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Having read and enjoyed a few of Rebecca's books, I hoped this would be as good. It is even better. Wonderful setting, great characters and an excellent story line.
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Thank you to #NetGalley and #HQDigital for my advance copy of #Elodie’sLibaryOfSecondChances
This summer’s perfect beach read, this book will make you smile and make you cry. 
Elodie is trying to escape her overbearing mother and find her own way and in Willow Grove she tries to do just that. 
The people she meets and their stories are a perfect way to spend a relaxing afternoon. 
Lovely 🥰 
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I found Rebecca Raisin’s book last year and honestly she has become one of my auto buy authors now. Her books are a mix of love, tough topics and hallmark movies all wrapped up in a wonderful hug. This book did not disappoint. 

In this book we find Elodie Halifax or Ellie Astor living out the life of an heir of a media company. But, even at the beginning of the book you can tell she wants more from her life than living the life her mom has mapped out for her. She finally gathers up the gumption and leaves her posh life in London to follow her dreams and save a failing library in Willow Creek. Upon getting there she finds out not all of the residence are as nice as you would expect in the small town. 

Through her journey to save the town she finds a group of residents who some would call misfits but I think they are just misunderstood. Through the process she comes up with an idea to save the library of having people tell their story and people learning about them instead of just believing all the town gossip. 

This book y’all was too cute. Also the cast of the misunderstood from the town was so good. As a person on the spectrum I really appreciated their being a person who had autism but also the accurate representation of what it is like being featured in the book. Please read this book. This is a book I will continue to love for years to come.
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I really enjoyed reading this and loved elodie I wasn't sure on maisie if I'm honest to start with but once i had started going through I then realised why she was so off. I loved the aspect of giving someone a second chance when you don't know what their story is and your guessing or going on gossip. But honestly I would love to work in a library your perfect job I your a book lover.
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I've been a fan of this author since I read her traveling series and this book did not disappoint. What I like about this author and her writing is that she draws you in from the beginning . The story keeps you wanting more. 

This was an interesting storyline. The main character is from a well off family in the publishing industry. She wants more than this life offers her, so she gets a job at a library on the brink of closing. No one knows who she really is. Funds are lacking and she is unable to purchase anything to update the library. She encounters people in the community who have a bad reputation, but Elodie is the one person willing to give them a chance. She creates the Human Library. The community can schedule time with these human books and hear their story and squash the rumors that have been spread about them. Don't judge a book by its cover. Don't judge a person but what you see. 

This is a wonderful story and a good reminder to not dismiss people based off what you see or hear. 

Thank you NetGalley and HQ for the opportunity to read and review this story.
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Very sweet and a fabulous read. It was warm and witty and a great reminder that we can change our own lives and never to judge a person (or book) by their cover!
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I absolutely loved this book. I love reading about libraries and having worked in a library before, I know about the struggles to keep them open. This book had a unique idea to keep the library open.
There was a wide range of characters in this book and I liked hearing about their stories. Harry's story was not what I expected at all, it was very sad. Finn seemed almost too good to be true, but he also had a story.
 As someone who has been bullied in School and at work in the past, I could relate to how some of the characters felt. It is very easy to judge a book, or in this case people, by their cover. Willow Grove did not sound like a nice place to live to begin with.
This is a nice, easy read. I wanted to find out how Elodie saved the library and revealed who she was. I really enjoyed reading this book, and can't wait to read Rebecca Raisin's next book.Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for my ARC.
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This is an uplifting story of Elodie, desperate to escape the privileged, but demanding life she was born into and rediscover her true self. She does this by moving to a small village where she finds a job to save the local library from closure. 
Let’s be honest, any book that realises the importance of stories, books and libraries is going to be a winner and this one certainly is. 
Elodie’s character feels so real, she’s very relatable and I was willing for her to succeed from the beginning. She just wants to be genuinely happy, while making all those around her happy at the same time, her brother, her new friends and neighbours and the man she meets along the way. The characters are very likeable. There is just the right amount of romance, suspicion, and the storyline flows nicely. 
Overall, the moral of the story is to not judge a book by it’s cover. If we all treat each other kindly, giving a little more time and respect and a little less judgement, oh what a better place the world would be. Rebecca captures this perfectly! 
If you'd like to add this book to your reading list, click here to head straight to Amazon. This new book is a brand new publication and frankly, deserves a place on your bookshelf :)
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A small town, a library, and a new beginning for Elodie Halifax. Coming from a life much different than the one she lives now, Elodie has moved to Willow Grove. 

Elodie needed a new beginning--a life away from what was planned for her. A life that was making her miserable. The question is--will Willow Grove be that for her? 

This story was so well done. I absolutely feel in love with the town of Willow Grove. And Elodie's journey to finding herself--her purpose was one that I thoroughly enjoyed being on. 

