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Thank you HQ Stories and NetGalley for the ARC of Elodie's Library of Second Chances by Rebecca Raisin. I absolutely love books that center around a love for books and libraries. This story takes a look at Ellie and the life her parents are forcing her to live. She is the face of their company and has constant events to attend and a certain image she always has to maintain. This is not where her heart is at all. She loves books and has even attended University to be a librarian. When she is at her wit's end, she sees an advertisement on social media for a librarian position in the small town of Willow Grove. This library is headed for closure and needs someone that has the drive and passion to turn things around. She decides it's high time to pursue her dreams and does just that. What she doesn't expect, is all the other amazing things that follow once she gets to Willow Grove. She finally can stand on her own merit and with that she finds all that she has been missing from her life.
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Elodie is looking to change her life when she applies for the job of librarian in Willow Grove. Her love of books drives her passionately to rescue the failing library. As the daughter of a family with a huge media company, she has never been able to stand on her own two feet and follow her dreams. 

For Elodie it means the chance to make a real difference to the lives of the people she meets. The people of Willow Grove need to tell their story so together with local journalist Finn, Elodie decides to make that happen.

But Elodie isn’t quite as open as the people she meets. She hides the truth about her life. As the stories within the library unfold, will she tell her own secret?

I've loved previous books by this author. I have reviews of her "Travelling" tales, and before that, I read the "Little Shop" series, This story is very enjoyable too. Its light romance, humour, and compassion throughout make it another pleasing read.
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I have a novel by Rebecca on the top of my TBR pile at the moment actually! So when I received her newest one as my beginner novel instead I was happily pleased.

Let’s say the momentum for reading this particular novel continued from there onwards.

As a book lover, how could one resist reading a novel about a library? Saving one as well.

Willow Grove sounds as cosy as it is written. Except for one thing, a lot of the villagers living there are stuck in their old minded traditional ways as they are so judgmental. For example; A pizza shop got remodelled to be more modern with the times and they refuse to go in there, come on.

It is like Chinese whispers around the place, I mean, a man you marry does not mean you can predict his every move, people have poor judgement and are good at manipulating does not mean you judge the wife that has been abandoned.

When we were given the description of Elodie’s mum I was half thinking it was about my own. But no, this one is far worse. Controlling her diets when she’s a complete adult with her own mind it is no wonder she wanted to escape from the lifestyle she had.

When Elodie goes to work at the library to save it from being closed down, her only other colleague is this downer named Maisie. All she did was complain and be lazy and she was very judgmental especially of poor Harry. Yet throughout all of this, Elodie still tries to see the best in every single person which I really admire. She is the least judgmental person for a novel I have read this year.

Listening to every ‘Library Book’s’ story was just something else. Understanding what they all went through and their true intentions. Oh, little Alphie he is extraordinary indeed.

I loved being on this journey with Elodie and I recommend that if you love a feel-good read in a small town then this novel is for you.

5/5 Stars
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I wasn’t convinced when I started reading this book as it didn’t start how I expected at all and Elodie wasn’t at all I pictured when I first picked it up! However, I enjoyed the direction it went in and really liked Elodie. I really didn’t like the village initially, simply because of the people that lived there and how well it was portrayed! I also wanted to shake Maisie, and then Elodie for her treatment of Maisie. Overall I really enjoyed the story and it’s little surprises along the way!
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What's the book about?

Elodie, the daughter of a media tycoon, is searching for a new beginning without the help of her family name. She submits her application for a librarian job in peaceful Willow Grove. Elodie has been waiting for this chance to genuinely make a difference. She soon realises that there are others in Willow Grove who may stand to gain from a fresh start.

Along with local journalist Finn, Elodie decides that the town's people have stories to tell. What if readers had the option to "borrow" individuals rather than books so they might gain knowledge about the lives of those they have previously overlooked when reading?

But Elodie isn't actually telling the whole story. Will her private information be revealed and her motives questioned by the trusting townspeople as word of the library's newfound success spreads?

My thoughts:

I loved how quick and uplifting this book is. Elodie is such a wonderful and warm character. The book itself is charming and delightful. This is my first Raisin book and I loved the feel good vibes her story gives off. Just what I needed after reading and watching a lot of dark and depressing content. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing more work from Raisin.
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Rebecca Raisin is an instant buy/read author to me. There hasn't been a single book I've not loved.

