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All My Rage was my #1 anticipated release for this entire upcoming year. Not only am I a HUGE Sabaa Tahir fan, but we have an established YA fantasy author jumping over to YA contemporary? I say this a lot but SIGN ME UP.

I was not let down.

I knew from the dedication page, which simply reads "For those who survive. For those who do not." That we were in for an emotional ride, and it was the BEST emotional roller coaster.

I dont want to explain the plot. The synopsis explains. I want to touch on why this story is worth reading.

We have main characters who are so accessible and real that even when they do something you WANT to be angry with them for, you aren't. Because they are human and relatable and you understand their pain.

We have people making good decisions and bad decisions. Whether they are good or bad people doesn't matter. What matters is the question of : why is this person this way? Can they change? Where will they end up in life?
This story is not black and white. No choice is easy or right or wrong.

We have casual racism, hard-core straight up outward racism, Islamophobia. Which is so difficult to read but also so necessary. There are moments that you think to yourself "this is so ridiculous." Until you realize it's NOT ridiculous, and that it is a struggle people go through daily and that we need to be reminded of.

We have inside looks to how substance abuse hurts loved ones. But instead of it feeling like an after school special or life lesson it is just life and facts and honesty about a disease.

The trauma and grief the characters are hiding from is expressed so well and so heartbreakingly real.

We have all the love and relationships the characters have with each other, the growth and journeys they go through. It really is such a coming of age story that hits hard in all the right places.

And most of all we have a story that consistently expresses a spark of hope in dark times, even when the characters don't feel it.

I could quote hundreds of lines from the book but you should just go read it instead.

5/5 and it would be higher if I could.
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I immediately knew I wanted to read this book club kit! Sabaa Tahir is one of my favorite writers of all time. I own multiple copies of All My Rage and thoroughly enjoyed having my heart broken and remade by Sabaa. I can't wait to try out the recipes that were included in this book club kit! I also look forward to listening to the playlist. My favorite part was definitely reading Sabaa's interview and hearing about her process with this book. I'm looking forward to seeing whatever Sabaa writes next!!

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I loved this book and the book club kit is just as stunning ! It drew me to pick up the book again to build new meaning with playlists, recipes, and more !

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I haven't seen a book kit before and I have to admit... This was brilliant.
It includes beautiful bookmarks, a Lovely playlist and yummy recipes.
The letter from author really made me curious about the book and I will definitely give this book a try!

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I've looked at quite a few book club kits—I admit I'm a bit of a kit-junkie—and the kit for All My Rage is one of the most comprehensive, engaging kits I've yet seen. Book club leaders will need to be prepared to print out the PDF in full color for their meeting - preferably on a stiffer stock than regular paper so that the bookmarks hold up.

The author's letter drew me in and woke up my sense of curiosity about the story. I went from 'might be interesting' to 'this story sounds compelling' just in the span of that letter.

The spoiler warnings are sympathetic and spot on.

I love the recipes! Serving a beverage and snack lifted right out of the character's experiences is a delightful way to create a warm bond with the story.

I think this kit would be very helpful in drawing in potential readers who may be hesitant about committing to the story. I'd suggest book club leaders share the author's letter well ahead of time to help engage those readers and ensure they'll actually have the book read in time for the meeting.

I have one nitpick - it's small, but it jumped out at me immediately. The first question in the interview section, "The cover of All My Rage is stunning. What was the design process like for you, and what do you feel it reflects about the novel?" annoyed me. I personally don't find the cover stunning. It's colorful and clean-lined, and does represent the novel well, but I resented being force-fed the opinion that it is stunning. I'd suggest simply asking what the design process was like, and let the readers decide for themselves if they find the cover stunning or not.

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having absolutely loved all my rage, this kit was amazing. i loved the letter from the author and the recommended reads at the end, definitely added a few to my TBR.

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I have never used a book club kit before and this proved incredibly valuable.

I appreciated that it listed the trigger warnings involved in the book as I believe that people should always have that information available to them before reading.

I also really appreciated the discussion questions regarding the book. Book clubs can be a bit hard sometimes with initiating discussion and the questions provided along with the page/s they refer to is incredibly useful. It does remind me a bit like being at school and having set questions alongside the text but that isn't necessarily a bad thing and could provide a deeper insight into people's thoughts and understanding of the book.

I also love it when authors create a playlist that embodies what the book is. I just find it really amazing to see inside their head with what songs they associate with their novel.

Additionally, I appreciate the use of a recipe in this kit as I'm sure we all get curious when food is mentioned in books and we want to have it for ourselves. Alongside the bookmarks you can cut out relating to the book and some further reading recommendations!

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All My Rage is one of my fave books of all time and this press kit is perfeeecttt!!
I love how it includes discussion questions that make you think more deeply about the book, recipes from Pakistan, bookmarks to use and cut and reflect on as you read the book ( I love the quotes).
The authors note was absolutely wonderful and gave more insight, and the book list was wonderful.

All in all I think that the resource is wonderful especially for young adults and high school children that can use this as part of their education in schools! We definitely need books like this in schools instead of the same old books that everyone reads that have no diversity and to be honest many contain tropes and stereotypes!

Amazing job

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I found it really good to low key be inside the mind of the author as we read All My Rage. It gave a cool new perspective to our book club. We loved it!

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These book club kits are so well crafted. You can tell a lot of thought was put into the content and the aesthetics. As someone who helps run a book club, I appreciate having this material to use as a preview since it includes content warnings for what is inside of the book. The recipe is a nice touch, since having a beverage at a book club is always nice.

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Before I start the review, I must confess—I haven't read ALL MY RAGE but picked this kit due to the themes and I really loved the concept of the novel. So, I did flip through the discussion quotes, as I wouldn't understand them.

But nonetheless, I think this was a great book club kit! Sure it was like the other ones, but what made this one unique—according to me—was the author's note and interview, along with the recipe and link to resources. The recipes were really well-done, and as a person from South Asia, it feels like home and resources were greatly important and I'm so glad the publisher decided to include this.

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Thank you for this Book Club Kit! This is a great one that features plenty of discussion questions and fun activities that would be perfect for people or book clubs reading All My Rage. It enhances the story and I highly recommend it.

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the book club kit for All My Rage was filled with lots of great resources to enhance reading the book. It includes an author letter and interview, thoughtful discussion questions, an awesome playlist, and some cute bookmarks to cut out! I really loved the recipes and suggested next reads.

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