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I loved everything about this book! The perfect summer beach read. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who wants to feel good, laugh out loud and remember the joy of reading something that makes us feel good.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
The Bodyguard is set to publish on July 19, 2022
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A female bodyguard fake dating a movie star with lots of banter?! YES! This was such a fun read! The MCs were both fabulous. Hannah was strong, independent, funny and so relatable! Jack was a movie star, but yet so relatable with his trauma and being realistic. I loved Jack's family and the security team! They added a lot to the story!

I will definitely be reading Center's backlist! 

Thanks to NetGalley, St. Martin's Press & MacMillan Audio for advanced copies in exchange for an honest review!
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Katherine Center's books are a safe bet for me. I know I am going to get a wholesome story with some clean romance and lovable characters. I know I am going to get a strong, badass (pardon my language) character. I know I am going to root for her. I'll see her grow in different ways. The Bodyguard is not an exception. It is pure joy. 

Hannah Brooks is an executive protection agent. She is fantastic at her job, Maybe a little workaholic, Her mom dies, she gets dumped by her boyfriend who happens to be a co-worker and then she gets assigned to a new client, a Hollywood actor, Jack Stapleton. Jack initially underestimates her because she doesn't look like a bodyguard. She is not scary looking, she is "stumpy" (ouch, Jack!) and then he regrets it. Hannah accepts the assignment of protecting Jack from a corgi breeding, sweater knitting stalker but Jack has a condition. His mom is battling cancer and he doesn't want to worry her so Hannah has to pretend to be his girlfriend while they visit his family ranch in Texas. 

The workaholic Hannah starts relaxing and enjoying life and slowly starts falling in love with not only Jack but also his family. Jack is pretty dreamy, I mean if the main love interest is not like Jack - good looking, considerate, goofy, good with horses- what is the point of reading romance? Am I right? Joke aside one particular part of the story -Hannah seeing what a real loving family looks like and wanting to be part of it but also talking herself out of it for the sake of professionally and also due to her insecurities about not being lovable enough- was very touching.

And what an epilogue! 

"In the end do you ever truly know for sure if you are lovable, what a question, no you don't, you can't. Maybe love isn't a judgement you render but a chance you take, maybe it is something you choose to do over and over for yourself and everyone else. Because love isn't like fame, it is not something other people bestow on you, it's not something that comes from outside. Love is something you do. Love is something you generate. And loving other people really does turn out in the end to be a genuine way of loving yourself. "

and a quick note to Katherine Center: I see what you did KC. The subtle message about guns and mental health...I love you more because of it. 

My only criticism is that Robby and Kennedy Monroe were comically bad characters.

The narrator Patti Murin is amazing and that's no surprise. I think I may have loved the book so much because of her narration. She brought Hannah and Jack to life.
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Super cute romcom. Sultry actor meets abashed bodyguard. Good Great characters and fun storyline. Very easy read!
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⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

Thank you Netgalley for the audio ARK of The bodyguard by Katherine Center. I had so much fun following Hannah’s story of being a closed off body guard who’s mother just passed away and her boyfriend just dumped her! 

Hannah gets assigned to be a movie stars body guard, Jack, who has a corgi loving stalker. Jack doesn’t want to worry his sick mother and so they pretend to be dating. If you’re a fan of the fake dating troupe you’ll love this book- it’s done really well and the chemistry is really great. 

The narration and writing were both so well done there was multiple times while I was listening that I was literally laughing out loud. I have so many favorite moments in this book it’s hard to say anything less than absolutely put this on your TBR!! I listened to the entire audio book in one day, once I started I couldn’t stop!
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The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

Hanna Brooks looks like a school teach but she is more than that she is a bodyguard even in her pint size she can put a hurting anyone who tries to get in her way. Jack Stapleton is an attractive hunky movie star.  Hanna finds herself in a not so good position with the lose of her mother and she is sort of in a tail spin which her boss puts her on desk duty.  Hanna before this time always did her job to the best she could and seem to never have trouble.  She is assigned to be Jack Stapleton's bodyguard and the story takes off from there.