All of her books have been thought inspiring, deep, meaningful and i think also pack a hidden message.

The Library of Second Chances is a beautiful story of exactly that - second chances, never judging a book by its cover and above all else showing kindness and compassion.

I can't wait to read another of Rebecca's gorgeous stories.
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I am a fan of Rebecca Raisin and this book was of her usual high standard. Elodie tries to save a small town library by introducing ‘human books’ to ‘borrow’. A thought provoking idea that we should never pre-judge people, stop listening to gossip and be nice! Lovely characters and a nice romance as well. A winner.
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In this book the library isn't the only thing that got a second chance!

The story is centered on Ellie Astor, the heir apparent to a huge publishing company.  Ellie's mother has high expectations for both Ellie and the company, and drives her mercilessly to achieve them.  Ellie's burned out with corporate life, and just wants to pursue her dream of being a librarian.  Knowing that no one would take her seriously if she uses her real name, she transforms into Elodie Halifax and finds a job that no one wants...director of a dying library.

As a library lover myself, I easily was drawn into the story and vested in Elodie's success.  She makes friends in the small town of Willow Grove, comes up with an innovative program to attract library patrons, and even starts a relationship.  But will it all come tumbling down if anyone finds out her real story?  Will Astor survive without Ellie?

I found this book to be very well-written, fun, emotional and satisfying.  Highly recommend.

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book, but my opinions are my own.
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When I first started this book, I wasn't sure that I would finish it. I made myself wait until I got to where she'd started to make changes at the library, and I'm really glad that I did! Once she got to the town and started meeting people the story was lovely and cozy and had a lot to say about the impact that libraries and books can have on people.
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Whilst I usually enjoy Rebecca Raisen books, I have to say this one totally blew me away. What started out as a fairly typical move to take over somewhere run down and try to turn it into the heart of the community trope took a turn into something really special with the introduction of the ‘human books’. Such an inspired idea should be part of every community library. This aspect of the story was deeply moving and thought provoking- how often to we judge people without knowing their story? A fantastic set of characters and a story I finished far too quickly.
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I absolutely loved this book and had no idea how much it would move me.

Elodie is part of the family firm, in a place where she doesn't feel comfortable and isn't living out her dreams. She discovers a library which is run-down, applies to work there and starts to turn both the library and the area around.

I love how a couple of small things can be both so negative and have such a positive impact. I dare you to read this and not have a tear in your eye!
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Oh, wow, wow, wow! What a brilliant story, a library with human books, I would definitely sign up for that both as a borrower and a book, a people library, it would be wonderful if this could happen in real life
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Wow!  When Elodie hears that Willow Grove Library is under the threat of closure she is devastated - the library offers so much, and lending books is such a small part of what a library does.  The community, the people, the lives that a library can change and the support they can give is all part of what is a library offers and when Elodie hears it may be closing, she throws everything into doing her very best to save it. Taking a well-deserved break from her media career, Elodie starts working at Willow Grove.  A very determined Elodie has one incredible idea to help save the library and with the help of the lovely Finn, a journalist, she sets out to do just that with the best idea ever!
We meet several members of the community and hard-hitting issues are covered. Elodie and other members of the library help everyone to shine and help them become who they really are.  The effect of everyone on each other’s lives is immeasurable.  
Everybody deserves a second chance.  Nobody actually knows the real story of anybody.  Unless you walk in their shoes, live and experience their lives, you do not know their real story and just like a book, we must never be judged by our cover.  Many of our covers are our armour, shielding and protecting us. Listening to us and hearing our story allows for a better understanding of who we are.
We meet some wonderful and very relatable characters in this inspiring story.  Being able to tell your story, for people to listen to you directly instead of listening to untrue rumours and stories, means so much.  The impact of being able to tell your own story and for people to listen is immense. And even saying Hello as you pass someone in the street, can mean so much and may be the only communication they have had that day.  
Friendships form, families come together, and relationships develop ... and the library - well you will have to read and find out!  
Libraries are very special, and this book is a very special read.
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Elodie's Library of Second Chances follows the theme of some of Rebecca Raisin's previous novels - what happens if you decide to leave your old life behind and start again somewhere completely new? In this case Ellie leaves behind 'Elodie' a society heiress, in pursuit of her dream of being a librarian. The library in question faces a rocky future and needs to up its visitor numbers massively, and quickly. Can Ellie turn it's fortunes around, without relying on her family money and connections? In doing so, she comes up with an ingenious idea, to attract people to the library but also to help inspire the fractured local community to be more accepting of one another.

