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This book was my most anticipated read of 2023 and my high expectations were completely fulfilled.
I’ve been a trembling mess after reading this. My heart was constantly on the edge of exploding and the fearful apprehension had my emotions fleeing to escape, it’s that vividly written, that well researched by the author, it honestly takes your breath away.
I’m always in awe by the authors amazing ability to bring to life an ancient time & place, to make you feel fully invested in every single gripping moment with these compelling complex characters. The characterisation and narration throughout the series is phenomenal.
This series has a very special place in my heart, inspiring me to get on a plane to Italy for my birthday. The history absolutely fascinates me. Pompeii was the highlight of my holiday and is an experience I’ll never forget, and promise to revisit one day. I’m now craving to visit Rome.
I loved The Temple of Fortuna. It was everything I needed, wanted and more. Elodie writes a powerful piece of art that will erupt all your emotions.
There were many times my eyes filled with tears of joy and sorrow, when I got to the epilogue I was a weeping mess. I loved the epilogue, I loved the authors choice of character to wrap up this series in such a satisfying way, perfect ending to a perfect book series….yet I will always yearn for more.

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This final instalment of Elodie Harper’s Wolf Den trilogy follows a third new phase in Amara’s life and rise to riches. She has left her daughter and lover behind to search out prosperity and security with her new patron in Rome. A freedman himself, Demetrius treats Amara with respect and dignity and allows her near unrestricted access to his wealth. The only thing missing in her new life is love.

The first page throws the reader straight into the middle of Amara’s new life in Rome, giving constant contrast to her old life of fear and uncertainty. As a classics graduate, I found it particularly interesting to see the comparisons between Rome and Pompeii bought to life with such vivid detail. Elodie Harper doesn’t shy away from describing, in depth, the ancient scenery and society. She even manages to weave in political intrigue and hints of real historical upheavals. The looming threat of Vesuvius adds a particularly interesting tension to the novel as readers wait in expectation for news of a horrific event that the characters remain unaware is in their future. Even though I was expecting the reference to its eruption, I was not expecting the vivid scenes that would be painted or the depth and variety of emotions that these scenes would evoke.

With her detailed backstory and tumultuous experiences in the first two books, the character of Amara seems to jump out from the page as a real person. There is so much depth to her character that it is impossible not to become fully embroiled in her life as you read. Her emotions became my emotions, her ambition became my ambition, and her fears became my fears; it came to a point where I felt I could predict her thoughts and actions in each scenario. In the pivotal moments of decision where I doubted what path she would choose, I felt that it was her doubt I was feeling as she fought with herself to make the right choices. Mostly these boiled down to a tug-of-war between love and security, a theme that has been a constant throughout the trilogy. It is such a familiar theme that it helps the reader relate closely to Amara’s struggles despite the centuries that stand between us and her.

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I can't say much plotwise as this is Book 3 in a trilogy. But if you are looking for a stunning read that will overcome your heart and soul in the best kind of way - look no further than this book!

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This is the weakest book of the trilogy, and I think it's in part due to our modern knowledge of how the finale must play out. To me, though, it's mostly missing the high-level drama, scheming, and the general strategizing I so enjoyed Amara applying in the previous two novels in order to survive.

Due to a substantial time jump of 3 years, <i>The Temple of Fortuna</i> tries to keep previously prominent characters in the reader's memory by conjuring flashbacks of them instead of having them naturally appear on page, which often felt forced. And while I do enjoy the descriptions of life in Ancient Rome (my beloved), I personally found there were one too many atrium frescoes described in detail.

I have to admit, I am still deeply enamoured with the romance... Philos... what a man. Yes, the romantic drama still provided me with plenty of serotonin. It's because of that, and due to my love of the rest of this trilogy, that I can't bring myself to rate this book any lower than 4 stars! Would read all of them again.

<b>***I received a digital copy from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.***</b>

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As enjoyable and absorbing as the first two books of the trilogy. Perhaps and little slower and less satisfying than its predecessors, but still a better read than many books

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I absolutely LOVED this final book in the trilogy. The setting was incredibly described - so rich and vivid. The eruption was harrowing and was really worth the wait. The devastation wreaked on the lives of the characters was incredibly moving and I found it really interesting to see how people fled the destruction. I really enjoyed seeing Amara’s and Philos’ characters develop and felt truly satisfied by the ending. I like that things weren’t entirely resolved and that the story seems to continue on beyond the pages of the book. Thanks so much for the advance copy!

