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Navigating Life

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I really wanted to like this book, I really did. While I'm not a recent college grad (anymore) or a mother, I thought this would've still been relevant to me, a 20-something in the workforce. Alas, while I thought the lessons shared started off and ended strong (I did highlight many quotes and lessons that were provoking), there was too much personal memoir associated with the lessons that I found unrelatable, rambling, confusing and disjointed. I spent half the time wondering why I care about the different jobs she's had and how she feels about her father's addiction and death. This might've been a thoughtful and great gift to her daughter--as I'm sure her other children too--but for a reader who doesn't know or can't relate to these odd details of the author's life, I found myself not caring for a good portion of the novel. The last two or three sections (starting with "Relationships" through the end) I found pleasantly enjoyable though.
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