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What a FUN book with an excellent narrator!  Her voice perfectly fit the protagonist Hannah's voice, and I thought this was overall a really enjoyable audio!  Thank you for allowing me to read and review this.  I posted it on my IG today.
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Earlier this year I had the opportunity to listen to the ARC audiobook of this story and I absolutely loved it. I don’t normally go for closed door romances but I was drawn in by the description. I was not disappointed!

Have you seen the movie “The Proposal?” This kept reminding me of it in the best of ways. With a twist, of course. Hannah is a bodyguard stuck on a unique assignment- protecting former celebrity A-Lister, Jack, from his crazy corgi-obsessed stalker. To make matters worse? He’s somehow roped her into pretending she’s his girlfriend. Idk about you but I love a good ole fake dating trope!

This was so funny and I really enjoyed Hannah and Jack together. Their chemistry made this a quick and easy read to get lost in! Jack’s family was also a major part of the story and seeing the growth between him and his brother over the course of the book was just *chef’s kiss*🤌

I loved it so much I had to get a physical copy when it came out as a BOTM pick (I like buying books I enjoyed digitally so I can display them on my shelves like little trophies☠️) For my audiobook lovers I would still pick to listen to this over physical bc the narrator was great and conveys Hannah’s emotions well!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars!
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Fantastic audiobook and reading combo. This story followed Hannah who's a workaholic bodyguard. Her mother just died suddenly from health problems. Her long time coworker boyfriend Robby dumped her right after her mom died. Hannah wanted an assignment far out of the country to get away from it all but her boss Glenn thought she should take time off to mourn the loss of her mom. Later her boss assigned her to give protection to a celebrity. She didn't want to do it because she has a crush on this celebrity but her boss is one person no employee can say no to. And so she started her new assignment with nerves. I enjoyed the audiobook. The story has well liked characters with an interesting storyline reminding me of The Float Plan series. Hannah has sass and is good natured. She didn't throw a tantrum when her ex said one of the reasons he fell out of love with her was of her bad kissing skills. She was upset yes but she didn't do anything to harm him or embarrass him. This is one contemporary romance without much romance in it. Still an enjoyable read nonetheless. I enjoyed the humor and the good loving family story story. I liked Glenn and his no romance at work attitude. 

Thank you St. Martin's Press, Macmillan Audio, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read, listen, and review!
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I absolutely adored this audiobook. The narration was wonderful and it helped me fly through reading the ebook when I didn't have a moment to sit down with the physical copy I could pick up where I left off in the audiobook. The emotion and the narration were spot on, and added enhancements to the story. I loved the characters, Hannah and Jack were too cute, and Robby can go to hell. Also, I loved Doghouse, he wasn't mentioned much, but when he was, I smiled. Will be checking out more of Center's work as I couldn't devour this one quick enough.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook. Listened to it twice.

The story is cute and the narrator brough out the cute, sassy, and flawed personality of Hannah, the main female character. The main male character, Jack, has his own issues that are understandable in relation to the situations he is faced with. The side characters (many) are funny, loving, supportive, annoying, or cantankerous. It flowed well and the connection between the main characters was believable in the forced proximity situation they are forced into. A great fun romance.
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I really loved listening to an audio arc of this!!! Katherine Center always hits all the right things and never fails to make my heart happy.
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The Bodyguard is an enjoyable sweet romance, with grumpy/sunshine, fake dating and body guard tropes.  There are interesting characters and witty banter.  Although I normally like a little more spice in my romances, the outstanding writing makes The Bodyguard definitely worth a read
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This was pitched to me as a While You Were Sleeping retelling, and that was really all I needed to know! I really enjoyed the low key drama here re: interpreting a beloved movie in a new way. I’ve long been a fan of Patti Murin’s, but this was my first audiobook by her (but will not be the last!). Really enjoyed overall.
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I enjoyed this book and the narrator. I found something predictable but overall, it was a fun story. Hannah just found out that her boyfriend who is another bodyguard for the same company has checked on her after been sent on a mission that she was supposed to be on. Hannah then get set to protect Jack Stapleton who is a well know actor who has been a recules for a while because of a car accident that killed his young brother. He is back in Texas because of his mother is sick and wanted her whole family there. They is tension because of the accident where his other brother thinks that it is his fault that the youngest brother is dead. Jack has a stacker and that is why the studio hired Hannah to keep him safe so that he would do their next movie eventhough he didn't want to. Hannah get the task of playing his girlfriend so she can stay close when they move into the family home for a time. Overall I enjoyed the story it had humor and serious moments.
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Actor Jack needs a bodyguard while he goes home to visit his family but doesn’t want them to know he’s in danger, so bodyguard Hannah steps in and pretends to be his girlfriend. What could go wrong?
I loved this book. Katherine Center is one of my favorite romance books. She knows how to build great relationships that feel true but don’t rely on steamy scenes, and deal with some deeper issues along the way. This book was no exception. I love a fake dating trope, and having the female be the bodyguard was a fun way to switch around dynamics. 4.75⭐️

