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I was hooked quickly by the very readable prose that carried such interesting details - details that make you yearn to learn more!

Immediately I was intrigued and wanted to know all the details. Natalie is able to give you a very harsh look at her life and in turn let you look at your life with a new light. Forgiveness is a powerful thought that will give us all hope for our future together.

The witch theme is wonderfully sprinkled throughout with interesting facts and comparisons - giving a whole new view of the wonderful characters that have suffered as part of the male dominated world that we have endured.

The wonderful wine details are weaved throughout the book along with the horrific details of the world in which we all find ourselves.

There are realities that are hard to digest and there are some moments that will make you laugh - making it a readable, enjoyable novel that will shine a light on life and have you looking at yourself a little more carefully.

Well done!

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I was lucky enough to be a beta reader and I am so grateful to Natalie for sharing the book and her experience with me.  

Read this memoir if you want to feel less alone while you are navigating the after effects of a divorce, to feel heard and seen. It's a woman's triumph after EVERYONE tries to beat her down.

Many when divorcing get lots of other garbage and stress heaped on them and I think reading this book could help them put it in perspective and help them feel less crazy.

I love love the info/history/wine information/women vineyard owners stories that were woven throughout.

I also loved her self-depreciating and call-it-like-it-is humor. 

This book keeps you laughing and makes you feel like you are having a deep conversation with your best girlfriends late into the night without a care in the world. It brings rage, hope and redemption all in the pages.

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I could relate to many parts of the book as a woman in a male-dominated industry. Women often spend their time looking over their shoulder protecting ourselves and our professional careers. I enjoyed the openness of the author - it made it easy to relate to what was being described in the book.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book and as a woman divorced at 36, after a 15 year marriage and two kids, I can certainly identify with a lot of her experiences.
I know external accusations can completely deflate you and destroy your sense of self. She did a great job of explaining all of that and I think her book will help a lot of women who are, have, or will be going through something similar.
I think she clearly explained how wine criticism can be biased without the consumer realizing it...useful information. I am sure all your readers will appreciate what she has done to help women in wine.
I highly recommend this book for anyone considering a career in the wine industry and/or for any woman who has experienced tough times in her career or life in general!

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This is a book about healing after divorce, dealing with depression and character assassination, written after the benefit of time to reflect.

One might wonder why anyone would want to write a book and share all of these personal details, but in this case, it is not only cathartic for the author but also, in the end, uplifting and a message to women, particularly younger women who are trying to advance their careers in male dominated fields such as the wine industry.

Over time and with reflection, we gain strength and perspective in order to be able to overcome adversity and deal with difficulties in our lives, including misogynistic males. In writing this book Natalie MacLean makes us unexpectedly laugh or smile through her use of humour, but also get angry and feel the hurt that she dealt with.

In addition to the lessons that we might learn from this very personal memoir, there are some wine suggestions, as, after all, she is a well known wine critic and writer.

If you enjoy books about a person sharing their truths and overcoming some of life's difficulties, this is a book for you.

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I was fortunate enough to be a beta reader for Natalie MacLean’s memoir, “Wine Witch on Fire: Rising from the Ashes of Divorce, Defamation and Drinking Too Much.” Written with sharp wit and humor, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The author narrates her struggle through an unexpected divorce and the scrutiny she faced as a wine critic at the hands of the misogynist wine industry. Told with authenticity and vulnerability, you feel as if you’re chatting with an old friend over a glass of wine. Make no mistake, this memoir isn’t written with a ‘woe is me mentality’. It’s written by an incredibly empowered woman to help other women, who have been silenced by chauvinistic behavior, to find their voice. Thank you Natalie for sharing your story. It’s such an important one and a must read for all.

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Love this story. The writing - Wow! Very moving. Evoked emotion. As I read this book, I thought that these are lessons all of us have needed to learn no matter what our situations are. I liked reading about how the conversations and time spent with her friends helped her and how they all became closer and more honest with each other. It also helped me understand a little more about how wine is marketed. Natalie is a courageous, intelligent woman who has gone through a lot and has come out of it with grace. I hope her story will inspire people.

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I very much enjoyed reading this third book from Natalie MacLean, a recipient of multiple prestigious wine journalism awards.

The pages overflow with wit, wisdom, grit, tenacity and hope. However, there are events in this page-turner that had my blood boiling towards some in the wine world. May her decision to recount those events spark some positive changes in that world..

For me, Natalie's memoir is akin to listening in on a heart to heart conversation between friends, as each chapter recounts the peaks and valleys she's experienced in her public and personal life in a compelling, soul baring, truth telling, don’t take myself too seriously style. Thank you for having written this memoir, Natalie.

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This is the story of the destructive power of social media and a story of how one woman overcomes it in her career.
I felt the power of standing up for oneself and one's integrity!
I had no idea the wine industry was such a misogynistic one.
This was a page turner. I really rooted for the author/the main character in this!
I very much enjoyed this book! I'll be recommending it to my book loving and wine loving friends!

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