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I loved this book! On paper, it shouldn’t have worked for me as I have 0 patience for lies/miscommunication. Maybe it was easier because of the ages involved (NA) and that the book was a process of having them work up the nerve to be honest with each other. Either way, I found it moving and cute. I loved the coming of age, found family, adventures in New York City vibe. The narration was spot on as well!

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Here's another sweet romance from Emma Lord.
This one centers on a new high school graduate, Riley, who, on the spur of the moment, takes off to New York after graduation to meet up with her childhood best friend Tom. Alongside a cast of friends, they complete items on their "Getaway List" a list of things they've missed out on doing together over the years (like a sweet 16 party and various events inspired by their favorite book series). Slowly the old friends recognize and admit that they have more-than-friend feelings for one another.

In addition to the main story, there are some interesting side stories along the way.
Other members of their friend group fall for each other so there are some cute side romances.
Tom's has a strained relationship with his semi-absent mother (who also happens to be a famous script writer) which mirror's Riley's equally strained relationship with her overprotective mother.
The friend group are all high school graduates (or soon-to-be graduates?) who have no idea what they want to do after high school which I was really glad to see.

I think it is important to see books with seniors and recent graduates who are still figuring out vs. only seeing books with seniors/grads who have it all mapped out. Some teen readers are going to find comfort in seeing a group of teens not sure about what they want to do after high school and exploring alternate paths.

I'm going to be adding this title to my library. I would recommend this book to any teen or YA reader who is into romance - contemporary fiction - and those who are looking for stories about teens figuring out what to do after high school.

Thank you to Net Gallery for the Advanced Reader's Copy (audio) for this title to review.

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Emma Lord is the Queen of YA! This book felt like a big hug and I loved it as an adult, and I would have loved it more as a teen. The narrator nailed the voice of Riley, the FMC.

Read for: Found family, single mom, NYC setting, finding your own way, finding your passions

Riley has been under her mom’s thumb for the past few years, missing her friend Tom, and thrown into so many activities she can hardly think.

On a whim, and after HS graduation and looking at her Getaway List she and Tom created before he moved to NYC, she takes the bus to surprise him.
She stays the entire summer, making friends along the way, learning about herself and what she wants out of life.
I was hooked immediately, the writing was so good in the first chapter and even though I had a different senior year of HS than Riley, I was transported back to that time and could relate.
Loved this coming of age love story (and love story about NYC!)

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Riley has just graduated high school has has no prospects for the future. She wasn’t admitted into any of the schools she applied to and now she’s at loose ends. In a spur of the moment decision, Riley decides to visit her best friend, Tom, who she hasn’t seen in years in NYC and it’s her best decision ever. NYC holds everything Riley doesn’t know she’s been looking for. In the city she finds friends, a new purpose and figures out what she wants to do with her life. The Getaway is the perfect combination of YA romcom, best friends to lovers trope and the theme of finding yourself.

I loved this book from the very beginning and found it so easy to get lost in! The characters were so fun and easy to love. I loved the story line and the antics that everyone got up to. The romance in this book was a slow burn, which was a good change for me after the last few books I’ve read that have been in your face steamy scenes. I feel like this book had the best of everything in it and I am so glad I got a chance to read it. I really can’t think of anything that would critique about this book, I loved it so much! If you are a fan of YA romances I would definitely recommend this book!

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Riley just graduated high school with little prospects for the future. Not accepted into any colleges because of her less than stellar transcript, will Riley get a lifeline from an unexpected source?

Riley and Tom have been best friends since childhood, remaining close despite Tom having moved away. The Getaway List was born out of their dreams of being together: will they be able to bring the list to life?

The Getaway List is a fun read, though not all that realistic. The author makes it seem easy to do everything that Riley and Tom, as well as their friends, get to experience. The level of success of those in the group is definitely a pipe dream, but I do like living vicariously through them. The beautiful parts of living in a city are highlighted and make it seem like it is safer than it probably is.

The Getaway List has a great narrator in Norma Butikofer, who is able to change her voice enough to give the characters their own distinction. I would recommend the audio version because of this, as the narrator brings the book to life.

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Audio Copy by NetGalley and the publisher. The decision to read and review this book was entirely my own.

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This book was everything my YA self needed... it starts with high school grad mixed with a fear of the unknown, lots of the FMC trying to find herself in the world, friends adventuring through New York City, and some romance and quirky characters to make it fun!

