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I had high hopes for this title, because the premise is so cute. I love that the story is told in weekend snippets, and that we get an entire year with the warehouse family. To be perfectly honest, there were times when I felt like the secondary characters were more well rounded than the primary ones. We never find out why Lucy is so guarded in the beginning, why she chose to stay in the UK away from her parents. There is no discussion about why Henry feels the need to soul search his way out of London, either. This is one of the few romance books where, towards the end, I think I would have been happier if Lucy had ended up on her own (or maybe with Oliver?). I wasn't convinced at all that Henry was ready to commit to her or to staying in London. Two and a half stars, rounded up to three for the sake of the rest of the warehouse occupants.

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This will they won't they romance was saved by the found family's banter and connection. Along with the FMC's professional journey towards her dreams.

There are a few things I loved about this book. First, the delightful side characters who offer so much personality and fun to the story. I loved the loner gets a found family part of this story. Lucy's commitment to her dreams, hardworking personality, and professional journey also really add to the plot. The writing style was fun and the banter was lovely.

The love story is a bit frustrating, but perhaps that is a personal preference. The will they, won't they felt drawn out and I found it hard to root for them as end game. I actually hoped she ended up with the other guy. Maybe for a little while, giving Henry time to sort himself out. Lucy talks about how she loves Henry's directness while simultaneously getting burned over and over by his not meaning what he says in the heat of the moment. It's a slow burn with no spice. I thought the story may have been more about watching them grown into their relationship, but Lucy did all the growing. She became more confident in herself, in touch with her feelings, and chased her goals and dreams. There wasn't a point where it felt like Henry really changed. The bar seemed too low. He didn't have to work for their relationship after imploding it multiple times.

I'm glad the story focused some on her professional struggles and the relationships with the roommates. It left me feeling like Lucy deserved better.

A generous 2.75 ⭐️'s

ARC received through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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I loved the idea of this novel more than the novel itself unfortunately. We meet our girl Lucy on a journey of self discovery; currently working as a florist assistant. But the lack of back story makes on Lucy made me annoyed with her and her lack fire for more. Through a cyclone of events that had little detail she ends in a warehouse apartment, shared between 7 other roommates.

There are so many conversations amongst the big group is difficult to follow as a reader and I found I wanted to read this more like a script with line of who was talking because it was I was exhausted reading their back and forths and struggled figuring out who was who.

It felt she almost immediately was “attached” to one of the roommates but I felt the author could develop the chemistry as I don’t have any idea why they fell so hard so quickly. There were many text conversations between the two, which is maybe where the “magic” happened but the reader wasn’t privy to any of that conversation.

Some chapters were FAR longer than others, as each one represented one weekend of 12 months, and I wanted them to be broken up a bit and I feel the story could have been developed or broken up with back stories of the other roommates or text peeks. (Not to mention one of the roommates is engaged the whole time but the finance doesn’t come to the apartment once? That is not realistic.)

Overall I felt there was a few quotes that were sweet and made me really like Lucy as I got to know her through the course of the book, but I felt the depth of the other characters were missing, especially for her love interest Henry. (What was his problem?) Easy read but I was waiting for something special that didn’t come.

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I really wanted to LOVE Weekends with You but unfortunately, it fell a little flat for me.
*Spoilers Ahead*
i really enjoyed most of the characters and their “found family” connection. Where the book fell flat was the romance/chemistry between Lucy and Henry. I wish we were able to see the text interaction (or lack thereof) in between chapters. Readers would feel that chemistry and sense of longing they would have inevitably felt - and when the texts slowed (like between January and February) we’d feel that disconnect. Without it, unfortunately, I couldn’t get behind Lucy’s later decision.
Thank you to Netgalley and Avon and Harper Collins for the opportunity to read this and all opinions are my own.

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This one has so much potential but it just fell flat for me, which is so frustrating because I really wanted to love it!!

Ex-pat Lucy moves into a London warehouse with seven other flatmates. The moment she lays eyes on one of her new flatmates, Henry, she falls head over heels. Literally, THE MOMENT. But Henry is only home in London one weekend a month due to his job as a traveling photographer. But for some reason Henry’s looks alone are enough to leave Lucy to pine after him and be super emotionally attached.

Each month when Henry is home is Warehouse Weekend, where all the flatmates spend the weekend together doing fun activities and adventures planned by one of them. Super fun concept, leaving lots of room to show how close they all are. And while we are often told that these eight are “like family”, we never really SEE that. Like I only know that because the author told me.

