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A fun story of the rich and their extravagant lifestyle albeit in the case of the Greshamsbury it was all really for show. The Countess of Greshamsbury was very dramatic about everything but it made for some hilarious scenes. The plot was interesting and the characters kept the story moving along but some parts did drag on a little. Overall, the story was entertaining and the writing was very vivid.

Thanks Doubleday Books via NetGalley for the ARC.

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I enjoyed this book and all the lavish lives included. Such a kick! This book did drag in the middle for awhile though and could have been shorter and still have the same impact

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For now, this is a DNF for me. I was listening to the audio and I think it was too complex for audio without reading along. I would like to revisit this one in the future but right now its not for me.

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This book is soooo fun! If you’re a fan of Crazy Rich Asians then I can guarantee you will love this as well. The humor in this book is 10/10 (I couldn’t stop giggling). The characters are absolutely outrageous in the best and worst ways lol. I found myself so excited to pick up my kindle and dive back into this world every chance I got. The romance was super cute as well. Loveddddd it!

Huge thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this copy in exchange for an honest review.

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It might not be great literature, but I started this on a plane and nearly missed the meal service because I was so engrossed! Compulsively readable, impossible to put down - loved every page.

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Kevin Kwan is the master of escapist literature. Reading Lies and Weddings is like sitting at a cafe while sipping the finest glass of champagne and people watching. A delightful and thoughtful romp through the world of the rich and famous.

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This novel is meant to entertain you, and all you have to do is keep up with the vast cast of characters.

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Genre: contemporary relationship fiction

Kevin Kwan books are like candy to me, and my only real disappointment with this book was that I didn't just have the time to binge it in a day. Rich people problems, especially on the scale that these people experience, are so much fun to watch.

Countess Arabella Gresham makes for such a complicated villain of a mother, even when she thinks she's looking out for her children at the expense of all that is decent, trying to matchmake her half Chinese-half British children even further up the nobility ranks. With daughter Augie's multi-million dollar wedding, she sees the perfect opportunity to set her son Rufus (Viscount St Ives) up with gorgeous heiresses...but all Rufus has ever wanted is to spend his life with girl next door Eden Tong.

Having read all of Kwan's other books, I knew what to expect going into this one and really enjoyed the ride.

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Kwan is back with another deliciously dramatic, ridiculously wealthy drama for the masses. Similar in structure to his 2013 debut Crazy Rich Asians, Lies and Weddings looks at the trials and tribulations of the wealthy elite. In this case, Rufus is a future Earl who's mother is desperate for him to marry someone white and titled, while Eden is the beautiful doctor next door who his mother despises. Attending weddings and dealing with financial fallouts, this novel will be the perfect summer fantasy fodder. Readers looking for a simple drama might be surprised by the environmental subplot as well as the criticism of the titled European elite, but those who have enjoyed Kwan's other works will enjoy the pointed commentary as well as the enjoyable context provided via footnotes.

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Always funny! I was getting Crazy, Rich Asian vibes, especially with the names but I enjoyed the read. It is definitely a window into an unfamiliar world when you are talking millions and billions instead of thousands. Kevin Kwan’s books are always entertaining and I look forward to more!

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I enjoyed the twists and turns of this novel. As a lower middle class millennial, reading about all this wealth was often times annoying. The constant mention of designers and the "better-than-thou" way of thinking became a little cringy. However, this is a trend in every Kevin Kwan novel I have read and it is a look into a world I would not know otherwise. There are redeemable characters in the novel as well that balances the obnoxious characters which I appreciated. I also enjoyed the informative and comical footnotes placed throughout the book. They added to the ludicrous novelty of the shenanigans ensuing. The story was fast paced, well written, and completely entertaining. Fans of Crazy Rich Asians will definitely enjoy the newest novel by Kevin Kwan.

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Frothy, frivolous, fun! These are descriptions that come to mind after closing the pages on Kevin Kwan's latest book, Lies and Weddings. The book starts and ends with a wedding, and the volcano pictured on the cover is a clue to some of what happens at one of the weddings. Kwan's characters move in the rarified world of big money and privilege, and it's fun to take a visit to their world. But money brings it's own set of problems, and the worst of those is when you're in danger of losing it all!

