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I have been a years-long fan of the world of Daevabad, and would quite honestly read anything about <i>anything</i> related to it. The River of Silver is great for fans of the series and offers a lot of fun stories about the characters we know and love! My favorite one was about Duriya and Rustam's origin :) Highly recommend! I can't wait to get my hands on a hard cover come this fall!
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Oh wow this was a true DELIGHT! Rounding up to 5 stars because even though a few of these weren’t super interesting to me, the last few just had me grinning like a complete idiot and I had so much fun.

I have missed these characters so much! It was such a thrill to be back in the Daevabad world and to hear more about what they’re up to now. Some of my favorite chapters were Hatset’s (getting a glimpse into her and Ghassan’s early relationship was so interesting!) and the chapter about Muntadhir and Nahri’s marriage (it was so much fun to gain more insight into what their marital relationship was like, since we didn’t see much of it but it’s always intrigued me). 

Obviously the last few chapters were my favorite, since it was post-Empire content; the last chapter had me in SHAMBLES, I loved it so so much!! Really pleased to know a bit more concrete details about the ending, since I did originally feel like Empire was a bit too open-ended for my taste, but I am extremely happy with everything I learned in the last two chapters. 

Overall just so great!
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All three books in the Daevabad trilogy were some of the best books I read last year, so when I heard that S. A. Chakraborty was releasing a short story collection in the Daevabad universe, I was excited. I love those characters and it's a series I know I will return to someday, so more content was welcomed. 

This collection of stories was good. The thing is, I don't really prefer short stories in general, so even though I already loved these characters and this world, I did have some level of disconnect with the stories. I read the original trilogy a year ago, so I had forgotten some events and minor characters when I started reading The River of Silver, which I believe was to my detriment. The tales in this collection cover a timeframe that begins before The City of Brass, spans all three books, and concludes after the events of The Empire of Gold. This collection, in my opinion, is one to be read alongside your reading of the trilogy, or shortly after finishing it, so the details and events of the world will be fresh in your mind. All of the stories begin with a few sentences explaining exactly what scene it falls before or after, and which books it contains spoilers for. For some of those events that I forgot happened, I had a hard time placing the story in the overall timeline of the series. 

There were fifteen different stories told from a plethora of POVs. Our protagonists tell some tales, of course, but there were also some tales told by secondary and tertiary characters. It is likely that if there's someone you wanted to hear a story from, their perspective is included in this book. 

The River of Silver is a wonderful addition to the Daevabad world. Some of these stories had me completely engrossed and in disbelief that they weren't included in the original books because of how pertinent they seemed, while others were less interesting to me. Short story collections are always a mixed bag, but the vast majority of these ones were enjoyable for me. The only thing that would have made this book even better was my reading it closer to when I finished the original trilogy, which is something I know I will remedy in the future when I inevitably reread this series someday.
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I have never read an addition to a completed series that so perfectly adds to the story. If you have read the entire trilogy, this book is an absolute must.

The book is set up in chapters from different characters perspectives. The stories told are from all different points in the original trilogy and a note as at the beginning of each to place you in time. Each story is either from a perspective we didn't get to see in the book or a scene from our main three that didn't find a home on the pages the first time around. 

Every single chapter gripped me. Even Dara's! Considering I grew to hate him by the end of the series, it broke my heart to read his perspective from when he and Nahri were traveling to Daevabad, back when I actually liked him. (Me hating Dara is no fault of the writing, he's written extremely well). Also, what I wouldn't give for a spin off or just more stories based off of the alternate epilogue! I NEED more of Zaynab and Aqisa. And don't even get me started on Nahri's last chapter... I'll never get over that HEA. 

S. A. Chakraborty's writing is as beautiful on the pages as when I listened to the trilogy read by Soneela Nankani. 

I can already tell that this series will stick with me and I'll be recommending it to every fantasy lover I can find.
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S.A. Chakraborty wrote several additional chapters for her series—"The Daevabad Trilogy"—many of which were posted on her website. Now, fans of the series can listen to (and eventually, read), "The River of Silver: Tales from the Daevabad Trilogy."

