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Last updated on 04 Oct 2016

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Here’s a powerful book that you may not want to miss, written by a serial entrepreneur and a venture capitalist, which looks at how to drastically increase the volume of your business by simplifying your product or service. For those who can change their offering, there can be a significant upside.

The authors carefully explain their methodology and process and show how other companies have successfully used a similar approach to great effect. A range of case studies adds great background knowledge, although many of the companies featured such as Ford, IKEA and Apple may not necessarily be strangers – yet perhaps elements of their history could be!

Humour and humility shine through this book along with a certain authenticity behind the authors’ philosophy and beliefs. It was a pleasant, engaging and relatively relaxing read that meant that bedtime came and went and this reviewer was still reading in the wee small hours! You did not want to put it down.

The philosophy is not just simplifying on price – although that can help – as product range, service proposition or network can also be streamlined and this can lead to much greater business volume and hopefully profit. It may not necessarily drag in millions or billions of dollars in new revenue, since not every company can be a giant in its field, yet a lot of the same advice can be scaled down to even a small-town micro-company.

The book keeps on giving and should you wish to dig even deeper there is a well-appointed section of reading references at the end.This certainly felt to be a credible, informative and helpful book that was quite hype-free, with its literary feet placed firmly on the ground. Many books tend to push the hype envelope or tie themselves in knots with various techniques, philosophies and frameworks. Here, just like the central goal, the authors keep things simple and in this book’s case it seemed to yield results.

Simplify, written by Richard Koch & Greg Lockwood and published by Entrepreneur Press. ISBN 9781599185996. YYYYY

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