Thanks to the NetGalley for an Advance Readers Copy
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This book was such a fun book to listen to, I could not stop listening to it. It had a little bit of everything. You want action and awesome fight scenes?  You want to quirky characters that will have you laughing out loud? You want heartwarming romance with plenty of steamy scenes? This book has all of that and so much more. I also loved the bodyguard was a woman and that this story was not just the typical romance of the strong man saving the poor helpless damsel in distress. I highly recommend this book to all readers, especially fans of strong female leads and romance.
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This one was just pure fun! I read it in about a day because I couldn't put it down. It's also super easy to see something like this being turned into a movie with someone like Ryan Reynolds or Chris Evans because it wasn't hard to picture one of them as Jack.
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Adorable book, didn't want to put it down (1 day read) PG 
A girl bodyguard loved it 
A fake relationship, what's not to love and what could go wrong here lol
Hannah and Jack are so different but there is so much chemistry along with flirty banter
"fake" feelings and actions turn into maybe real or so we think and then there was a twist or two
can't tell too much more but its really good and you just need to read this book 

I would like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC, my opinions and thoughts above are my own, honest and voluntary.
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Another great book by Katherine Center. I loved the dynamic between Jack & Hannah. It is such a sweet book about Hannah, the female executive protection agent, assigned to the famous actor, Jack Stapleton. Jack has a stalker and comes out of hiding to help care for his mom who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer at their family ranch in Texas. You know I am sucker for banter and chemistry and these two have it from the moment he mistakes her as his cleaning person to the time she is dressed like a Victorian doll in her nightgown.
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I finished reading this book on 7/24/2022

I liked the twist that Hannah Brooks is superstar actor, Jack Stapleton's, bodyguard.  

Jack is being stalked and his agent hires Hannah to protect him.  Jack doesn't want his family to know about the stalker so Hannah becomes his 'girlfriend'.

Yes, in some ways, the story line is very predictable. but makes for a fun good feel story.

I, like funny, feel good romances.
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This was a really cute story. I always enjoy Katherine Center novels! I give this 4.5 stars. The audio did sound very robotic, but I think it was the app and not based on the actual narration.
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4.5 Very entertaining.  The narrator was great for this book.  Good pace, lots of hilarious moments, no spice and overall a very fun story... all things which make this a perfect option for audio. Not to mentions, the narrator did an excellent job and I really believe her voice, as the main character Hannah. 

Imagine you are a petite woman bodyguard for high profile clients, you get dumped by you boyfriend (who is also your coworker) and you happen to be assigned protect a leading actor, but instead of protect, you have to pretend to be his girlfriend.  Falls within the fake dating to lovers troupe, but written in a very cheeky way.  The whole premise was pretty far fetched, but thats okay, I don't read fiction for every story to feel believable, but entertained and The Bodyguard delivered.  This book had me laughing out loud at so many parts, which I always consider a big positive. I could VERY easily see this adapted into a Netflix movie, one that I would happily watch.
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Romance, not my thing; yet, this book had me engrossed from the beginning. I was provided an advance copy in audio format. I really enjoyed the narrator and think this was a significant reason I enjoyed the book as much as I did. She is very talented and entertaining with the dialogue. The story itself is charming and the characters are very lovable. If you enjoy romance, you defnitely need to read this. If you don't, I encourage you to give this one a try. It funny, sweet and just make your smile. The storyline is not as cliche as most rom-coms which is also a reason to like this book.
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Katherine Center is an auto-read author for me. She has a way of writing characters that are so real and authentic. The reader can’t help but root for them, even side characters. I am emotionally attached to her stories the same way I am with CoHo books.

Hannah is hired to be Jack’s bodyguard. When she signs up for the job, she doesn’t know she will end up having to move in with his family on their Texas ranch. Center blends a romance storyline with personal growth (for both our MCs) so well. Hannah and Jack are both fighting against their public personas. 

Audiobook narration: fantastic! 

Recommended if you like:
-fake dating
-bodyguard trope (duh!) but gender-norm flipped
-Texas ranch setting
-forced proximity
-one bed
-closed-door romance
-slow burn/tension to the max
-badass FMC
-family healing

TW: car accident, drowning, alcohol abuse, family death, grief, cancer, family estrangement
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I finally got The Bodyguard and I didn’t realize the bottom of the cover is filled with flowers until I went to make my #bookstagram picture. Gave me all the summer romance vibes.

The book itself is just straight fun with some serious girl boss moments throughout. I love how Katherine Center decided to swap the gender stereotypes, in fact I would say stereotype flipping is kind of a theme throughout The Bodyguard. In the end, especially, the gender norms were toppled beautifully.

The only thing I would change is the “villain, the ex-boyfriend. He was just too bad. Like, not a single redeeming quality to be found in this man. I need a little nuance in characters, but I love to hate him.

I devoured The Bodyguard as will all romcom lovers. Another feminist Romcom this year and I’m loving this trend.
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