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Very pleasantly surprised by The Bodyguard. The premise is interesting and a nice twist on the status quo. Hannah is tasked with protecting an ultra famous movie star named Jack. Their chemistry is evident from the very beginning. Honestly, their interactions may be one of my Top Five favorites. This book is a great romantic book, especially for those who aren’t a hug fan of the genre (like myself) or those who are not interested in reading something that is extra spicy in the romance department.
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A little romance, a little Hollywood, a little stalking - this book has it all. Full of twists and surprising, the story kept me on my toes and wanting more to the very end.
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This was the first Katherine Center book I have read and chose this as an audiobook arc. Thanks to Macmillian Audio.  While I enjoyed the dynamics between the mc and love interest, some of the relationships with side characters seemed a bit forced. I loved Jack's family, but the tension between Jack and his brother seemed overly harsh compared to the relationship between Jack and his parents.  Aside from this, it was a pleasant read and I am looking forward to trying another.  There is a (soft) suspense aspect to the story that appealed to my mystery-loving side, but was easy enough to follow that I didn't worry about missing any threads. 

Overall, a pleasant read.
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🤗 If you are looking for a warm hug of a book that makes you believe in all the good in the world this is the one you need. I am ashamed to say I never read this author before but after this one, I can’t wait to read allll her backlist. 

This book had everything: 

👩 Tough but sweet MC who can fully take care of herself 

🥰 Fun banter and flirting

👎 The worst ex-boyfriend ever (who was fun to hate)

✍️ Most excellently written

🎙 Narration was perfection 

💕 This is perfect for people that aren’t typically into rom coms because this one is different. Sure, it has the fake dating trope but this book just felt so much more special than the masses, because it had more depth, showing vulnerability and growth of the characters, both personally and towards each other. Overall just an extremely well-done story.
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I really enjoyed this read! It’s perfect for summertime reading, light, fun and entertaining.
Hannah is basically a bodyguard assigned as the lead to protect Jack Stapleton, Hollywood star that has been in hiding for a few years. He is going home to Texas to see his Mom and has a stalker in the area. The shenanigans begin from there. The side characters are interesting, the supporting team of bodyguards. Lots of action and even some romance. 
If you’ve enjoyed Katherine’s other works you will enjoy this one as well, she’s a great storyteller! The narrator was perfection!!
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I thoroughly enjoyed The Bodyguard by Katherine Center, a charming fake-dating gender-swap novel.  After hearing lots of early excitement about this title, I was grateful that Macmillan Audio shared an advanced listening copy of the audiobook expertly narrated by Patti Murin.

Plot summary: Petite Hannah Brooks is an Executive Protection Agent (a bodyguard) who's assigned to protect Jack Stapleton, a famous actor who stars in big-budget action movies.  While his mom is undergoing cancer treatments, Jack comes home to the family ranch in Texas with Hannah and her team in tow. Jack doesn't want his parents to worry that he needs protection from a stalker, so Hannah agrees to be his fake girlfriend so she can be near him without raising suspicion.  Hannah is the ultimate professional ... until she grows close to Jack and his family. Will her emotions jeopardize the career goals she's worked so hard to achieve?

Thoughts: I thought this novel was a great combination of humor, romance, and action. This was my first Katherine Center novel (I know!) - now I'm very eager to read her backlist titles that have been patiently waiting on my TBR shelves.

I especially appreciated the ending, although it wasn't particularly realistic. I'd love to celebrate Thanksgiving at the Stapleton ranch, complete with a shot of moonshine!
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Thank you, Netgalley, for the ARC!

This has been one of my most anticipated reads this year. I was very intrigued by the idea of a female bodyguard as a subversion of the classic Bodyguard Trope. I will definitely be checking out Center’s other books. The writing flowed so well and aspects were well-researched.