Elodie's Library of Second Chances is a great summer read, perfect for fans of Veronica Henry and Jill Mansell.
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Lovely story, with lots of interesting characters, that are likeable and feel like you really get to know them. Would highly recommend.
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Such a beautiful book, it had me hooked as soon as I heard the name of the book Elodie was reading at the start.

It somehow managed to be both a cute and cosy read while still being thought provoking. The characters were really engaging and it really made you think about how you judge/treat people. (The old cliché don't judge a book by its cover I guess).

The end was really heartwarming and Elodie's story encapsulated how I feel about books, such a wonderful escape from real life.

My thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book.
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I received an E-ARC with a request for my honest review.

This inspiring and moving book follows Elodie who under the name Ellie is the face of Astor News and Media. 

The family’s business is very successful, and she has always been expected to eventually take over when her parents retire.

Elodie doesn’t share the same vision as her parents and then she hears about a library near closure in Willow Grove. With the fond memories she has for the place she decides to slip away from the family business pressure and try to save the library without any help from her well known family and name.

Moving to Willow Grove is an exciting idea for Elodie but when she arrives her challenge seems more difficult than she first thought, with much to do and local mindsets to be changed she sets to work.

Will Willow Grove library be saved? Will Elodie find a way out of the family business?

This is one of the sweetest and most heart-warming books I have read, it has everything you could want, including books, and is very inspiring and uplifting.

I loved Elodie’s character, she is a strong woman, but even with her upbringing she really cares about people and will do anything to make them feel at ease and comfortable.

I won’t spoil the character’s idea to save the library, but it is an amazing thought, and it is lovely to see the reaction of the character’s she brings together when many of them need it the most.

There is a little romance blossoming too which always helps, and it is lovely to see that side to Elodie as well outside of the library.

Overall, an inspiring and heart-warming story with an amazing idea to bring everyone together and not judge a book by its cover.
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This story was so sweet, I loved it!. Rebecca Raisin writes beautifully and creates relatable characters who the reader falls in love with as they read on through the book This is a tale about finding your own place in life so you can be yourself and happy!. We know.that Ellie is privileged but all she wants is a normal life.. Can Only you will find out!.  she save the library she now works for without throwing money at it?.I read this in one sitting and only had a break for a few hours sleep!!. I haven't read one by this author before but I fully intend to read more!. 
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Elodie is a woman on a number of missions; she wants to escape from the family business where she is forced into a role that she hates, she wants to make use of her degree in librarianship and live in the countryside.  When she accepts a job at Willow Grove library she is on her way to meeting these goals but then has others to address.

There are some interesting characters in this lightweight, feel-good romance.  The "People Library" though is slightly unconvincing as a concept.  Definitely a holiday read.

Thanks to Net Galley and the publishers for the opportunity to review this book.
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Thank you to the publishers and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

“The perfect story for all book lovers”.

I absolutely loved this book and want to be in Willow Grove with Elodie. 

I was hooked from the start, Elodie’s work sounded very tiring, when she sees a job vacancy to be the Willow Grove librarian, she applies as she wants to make her own decisions and live as she wants to.

The message that came across from this book was “Never judge a book by it's cover". Don’t think that what you see and hear about a person is true.

Elodie loves books, and Willow Grove Library is special to her as she visited it in her childhood. The library is going to close due to not enough members. 

Elodie has a fight on her hands, if she wants to stop the closure, without any money in the library kitty, she needs to get more members, so that she can get funding from the council to make changes that are needed.

Elodie has an idea which she hopes will work, hoping that hiding the truth about herself will not be a bad thing for those that live in Willow Grove. 

I loved the four people that Elodie wanted to help, especially Alfie, from his first appearance in the library. I’d happily be his friend, and make people see just how special he is. 

It was interesting reading about the characters, what made them into how the community now see them, their stories proving that they’re just like us, loveable and real people. 

The book is full of secrets, romance and above all else, a message that we could all remember. 

I highly recommend this book.
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