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This was a super cute rom com novel. I haven’t consumed a romance in awhile but I needed and light read and this hit the mark!
I have nerve read this author before but she impressed me. I was completely thrown at one point in the book and thought the love story was going to go in a totally different directly. 
The plot was of course the fantasy/fairytale typical of every romance. 
Do note, there were no hot and heavy sex scenes (depending on what you want out of your romances) but the story was fun, light and enjoyable. 
Pick this up for a quick and easy waterside read!
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Katherine Center is officially a go-to author. This newest romance/rom-com follows Hannah Brooks, executive protective agent, who looks nothing like a body guard. Despite first appearances, Hannah is skilled and trained to protect. And when her agency is hired to protect Jack Stapleton, despite all of his handsomeness, Hannah is determined to do her job well. That is until she has to pretend to be his girlfriend and remaining professional becomes a little more complicated. For fans of Emily Henry and Abby Jimenez.
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Katherine Center 
Romantic Comedy

When bodyguard Hannah Brookes is tasked with protecting the famous movie star Jack Stapleton she has her reservations. Especially when she finds out that she has to pose as his girlfriend while living on the ranch his family owns.

I had started to get a bit burned out on romantic comedies. Well this book brought me straight out of that funk. I loved it and I could not put it down. This books is hilarious from beginning to end. I definitely give this book a five star rating. I would recommend it to anyone, romance lover or not.
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The Body Guard by Katherine Center was a delight. Funny, all the feels, & a clever gender flip on the body guard trope. She's an excellent guard, but when the sexy movie star she's protecting asks her to pose as his GF for his parents, her boss makes her agree. Commence the sexy!
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Thank you to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for an arc in exchange for an honest review. 
If you like fake dating, body guard, and forced proximity this book is for you! This is my first Katherine Center novel and I blew through it. 
Hannah Brooks is an executive protection agent or a bodyguard for high profile clients. Her mother just passed away and her boyfriend dumps her soon after. She's a workaholic and gets a unique assignment of protecting a very famous movie star, Jack Stapleton. In order for him to be able to help his mother without alarming her and having fans in the way, his company has him take on a bodyguard. His mother does not know this, so he lies and pretends that Hannah is his girlfriend.
Jack is such a lovable and funny character and helps bring out so much of Hannah's personality throughout the book. This book did not have any spicy scenes but plenty of cute moments and wonderful slow burn. The characters don’t just develop on their own but with each other. There is only one POV throughout the book, and while I do prefer dual POV, Katherine Center provided enough from Hannah's character to make it work. The plot was fun and engaging and the characters were wonderful. Overall, it was very enjoyable and I recommend the audiobook.
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The Bodyguard by Katherine Center flips the oft-used bodyguard trope on its side and gives readers (or listeners, in this case!) a fresh take in this amusing and heartwarming story.

In this book, the heroine is the career-focused bodyguard, the hero the world-famous movie star needing protection. When Jack gets called home to his family ranch in Texas, his production company hires a bodyguard because of a stalker. Not wanting to alarm his family in the wake of his mother’s cancer diagnosis, a plan is hatched for Jack and Hannah to play boyfriend/girlfriend.

And here we do get a little cliched: the single bed argument, the awkward pretend kisses and hand holding, the moment when they start to see who the other really is…but it’s still not totally cliched because Jack is truly a nice guy and not the stereotypical arrogant, cocky movie star, and Hannah is dealing with her own demons of self-doubt and insecurity. Add in Jack’s charming family and Hannah’s humorous coworkers, and this was a thoroughly entertaining story. The narrator also did a fabulous job bringing the characters to life.

This story is being marketed pretty heavily as a contemporary romance but I really feel it lands more solidly in women’s fiction. It’s a light on the romance, but that’s pretty typical of this author’s storytelling. And if you’re looking for a suspense-filled, action-packed story - as you’d expect with this trope because if there wasn’t danger there’d be no need for a bodyguard - you will probably be disappointed, because that scene is more lighthearted than life threatening. But Katherine Center is an excellent storyteller, so as long as you aren’t expecting this story to be something it isn’t, I think you’ll enjoy it!

* thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for providing an advanced copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review
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This was my first Katherine Center book and I’m officially a huge fan! Her writing style was so unique and I really enjoyed it. Her sense of humor was so nonchalant and dry but absolutely hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing! 

These characters were so well developed, but it was done in a way that felt like you weren’t being force fed information. I felt like Hannah, the main character, was telling me a story. I really long, really great story. Jack’s and Hannah’s relationship was so entertaining to watch play out. Their romance was so subtle, but also so sweet. Each side character had a purpose and aided to the development of the story in one way or another. 

Without giving to much away, this story was everything I wanted it to be while also completely different than what I though it would be. With most rom coms you generally have a good idea of where the story is going to take you and how it’s going to end, especially with common tropes like fake dating. I personally find comfort in that. However, that was not the case in this book. I found myself really caught off guard, but in a good way. 

