorable children are left behind. One uncle and one best friend step in to try and co-parent and be guardians of these newly orphaned children. Colby and Rip know each other, but they don’t necessarily like each other. But, as the story progresses feelings start to catch, relationship rhythms take hold and the book tries to navigate feelings of grief and potential new love. A cute and sweet story! Thanks to #netgalley and #foreverpublishing for this e-arc in exchange for my honest review. #thegodparenttrap #bookstagram #bibliophile #bookworm #igreads
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Looking for a book that is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time? The Godparent Trap is perfect for you!

Colby has been traveling the world as a food blogger when she hears her best friend and her husband have been killed in a car accident. She has been named as a co-parent of two young kids with her sworn enemy Rip. They will have to work together to take care of these two little kids while grieving for their best friends.

This book is similar to the movie Life As We Know It with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel, but it’s just adorable and steamy. I  found Colby and Rip’s attraction to each other very genuine and they definitely helped each other through this very hard time. It was a very sweet story.

Thank you so much to @readforever and @rachvd for my gifted copy. The Godparent Trap is on sale now!
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So. Good. My emotions were all over the place reading this amazing book. Sad tears, happy tears, and a whole lot of laughs. Colby and Rip suddenly have the care of two young children while trying to get along and live with each other. Somehow this is my first book by Rachel Van Dyken, but it will not be my last. Five stars
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This was one of the most bingeable romances I have read recently. Right from the start, I was invested in the outcome of Colby and Rip’s relationship and whether or not they would be able to find a way to peacefully coexist for the benefit of their wards following the death of the children’s parents. Was it original? Not really. It is quite similar to the movie Life As We Know It starring Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl. Was it funny and enjoyable? Very. 

I found myself laughing as these two found themselves in typical parental situations, with zero previous experience. The potty training incidents, managing a toddler at the grocery store, and trying to manage multiple schedules while also maintaining their own made for many laugh out loud moments in the book. I also loved the tension that existed in the love/hate relationship between Rip and Colby, and while I agree that at times he was unnecessarily mean, the ways in which he grows as an individual throughout the book, helped me to look beyond his initial surliness. And the steam was pretty perfect. 

This book also deals with the very heavy topic of grief - how we deal with it and how we allow others to deal with it, especially when we were not prepared for the loss. I think the author did a great job of showcasing the variety of emotions and reactions of those suffering from grief. One size does not fit all and there is no time limit on it.  

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. Available Now.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Forever (Grand Central Publishing), and the author for sharing an ARC in exchange for my honest feedback.

The Godparent Trap by Rachel Van Dyken tells the story of Rip and Colby, two polar opposite people thrust into the guardianship of their two godchildren after their parents are killed in a tragic car accident. Colby is a free-spirited and unorganized travel food blogger who hasn't exactly mastered the art of "adulting" yet. Rip is a structured, no-nonsense accountant who must have everything in his life in order to function properly. They decide to move into their friends' home so that the children will have a little bit of normalcy, and their two lifestyles and personalities immediately clash while living in such close proximity.  

All at once, they are grieving the deaths of their friends, figuring out how to be a parent, and trying to balance their careers with their family life. Rip and Colby have to set aside their differences in order for this to work, and along the way, they realize this hatred they feel for each other might actually be something else..?

This was such a cute book! It is very similar to the movie "Life As We Know It" with Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl, but it was still enjoyable to read. Also, my pop culture-loving heart loved the references to Bridgerton and Taylor Swift!

Thank you again to NetGalley, Forever (Grand Central Publishing), and Rachel Van Dyken for sharing this book with me!
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