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Real Leaders Don't Follow

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The best part of “Real Leaders Don’t Follow” is its uncompromising message of hard work and business strategy, which Tobak touts as the roots of entrepreneurship that society, he argues, has been moving away from. This might be a breath of fresh air for those readers who agree. Very few books are willing to stand behind this argument today.
In short, Tobak brings common-sense balance to a world that is following the same old advice.

The book takes a negative view of passionate Web 3.0 advocacy, specifically those who are committed to increasing content and sharing (which seems to be the goal of every manager, if you read most marketing articles these days.) This approach minimizes the conversation on the positive impact of Web 3.0, specifically social media.
Tobak throws this information out there without a specific, step-by-step plan for senior executives (his target audience) to follow. More tips and recommendations could help readers determine the right balance of Web 3.0 for their goals.

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