Also, I don’t understand Henry and Lucy’s desire for one another. WHY do they like each other? We don’t see any of their conversations or interactions outside of Warehouse Weekend. There’s no evidence of an emotional connection. There’s no character development.

There was so much potential to create lovable characters with an emotionally invested and relatable story, but it just never happened, and, in fact, it made me angry reading, which I’ve never really experienced.

Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins for an advanced copy of Weekends with You.

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This one was unfortunately a miss for me.

The premise of the story peaked my interest and I felt like it had potential but was poorly executed. The amount of different flatmates made it hard to fully follow who was who so a lot of the connections there were lost. Also there was not enough backstory given on Henry or Lucy for the reader to connect with them.

Lucy felt like a pushover in my opinion. At the flower shop, she just went along with things even when she wanted more. (Yes she did get what she wanted in the end but she should have stood up for what she wanted more). And with Henry- she just let him reject her over and over again. His behavior was cruel and she just let him continue to do it- taking him back each time he apologized.

Henry was on this big journey to find himself but it was never explained why he felt this push. And his lack of communication was down right ridiculous. A lot of his behavior was uncalled for and just didn’t feel right.

I felt the premise of falling for someone who you only see once a month was a long shot. But Lucy and Henry really exaggerated that. The miscommunication/no communication between them was down right obnoxious. When she showed up in Amsterdam and he pushed her away I just about DNF’d. His behavior had no explanation, nor did he try to offer an excuse. And when Lucy moved on with Oliver, who was a good match, she ditched him (well Oliver ditched her but she didn’t fight it) the second Henry seemed to come round. Honestly in the end I was really rooting for them to just go their separate ways.

Overall I found this book exhausting to read. Between trying to keep up with the characters, and with Henry’s odd behavior it was just too much work. Sorry to say this one wasn’t enjoyable.

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I was really excited to read Weekends With You but unfortunately it wasn’t what I was hoping for. A few cute moments, but I didn’t find myself caring about any of the characters at all.

I received an advanced copy from netgalley in exchange for a review and opinions are my own.

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Weekends with You is a witty and funny romance novel with a great cast of characters. Lucy is a florist in London who has to move out of her flat as the rent is being raised. She moves into a warehouse flat with her best friend Raja who lives with six other roommates. The eight flatmates have a tradition of doing something together one weekend per month and one of them has to organize the festivities for the month. One flatmate, Henry, travels the rest of the month but manages to come home for the warehouse weekend events. Naturally, Lucy and Henry immediately are attracted to each other but his schedule and his plans to leave London permanently sometime in the future has Lucy wary of starting any type of relationship with him.
The story moves along once a month through the warehouse weekends. What makes this book enjoyable is that it is not solely focused on Lucy and Henry. You get to know all of the flatmates and get to see their relationships with each other and understand that there is a genuine affection for each other shows through with their banter and teasing and different personalities. They all seem to be witty and funny which makes for a fun read. It is also nice to see the other problems that Lucy is dealing with at her job. There is, of course, another romantic interest for Lucy, Oliver. you do not get to know him well but he is really too perfect.
It was quite an enjoyable read.

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Not my cup of tea. The show Friends was great to watch on TV, but not so much to read. And that's what I thought of Weekends With You. It reminded me a lot of the tv show. A bunch of people that live together , that become the best of friends, two of the people fall in love....yada yada yada....

I was so bored, I just read every few pages, and then when nothing exciting happened by 30% in? I skipped to reading one or two pages a chapter. So boring!

The same thing happened every weekend. They hung out at a bar, got drunk, and told each other about their week. Lucy fell in love with a traveling photographer, and when he was away, she met someone else. And that lasted maybe two or three chapters. And that was the whole conflict.

So if your a die hard friends fanatic and your missing that whole dynamic, I would recommend this book.

I can say is that the writing style was good.

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I loved the idea of this book so much which is why I wish I love the story more. The concept of getting to know someone only on weekends--mind you, this is someone you are actually flatmates with--is fun! But the personality of Henry was just too much for me to bear. I actually kind of wished Lucy and Oliver's relationship was more of the focus because I think there could have been something there! It's an easy, quick book to read but I felt like I was making myself finish what I started instead of it being a book I just couldn't put down.

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This was a good, quick read. I enjoyed the writing, but didn't love the romance between the two main characters. This book is definitely worth the read.

Thanks to Netgalley and Avon & Harper Voyager for sending me an ARC and allowing me to read this early!