A few of the chapters are prologues for the entire series, while other ones are interludes that provide an explanation for a conflict amongst the characters. Each chapter is a standalone about a character from the main series. The audience learns more about the setting and the events of the main series from these characters and the elements of world-building. Each character becomes the protagonist as the audience emphasizes with them as they make the best decisions for themselves regardless of their current predicament(s). 

"The River of Silver" is an excellent addition to "The Daevabad Trilogy." Fans of the trilogy are in for a real treat because they get to reacquaint themselves with EVERYONE from the series, and enjoy more of their exploits. Please remember: read the trilogy BEFORE you dive into this collection. Get ready to return to Daevabad!
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You have to read the trilogy before this set of short stories to really understand the perfection of this body of work. The short stories are set through out the story and provide a few epilogues set after the formal ending of the final book, “Empire of Gold.” The epilogues for my beloved Nahri, Ali. Zaynab, Jamshid, and Muntadhir all made me cry. I just love these characters so much and it was like a warm hug to return to them and see them healing and rebuilding their world. I want the author to write MORE, but I understand she wants to write new things and we’re lucky we got this happy return.
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I absolutely loved this collection of short stories! I enjoyed the original trilogy, but found it to be a bit confusing and overstuffed with complicated politics, which took away from the interesting characters and beautiful worldbuilding. Well, this anthology has solved my problems because we get to see our favorite characters (actually being happy) and get more glimpses of the world, without being bogged down by a lot of confusing backstory and politics. 

I had so much fun reading each of these stories. Usually in an anthology there a few I don't like, but I genuinely enjoyed each and every story in this collection! My favorites were the soft moments between the characters, where we get hints of happiness, and it was nice to see this world take a breather. If you're a fan of the original trilogy, you definitely won't want to miss this collection!
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I'm so conflicted as to how to write this review. First of all, I'm just going to say it because I do try to be impartial in my reviews: These stories could have been written into the trilogy as additional chapters. It's essentially a novella of additional chapters to the original trilogy. So it's important to note you're not really getting a new story AND it contains spoilers for the entire trilogy. And because of the way it's written, you can't really read the "prequel stories" in the novella first because they are not in order. For example, there is a story that takes place before the City of Brass does, but this story is referenced a few times throughout the entire novella. So you take away from me saying this is that you don't HAVE to read this novella in order to understand the series BUT if you choose to, read the entire trilogy FIRST. 

Now, the reason for giving it 5 stars? Simply put, I freaking love this series and its characters. Personally, I did find that it provided some insight into many more things that happened in Empire of Gold and I really liked that. It almost gives me "true" Happily Ever After" that Empire of Gold almost delivered on. Like the icing on the cake if you will that truly completes the series. Now going back to my earlier point, I really wish these stories had been written into the novella, but I understand that Charakaborty hadn't yet thought of a way to write some of these stories and I understand that - so no I didn't take a star off for that. The novella is written just as well as the trilogy and it was easy for me to get back into the series. I also found that two of the novellas provide more not to the story but to the character development. I can't say who they are because of spoilers, but it's likely you'll hate these characters in the trilogy and feel bad for them in this novella. If you enjoy books with tormented characters and more importantly, you enjoyed the City of Brass trilogy, you will not want to miss this one.
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I loved being back in this world. The stories from characters from before the start of the series, and getting to see what happened after the end of the series! It really just made me want even more from these characters. I also really loved the alternate epilogue for Dara, I think it was fantastic and a really cool idea!
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I recently finished the Daevabad trilogy so was extremely excited to immediately jump into The River of Silver and get more of the characters and story I had fallen in love with.