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* Thank you Elodie Harper, Head of Zeus & Netgalley for the Arc! *

Let me start by saying that I had "The Wolf Den" & "The House with the Golden Door" on my TBR for a year now. So when I read 1300 pages in 2 days it's because Elodie Harper wrote an intricately woven tale that merged history, emotion, and trauma! Set against the backdrop of ancient Rome and the impending eruption of Mount Vesuvius, this final installment was a rollercoaster.

Continuing Amara's journey from slavery in Pompeii's wolf den to her rise as a courtesan in Rome, there's a lot of focus on growth and transformation. As the story unfolds, the looming eruption of Mount Vesuvius creates an atmosphere of tension and uncertainty (and not wanting to spoil anyone Amara is facing the same tension and uncertainty even not knowing about the destruction coming her way... so, double-thrill!). The historical accuracy brings the impending catastrophe to life, making each moment very compelling to read.

So, if you're interested in reading about resilience, power, ambition, and loyalty, with a mix of original & historical characters: start now!

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The final instalment of The Wolf Den trilogy doesn’t disappoint. Full of vivid descriptions, unique plot line and packed with action, we see the return of Amara and the cast of well crafted characters. I don’t usually read series but I’ve looked forward to each of these books coming out and haven’t read anything else like it.
Thanks NetGalley for the read!

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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this eARC of 'The Temple of Fortuna' by Elodie Harper.

I have waited MONTHS for the final book in this trilogy by Elodie Harper. I will be honest, 'The Temple of Fortuna' wasn't that great of a book in comparison to the other two but it did end the trilogy off on a nice note.

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Thoroughly enjoyed the final book in this Wolf Den trilogy. Ancient Rome comes to life, you can hear the noise, smell the cooking and spices, see the slaves collecting water and waiting on their patrons. The volcanic eruption and earthquake vividly described. Whoever hasn’t read this trilogy is in for a treat. Thankyou to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for this review copy.

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How on earth am I supposed to right this review? I have been dying for this book since I finished The House with the Golden Door in October last year. There is not a single book that I have looked forward to more this year. I find I am incredibly emotionally invested in this story. In Amara, Britannica, Philos and Rufina's story. And I feel a hatred for the antagonist only on par with the hatred I feel for Agamemnon. So, you might imagine that the book itself cannot possible live up to all that because no book, no author is perfect...

Well fuck that because I'm pretty sure Elodie Harper had produced a perfect ending to a perfect trilogy. Perfection is impossible my ass!!!

So here's my spoiler free review...

If you'd don't want spoilers, don't read further because I just can't not talk about it!!!

The book begins with Amara in Rome with her new patron, living the life of the rich and powerful. But she misses her daughter and her love in Pompeii and, despite her freedom and money, she's still being used as a political spy for her patron and his powerful friends. Predictably, this lands her is hot water, so much so that her patron asks her to marry him to protect her, and sends her to friends in Pompeii to keep her safe.

The writing in this book is so vivid that I easily felt that I was Amara. Her fear for her own life, the heart ache of seeing her family again but knowing that cannot be together, and the anger and disgust for the man who formerly owned her as a slave and still threatens to ruin her life. I felt all of it like a vice around my chest, tightening with the bad and loosening with the good. I wasn't reading words on a page, I was watching it happen, right in front of my eyes.

I could feel the protective influence of the money, her powerful friends and her gladiator sister wolf... who was by far my favourite character by the way, Long Live Britannica!! And then the event I've been waiting for since I picked up a book set in achient Pompeii happens... Vesuvius erupts. That protection crumbles just as easily as the buildings, as the sky fills with ash and fire and one by one, her friends perish. I felt heartbroken and exhausted by the end of it. It is a genuinely apocalyptic scene, I cried through most of it.