Rebecca Raisin is masterful at writing books with dreamy settings and intriguing characters!
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This was such a good book!!! I absolutely loved this and found myself not wanting to put it down, not only is the main character a book lover but she also lands a job in a village library. As well as having the perfect setting this book also has the perfect characters. They all tugged on my heart strings, especially Alfie - I mean he’s just the greatest kid ever!

The relationships and friendships in the book where the main part of this book and it really is true that we’re all a bit quick to judge a book by its cover. This book makes you think twice abouts things and people - often things aren’t quite what you’d first think. 

It also shows the power of the rumour mill and how disruptive it can be. But it’s never too late for a second chance and Elodie highlights this perfectly. 

I feel like this book will stay with me for a while and I can’t wait to read more by Rebecca
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This was such a lovely read that really made me feel good. A lighthearted chick lit read in some ways, but with some very serious underlying messages. The people library was such genius that i wouldn't be surprised if it takes off for real. A real lesson in not judging people by what you see or hear from others. Take time to get to know the real person and you might just be pleasantly surprised. Elodie's "books" were such a great group, and who else would have taken such an interest in them.  Just a lovely way to spend a few hours. #netgalley #elodieslibraryofsecondchances
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What's it about (in a nutshell):
Elodie's Library of Second Chances by Rebecca Raisin is a heartwarming tale of self-discovery, empathy, and being true to yourself.

Initial Expectations (before beginning the book):
This is my second book by Rebecca Raisen – the first being Flora's Traveling Christmas Shop – and based on that, I expect a quirky, funny, and heartwarming story. Just look at that cover. Doesn't it totally say quaint and cozy, and what warms the heart more than quaint and cozy? The blurb confirms my thoughts, describing the story as an uplifting tale about new starts.

Actual Reading Experience:
The story is just as heartwarming as the cover and blurb said. I love a book that can wrap you in a warm hug, and this one does just that!

First, I loved the messages in the story. It's about not judging a book by its cover and the stories that go along with that…well, at least one brought me to tears. It was so incredibly moving. Willow Grove is a small village full of small-minded people, and Ellie, with her open mind and big heart, strives to change that one person at a time.

I also enjoyed witnessing Ellie's struggle to get enough members to keep the library going. She approaches it in such creative ways it becomes an absolutely fascinating plot. So many ideas and the one that saves the library is the best and most creative. It completely opened my mind in unexpected ways.

Lastly, I loved the laugh-out-loud moments, of which there were plenty. The comedy is more natural and relatable humor rather than absurd, and I love that kind of humor most of all. This is the kind of story I didn't want to end because I enjoyed it so much and it made me incredibly happy to read.

The characters are all so believable, for good and for bad. You will recognize them as your friends and neighbors if you look around you. The character development is exceptional for the primary and minor characters since we see them through Ellie's eyes. She tends to see people in a way that very few do.
Ellie is a wealthy socialite expected to take over the family media empire. Still, it's not what she wants to do. She wants to make a difference in the world in more heart-led ways, not amass as much money as possible. You can't help but love Ellie for her love of books and her acceptance of everybody she meets.

Narration & Pacing:
Elodie (Ellie) tells this tale in first-person narration. I think it's the perfect style of narration to achieve the most significant impact. Ellie is so relatable and good that you understand everything she does and want to be like her simultaneously. The pace stays at a steady pace which is relatively quick from start to finish.

The setting is the small village of Willow Grove in the UK. It's a quaint and peaceful village that's on the verge of losing its library, and they need a new head librarian for the dying library

What It Reminds Me Of:
This story definitely reminded me of Raisin's other book that I read – Flora's Traveling Christmas Shop.

To Read or Not to Read:
Why would you not read this book? It will make you laugh, warm your heart, and even draw a tear or two – what more can you ask for in one book?
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Sweet and romantic tale of small town library in search of more patrons and the clever woman with an unorthodox plan to save it.  ELODIE’S LIBRARY OF SECOND CHANCES has something for every reader with a love of quirky characters, small towns, slow burning romance and happy endings.  I received my copy from the publisher through NetGalley.
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Ellie Astor is living the dream. She is part of a wealthy family who owns Astor Publishing, she goes to glamorous red carpet premieres, and is being groomed to take on the family company. Her future is golden.

Except, it's not what she wants at all. She doesn't want to fill the role that her mother has planned for her. She doesn't want the media spotlight, the pressure. She doesn't want any of it.

What she does want is to find out what it is like to live the life she dreams of. When she sees a news story about a town whose local library is about to close, she sees it as a chance to finally use her librarian studies and to see what her life could be like if she could start again.

Using her real name, Elodie Halifax, she moves to the village of Willow Grove. But saving the library is not going to be easy. There are no funds, there are no new books, there are very few members and Elodie only has a few short months to recruit 507 new members or the library will close for good. Her reception is somewhat cool. Her assistant librarian, Maisie is sullen and hostile. Thankfully local journalist Finn is more welcoming.

