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Candle & Crow

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penny s, Reviewer

This third and final book of the Ink & Sigil series provides a delightful resolution to multiple plot points. Along the way the reader gets to enjoy the puns, geek humor, shenanigans, and a few sausages that anyone familiar with Hearne’s modern urban fantasy world have come to know.

It’s highly recommended that any reader not familiar with this trilogy first read book one (Ink & Sigil) followed immediately by book two (Paper & Blood) before proceeding to this volume, the satisfying conclusion. This will allow one to better savor the depths and delights in this volume. If the reader is also familiar with the Iron Druid series, this is set in the same world and there is character and plot line overlap.

A wonderful read that has me raising a glass to toast the best of sunsets. I hope there will be more stories set in this rich world.
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