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What a lovely Manga!
The art style is beautiful and I loved seeing all of the different clothes from the past time period. 
Overall I love the idea of redoing classics into another format and make it more accessible to other readers. 
It was also my first time ever reading Jane Eyre and I really enjoyed it! It was not my favourite classics of all time but I do not care for romance usually so I am surprised to see how much I liked this book. 

I will for sure check out the other Mangas in this series and I can't wait to read Great Expectations next!
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I feel like any way to introduce a classic to students in wonderful. Many students love to read Manga.

The character designs are great. The dialogue was very true to the original text.
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Thank you, NetGalley and UDON, for a complimentary copy of this book!

This particular classic in manga format didn't draw me in quite as much as Les Miserables in manga format, but I still enjoyed this book. Jane frustrated me many many times, but I guess her behavior was normal during that time period. Once again, the illustrations were fantastic. The additional information provided regarding the adaption helped understand the thought process. I love reading the manga novels before deciding to tackle the actual classic since classics are a hit or miss for me. Most of the time, I don't like the original classics. The mangas help me get a first impression and understand the storyline, especially of those old 19th century classics.
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Thank you Netgalley and Udon Entertainment for this copy!

I really enjoyed reading the manga adaption of Jane Eyre! While I haven't read the original version before, I was able to follow along and understand the overall plot. The illustrations were amazing and the dialogue between the characters were hilarious at times. I'm definitely interested in reading the classic in the future!
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Sadly,i was looking forward to the manga style of this classic but my tablet doesnt let it load. The artwork looks nice.
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Jane Eyre surely is a very strong and independent woman portrayed in a clever way. I have to admit that I had never read this classic before and I regret it because I have been missing out on this wonderful tale. Reading it in manga format was interesting because made me get into the story even more and helped give this ageless story a modern twist.
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I rarely read classic because I find them hard to read, meaning that they are dense and most of the time slow. That´s why these manga editions are perfect. I get to know the classic and enjoy it so very much. Hope these collection keeps growing to bring the classics closer to young readers.
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Jane Eyre (Manga Classics) art by SunNeko Lee, 309 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL
Udon Entertainment, 2016. $27.
Language: PG (5 swears, 0 “f”); Mature Content: PG; Violence: PG
Jane was thrilled to leave her unloving aunt’s house for school, and she becomes excited again with the opportunity to leave school to be a governess. Upon arrival at Thornfield, Jane meets her lively pupil but finds the master absent. With haunting noises around the house and comments about oddities of the master, Master Rochester’s return will bring the unexpected.
The original version of Jane Eyre is hard to read because of how flowery the wording is, extending the story much longer than it needs to be. With the graphic novel version being forced to focus on the most important parts of the story, I found that I prefer this version. I love being able to see the characters and understand more visually in this version than in the wordy book (the graphic novel makes the story feel more romantic), and the graphic novel keeps all the best parts (including my favorite line), so this seems to be the best of both worlds.
Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen
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This was a pretty straightforward adaptation, enough that the adaptation notes at the end of the book were really welcome. I didn't see some of the differences because they worked well enough to feel seamless. I liked the character design, many of the non-Jane women were pretty interchangeable looking but not to the point of confusion. There's nothing in the manga that requires you to tell Diana and Mary apart, for example. It's impressive that this format was able to maintain a lot of the introspection and philosophy of the original text, Jane's battle to be a good Christian against her own stubborn and angry temper stays a main theme. Honestly, that aspect makes this a better choice than one of the movies (as much as I love them all) for a student struggling with reading the original for a class.
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Jane Eyre is and orphan living with her close relatives. Unfortunetaly she was treated there very badly by them. She wanted to get out of there as fast as she could and her aunt also wanted her to go. When the time came, she was sent to Lowood Institution. As much as she was happy about going to school, she wasn't prepared how the orphan girls are treated there. However, thanks to this school she grew up educated and with perspective for future. 

At first she was a teacher at the same school but later on she found a job at Edward Rochester's mansion. Her master has a secret past he wasn't eager to share with anyone. Despite the differences between them, they started to have feelings for each other. 