I was laughing so hard at times and the details of what Hanna was doing a the ranch had me in tears with laughter.  I like her spunky character and this story will do well on film it was that entertaining.  Jack and Hanna seem to learn a lot about each other when they are able to openly discuss there histories or disappointments of their lives prior to meeting one another.

Hanna has to always walk the straight an narrow with her job her assignments are just that no falling for the client just do your job.  I found myself rooting for Hanna I like her character so much who says a women cannot be a bodyguard.  

If you are looking for a silly fun and laughable rom-com this is one for you to read it was that entertaining.

Patti Murin did a great job bringing out the characters in her audio narration of the book.

Thank You to Netgalley and MacMilian Audio for a free audio version of the book for an honest review.  This was a 5 star read and cannot wait to read more from this author.
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The Bodyguard by Katherine Center
Genre: contemporary romance
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hannah is a bodyguard who has been assigned to protect Jake Stapleton, the most talented and swoon-worthy movie star, as he returns home to Houston, Texas in support of his family during a difficult time. The catch? He doesn’t want his family to know that he’s hired a bodyguard, so he requests Hannah to pretend to be his girlfriend while he’s back home.

You’ll love this if you like…
- rom-coms
- a strong but relatable female lead
- a balance of comedy and fairly realistic portrayal of serious topics
- pop culture
- fake dating

I liked this book - I feel like it would be a great rom-com movie! The narration by Patti Murin was perfect and helped me immerse myself in  the story. Another plus was that it took place in Texas (I’m a Texan myself). I loved the dynamic between Hannah and Jake as well. This book was a very sweet romance (not spicy, but that’s totally fine! Just something to note so you set your expectations accordingly). However, it had some very serious topics (DM me for trigger warnings) that I wasn’t expecting. It was overall an entertaining contemporary romance and wrapped up very nicely! I’d recommend this one!
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Jack and Hannah!

These two definitely make you fall for them from the moment they meet. They struggle with family issues, fake dating, stalkers, lies, and more. But then totally make you laugh throughout all of it.

Adored this book 😍
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I LOVED this book SO much! 5 glowing stars!

She's got his back. He's got her heart. They've got a secret. What could possibly go wrong?

I loved everything about this story. The characters = amazing and well created. The Plot = fantastic. The emotional depth = perfection. The banter = hilarious. The tropes = enemies to lovers, forced proximity,  AND fake dating - OUSTANDING! This book truly had everything I love about a book jam packed into one story. I laughed out loud so many times. I also got misty over here at other times. I savored every bit of this heartwarming and huggable story. Highly highly recommend!

I cannot wait to read more from this author - I have so many of her books on my shelf and it is time to start cracking them open!

Thank you so much St. Martin's Press for providing me with an advanced e-book copy in exchange for an honest review! 

Run and grab your copy on July 19th, 2022!
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The Bodyguard follows Hannah, an executive protection agent, on her latest assignment where she must protect celebrity Jack Stapleton from a stalker. But since Jack doesn't want to worry his family, the pair agree to pretend to date while staying at the family's Texas ranch.

Katherine Center's books are like a warm hug. I loved the premise of Hannah as a bodyguard — she is a badass that everyone underestimates, including Jack. The story is a little far fetched, but a lot of fun. We get lots of flirty moments as the pair get to know one another, and also see our characters navigate family drama and grief.

Of Center's books this one is more romcom than women's fiction, but still an enjoyable story overall. I enjoyed Patti Murin's narration on the audiobook too — makes for easy listening.

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for my copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This was wonderful! Thanks NetGalley for the audio-eArc. The audiobook was awesome and the narrator did a great job! It was engaging the whole time! I loved the flip on the trope of a male bodyguard.  I also loved how over the course of the book, Jack and Hannah keep opening up more and more. It was a sweet story and I think many people would really enjoy it.
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Thank you so much NetGalley, St. Martin's Publishing Group, and Katherine Center for allowing me to read and review this novel. You can preorder KC's newest novel now, it releases in July!

After being placed on a forced leave of absence after the passing of her mother, Hannah Brooks finally returns with a new top priority mission waiting for her. From the outside, Hannah seems like an ordinary woman, but she is anything but. She is an executive protection agent, recruited by security companies to protect important people.