The day of her high school graduation, Riley realizes two things: One, that she has spent the last four years trying so hard to be a Good Kid for her mom that she has no idea who she really is anymore, and two, she has no idea what she wants because of it. The solution? Pack her bags and move to New York for the summer, where her childhood best friend Tom and co-creator of The Getaway List ― a list of all the adventures they’ve wanted to do together since he moved away ― will hopefully help her get in touch with her old adventurous self, and pave the road to a new future. Riley isn’t sure what to expect from Tom, who has been distant since his famous mom’s scriptwriting career pulled him away. But when Riley arrives in the city, their reconnection is as effortless as it was when they were young―except with one, unexpected complication that will pull Riley’s feelings in a direction she didn’t know they could take. As she, Tom, and their newfound friends work their way through the delightfully chaotic items on The Getaway List, Riley learns that sometimes the biggest adventure is not one you take, but one you feel in your heart.

What I liked about this one:
-The characters were so fun and I just knew my younger self would've wanted to be apart of their group so badly.
-The setting! I have always wanted to visit NYC and explore it all. This book was full of things I yearn to see for myself some day.

What I didn't like:
-There was too much going on. All of the different romances put together with the family issues the MCs had, the list, and the fresh out of college feelings, it was just a lot at once.

Overall I think that this is one of the best YA books I have read in a while! I am not a big YA or friends-to-lovers fan, so I am very happy that I enjoyed it. I wish I could go back to when I was this age just to give this book to younger me.

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There’s something about Emma Lord’s stories that consistently make me nostalgic. Maybe the way they feel like you’re growing and changing with the characters? Anyway, this is such a sweet story about a girl taking a risk she wasn’t expecting to take, and learning who she is in the process. There’s a little romance, and the tension there is beautiful, but that’s not the main theme. It’s more about finding your place, and holding onto it like crazy when you find it. Definitely worth the read!

I also had the audiobook, along with a digital copy, and I loved the narrator. She was great with enunciation and I can understand her at slow and high speeds. She was also good at emotion and different voices.

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Having enjoyed Emma Lord’s second book, You Have A Match, and liking the premise of The Getaway List, I decided to give this one a try. I really enjoyed the experience of friends bonding together over one hectic summer in New York City, and learning about choices and connections, along with some romantic tension.

We follow Riley as she has just graduated high school, with no university prospects and is grasping onto a list of activities she wanted to do with Tom, who moved away four years prior. After a well done opening chapter that dug deep into Riley’s personality and character, I was completely hooked with the characters and wanted to know what came next. I liked Riley’s development and I especially love her relationship with her mother, Tom, and the other friends that she encounters during her time in New York City. Each of the friends had plenty of surprises that kept me on my toes and made me more intrigued as the story went on, as they all developed over the summer. I honestly love the bonds between each member of the friend group as well as the romantic tension that develops. Yes, this is childhood friends to lovers.

Though I’ve only read two of her books, I understand Lord’s books are not merely romances, but more of an exploration of growing up, with romance being part of the ride. I prefer this format as romance standing on its own doesn’t intrigue me, but set it up with some character development, I’m all in.

The narrator nailed Riley perfectly and was very easy on the ears. Her inflections captured the other characters and emotions very well.

As a heads up, there’s plenty of profanity and some alcohol usage.

If you like a coming of age story that explores connections and choices, along with some romantic tension, this is a great choice.

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If you're a fan of any of Emma Lord's works, I think this book will be right up your alley. It was so cute, and I had a smile on my face the whole time!

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I had the opportunity to listen to the audiobook version of The Getaway List. I enjoyed the narration and thought it was well done. I'm glad I had the opportunity to experience this version of the book.

The Getaway List felt like a true coming-of-age story, since our main character, Riley, has just graduated high school and is exploring who she is and what she wants to do with her future. She initially heads for New York City to visit Tom, but they are quickly joined by a couple friends from school and a new friend along the way. The story takes place over the course of a summer full of adventures, blooming relationships, and the friends discovering their individual selves apart from family expectations. It was great to see so much character growth in Riley and all of her friends. I'll admit that the parent in me cringed a bit when Riley impulsively took off immediately after graduation, straining her relationship with her mom. In the end, though, I was happy with the way things were resolved. There are some hints of romance along the way, but it's very slow burn. It's almost frustratingly slow, but I think there's also a great lesson in these characters trying to figure themselves out before diving into something they weren't quite ready for. I overall enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more books by Emma Lord.