And the ending... I cannot imagine a better one. I was almost lulled into a false sense of security but I knew it wouldn't be as easy as it seemed. Luckily there was a solution to the problem and I literally screamed when it happened!!! I had only one problem with the book as I finished the last chapter... Which was fixed by the epilogue!!

I would have loved a little more, just one or two more chapters to see the reunion which is hinted at actually happen. But I can see it in my head and I've cried for that too. My only problem is that I have noone to talk to about this book!!! Which is why the review is so long... This won't fit in an Instagram post so I'll have to do some editing.

I highly recommend the whole trilogy to anyone who enjoys books set in the ancient world. It's exciting, chilling, heartbreaking, heartwarming, incredibly gripping and completely worth your time!

Bring tissues and prepare to fall...hard.

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I've just read the final page of The Temple of Fortuna, the last book in the stunning Wolf Den trilogy, and I can't begin to describe the emotional rollercoaster I've been on. I can't fault this series at all. I'll try my hardest to review this powerful finale without spoiling the series for anyone who hasn't discovered these books yet...and if you haven't read them, get them on that TBR right now.

Elodie Harper takes us back to unforgiving world of Rome and Pompeii, to join Amara on the final part of her journey from a whore of the wolf den to courtesan in Rome. This book is a truly stunning ending to the series with everything we've come to expect and more. The journey is thrilling and fraught with dangers at every moment. Amara is a unique and memorable protagonist. An incredibly clever, tenacious and strong woman who refuses to accept her fate as a whore, Amara has an incomparable ability to identify an opportunity to improve her situation. The stakes are always heart wrenchingly high, but now Amara has far more to lose and fight for. The remaining cast of characters is equally engaging and memorable; the unnerving Felix, jealous and equally opportunistic, Britannica, the iceni warrior; the fiercely loyal Philos and all the others make this a truly stunning set of books.

One of my favourite aspects of Harper's writing is her ability to bring ancient Pompeii to life. Her descriptions bring every aspect of the Roman world to life in a vivid way. It's so well researched and blends easily into the narrative so subtly you often forget you're reading historical fiction and you're almost in a thriller.

I have adored every step I've taken with Amara and I'm truly sad I won't be going into her world again. Harper is a truly wonderful and talented writer and I can't wait to see what world she's going to take us to next. Even if you're not into history, this novel is so exciting, thrilling and captivating you won't fail to love it. My poor heart has been pushed to its limits during this least I get to give it a rest now!

I'm going to buy this trilogy as a gift for all the book lovers in my life for Christmas, I honestly can't recommend it enough. My heart felt thanks to the publishers and netgalley for providing me with an arc in return for an honest review. 5 stars from me.

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What an amazing finale to an amazing series. Elodie Harper is a fantastic writer and I can't wait to devour whatever she reads next.

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What a brilliant final book to end the Wolf Den trilogy. Set in both Rome and also Pompeii, we are back with Amara as she makes the difficult decisions to secure her daughter's future. An absolute joy to read. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in return for an honest review of the book.

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Utter perfection! For me, the perfect way to end a trilogy! Well perfect would be to just carry on writing as I feel Amara is now a part of me but I needed this. Was it wrapped up in a nice little bow? Of course but sometimes in life we just need that ending!

I really really enjoyed this instalment. The wolf den will always be the best book out of the three but this was brilliant. I kind of wish we had a bit more Felix but he can’t be the main character in every book can he?

As someone who is truly interested in what happens in Pompeii 79 AD, this was an exciting read and I am so thankful that I got to read it. Can’t wait to purchase the paperback! Thanks NetGalley !!

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A moving and emotional ending to the Wolf Den trilogy. I have loved all 3 of the books and this final instalment is just as immersive and gripping as the previous two novels. Elodie Harper plunges you into Amara's world once more, full of characters that take on lives of their own as you follow them through the pages. We go with Amara back from Rome to Pompeii, where she spends time with her daughter Rufina and her lover Philos, who, as a slave, is as unattainable as ever. But its AD 79 and it's volcano day. The destruction of Pompeii and its devastating aftermath means that Amara and Philos have one chance to escape their pasts and build a new future if they dare - but fiery Vesuvius proves easier to leave behind than their arch enemy Felix.

