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Cover Image: Moonlighting on the Internet

Moonlighting on the Internet

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jc C, Reviewer

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This is a very thorough and informative book written by an experienced internet entrpreneur.  However due to the title and cover you would expect it to be one of the low quality cut and paste freebies bombarding the ebook platforms.  There was such a wealth of information and although it wasn't detailed enough to get you started it would certainly point you in the right direction.  There were so many quality leads to explore and options to think about that it couldn't be absorbed in one reading.  I do have a problem with the morals of some of the options especially finding ways to constantly sell products and services to people who were not looking to buy. Especially products that you have no interest in yourself.  But I realise that that is just the way of the world now.  The information on Google and SEO was invaluable - more so as a consumer.  Overall a high quality book that I would refer back to and read again.  But due to the cover and title I probably would never have picked it out if it I was searching for a book on this subject.  For me personally I think the title and cover should be changed to reflect the high quality of information that is being sold.  The author has put a lot of work into this book and it should not be lost among the poor quality books on offer on the same subject.  I hope this helps - thank you

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