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Think Big Act Bigger

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Tara A, Reviewer

Last updated on 12 Feb 2016

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Jeffrey Hayzlett is always making me stretch myself further in business and push myself to think originally, both through his writing, his social media content, his talks and his friendship.

A key thing that I've learned from him, and that he talks about loud and clear in this book is, "Don't just accept what someone tells you, no matter how much more accomplished (or less) they may be." Dig deep to understand the concept and then apply it to your own unique self and circumstances. Or, to put it more succinctly... Be you, not me!

That's what his latest book, Think Big, Act Bigger is all about, and I highly recommend it. The lessons Jeffrey imparts here are told through stories and idioms that are distinctly his own, making the book and engaging, fun and easy read. But I found myself taking my time with it, simple to savor and digest what he was challenging me, the reader, to do.

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