I loved all the insights, expansions and deleted scenes and this book honestly complements the main series so well, especially for new readers to Chakraborty’s work. Her characters and setting are so well developed and alive, and these short stories really serve to bolster a world that already is full immersive and comprehensive. I especially enjoyed seeing moments we already knew about through a different characters eyes, such as Zaynab’s POV of the end of Kingdom of Copper. Truly a wonderful accompaniment to an incredible series. The only question I have is— how soon is too soon for a series reread?
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I don’t think I’ll ever find the proper words to convey just how much I loved The Daevabad Trilogy. From the first page of The City of Brass, I was instantly enchanted by the secret djinn world filled with political intrigue, magic, and a dash of romance. So, imagine my delight when S.A. Chakraborty announces The River of Silver, a return to the world of Daevabad through new stories featuring our favorite characters. However, my delight holds nothing compared to the squeal I released when I saw I was approved to read this ARC! Suffice to say, I devoured this book and I feel so honored and grateful to give this review. 
     The River of Silver gives deeper context to pivotal scenes and gives us more depth to already well-rounded characters. In the effort to not spoil any of the wonderful surprises in this book, just know that our beloved Nahri, Ali, Jamshid and Muntadhir get the happily ever after’s they rightly deserved! In this book readers are also given an opportunity to read perspectives from side characters whose story is just as impactful as the main cast. These POV’s may be short, but they are incredibly poignant, and I feel, essential to the overarching story. 
     It's hard to believe that The River of Silver will be the concluding book in the Daevabad series. I know the author must move on eventually, but honestly, S.A. Chakraborty could write any content based in this world and I would happily empty my pockets to read. If anyone were waiting for a sign to tell them to read this series, allow me to serve as that sign! Run to your local bookseller to purchase this series as well as pre-order The River of Silver. You will NOT regret it! 

As always, a big thank you to NetGalley, Harper Voyager/Avon for the opportunity to read this ARC!
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If you've read the Daevabad trilogy and enjoyed it, then I would highly recommend this selection of short stories in the same world set before, during and after the main trilogy.
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I loved this book series, and I'm glad I got to revisit Daevabad in this collection! It's very enjoyable to see the not-so-plot-driven scenes and explore the characters' relationships. 

I appreciated the context given at the beginning of each section explaining where it fits in the trilogy's timeline and that the stories covered the breadth of the whole series.
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I was so excited to return to the Daevabad world and this was the perfect collection of stories and it absolutely exceeded my expectations. I feel like sometimes short story collections/extra POV chapters don’t add anything to a series but that was not the case here! Each POV really added another layer of depth to the characters and I really enjoyed them all, even Dara’s (which was a huge shocker for me as I never liked him). In particular it was nice to see Zaynab and Hatset’s POVs and to have the chance to get to know them a little better and to understand their wants and motivations. 

Honestly, all of the POVs were amazing, but of course I had my favorites. Every Jamshid POV was like a gut punch but in a good way. He is such a heartwarming character and I wanted to tear up because of the way he speaks and thinks of Muntadhir. My ultimate favorite chapter though was Nahri’s last POV. Her giving him the marriage mask and them not rushing into anything and supporting each other made me so happy. I love them both so much and was so happy to have this ending for them. 

I thought the pacing of each chapter was perfect. They weren’t too long, and they weren’t too short. Additionally, I really appreciated the little blurb at the beginning of each chapter that oriented us as to where this chapter takes place in the timeline of the trilogy. I read the series a while ago so it was helpful to have the reference points and reminders of everything! 

Thank you SO so much to NetGalley, Avon, and Harper Voyager for this eARC!
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It was so good to go back to the world of the Daevabad trilogy and see the characters I loved again!

I liked how the stories from before and during the trilogy gave us more insight into characters and their motivations. I also appreciated that the stories from after the trilogy's end brought more resolution and showed some of the characters finding happiness, even if it was bittersweet at times.

I really did appreciate how much more history and backstory this book showed us, which gave even more context and meaning to the trilogy's story than it already had.