If you are looking for a lighthearted yet meaningful romcom that’s equal parts  sweet and hilarious look no further! Even if you’re not you should still read The Bodyguard. You won’t regret it.
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Thank you to netGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this book! This was a really cute story about Hannah and Jack. Hannah is a bodyguard who is having a rough time in life. Her mom has just died, her boyfriend broke up with her the day after her funeral, and now her boss is trying to force her to take some time off from the job she loves. She finally gets an assignment and its in Katy, Texas (near where she lives) and she's so annoyed because she's ready to travel, however she's slightly intrigued because its protecting the uber famous heartthrob movie star, Jack Stapleton. He is home in Katy because his mom is undergoing cancer treatments, but he needs a bodyguard because he's got a Texas stalker. However, he doesn't want his family to know he has a bodyguard because he hasn't told them anything about the stalker. He tells Hannah he wants to fake date so they don't think anything of it. She agrees as she is always full in for whatever the job requires, but she's taken off guard when she starts to wonder if he's really acting about his feelings for her. The 2 get closer and closer and watching their relationship develop was so fun, but also kind fo a wild ride with some ups and downs. I really liked Hannah and how she emotional but definitely didn't let her emotions rule her. She was really logical and professional and I thought she was great. I also liked the little bit of depth we had in regards to Jack's brother, but I would've really liked to see him seek help outside of Hannah. Finally, I thought the mom's cancer was a little icky the way it was done. It was just a plot device to get him to Katy, but otherwise it wasn't a big part of the story and it felt trivialized at times. I may be oversensitive to that, but it just didn't feel quite right to me. I also didn't love how Jack supposedly has a girlfriend the whole time and there wasn't much conversation around that until the very end. Overall, cute story but not perfect.
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Captivating storyline with a female bodyguard as the central character. The character development is great. I really cared about what she was going through and her experiences. The story is romantic but not gooey. Generally I don't enjoy romantic but I literally could not put this down. And as an added bonus the narrator does a great job. I recommend it!
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I usually do not enjoy rom coms but I loved this book.  The characters were all very likeable. Even though parts were predictable it was done is such a way that I kept wanting more. I listened to the audio version and the narrator was terrific. I would be interested in more books about Jack and Hannah.
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What a sweeeeeet clean love story! Had the perfect degree of levity as well. The characters didn’t take themselves too serious allowing you to dive right into their lives and experiences. After reading I found myself wondering about them… that’s when you know you read a good book . It’s a quick and easy read for any age - young adults to older adults.
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Loved, loved, loved it!  This is one of the best blends of romance, humor and light suspense I've read in a long time.  The audio book is outstanding as it brought these characters off the page and into my living room.  Patti Murin excels in narrating this story.

Great writing and plotting with dimensional characters who came across as real . . . even movie star Jack.  So many laugh out loud moments and great chemistry.  I highly recommend this to everyone!  I hope Katherine Center will consider writing more books in this lane as she's knocked this one out of the park.
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This (audio)book was everything I expected… and then some!!

A woman is going first through family troubles, and then relationship issues. There is a new opportunity at work up for grabs, and it was more of a requirement than a choice for her. 
She becomes the right hand man for a surprise celebrity and their relationship is a roller coaster from here on out… but is it a real relationship? You’ll have to read to find out!

The Bodyguard is definitely worth the read if you want to laugh, shed a tear, and say “HA!” towards one of the characters (you’ll know who I mean once you read it)! 

Thank you to @netgalley and Katherine Center for the early audiobook version!
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So fun! Loved this story and the fresh perspective it takes as the bodyguard. Would make for a great summer read!
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The story follows Hannah Brooks who is bodyguard. She is hired to work for super famous beau Jack Stapleton due to a crazy stalker. When Jacks mom gets sick, Hannah  travels with Jack to his parents house where Jack requests Hannah  act like his girlfriend as to not worry his parents, and not have to explain why he has a bodyguard. The longer they pretend to date the more real it seems to Hannah. 

This book was such a treat. I couldn’t put it down and loved every minute of it. There were so many unique things about this book and it felt completely different from all of the other romcoms I’ve read. I love how the fourth wall was broken, I think this might be the first novel I experienced that in, and I absolutely loved it. Center does a beautiful job at making you cry one page and laughing the next! I have no doubts that this book will end up being one of my favorites of 2022.

I listened to the audiobook, and the narrator was amazing. She conveyed the emotions so well and her narrating was so lively and fun.
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Laugh out loud funny. So glad I chose the audio book versus the print. What a delicious treat. Absolutely recommend this to everyone.
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I received this audiobook free from Macmillan Audio and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much for this opportunity! 

All I can say is “Wow.” I absolutely loved this book. I’m pretty stingy with my 5⭐️ ratings, and I knew early on that this was going to be a winner. 

I love every bit of this slow burn, the long awaited kiss was perfection. 

I can’t wait to go get a physical copy because there were some amazing lines in there that really hit me right in the feels.
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THE BANTER!! I loved this rom com so much! One of the best I’ve read in AWHILE specifically because of the banter! I listened to the audiobook and the narrator did a fabulous job portraying these characters! Was it a bit predictable? Yeah. But was it totally predictable? Not at all! I was still completely enraptured and was definitely still surprised a few times! I really appreciated how the author handled grief in this story and I’m a sucker for a strong female MC in a male dominated position, kicking butt!
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This book was sent to me by.Netgalley  for review…audio copy…I read the book and preferred that…fantastic talented and gifted author…this is a cannot put down book. Likable characters…I would give it higher than a five…one of the best authors…I also reviewed the written copy…
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I absolutely adored this book! This is the first title I have read by Katherine Center, and now I am ready to pick up her others. This book had such fun, sweet characters that sucked me in from the beginning. I highly recommend it!

*I also listened to the audiobook and enjoyed the narration.
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