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‘The Temple of Fortuna’ is the final novel of the ‘Wolf Den’ trilogy. Much anticipated by those who have devoured the previous stories of the courtesan Amara in Pompeii, this addition begins in Rome. From the outset Elodie Harper makes the reader very aware of the precarious position that prostitutes who have found favour with rich and powerful Romans hold. Even though Amara is now living in luxury, she is forever having to calculate and dissemble.
When she becomes connected with a scandal after doing her patron Demetrius’ bidding, the latter sends her back to Pompeii for her own safety, also deciding to marry her for further protection. And soon she is involved once more with some of those whom we have met in books one and two of the trilogy.
This is another excellent tale of the ancient world. Harper has clearly researched her subject carefully. The Latin epigraphs which herald each chapter highlight an atavistic civilisation which is extraordinarily sophisticated yet undeniably cruel. As the story progresses, we are aware that Vesuvius is about to erupt and, when this happens, Harper captures the terror and the chaos wonderfully. Highly recommended.
My thanks to NetGalley and Head of Zeus for a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.

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I was so excited to be able to read the final instalment to The Wolf Den series ahead of time, as I’ve been looking forward to it since finishing The House with the Golden Door a year ago. It took me a moment to work out where we’d left all the characters, but I was soon straight back into Amara’s world. I think this book was even stronger than the second one, with the threat of Vesuvius really helping with the pace and plot. The characterisation was excellent as ever and I always find myself so drawn into the world. I also loved the ending, which can so often be disappointing at the end of a series. Looking forward to seeing what Elodie Harper writes next!

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3.75 stars

"The Temple of Fortuna" concludes the Wolf Den Trilogy and, unfortunately, this is the weakest part in the series, at least in my opinion.

Amara is still an interesting protagonist because she isn't necessarily a good person, but the focus of this novel is more on her relationship with Philos, which already wasn't all that interesting to me in the second part of the series.

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"The Temple of Fortuna" is the thrilling conclusion to the Wolf Den Trilogy, taking readers on a gripping journey alongside Amara. From her harrowing days of enslavement in Pompeii's notorious wolf den brothel to her triumphant rise as a powerful courtesan in the heart of Rome, this book showcases themes of survival, determination, courage, freedom, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship.

Follow Amara as she embarks on a new chapter of her life in the bustling streets of Rome. However, her path is not without obstacles and challenges. Despite her newfound status and luxury, Amara is haunted by the memories of her daughter Rufina, her beloved Philos, and the friends and foes she left behind in Pompeii. Just as the mighty Vesuvius readies itself for a cataclysmic eruption, Amara's emotions mirror the impending chaos.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant setting of ancient Rome, where women of the time faced remarkable circumstances. Set in September AD 79, a pivotal moment in Roman history marked by the volcanic fury of Mount Vesuvius that ultimately wiped out the city of Pompeii, this book offers a vivid glimpse into the past.

Although a work of fiction, "The Temple of Fortuna" is deeply rooted in historical context, providing an authentic portrayal of life in ancient Rome. It presents the hardships and barriers that women of the era confronted.

Amara emerges as a resilient and fierce protagonist, unyielding in her quest for freedom and loyalty to her friends. Throughout the novel, the dichotomy between slaves and those who have managed to transcend their origins and taste freedom is palpable. Regardless of one's birth circumstances, the indomitable spirit of humans refuses to bow.

It is worth noting that some slaves in Ancient Rome possessed exceptional education, entrepreneurial spirit, and artistic talents, while characters like Britannica, Amara's friend, shine as exemplary warriors and gladiators. The story also weaves in real historical figures like Julia Felix, a prominent businesswoman in Pompeii who owned the illustrious House of Julia Felix on the Via dell'Abbondanza.

Each character and event is skillfully portrayed, further enhancing the immersive experience.

However, brace yourself for the capricious nature of Fortuna, the goddess of luck. This rollercoaster of events and emotional journey will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

"The Temple of Fortuna" is a captivating finale to the trilogy, guaranteed to engage and enthrall.

I wholeheartedly recommend diving into its pages and embarking on this extraordinary adventure.

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