I've never read Jane Eyre before as I heard a lot of different opinions about the book. Now after reading this Manga Classic I want to buy it and start reading it right away. The story is so intriguing and beautiful that I can't stop thinking about how wrong I was by not reading it earlier. This story feels like a perfect choice for the classic books fans. I'm definitely going to read an original story very soon.
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This is a great adaption of the classic book, and the drawings are great depictions of how readers would imagine the plot of the story. An advantage of the book is the text and descriptions, but with this graphic novel adaption, it helps to visual certain key parts of the book, such as when there was the description of how the flashback happens. The art is quite cute, and this is a nice clean depiction of Jane Eyre and Rochester.
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To capture the dark, somber tone of Jane Eyre is not an easy task, especially when  you are using a medium such as manga to do it. But this book succeeds in doing that. Charlotte Bronte's book is brought to life in this manga study and I would happily recommend it anyone keen on trying their hand at a Bronte novel.
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I have read this book for the first time many years ango when I was a young teenager and I keep returning to it, so I was interested to see what its manga version looks like. And it´s good, very good. The original story isn´t changed, just made more attractive for the new generation of young people. As a teacher, I appreciate very much the few pages about culture and society in the times of Ch. Bronte in general, about teachers and governesses and their role in society etc. They bring just enough information to make the ways of thinking and acting of the characters much more understandable for the reader. Definitely a book I would include in the school library or buy as a gift to a young person.
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Orphaned after the death of her parents, Jane Eyre is taken into the home of her maternal uncle. Soon after, he also died leaving her in charge of his wife, a selfish person for whom Jane is nothing more than a burden, a nuisance that she wants to get rid of as soon as possible.

Jane’s relationship with her cousins isn’t much better. She receives constant mistreatment especially from his cousin and for the girls it is as if she did not exist. As if she didn’t have enough, she is a girl with a lot of character, strong personality and who doesn’t remain silent in the face of the injustices she suffers daily, which caused her even more problems.

She received the news of her leaving for boarding school with much joy and relief. She thought she’d finally find a place to be treated well, loved and appreciated, not like her uncle’s house.

But as soon as she arrived she saw how wrong she was, but at least she had the consolation that in this place she could study and learn a trade that would finally give her her long-awaited independence.

Years passed and Jane began to work as a governess at Edward Rochester’s house. This meant a radical change in her life and was also the beginning of a beautiful, though tormented love story.

This is one of the most famous classics and that has had more editions and versions over the years, although until now I had not seen it in manga. Reading it has been quite an experience and I think this is mainly due to the graphic part that is very well executed.

The text does not detract, it is well adapted, it is brief, precise and faithful to the original story. But from my point of view, what really draws attention and gives a new dimension to this work is the graphic part. It has managed to unite in a singular way two very different types of literature with an unbeatable result.

Well structured, it traps you and maintains quality from beginning to end. The graphic part has been able to capture the style of the time, the way of dress and the furniture of the houses while creating characters with purely manga characteristics, leaving us with a Jane that retains its essence, but it is simpler, adorable and even closer than in the original version.  

A must in any library.
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Overall, I was excited to revisit the story of Jane Eyre! It had been over fifteen years since I read the novel by Charlotte Bronte, and I wanted to delve back into the turmoil and strife of both Jane and Mr. Rochester. This manga did not disappoint.

The overall story points and general plot pull strongly from the novel without much deviation. Because this is based on a beloved classic, there isn't much wiggle-room for change or modification - unlike an adaptation.

Of course, with manga, the artistic direction one of the big draws to the story. This book does a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life. Jane's characteristics could easily be seen through the drawings, and the ever haughty Mr. Edward Rochester was also draw accordingly - not quite handsome, but enough to tempt the reader (and Jane).

One of the issues I had with the book, which resulted in only a 3-star rating, is that there are times within the novel that were serious, emotional, and very important to portray, and yet the artist chose to use chibi-eqsue illustrations to express yelling, anger, resentement, and other strong feelings. I felt that this cheapened the story a bit, and I couldn't move on from those feelings.

That being said, it was still an enjoyable read, and I would love to have this in my classroom as an introduction to classic literature for my students. I'm sure they would enjoy it immensely!
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Jane Eyre has always been one of those moodier classics that I've found myself drawn to. The story of a girl who has to deal with some rough hands that life decides to give here. A love story that goes wrong. And a redemption story where everything falls into lovely pieces.

This adoption of Jane Eyre is wonderful. It follows faithfully to the original story but in this format, it doesn't feel as heavy or dry to get through. I found myself just falling to the story and enjoying every minute of it. 