Whilst Elodie tries really hard to recruit new members, she realises that there are some very entrenched ideas in the town, and not just about the library. There are numerous people in the town who live on the edges. There is Homeless Harry who is not even allowed to enter the library before Elodie arrives. Most people in the town know who he is but not many deign to speak to him.  There is 9 year old Alfie who is now being home schooled after many years of being bullied at school due to his autism. His single mum, Jo, obviously wants the best for Alfie but is the best just to keep him away from other kids for his own protection? There are also Pilfering Pete and Sofia, the ex-wife of a man who fraudulently stole money from the local council....and more.

Elodie knows that traditional library activities are not going to get the necessary numbers without coming up with something special, and that something is human books. The idea being that people can borrow the 'book', to find out who those previously invisible people are, and what their story is.  And yet, Elodie is not quite being honest about her own story, and she is having to balance the work that she is doing in Willow Grove, against the familial demands that she can only hide from for so long.

I have to say, I loved the idea of a human book. I am sure that I have been guilty of assuming that I know someone's story without actually talking to them. And I know that there have been many times when I have felt invisible, or judged, or both by strangers and acquaintances alike.  And yet we all have stories from our life and how what has happened in our lives shapes us to form who we are now.

I have read a number of Rebecca Raisin books now. I always love the way that the writes about the subjects that she is passionate about - books and food in particular. Given that this a book about a librarian there is plenty of book talk which is a bonus.

It is a cliche to say that an authorwrites 'feel good' books, but to me that is exactly what Rebecca Raisin's books are. I know when I pick up one of her books I am going to find plenty of passages that make me smile and this book is no exception. I enjoyed how the group of previously socially isolated books are drawn together around the library and soon form a friendship group that you can see going from strength to strength into the future.

I have a number of books from this author's backlist still to read. Lucky me!
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Elodie has been born into a publishing empire and can have everything her heart desires - financially anyway.
What Elodie really wants is to be a librarian, to live her life surrounded by books, in a cosy cottage. When an opportunity arises to try and save the library she loved visiting as a child, Elodie jumps at the chance.
Going incognito, Elodie is charged with swelling  library membership to obtain funding and keep the library open. 
An interesting cast of characters join her in this book, including handsome reporter Finn.
I love Rebecca Raisin books. They don't strictly follow the romantic fiction formula, so are always interesting.
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I can’t think why I related to this book at all, a book obsessed girl dreams of being a librarian and taking control over her life and choices. Yep can’t think why it resonates with me at all ! I am a big fan of Rebecca Raisin’s books, so I was really excited to be given an advance copy of this fantastic story. 

Elodie tries saving the village library from closure and encounters some people who don't like change at all. luckily for Elodie she meets some fantastic friendly people who have been ostracised by local people who have been too judgemental. Elodie tries to pull everyone together and this is the story of how she gets on, I won’t go into more detail as I don’t believe in spoilers.

I loved Elodie’s she is a strong character, she cares about people and will do anything for them. There is a little romance too which is lovely, I particularly loved the ostracised characters Elodie tries to help first and how she  made them into a community.  This book has an important message we all need to remember these days, about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes before making judgements.  Overall, this is a beautiful,  inspiring and heart-warming story which is ultimately uplifting and emphasises the power of community, acceptance and love. 

Thanks to netgalley, HQ and Rachel’s Random Resources for a free copy in exchange for an honest opinion

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I really enjoy reading Rebecca Raisin's stories because they are about acceptance of those that aren't always in the mainstream or the most popular, but instead they are those that think a little differently or want to share themselves to help other feel better, and this story is no different. I like that Elodie or Ellie takes a chance and goes to Willow Grove to become the head librarian so that she can save the library from closing and she comes ups with wonderful way (The People Library) to not only bring attention to the library, but also give voice to those who have been overlooked or ignored because of gossip or a bad experience they found themselves in. And Alfie is definitely my favorite, he makes me laugh, and you'll find out why.

I also love the way the love relations develop, not in a self interest way, but in a genuine way where both find something that like about the other and love being with each other. Very romantic.

I also love Raisin's Van series that starts with Rosie's Traveling Tea Shop, which is also very romantic and reminds you that you can start over and be accepted by some of the nicest people.

I want to Thank HQ, HQ Digital and NetGalley for an advance copy of this wonderful thoughtful story.
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This is a cute, fluffy book for everyone who loves books/libraries. I had a lot of fun reading this and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere! I feel like this is the perfect late-summer read.
Thanks to NetGalley for giving me an EArc of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Overall, this is an okay fluffy read for those who over romanticize books and libraries.

Elodie is from a famous family and wants an escape, so she applies for a job at a failing library in the country to try to save it. She becomes attached to the various public who use the library and decides to form a "human library" with the library regulars. Elodie also works with the will they/won't they too-good-to-be-true local journalist Finn.

This is fine if you're looking for a light Hallmark Channel movie type book and enjoy books/reading. However, it's nothing that blew me away.

Thanks to NetGalley & publisher for an ARC!
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Very good book, I really enjoyed this, very cute story and cute characters.
Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the book
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