Important people like Jack Stapleton, which is her newest client. He is a superstar actor that's just trying to visit and be there for his sick mother in Houston, Texas. Jack is only just coming back into the public eye after a family tragedy left him with nightmares and a conscious full of guilt. While trying to be there to support his family through another tough time, he comes up with the marvelous idea that he and Hannah should pretend to date instead of explaining to his family why he has a bodyguard following him at all times.

Throughout the entirety of this book, I really felt like it read more like a rom-com than anything. I don't usually enjoy rom-coms, but this was a breath of fresh air for me. I really enjoyed the characters and their dynamics. I loved the main character, Hannah, surprisingly a lot. I normally don't like the main female characters very often, but I liked Hannah's character.

She was supposed to be this uptight and grouchy bodyguard, but I was laughing along with her jokes and her banter with Jack. I loved the relationships she developed with the supporting characters and I absolutely loved how well she took most things. She seemed like a very real character to me, but her overall job and life were a little too fantastical for me.

There were a lot of cliches in this novel that you could see them coming from a mile away. Many of the conflicts in this book, to me at least, felt a little too convenient. The douchebag boyfriend and shitty best friend were really just the icings on the cake for me, so I docked a whole star just because of the cliches.

But here's the thing. I freaking LOVED Jack. His character growth was little by little in terms of his PTSD and nightmares and the way that it was solved just touched my heart. I caught myself going "awe" a lot reading this. Hannah and jack's relationship was so pure, so genuine, and so stinking cute. They're the main reason I'm rating this as high as I am. And maybe because of the Christina Lauren reference that KC threw in there... *winky face*
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Hannah is having the worst week of her life; her mother died and the next day her boyfriend breaks up with her.  If these things were not bad enough her job isn't going the way she would like it.  By the way, Hannah is an Executive Protection Agent.  We would think of that as a bodyguard.  She is trying to get the next big assignment at work but her boss wants her to take it easy for a while.  In fact he has the perfect low stress job for her.  Protecting Jack Stapleton who just happens to be the most handsome, megastar in Hollywood.  He has a low level stalker and he needs a little protection just to make sure things don't get out of hand.  so Hannah packs up and heads to Jack's family ranch in Texas.  If you have seen a Hallmark movie in the last several years I'm betting you know what happens next.  There is a little more action that what Hannah imagined in fact her life might not be the same ever again.
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Jake Stapleton comes to Houston to be with his mother. He is movie star who has been off the grid since his brother died in a car accident. His mother has been diagnosed with cancer and he wants to spend time with her. 

Hannah Brooks job as an Executive Protection Agent, aka bodyguard is unusual for a 5’5” lady who looks like a school teacher. She has just lost her mother, gone through a break up and has been tasked with security of Jake. Apparently he has a stalker and he needs protection.

Most people would never suspect she is a bodyguard, which is a plus so she goes undetected. They decide Hannah will pose as his girlfriend without telling his family! Hannah starts having real feelings? Are they returned? Does the stalker get to Jake?
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Surprisingly enjoyable. I'm not usually a fan of this genre, but I decided to try this one since it was written by Katherine Center.  The plot was predictable, but pleasantly so. The characters had more depth than I was expecting, and the story was charming and fun. Such a nice surprise !
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This book was so fun! i thought it was a cute, quirky and funny rom-com. I enjoyed that the female lead was the bodyguard as opposed to the male lead. The banter was incredible and this story takes the fake dating trope with a nice spin. I enjoyed the family aspect of the book and how we see them interact with the leads..and specifically how we see Hannah also fall in love with Jack’s family. i've never read/listened to a Katherine Center book, but this definitely won’t be my last!  I enjoyed how the narrator brought the story to life and made every character so distinct from each other.

Thanks to Macmillan Audio and NetGalley Audio for the gifted copy. All thoughts are my own.
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Hannah doesn't look like your typical bodyguard, but she is good at what she does. In the midst of a personal crisis, she is put on a new job for a high profile client. Jack Stapleton is a world-famous actor who needs protection and Hannah has been assigned as his primary Executive Protection Agent. The job requires for her to pretend to be his girlfriend and to spend time with Jack and his family. Hannah has always prided herself on her professionalism - never get close to the principal, don't reveal anything personal about yourself, and definitely don't fall for them. Protecting Jack will tear down Hannah's high walls that she has built around herself in ways she could never imagine.