I did enjoy the artwork as well. though with as dark and moody as I've always felt this story was, the cheerful and animated style sometimes felt like it was fighting the tone of the plot. But that didn't stop me from loving every minute of it.
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I loved this manga retelling of Jane Eyre. I've never read Jane Eyre because it always felt like such a complicated read but I loved the manga version. It kept all the important scenes from the book and even included the original dialogue so I felt like it kept true to the original story. The manga art style breathed more life to the characters and the parts where they drew the characters chibi style or with expressive face expressions just added to my enjoyment of the story. The retelling author included a section at the end which described all changes she made to the retelling and why she included them. She added background information on the original story as well. I honestly just loved this version and I want to read more manga classics now!
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~This ARC has been gently provided in exchange for an honest review~

I absolutely loved this manga version of Jane Eyre. This is my favourite Charlotte Brontë's novel and it's amazing what Crystal S. Chan and SunNeko Lee have done with the story adaptation and the art.

Jane Eyre went to live with her uncle and family after her parent's death. Her uncle was very kind and treated her as one of his own children, but everything changes after his death. Her aunt disliked her very much and her cousins bullied her constantly.

One day, Jane Eyre was sent to Lowood, a charity school for orphan girls. She didn't know this at first; she was quite happy to leave her aunt's house and she thought that at Lowood School she wouldn't be mistreated. Therefore, it was hard at the beginning, but as days went by, Jane learned to control her emotions and with the help and love of her friend Helen and Ms. Temple, her days at Lowood were better. She stayed for eight years; two of them as a teacher. When Ms. Temple married and, therefore, left the school, everything at Lowood seemed differet to Jane; she realised that the world was wide and varied, she had to move on too.

Jane's new beginning would start at Thornfield. She was hired as a governess for a little French girl called Adéle. The first three months were quiet, but Jane felt unsitisfied, she needed to do something else, "[humans] must have action, and they will make it if they cannot find it."

Mr. Rochester was what Jane's restless spirit was waiting for. Although, he seemed "changeful and abrupt" at first, soon Jane realised Mr. Rochester's deepest feelings. Nevertheless, a long path should be walked by Jane before the life she longed for could become true.
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I want to start this review with a thank you to NetGalley and UDON Entertainment for sending this eBook to me in exchange for an honest review. 
This is my first experience with reading Jane Eyre. I have a couple of shelves on my bookcase dedicated to the classics, but there are many I haven’t read yet, and this is one of them. Also, I am fairly new to reading manga’s and graphic novels. I find them to be entertaining in the story telling as well as the beautiful graphics. 
After reading this, I’ve decided that I want to read the original Jane Eyre. I think it would be interesting to compare the differences. This manga has beautiful illustrations and tells the story of an orphan whose aunt takes her in and decides to send her off to a strict boarding school. Jane’s life has been hard, and we see her doing her best to work through bullying and difficult circumstances. The mystery begins after she accepts a governess position and there is an attack on the Master of the house, Mr. Rochester, and Jane wonders who would want to hurt him and why. 
I don’t think it’s necessary to read the original before reading it in this format, however, I’m sure there are differences. I also love seeing classics being formatted in this way so that they appeal to a wider audience. I don’t think this makes a good recommendation for younger readers because it does contain dark themes, but it makes a great read for adults.
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I haven’t read Jane Eyre since the summer before fourth grade. I’m not a huge fan of manga, but it can make for a lighter, fun read. This was the case with Jane Eyre. This manga has beautiful artwork and this classic book was condensed in a way that brought the story to life.

Jane Eyre is an orphan whose taken in by her rich aunt. Her older cousins are cruel and pick on Jane nonstop. Her aunt decides to send her off to a strict boarding school called Lowood. The school isn’t much improved from her aunt’s house. Thankfully Jane has a classmate, Helen befriend her. Life gets more bearable, until Helen passes from getting sick.

Jane sticks it out at Lowood and decides she wants to be a governess. She responds to an ad for one. Thornfield is a massive mansion of sorts and the owner never seems to be home. Thankfully the housekeeper keeps her company along with the little girl she’s teaching, Adele.

The master of the house comes home and Jane realizes he’s standoffish and placates Adele by buying her fancy gifts. Jane keeps to herself and teaching Adele. One night Jane hears a noise and goes out of her room to investigate. She discovers that there’s a fire in the master’s room. Jane runs in to wake him up. This scary incident makes Jane wonder who would want to harm the master of the house? The master, Mr. Rochester, tries to distract Jane from overthinking the incident.

Will Jane figure out what her employer is hiding? Is there more to Mr. Rochester then meets the eye? Follow Jane on her journey to figure out what secrets may be hiding at Thornfield.

I received my complimentary digital copy of Manga Classics: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte from NetGalley. The views are mine and of my own will. This manga brought Jane Eyre to life in a way I’d forgotten. This novel is so dark, spiritually deep and intense. It’s definitely not for kids. It might be even a tad too, adult for a high schooler. I can’t believe I read it before 4th grade.
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