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In this intriguing story about the many facets of human cruelty, I met Pip, a good boy who was raised by an evil sister and his kindly brother-in-law. Pip does not understand why his brother-in-law preferred to live without ambition and indulge in the work he was trained to do , even though he was young and could change his life,. Surrounded by self-interested people, Pip realizes the nobility of his brother-in-law's soul and has a lot of affection for him.

But at a certain point he is taken to Miss Havisham's house at her request and it is when his odyssey begins. He is fascinated by the woman's adopted daughter, Estella, and tries in all ways to be a gentleman to get the girl's attention even if the girl whenever she can, she is cold and bad with him.

Thanks to an unfamiliar benefactor, he conquers all that he dreamed and changes his life, escaping the poverty and pain of his past and abandoning everyone who liked him.

The young gentleman Phillip is quite different from the naive boy Pip and little by little he himself realizes and has to face the consequences of his choices.

Charles Dickens' book is one of the great classics of all time that both the writer who adapted the book for  manga and the mangaká have managed to portray very well. I was able to live all the emotions that flowed from the graphics and see clearly the personality of each character.

A pity for me, the writer has chosen the first final written by Charles Dickens because the book I have opted for this same closure and I wanted to know the alternate end he wrote to please the public.

The cover is also fantastic, rich in elements that draw for reading.
4/5 stars
Kisses, Myl
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This is my first time hearing this story, so I'm not sure if a lot was cut out to make it the proper length, but I am thoroughly amazed by this manga. The art, storyline, and characters are all very vibrant. While the ending seemed a little bitter-sweet to me, I'm glad it was ended that way.
The art was one of the first things that drew me to the book. The cover is intriguing, and the varying expressions of the characters very well portrayed. It amazes me that the artist can draw so many emotions. The aging of the characters is also impressive, and it was interesting to watch them change as they grew older.
On the storyline, I feel like it had good pacing, showed enough of a background, and was remarkable in the progression of the protagonist. I'm rather awkward about anything that even hints at romance, so I was uncomfortable at times, but the story is not romance-centered.  If parts of the story were taken out in the adaptation, it is not noticeable, and flows together smoothly.
In conclusion, I'm very glad I had the chance to read this. I would highly recommend it.
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Manga covers be ware Udon Entertainment has given you the best of two worlds, the classic literary work of Charles Dickson with the wonderful styling of manga. I love manga. I love manga so much that I literally bought my kindle just to afford all the volumes that a single manga series has to offer. This manga is extremely interesting especially detailed with the draws, yet nothing can ever compare to reading the book. That being said, I would not advice you to reading this manga thinking you can pass a literary test about it. However, I think for anyone who hasn’t read  Great Expectation but would like to be introduced to the book, this is a great opportunity. The manga version covers all the essential parts such as:
Pip’s feeling towards the working class has he grows up and attempts to move up the ladder
Pip’s relationship towards this beautiful yet cold Estella
Pip’s mysterious benefactor…

Even thought the manga does cover the main parts of the novel, it’s still not a good idea to take a test on The Great Expectation after reading this classic manga.

The artwork is amazing. The manga adaptation in this series truly makes the entire experience of re-reading this novel amazing. The set of artist that took their time making sure the classic manga adaptation of the novel towards a Japanese comic book style is more than stunning. The way Miss Havisham’s dress is flat out gorgeous, her creepy dusty covered spider webs that makes the entire page look more than haunting. Then there’s the cold shoulder Estella  illustrated posture makes the transition between “nice” and down right “evil” which is the exact same way I felt about her when I read  Great Expectation so many years ago.
	Overall, I felt that this book is amazing. The adaptation of the classic novel The Great Expectation by Charles Dickens is a great book to add to ones literary collection or for those who are extremely in love with Udon Entertainments collection of artist, adaptations, art style, and of course manga.
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A witty and honest reimagining of a Dickens classic with beautiful artwork. What I love most about these manga classics aside from their ability to be true to the themes, is the way they make literary giants accessible to people who have trouble reading the original classics. As someone who has read the books they are an extra treat for me.
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I love these Manga classics! They make reading and enjoying books that were written so long ago much easier to understand. I read Great Expectations such a long time ago and I didn't like the writing style at all but this made the story much more enjoyable
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I am a huge fan of this series and have read all available titles.  This is, however, my least favorite in the series.  It is not due to any fault with the adaptation or the art.  In fact they are very well done, especially since it is a very hard story to adapt.  I just don't like this Dickens story, and although I thought it more palatable in Manga form, I still dislike the story.  If you have to read it this is a faster and less painful way to do so, but I think it is the worst Dickens novel.  The characters are all just so self absorbed that you can't feel much sympathy for any of them.
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Manga Classics
Great Expectations