I called it pretty early with this book. I knew from the second chapter that it was going to be a 5 star read for me. And then I met Jack and I was a COMPLETE GONER for this book! I usually take notes about reactions to books and things I love about them as I read and my notes for this book ended up being about four times as long as they usually are. I loved it so much!

The character development in this book was superb. From Hannah, to Jack, to Hannah's team that she worked with, and to Jack's family - Katherine Center breathed life into each and every one of these characters. They had depth and complexity to the point where I found myself even liking Glenn, a character who I think was meant to be disliked. Not only were they great characters, but the dynamics between all of them were fun and complicated just like relationships in real life.

The dialogue in this book was insanely sharp and witty! The banter bouncing back and forth between Hannah and Jack was easy, natural, but also uniquely amusing. I found myself laughing out loud at every turn in their conversations.

I loved Jack and Hannah's connection and what they meant to each other. Hannah was constantly making Jack laugh (most of the time unintentionally) and it was awesome that she could do that for him considering the difficult time he was having. They each were in different places in journeys of grief and they were able to connect over their lost loved ones. Jack gave Hannah the confidence that she was missing, but he also made her slink into a puddle of awkwardness all the time because of his swoon worthiness. It was great to see a strong character like Hannah not be as professional and put together as she thought she was because the flaws made her feel more real.

This book is about love, but not necessarily in the way you think. Yes, there is a love story where two people find love with each other. It's also about finding a way to love yourself despite your flaws and the bad things you've done and allowing people to love you. It's about putting your love out in the world so you get love back.

Pick up this book for a fake-dating/celebrity/badass woman story with lots of romance and a bit of suspense. This is a 2022 MUST-READ and you won't regret it!  I really enjoyed the audiobook - the narrator does an awesome job!

Steam level: 🔥½
⚠️: death of a loved one, grief, alcoholism, fatal car accident, drowning, driving under the influence, cancer, stalking, mention of domestic violence
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Oh how I adored this book! There’s just something about Katherine Center’s writing and the characters she creates that I love! I was completely sucked into this story. A female bodyguard, a lovable and super attractive male celebrity that she’s protecting. These are not elements I’ve read before but they just worked for me. Things are not going well for Hannah when she’s assigned to Jack’s protection, but she can’t help but be drawn to him. He was such a delightful character. I adored the narration and it really seemed perfect for this book. I was afraid for a minute Center was going to break my heart, but I’m thrilled that she didn’t. I only wish the book didn’t have to end.
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What a quirky and fun romcom!  The Bodyguard by Katherine Center had me chuckling many times throughout the book!  I loved the main character, Hannah, who is a bodyguard.  Her agency is hired to provide protection for a handsome movie star.  I will let your imaginations take it from there!  Although the plot is a bit unrealistic, the writing keeps you cheering Hannah on!  It is such a great read!

I read this book before listening to it.  The narrator does such a fabulous job reading this book!  Her inflection is perfect.  There were so many scenes that I read and interpreted differently than the narrator, and I loved hearing the book from her view. 

Thank you, NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press, for the digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own.
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I am officially a Katherine Center Fan. I had only read Things We Save in the Fire and loved it. But, I haven’t had the chance to read any of her other books. Until I was approved for this copy of The Bodyguard. Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for this ALC in exchange for an honest review. 

Publication Date: July 19, 2022

Even though Hannah Brooks looks like a teacher she is really a bodyguard. With years of experience, she is ready for anything. Except when her coworker and boyfriend breaks up with her. Then Hannah is thrown for a loop. Until a new assignment comes in, one that involves heart-throb movie star, Jack Stapleton.  

But as their world’s collide, Hannah must do everything to keep her client safe, secure and happy even if it means fake dating. 

Mixed with family secrets and trauma, The Bodyguard is a rom-com with so much depth. Something that I now expect and love in Katherine Center books. 

4.5 stars rounded to 5 because of the fantastic narration by Patti Murin. I loved loved loved this one!
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