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In this sweet romance, an American florist in London, Lucy, moves into a warehouse apartment with her college bestie and six strangers. Her flatmates quickly grow to feel like family, and she shares a special connection with one - but he's only around one weekend a month.

The structure of this novel was both its most interesting point and its greatest weakness. It spans a year, and is mostly confined to the single weekend each month when the love interest, Henry, is in town - the "warehouse weekends" that the whole group spends together. The benefit of this structure was allowing us to see the flatmates at their peak of vibrancy and togetherness, and to watch their lives evolve over the course of the year - particularly effective for these young characters whose professional and personal lives are changing quickly. If this had been purely a story of friendship and found family, it would have been wonderful.

But the panoramic style also felt like it kept me at a distance from the characters, and this was especially problematic for the romance between Lucy and Henry. Their initial chemistry was great, but as time passed I didn't get any sense of a deepening connection. Instead, we saw only their arguments, which reflected poorly on both of them and, more than anything, made them seem ill-suited to each other. In the end, while I knew this was the sort of story that would end "happily", I felt that both of these characters would have been better apart.

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this was a quick and decent read. i didn't love it, but i didn't totally hate it either. the writing style was enjoyable, but the romance just didn't do it for me and there was unfortunately zero spark between the characters.

a huge thanks to netgalley and avon & harper voyager for sending me an arc and allowing me to read this early!

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Spoilers! I’m too mad to not give them away.

I really wanted to rate this one higher but I am so mad at Henry. It’s a great book. Great cast of characters, well developed, fun plot, and fun timing. Warehouse Weekends were so fun! But Henry - he seemed so great but nope, wanker. Oliver should have been the end choice.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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A charming story of finding your chosen family, and new love along the way, despite the detours life can throw at us. When Lucy moves in with her best friend from university and 6 other roommates sharing space in a converted warehouse, it’s mostly just to save money, since she might be out of a job soon. But she quickly discovers she doesn’t miss living alone, and looks forward to their monthly “warehouse weekends”, especially as it’s the only time she gets to see one roommate, Henry, whose job takes him away from home most of the time. Can this flirting turn into something more? Can a long distance relationship work? With London so lovingly described it’s practically a character itself, you’ll be checking the cost of flights to Heathrow just to follow in their footsteps, and maybe fall in love a bit yourself - totally a thing to love a city, right?

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Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of this charming book. Spoilers abound!

This is the story of Lucy, an American living in London working as a florist after uni. She loses her flat and goes to live in a warehouse with her friend from uni. The warehouse flat has a total of 8 roommates including Henry, a photographer who is only home one weekend a month, so obviously she falls for him. It's a cute story but it is hard to be happy for Lucy at the end because the author has made Henry so unlikable by then. She's an American and mentions dinner with her parents one night, but wait, they live on Long Island? She thinks she's going to lose her job but wait, she is gifted the florist shop? It's a light, entertaining read but I also felt like Henry was going to break her heart.

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There was a lot I liked about this - the cast of friends, Lucy's passion for her job, Warehouse Weekends - but I had a really hard time getting past Henry. He was immature, selfish, manipulative and the exact opposite of book boyfriend material. I found myself being so annoyed with him, and with Lucy for continually taking him back. I wanted one of the friends to point out what Henry was doing and that Lucy deserved better than that, but they all enabled her and acted like tweens with the nudge, nudge, wink, wink whenever the two were together. I can feel my frustration with Lucy and Henry's relationship even as I write this, so the story has stayed with me, but not in the way I would prefer.

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This was absolutely adorable! It’s a romance, it’s found family, it’s figuring out where your life is going and to follow your dreams (cheesy but true) I know there’s some hate towards our main man but I actually think he was just a confused guy 😂 he was trying to figure out what he wanted too. I will say I don’t know if I would’ve been as understanding lol. I really enjoyed this and would absolutely read more from the author in the future.

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I was really excited about this premise but I felt like the execution fell flat. I didn’t feel gripped by the story or the romance unfortunately. Particularly the story about Luce’s job as a florist. With Henry and the romance, I just wasn’t feeling it. I just think the cast of characters was interesting, focusing mostly on group dynamics rather than the romance. But it just wasn’t very interesting to read overall. Bonus points for nice friendships.

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I was really intrigued by the troupe of this book. It was original and something different from my normal read. I ended up liking the ending. However, the book's pacing was very slow and the storyline had far too much back and forth. The burn was a little slow and never really sparked too much. The side characters all added to the story and made things more well fleshed out. Like I said, I ended up liking the ending but I do not know if I could recommend the book.

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