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Author: Charles Dickens
Adapter: Crystal S. Chan
Artist: Nokman Poon

 A Review

 In high school, Great Expectations was barely readable by this reviewer. This Manga edition stood out and made the story both readable and enjoyable.

 Manga is unique - it is intended to be read starting from what we westerners would call the “back” of the book. Reading then proceeds toward the “front”.  At first this may seem a bit discomforting, but it quickly becomes second nature and the story moves along. At 312 pages, this book is almost three times as long as most graphic novels - echoing the nature of Dickens work. But the artwork (except for the covers, all artwork is black and white in my e-book copy) makes the story understandable and enjoyable to one who has long ago forgotten the plot and themes developed in Dickens classic work.

 The Dickens story was published with two distinct endings. The latter being adapted after early readers expressed a specific dissatisfaction with the earlier version.  Neither ending is depicted in this book. A quick search of the Internet provided summaries of both endings - the omission of either or both does not seem to hinder the story, but it might have been fun to see them both included for the readers’ benefit, allowing him or her to choose the preferred ending.  

 For those looking for a new and enjoyable way to enjoy classic stories, Manga may provide one means to do so. You do lose the author’s original insight and nuances - but … this reader enjoyed the new journey through the old material, perhaps others will as well.
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.
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was not able to read and view through netgalley so I could not read and review it
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This is an interesting adaptation of Dickens’s bildungsroman…

The characters look very different to what I had imagined, having read the original a few times; a large part of this could be attributed to the aesthetic element of the manga medium. Young Pip looks well groomed, and Joe looks attractive and delicate—quite unlike what I expected the poor blacksmith to look like. At the beginning of the manga, Magwitch looks worn and innocent, hugely contrasting the harsh and frightening appearance I had expected.

The manga discounts the vernaculars that distinguish some of the characters. Joe and Magwitch, for example, appear unrefined through their eating habits, but their speech is relatively normal. 

I like how the visual element demands readers make inferences rather than receiving explicit and detailed descriptions—but this also presents an adverse effect: characters often seem two-dimensional. Granted, a lot of the characters in the original are caricatures that merely help Pip grow and develop, but they do not lack depth to such a degree. Moreover, due to the lack of description, some characters seem superfluous, like Wemmick and Drummle. That said, I am aware that this could be ascribed to the abridged and visual format of the manga.

On the whole, an enjoyable read, but lacking the mystery and excitement of the original.
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It is safe to say that I am not Charles Dickens fan. The story was full of drama and some quite unsettling moments so I struggle to understand some of the things, there are so many interpretations out there but for me it didn't work.

The art was great and so was the pacing. Great work!
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With manga even by the e-book formats you have to start reading it from the back. for those who are new to manga there's a step by step guide witch helps you to know in which order you are supposed to read it.
To me reading any thick books manga version is a bit of relief. I seems less intimidating and I get to know the story all the same. 
I loved the artwork and how well everything was illustrated even to the smallest details. 
Pip's story is gripping and in my opinion very easily becoming the favorite of kids with eager mind to learn more. The morals are important and not to be overlooked just as well in the original work as here in the manga edition. 
I gave it 4/5 stars only because I'm really lousy on classic literature.
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I'm obsessed with this beauty and the amazing art of the book!
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All I really need to say about this is that it's a manga version of Great Expectations. It's awesome!