I loved how this book portrayed sexism in Hannah’s workplace and on Jack’s family's farm. The smile that grew on my face when she showed off her rifle skills after acting dim-witted. I wish we got more badass action moments to show off her skills. (Great final act, though! One of the best third-act dramas I've read.)

Hannah and Jack were great characters with a lot of depth and interesting backstories. Jack was a little shit at the start but I liked his banter with Hannah. They had a great relationship and I was rooting for them as they developed more. I loved the domestic farm moments and how they got to know each other better while still being snarky to one another.
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“People who want to be famous think it’s the same thing as being loved. But it’s not. Strangers can only ever love a version of you. People loving you for your best qualities is not the same as people loving you despite your worst.” 💕

Hannah Brooks may look like a kindergarten teacher, but she can kill you with a ballpoint pen. Or a dinner napkin. The truth is she’s a bodyguard, and she’s just been hired to protect A-list actor Jack Stapleton. But Jack is dealing with some family issues and he doesn’t want them knowing he has a stalker…or a bodyguard. So Hannah finds herself pretending to be his girlfriend against her better judgement. What could possibly go wrong?? 

I am always skeptical when bookstagram overwhelmingly adores a book. It’s so much pressure and so much expectation. But this one did not disappoint! 

Despite the premise being a little far fetched, this book was just so 𝒇𝒖𝒏! I loved the banter with Hannah and Jack and the ridiculousness of the corgi breeding stalker. Not a pit bull breeder? Doberman? Shepherd?? Nope. Corgi! And that says about all you need to know about this story. Fun! 

The audio was fantastic and I am so glad I chose to listen to this one. I laughed out loud multiple times! This is a lighthearted, easy read/listen and I highly recommend it. 

Thank you to Netgalley, Macmillan Audio, and the author for this ALC in exchange for an honest review.
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Usually enjoy Katherine Center's book, and this one is solid.  It's a little more romancy/fluffy than some of her previous books, but it's fun and light. Excellent summer read/listen as it's not too complicated. Enjoyed this audiobook production. 

Audiobook ARC via Goodreads, but the opinions are my own.
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This was cute and light and overall, I enjoyed the listening experience. My only struggle was the characters. Their relationship wasn't believable. I just didn't believe they were falling in love as they had almost zero chemistry.
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another lovely read from katherine center. this gave an interesting spin on the standard bodyguard perspective that we are used to hearing about. it was fun to hear the ins and outs of this profession and dispel the common myths surrounding.
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Despite Hannah's petite stature, she's an Executive Protection Agent (aka boduguard). She has just been hired to protect Jack, a super-star actor who has a stalker. Her mother just passed away, so the assignement and distraction is welcome. Jack's mother got sick and he has to go home to help and support her, but he doesn't want anyone to know he heas a stalker, so he proposes to introduce Hannah as his girlfriend. She accpets despite always trying to keep a distance from her clients. What could go wrong?
This is a lighthearted and fun read, with a fake-dating trop (which I'm not a fan of, but this was well done). Obviously, it is predictable, but I enjoyed the journey with all the witty banter.
I received an advance review copy for free from NetGalley and Macmillan Audio, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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This was my first Katherine Center book and let me tell you I’m HOOKED! 

I found this book sweet, funny, and very entertaining. When I first saw the cover I wasn’t interested but then I read the synopsis. I absolutely adore the fact that SHE is the bodyguard and not him! Jack is a cinnamon roll if there ever was one. He’s adorable. But Hannah is hilarious and so relatable. She has so many You Go Girl! moments. Fake dating is one of my favorite tropes and this one was just superb! 

I only have 2 complaints: **SPOILERS**

 I love a “there’s only one bed” trope and it was set up so perfectly I almost squealed! And then… ONLY ONE OF THEM SLEPT IN THE BED! How dare you Katherine! 
Y’all know by now I like things spicy but I don’t necessarily mind a closed door romance… but there was still nothing physical until the last 20%. It was definitely a slow burn and practically a no burn since the only thing that happens on page is ONE ACTUAL KISS! I cannot. When I’m reading a romance and realize it’s already 80% in and nothings happened…😐  👏🏻GIVE 👏🏻US 👏🏻SOME SPICE! PLZ. 