This is the case for Rufus, the future Earl of Greshambury. The family estate is in huge debt, but Rufus' mother has a plan. He will be introduced to some fabulously wealthy young women, and marriage to one of them will save the family from ruin. There is only one problem. Rufus is in love with his childhood friend Eden, a doctor with the NHS, and not a heiress. Will love or family duty win? Family, if his very pushy mother has her way!

This is an entertaining light read with over the top drama. I thoroughly enjoyed it and rate it 4.3.

Thank you to NetGalley, Keven Kwan, and Doubleday Books for allowing me to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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The crystal blue waters kissed the edge of the soft white sand as she walked barefoot along the shore. It was quiet here, private, away from the craziness at the resort behind her. This wedding was beyond extravagant, a showcase for all the best things the world had to offer. Her family took pride in it all, but she preferred the peaceful moments the earth provided, like right here beside the ocean.

Lies and Weddings is another contemporary romance by famed author of Crazy Rich Asians, Kevin Kwan. This story follows the Gresham family, who are throwing a lavish wedding in Hawaii for their eldest daughter, pulling out all the stops to impress the world. Little does the world know all they’re hiding behind the glamour.

This book was wildly entertaining! Signature Kwan style with many over the top moments and family fueled drama on every page. The footnotes added to the story (don’t skip them!) and added to each character and the overall comedic plot. Know going into this book that it’s just for fun, the characters are extremely spoiled, and is meant to truly be the over the top experience that it is.

If you’re a fan of Crazy Rich Asians, rich-people/family drama, and gorgeous destinations… then I recommend picking this one up.

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Be ready to enter the world of the filthy rich in @kevinkwanbooks newest novel.

It starts with the overtop wedding of Auggie at a resort in Hawaii when a volcano begins to erupt right in the middle of the resort. Auggie’s mother is distressed as this was her night to shine and to find an equally wealthy match for her son Rufus. But Rufus is torn between marrying a wealthy woman who could ease his parents’ financial burdens or to follow his heart with their family doctor’s daughter, Eden.

Filled with notoriously spoiled rich people, crazy Asian mothers and Aunties, buried secrets and affairs and lots of travel by private jets, immerse yourself in this entertaining story new novel with all the elements you expect from this author. This was a fun read with many characters to dislike and a few that are in fact likeable. If you enjoyed his Crazy Rich Asians books, you will enjoy this one too. The story is ridiculous and fun and perfect for summer.

Thank you to @netgalley @doubledaybooks for a digital review copy of this novel.

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4 ☆
"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination."

In Lies and Weddings, author Kevin Kwan delves into his favorite milieu - the world of the privileged and uber wealthy. And his characters have plenty of imagination.

The jet set readily hopscotch from continent to continent, as the whim for a certain cuisine or the need for a particular fashion house hits them.

Millions are won and lost on the tables of Macau's casinos.

The wife of titled British nobility has developed a lifestyle brand of ultra luxurious resorts.

But where's the fun in that if all is truly as it appears?

The jet belongs to a brother who possesses an actual fortune. The gambler who won big at the tables lost spectacularly in a different respect. And those ultra luxurious resorts are creating more debts than revenues.

So what happens when the next generation doesn't want to play by their parent's rulebook?

Rufus Leung Gresham, the sole heir to his family's long and respected lineage, isn't casually falling in line with his mother's social machinations. Formerly a super star model from Hong Kong, Lady Arabella wants to cement her son's position and legacy so that means a future daughter-in-law with an impeccable family reputation matched by a commensurate level of wealth. But neither the Thai princess nor the hotel heiress can hold a candle to Rufus' longtime affections for the girl next door. Trouble is brewing just as surely as volcanic lava is bubbling too close to one of those upscale eco-resorts.

I haven't read anything by Kevin Kwan since the end of his Crazy Rich Asians trilogy. But my Netgalley request for an ARC was approved, and I was happy enough to save this as a vacation read. It was a perfect pairing. Lies and Weddings was fun with a sympathetic hero and heroine, a dastardly "villain," and a bit of intrigue from a spectacularly gruesome event that jump started the novel. Do the events feel realistic? Not quite, this is pure escapist fiction.

Thank you to Doubleday and Netgalley for this advance reader copy. The publication date was May 21, 2024.