Gorgeous illustrations bring the story to life and keep you reading until the very end. Loved it!
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A gorgeous manga adaptation of Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations."
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Interesting premise for an old classic. Good pictures and followed story. If you like comic book style this could be for you to read classics.
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I'm going to start with saying once again, how much I love these Manga Classics. Seriously. If you want to read a classic but you are scared of them, try these Manga Classics. They are such a fun and easy way to dive into these stories (and they probably, most of the time, make you wanna pick up the original story).

This one wasn't for me. Towards the end I really got into the story and the journey the main character Pip went through and how much he grew. But overall, the whole story didn't work for me. I have to admit that I even forgot about the book for a bit until I saw it on my currently reading shelve on goodreads and on booklikes and remembered, oh right, I'm still reading that.

Like always, the art work was amazing.
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Pip has been raised by his sister and her husband since the death of his parents, but his sister doesn't really appear to like Pip.  One day while Pip is out he runs into a strange man, who demands that Pip help him.  Pip later learns that this man is a convict, and fears he will get in trouble for helping him.  Several days later Ms. Havershim, an old recluse woman with a vast fortune, bids Pip come entertain her and her adopted daughter.  After sometime Pip becomes a blacksmith apprentice to his brother-in-law, but soon learns that there is some mysterious benefactor who wishes for Pip to live in London, and learn how to be a gentleman.  Pip soon falls into his new life, and faces several difficulties. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

I didn't give this the last star, because I didn't really find the story itself all that exciting, but the illustrations and other artwork were really beautiful. 

I enjoyed having the story be accompanied by such beautiful illustrations.  I liked that this had an open ending, since Dickens orginally had written two endings, and this doesn't show any favor to one ending or another.  I really enjoyed that at the end of the novel that it talked about the author and the artistic liberties that were took.  

I didn't really  enjoy how slow the story was, it didn't really seem to move.  Although none of Dicken's stories are all that fast paced, so I can't complain too much.  

I would reconmend this to those who enjoy classic books, and want to see a fresh take on Great Expectations, or to those who want to read Great Expectations, but can't get around all of the outdated writing and language, or don't like to read, for this requires minimal reading.  

Quote of the book "Death is a terrible thing, but it's even worse to be misunderstood once yu're gone..." (Dickens 66)
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I’m going to be honest: I really really don’t like Charles Dickens. There, I’ve said it. I had to read Hard Times and Great Expectations for a university course and, until today, there were probably the two novels that took me the longest to finish. However, I absolutely loved the adaptation to Manga. Congratulations to Stacy King, Crystal S. Chan and Nokman Poon for another brilliant Manga Classic!

Great Expectations tells the story of Pip, a boy from the low class that is given the opportunity to have a better life. With his chance, he discovers that power and money can change a person and is reminded that the past can always come back to haunt you. It’s a timeless tale of opportunities, mystery, love, redemption and second chances.

Here is my deal with Charles Dickens: I like the stories but his style of writing is too tedious for me. In this brilliant manga adaption, the story is made simple and very enjoyable. For someone that hasn’t read the novel before the story us very understandable and easy to follow. I’m very glad that there is a limit of pages per adaptation even though the story loses a bit of its depth, but I think the idea is to make the story more accessible to all ages. 

The art is simply breathtaking. The dress designs are very beautiful and pleasant to look at and the face expressions of the characters are very well developed. I could feel the emotions of each scene from the drawings and the different atmospheres from the different places in the novel. I especially liked the manor of Miss Havisham and the dusty darkish room she is in, and I think it represents perfectly the state of her life and her unhappiness. 

My favourite character was and still is Estella. For me she is the representation of how one is fruit of their education, of the culture they receive since very young. She was taught how to hide her feelings, to be someone other than who she could become without the toxic influence of Miss Havisham.  Pip is also a great character; I like his development as a character. With him I think the lesson is you should never forget where you come from because those are the first pillars of your character. In the end he becomes a better person because he remembers that and manages to break free of the culture of appearances of high society.

The first adaptation that actually made me appreciate the genius of Charles Dickens!
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