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The Upsides of Anger

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This quite short novel is a very cute story but also has some very interesting insights in the LGBT+ community. The main character, Justin, struggles with not having told his family about being bisexual and the misunderstandings of this sexuality. But the main story is about him meeting Vipin by accident and falling in love with him and how their relationship evolves – fueled by Justins anger, which is conjured by his cursed shoes.

I felt that their relationship was evolving a bit too fast, that their feelings were too strong for knowing each other so little, and in general it all just happened very quickly. Also I felt like I didn’t really get to know Vipin. I think it would have been positive for the story if everything had been given a bit more time.

But anyway, I liked it. And apart from Justin and Vipin it had some interesting stories around them – Justins best friend, them wanting to join the running team, Justins family and especially his sister – she has to be my favourite character – and even so for quite some time now, taking other books into consideration as well. She appears very briefly (unfortunately), only two (?) times in the whole story, but she is great.

Conclusion: A nice love story, very fast, would maybe need some more time – but for the length it has it’s good, cute and well-written.
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