Thank you to Macmillan Audio, Macmillan Young Listeners and NetGalley for the free review copy of The Getaway List. All opinions in my review are completely my own.

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Thank you Netgalley for the ARC. I have read all of Emma Lord's books. They're the cutest! This one centers around Riley and Tim right after high school graduation. They go through New York City with a getaway list that they made before Tim moved away in 9th grade. I loved everything about this book.

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Loved the premise of "The Getaway List"! Two childhood friends reunite years later to accomplish their bucket list in the middle of NYC, with a cast of pals and some past to work through.

I really enjoyed the audio version of the book, but about halfway through, things seemed to get a bit stagnant. Lack of communication, redundant plot points, and unrealistic financial situations made this less than exciting for me to love.

Hoping a lot of others will enjoy it more than I did :)

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Wednesday Books for the opportunity to hear/read this advanced copy, in exchange for my honest opinions!

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SUCH a sweet, fun book - just as everything Emma Lord writes happens to be! Loved the storyline with a few unexpected turns throughout. This is the perfect read to take your mind off of life's stresses.

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I also received an Audiobook advanced listening copy of this title. I enjoyed the audiobook and thought the narrator told the story well, although sometimes her enunciations were so crisp she reminded me of Moira Rose! Maybe that’s just a northeastern thing that stood out to my midwestern ears? 😄

What a great growing up story! Teen readers and those of us still young at heart will enjoy the story of Riley, who just graduated high school and uses her new found freedom to take a trip to New York City to visit her childhood best friend, Tom, whom she hasn’t seen in years. They have an unfinished bucket list of adventures still to complete, called the “Getaway List,” from when Tom had moved away three years ago.

Riley and Tom learn about themselves, their friends, and their relationships as they adventure their way through their Getaway List. I particularly liked the relationship between Riley and her mom. They generally have a solid relationship, but it becomes strained when Riley chooses to move to New York City for the summer instead of coming back home to her mom. I appreciated how the novel approached their relationship and contrasted it against Tom’s difficult relationship with his mom.

Easter Eggs: Readers of Emma Lord’s previous novels will enjoy hearing specific references of places and foods from “Tweet Cute” and “When You Get The Chance.”

Thanks to NetGalley for the advance reading copy.

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Thank you, NetGalley, for an advanced audio copy of “The Getaway List” in exchange for a review.

This is my first Emma Lord title, and I can see why people like her. The characters, even supporting ones like Luca and Mariella, were adorable and fun. This is a sweet, YA love story that includes themes of self-discovery, friendship, and forging your own path.

While I enjoyed it, it also felt…vanilla, kinda bland. I guess what I’m saying is…I liked it, but I don’t think it’ll stay with me over time.

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I really am enjoying the narrator. However, I don't think this book is for me. It moves really slow, and not much happens other than Riley and Tom going on adventures in NYC with friends. The characters are all fun to be around which is what's keeping me invested. I love the found family trope. I enjoy reading about NYC. I appreciate the tense relationship between Riley and her mother. Riley is trying to find herself which is definitely relatable to many young adult and even, adult readers. For a very light, sweet YA novel, I'd recommend this, but for the most part, I don't think it'll be very memorable for me.

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This was the sweetest book. I loved the idea about this book. I had trouble connecting to the monther/daughter aspect of this novel. but that was a me issue

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Rating 4/5☆
317 pages
Pub day January 23, 2024 - upcoming release
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Gr avg. 3.78/5⭐

This is my new favorite Emma Lord book. Which felt more like new adult then YA. The complex family situations felt genuine.

Suggest giving it a try if you read YA

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easily one of my new favorite young adult books!

the best setting: summer in nyc

the best characters: childhood friends and the cutest found family

the best plot: checking off fun adventures on their getaway list

this transported me back to the summer after graduating high school, when it felt like there were endless possibilities. such a fun coming of age story!

thank you to net galley for the arc!

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3.5 Stars. I have read Emma Lord before and loved her books, but this one missed the mark for me. The concept is cute for this Young Adult novel and I liked the characters. The problem I had with it was that it seemed very wordy, with a day-to-day commentary of what seemed like everything they were doing. It seemed like it was super long for the story that was told. It was also written in first person. I would have loved more of Tom's thoughts.

I listened to the audio version of this book narrated by Norma Butikofer. The narration was good, although these old ears had trouble picking up what the male character was saying because it was a lot softer.

Thanks to MacMillan Audio and NetGalley for the gifted audiobook. All thoughts are my own.

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