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I knew I was going to love this book as much if not more than Crazy Rich Asians. It’s summer and I’m on the prowl for vacation reads. Expect twists and spoiled rich kids, and expect to like some of the characters and despise some others. I liked Kwans device where he introduced a character and then listed their education credentials, very clever. No pretension there. Thanks to Doubleday for the ARC. Have fun!!

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Classic Kevin Kwan! I can't get enough of the designer namedropping & fabulous locations. And I loved every character. Highly recommend!

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*thank you to NetGalley and Doubleday for a copy of this eARC in exchange for my review*

If you are looking for a rom com full of surprises and family drama to get you out of your reading slump, this is the book for you! Honestly, I have nothing but praise for this stunner of a story. Kevin Kwan is so brilliant that he can put footnotes in a novel. Footnotes in a novel. Did you catch that? But instead of being all academic, the footnotes keep you up to speed with family gossip and celebrity news and other humorous tidbits that had me completely obsessed.

Like Crazy Rich Asians, this book features the Chinese elite and juggles a lot of themes, including responsibility, social status, family secrets, and love. This one also touches quite a bit on internalized racism, and I really loved how Kwan handled the topic so graciously. But don’t misunderstand me—this book is full to the brim with crazy adventures, and if you’re like me, you’ll certainly laugh at all the absurdity.

The characters in this book are just incredible. And I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll just mention a few— Rufus is the perfect Prince Charming—I mean, Viscount St. Abs. 😏 He’s all golden retriever and such a romantic. Eden Tong is the literal girl next door, and there’s just something about her that feels so comfortable and normal. She has the biggest heart, and while maybe her character could have been more complex, I really liked her. And of course, Martha Dung is one of my favorite characters of all time. She is so unserious, and I need to know so much more about her. Some of the characters will enchant you, and some of them will make you hate them. But the cast of characters is diverse and will keep you spellbound for sure!

The plot has a lot of twists and turns, and while some of them are easier to predict than others, there’s no way you will be able to anticipate them all. But we end up with more than one love story and more than one dead body, so… 👀 Believe me, it’s so worth your time. I’m ready to read it again right now.

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Irreverent and surprisingly funny, although perhaps not in the ways Kwan intended.

So, I know that I have achieved peak-baddy when I kinda get were Arabella is coming from—and her own critiques on Rufus' laid-back, easy-going lifestyle that actually costs millions, because he's not aware of how money operates. But also Arabella is the the worst.

Anywho, I needed more Hemsworth. I needed more Martha. Despite a rocky start with Eden, who felt like another go-with-the-flow Rachel or Lucie, she has a backbone (AND integrity!) and she uses it judiciously throughout the book. She's also a doctor, and has absolutely no desire to become the next countess of Greshambury or lady of anything.

As for the actual villain in the book—I appreciate Kwan's humanizing him through Eden, although the way he resolved the issue was a bit too pat, and too much like the Crazy Rich Asian series (of which there were several callbacks—and also to Sex and Vanity).

I think more introspection needs to be done with the heroes of Kwan's stories: the laid-back, above-it-all, heir to mass fortune (or a title, or supposed fortune) who is incredibly handsome without realizing it. Arabella obliquely hints at the privilege Rufus doesn't really see (I mean, he does see it, to an extent, but doesn't seem to realize that his little surf shack in Hawaii is a fucking mansion, or that his super casual lifestyle costs a literal ton of money to fund), but I kinda want it to be addressed a little more. Rufus is just his father in a different font.

What would happen if the Greshams lost it all, and became truly insolvent?

I kinda wanted that story.

Regardless, this story was entertaining. More obscenely rich people being dramatic and obscenely rich, and an ambitious mother scabbing over her own hurts by fucking everyone else over.

P.S., it's a complete throwaway line, but I will forever and always been #TeamKittyPong.

I received an ARC from NetGalley

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This book has all the hallmarks of a classic Kevin Kwan romp; beautiful people, obscene amounts of money, drama, and just the right amount of snark. It reminded me of how much I’ve loved his other books, and while it was still a pleasure to read, it fell a bit flat in the end. There were a few holes in the plot, characters that were inexplicably friends, and a twist that was just too convenient. To be clear, I enjoyed the hell out of it, and it was perfect to read by the pool but certainly not Kevin Kwan’s best work.

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