Okay that was dramatic and honestly I still loved the book. Read this if you want a funny, feminist, slow burn, closed door romance!
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Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 (5 Stars)
Steam 0/5 closed door romance, some kissing

Narration: I really enjoyed the narrator for this audiobook! They did an excellent job keeping me interested and distinguishing between characters!

No spoiler review 👇🏻

I absolutely loved this book! Im surprised how much I did. It was just such a fun romance read. This is a closed door romance! I know a lot of people like this and I usually read open door so this is an awesome rec!

This book follows Taylor, she is an elite executive protection agent. She usually protects large oil executives. This time she gets put on a case to protect Jack, one of the biggest celebrities. As he visits his mom with cancer. Taylor is a fan of Jack and their interactions are cute and hilarious.

In order to keep her cover and not worry Jacks family, Taylor must pretend to be his girlfriend and live with him/his family. (I just love fake dating!) It’s so cute, funny, romantic and such a entertaining read. Plus Taylor is such a strong female MC. I loved reading her point of view. 

This is a perfect summer romance read! I highly recommend this one! It’s so worth the hype it’s been getting on bookstagram. 

CW: death of parent, cancer, alcoholism, stalking 

Thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan audio for the audiobook in exchange for my honest review.
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I loved this book. It was a perfect book for a vacation read. Yes, there were parts that were predictable, but I didn’t care because who doesn’t love a sweet romcom that has a sweet pair of parents to balance out the absent mom? Or the role reversal by having a tiny nerdy woman as a feisty ass-kicking body guard who is balanced by a hot actor who in tune with his feelings. If you are looking for a feel good book, this is a great read. Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.
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It was a great story, a protection agent and a movie star, this rom-com will hook you from the start, so many laughs and happiness after reading heavy books, this is what I needed. I got the audiobook and the narration by Patti Murin was spot on, I so enjoyed this story. Looking forward to what Katherine Center writes next.
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A great romance story. Great character development. I left feeling great on the outcome of the book..
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Hanna Brooks is a bodyguard. She is a trained professional and has worked all over the world as part of an elite team of Executive Protection Agents. She is conscientious and thorough, aware of her surroundings and the potential dangers of protecting a client. 

She’s not had as much success protecting her heart. 

After a relationship with a fellow protection agent ends badly, Hannah needs something new to throw herself into. There is a possible promotion in her future, running the new office in London, but unfortunately she’s competing with her ex for the spot. But when a last minute job comes up in their native Houston, Hannah throws herself into it, hoping it will get her that promotion. 

But when that job turns out to be protecting Hollywood heartthrob Jack Stapleton while he’s in Texas with his family, helping his mother recover from cancer. But there is a catch with this job. Jack doesn’t want to add any extra stress to his mother, so he doesn’t want his parents to know that the studio is insisting he has protection. He’d been taking a break from films for a couple of years, so the team is taking his protection seriously but categorizing the threat as light. Jack does have a stalker who knits him sweaters and breeds corgis. But they still have to protect him at all times, without his family knowing what’s going on, so he agrees to let Hannah be his bodyguard only if she pretends to be his girlfriend. 

Hannah is a little intimidated by Jack. She’s watched him in movies for years, seeing him bigger than life in action movies and romances. One of her movies has her all-time favorite kiss. Pretending to be his girlfriend isn’t her first choice, but she understands that he doesn’t want to upset his mother. And when she meets Jack’s family, Hannah understands. There is a sweetness there that she never had in her own family, and she too wants to protect that. Jack’s brother is angry with him for reasons he doesn’t explain to Hannah, but she can work with that. 

