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Cover Image: Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe

Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe

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Anjana D, Reviewer

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This book is about Laura and her kids and an introduction to the wacky world where there exists a cafe meant to cater to your whimsical life needs. The Comfort Food Cafe lives up to its name and exists to provide solace and a shoulder to cry on and anything else to prop anyone with an emotional burden to bear. Laura is only thirty-five and has been a widow for two years, she has teenage children (married very young, that part of the story was the quaintest) and they are all still living in auto-mode. She applies for a temporary position at the cafe and hauls her family to live on the Dorset Coast. It is summer season and there are enough tourists and other unforeseen scenarios which will keep Laura on her toes and her hair frazzled. It lives up to its genre with its happily ever after (with more to come). It is about community and family beyond blood and the resilience of people if they just have the right environment. There are a few sarcastic quips thrown in for comic effect as well as people who are weird by themselves and need no further arsenal to make you laugh. I cried more than laughed with this one. I then began the next book almost immediately.

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