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Inside the Investments of Warren Buffett

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Last updated on 11 Jul 2016

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Inside the investments of Warren Buffet has been a great reading especially because I am studding Finances and Accounting and most of the things in this book are explained through financial statement analysis. I found quite interesting that even when the book is specialized, still a read that everyone might understand.
  All the parts of the analysis are so clear, and even when not everyone might understand the numbers after the investments and the explanations on whether they were right or wrong; everyone will still understand everything overall because Yefei Lu has made a great job.  Being from Spain I didn´t know all the companies that were mentioned in the book, but thanks to the little introduction in which the sector is explained and all the figures plus the explanations it was such an easy read, even when usually I will consider to use this book better for research that for a read. 

But I think the greatest think about this book is that it´s divided in period with such a different economics context and in different points of Buffet´s career. 

I consider this book to be quite good, especially because I was learning and seeing how things that have been explained in my lectures can be used in real life.

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