After Jack’s mother’s surgery goes well, she suggests that everyone move out to their ranch for the next month, until Thanksgiving. And when Jack’s stalker shows up at his rental house in town, the protection team thinks it’s not a bad idea for him to stay at the ranch. Hannah does what she can to stay the pretend girlfriend, but she struggles with her crush on Jack. And when he acts like they are a couple, her confused feelings grow. But when photos of Hannah and Jack at the hospital together are released online and death threats come in against her, she has to protect more than just her heart. More than just her client. She may have to protect her own life as well. 

The Bodyguard is a heart-warming romance with genuine laugh-out-loud moments. I’ve heard this called a rom com, and there is romance, and there is comedy, but it’s not as formulaic as a typical beach read rom com. Author Katherine Center has created these characters with depth and secrets, with honesty and flaws. This is a story of healing and hope, with romantic overtones. 

I listened to the audio book of The Bodyguard, narrated by Patti Murin. She had an intelligent snark to her for Hannah’s voice that I found particularly charming. She really brought Hannah to life for me, especially when Jack was making fun of her and she was being feisty. I wasn’t sure how the story would play out, with the bodyguard and the movie star, but these characters were very real to me, so all of my worries were for nothing. 

I am a big fan of rom coms, books and movies, and this has a classic story for that formula of storytelling. But Center took that idea and grew it into something deeper and richer and fantastically entertaining. I think romance fans can find something here that they could enjoy, but it has a lot more layers than a typical romance. And while I was laughing out loud whenever Jack called Hannah “Stumpy,” or when she showed him just how capable she was at her job, I was also so moved by the moments of true family they had. This book has it all, from a great story to phenomenal characters to real feelings and a perfect ending. 

An early copy of the audio book was provided by Macmillan Audio through NetGalley, with many thanks.
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This felt like the comfort of watching a Hallmark Movie, in book form.  

 This book is the bodyguard and fake dating trope - and such a perfect one!  

Hannah is a private security agent and one of the best.  When the biggest and most elusive movie star in the world, Jack Stapleton comes to town, Hannah is assigned as the point on his security detail.  It should be a relatively simply job, until Jack requests that she poses as his girlfriend to his family.  

This is a perfect cozy romance.  It felt fresh, relevant, and current.  There is no spice in this book, just a lot of heart - which makes it a great one to pass on without worry over their spice comfort level. ;)

The author did a fantastic job developing these characters in a way that I really felt like I knew them by the end of the book.  Jack Stapleton officially goes down in my list of Book Boyfriends. 

This is a great book for anyone who’s looking for a sweet, largely uncomplicated romance with a HEA!
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This book was absolutely fantastic!
It had the ladies taking care of the big buff men, it had fake dating, it had banter, it had adorable family moments. 
I loved the main character Hannah. She wasn't perfect, but she loved her job as a bodyguard and she was good at it. I absolutely loved movie star Jack Stapleton. We get Hannah's first impression as a typical spoiled, arrogant famous person, but we come to learn he is so much more than that. Hannah and Jack stay at his parents house because his mom is sick and I really loved his family. They were not perfect either and had their own dark past, but his parents were so loving and I feel like it's hard to find that in books a lot of the time. There were 2 characters in particular I didn't like but I don't want to spoil anything.
The whole premise of this book was just so fun. Jack is being mildly stalked by a lady who loves corgis and knitting him sweaters. So he hires a bodyguard. Hannah gets chosen. Hannah is determined to keep work and home life separate and is very good at doing so, but not with Jack. As she learns more about him, she finds herself able to share parts of herself as well. A lot of this book is just the ranch life and watching Hannah and Jack fall for each other and Hannah doesn't realize it at all. The ending was really exciting. Just when you think things are settling down, we get a super exciting ending which I loved. 
The writing style was amazing. I laughed out loud several times and listening to the audiobook was such a pleasure. My mind never wandered and the narrator did a wonderful job.
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