I even found myself feeling bad for one of the characters I never liked in the main trilogy. I still don't think their actions were at all justified, but their prequel story was told so well that I felt like I could understand more of who they were and what made them who they became. I'm trying to stay vague to avoid spoilers.

There were only two stories that didn't really work for me. As much as I love Ali (he's my favorite), the first one of his stories felt too dramatic and over-the-top for me. (I really enjoyed Ali's second story though! He's so earnest and it's so sweet!) And I didn't care for the story about the scout. I don't think it added anything to the overall story, plus I don't like reading about the situation it portrayed.

My favorite stories were the ones about Muntadhir and Jamshid. It was amusing to watch the mischief Muntadhir got up to, and Jamshid has always been one of my favorite characters for how kind and brave he is. Their scenes also felt the most compelling as they were navigating such difficult circumstances together.

The book delved deeper into relationships and showed how much depth there was to their histories. I loved that, especially since characters and their relationships to each other are especially compelling to me.

I highly recommend this for fans of the Daevabad trilogy. It's just as complex and engaging as the first three books, and you get to visit this spectacular world and its captivating characters again.

Thank you to Harper Voyager and Netgalley for allowing me to read an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This collection of short stories that take place during and before the main trilogy has a more taste. Now I’m wanting another book in this world. These stories give more insight into the characters and their world. They are all short and fit into the trilogy at different points. My favorite part was Rustam and Duriya’s story. I liked hearing how they met and seeing how sweet they were together. I think that there should have been more of their story in the main trilogy, considering who they were parents of.  

Altogether I enjoyed this collection. Fans of the original trilogy should definitely read this; they will enjoy it like I did.
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I've been a fan of the Daevabad trilogy for quite some time, so when I found out that I received a copy of this book from Netgalley, it was all I could do to stop myself from having a fangirl moment and doing a happy dance at my desk at work.  And I pretty much had this book finished within the span of a day. It was so much fun getting a chance to revisit the characters and the world in this series and seeing a new side to them (and getting a chance to see what Nahri and Ali were up to post their adventures in Empire of Gold was wonderful). So, suffice to say, I definitely will be getting a physical copy of the book when it comes out later this year.
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River of silver is a collection of short stories that follows different characters from daevabad trilogy, if you love the characters then you'll probably like this book. It was really easy to read.

Thank you Avon and Harpar Voyager for an arc of this book. Arc received from netgally in exchange for an honest review.
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This made me so happy!! The Daevabad trilogy is one of my favorite series of all time, and this collection of short stories gave these characters even more life and added another layer to this world. The stories are in chronological order with blurbs to describe where they fit within the series. Getting to jump back into the world of Daevabad with my favorite characters was like coming home, and we also got to see some new and interesting POVs. I LOVED getting to see more of Muntadhir and Jamshid! Sometimes I don’t like short stories written after a series, but I think this collection only enhances the original story. And the last chapter is absolutely to die for! I couldn’t have imagined it better if I’d tried!! If you liked the original trilogy, you need to read this. 

Thank you to HarperVoyager and NetGalley, for the chance to read and review this eARC!
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In a collection of short stories, deleted scenes, and excerpts, Chakraborty returns readers to the world of Daevabad. Complete with chapter-specific notes on relation to The Daevabad Trilogy timeline and spoiler warnings, this book expands on characters known and unknown in a wonderful way. 

This felt like the homegoing that I very desperately wanted. While there are moments of tension and chaos and hurt, the overall tone of this book is much lighter and optimistic than the original trilogy. Seeing all of my beloved characters again was incredible, and the perspectives of characters we only heard reference to made me so happy! I will absolutely be going through and marking these scenes in my trilogy books for a tandem read on my next pass through the series. If you enjoyed The Daevabad Trilogy, you will absolutely love River of Silver. 

Thank you to S. A. Chakraborty, Harper Voyager, and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Content Warnings: violence, suicide, self harm, sexual violence, genocide
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