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Cover Image: Start Your Own Microbrewery, Distillery, or Cidery

Start Your Own Microbrewery, Distillery, or Cidery

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This is one of those books that you may not need, yet it has the immense potential to become a must read just because of its sheer curiosity value. Of course, enjoying alcohol for its taste rather than its numbing effects may help too! If you have ever wanted to start your own microbrewery, distillery or cidery then it is even better!

Unless you are based in the United States, a fair bit of this book won’t be so relevant even if you are absolutely determined to make and sell your own alcoholic beverages on a small scale. The book can’t be a world expert on the individual licensing practices and business customs of your locality: even in the U.S. it would struggle as many things can and do vary between states. Yet as a general book, giving general information about a fascinating subject, it still can be a great thing. For those in the U.S. it may additionally give some pointers towards the legal and bureaucratic side of things, but you are, let’s be honest, hardly going to base your legal due diligence solely on a twenty dollar book!

Perhaps the best part of this book is its use of real-world examples; interviews from people who are doing this for a living, sharing their experiences both positive and negative. No doubt a few prospective business owners have a rose-tinted, romantic view about owning a microbrewery or similar venture, so if the book can throw a bit of cold water (beer? wine?) over you at the same time, whilst still providing focussed encouragement and cautious advice, should that be a bad thing?

This reviewer is neither based in the U.S. nor has any plans to go into this type of business (although, it must be said, it did cross his radar a decade or so ago, before being rejected for various reasons: cold reality being one of them) yet it was a fascinating general read, adding a fair bit of colour to an “unknown, known subject”. For those who have even a remote thought of going along this route, this book could be a great companion to either reinforce the wish to move forward or to help decide it is best left a dream. A lot of general advice is given, such as writing a business plan, business strategies, marketing, event management and brand development, albeit tailored towards this specific sector.

There is everything to like about this book, especially if you are a curious sort. You don’t clearly have to have any real business plans to get some enjoyment and value out of this book; if you do it is an additional, valuable bonus.

Start Your Own Microbrewery, Distillery, or Cidery, written by the Staff of Entrepreneur Media & Corie Brown and published by Entrepreneur Press. ISBN 9781599185651. YYYY

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