The Good Sister

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Pub Date 13 Apr 2021 | Archive Date 30 Sep 2021



"A stunningly clever thriller made doubly suspenseful by not one, but two unreliable narrators."

Sally Hepworth, the author of The Mother-In-Law delivers a knock-out of a novel about the lies that bind two sisters in The Good Sister.

There's only been one time that Rose couldn't stop me from doing the wrong thing and that was a mistake that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

Fern Castle works in her local library. She has dinner with her twin sister Rose three nights a week. And she avoids crowds, bright lights and loud noises as much as possible. Fern has a carefully structured life and disrupting her routine can be...dangerous.

When Rose discovers that she cannot get pregnant, Fern sees her chance to pay her sister back for everything Rose has done for her. Fern can have a baby for Rose. She just needs to find a father. Simple.

Fern's mission will shake the foundations of the life she has carefully built for herself and stir up dark secrets from the past, in this quirky, rich and shocking story of what families keep hidden.


"A stunningly clever thriller made doubly suspenseful by not one, but two unreliable narrators."

Sally Hepworth, the author of The Mother-In-Law delivers...

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The Good Sister is such a exquisitely crafted thriller. As I was reading, I was trying to figure out Rose and Fern and was pulled into their sisterly bond, all they layers of it, good and bad. A story that will keep you guessing and will leave you very satisfied. An excellent read!

Thank you to St. Martin's Press and Netgalley for an advance copy of this book. This is my honest review.

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I am a huge fan of Sally Hepworth and was excited to receive this copy of The Good Sister from netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. This was a fantastic domestic thriller! The plot was quick moving and the characters were multilayered. I loved the way that the author presented Fern and Rose, two fraternal twins who lives are tightly wound together. Fern needs order in her life and she has some sensory issues that the author does a brilliant job writing. I can't remember ever reading a book with such an accurate representation of character with sensory issues. The relationships in this story are well written and the twists that Hepworth weaves throughout this novel keeps the reader on the edge of there seat, waiting to see how life will evolve for these two sisters. I flew through this novel and it was such a wonderful thriller. I can't wait to see what Hepworth writes next.

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Another fantastic book by Sally Hepworth! Every new book is my new favorites of hers, and this is no exception. The Good Sister is so incredibly well written. Sally Hepworth has a way with characters, making you easily fall in love with each one of them and root for the best. LOVED this book and highly recommend!
Thank you to netgalley for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

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Wow - awesome book - couldn’t put it down.....even read it through dinner!!!! The author really knows how to pull her readers into a story - this is just another one of her books that I’ve loved! I won’t spoil the story, because it’s that good, but wow - just wow!!!!

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Hepworth writes such amazingly twisty unreliable female narrators. This new book is no exception. You always have access to the inner workings of a sociopath. Fascinating. She is a great storyteller.

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The Good Sister is the latest book from Sally Hepworth. I've previously read two of her more current releases, and when this one became available via NetGalley, even though it's almost a year before publication, I had to grab a copy. Sometimes books just line up at the right time, as I had a few free days between reads... then this popped up. Hepworth's novels have made it to the top of my must-read, newly published list of authors... although, I still need to get copies of her earlier novels so I'm fully caught up. A solid 4.5 stars for this one.

In this book, two sisters in their late twenties are somewhat co-dependent. Fern is tall and willowy, and she has intellectual / relationship boundary issues. Rose is shorter and told ‘she's round’ by her mother, yet she is married and seeking to have a child. Chapters alternate between their points of view, mostly through journal entries on Rose's part. Fern is more the leading character between the two. Through memories of their childhood and the way their mother introduces men into their lives, both sisters have had somewhat traumatic experiences. In contemporary times, Fern works at a library and Rose looks after her on the sidelines. Something bad happened years ago, and Fern is responsible... but it takes almost half the book to discover the secret. And even then, there is more to it than we initially know. I won't say much more as I don't want to spoil anything... as the surprises are lovely and haunting.

In the last decade, there have been a lot of books focusing on the relationship between sisters, particularly those that urge the reader to decide which one is telling the truth and which one is lying. At the beginning, I worried this would be another re-telling of semi-average nature... but quickly, the story becomes more and more fascinating. The strength and beauty of this novel is in the character development, specifically Fern's. Fern is such a treasure, a wonderful compilation of all the things people face in small increments; yet Fern has all the issues at once. People make her nervous. Noises frighten her. She thinks she is a horrible person. She trusts no one. She says things that come across as mean but she doesn't mean them that way. The entire time I'm reading her sections, I found myself enamored with how complicated and troubled the young woman is, but at the same time how innocent she must be.

Reading this book just to see Fern's evolution is definitely an option. Though the mystery and drama is intriguing, I found myself more focused on whether she and Wally would get together. Wally is her love interest, a man who lives in his van despite having some money, and who showers in the library because it is free and available. He's equally adorable, because like Fern, they suffer from some trauma in their past and never had the proper guidance to learn how to deal with the repercussions. Hepworth's handling of these two characters is wonderful. She could've tried to play on our sympathies by having strangers or even friends treat them both poorly because they were intellectually challenged, but that's not the case. Everyone is kind to them, a little apprehensive at times but mostly generous and friendly. It is in the innocence of how they live that readers will fall in love with their connection.

Rose, on the other hand, is frightfully peculiar. From the very beginning, I knew something else was going on... and I don't think Hepworth is trying to hide it. She's careful to drop the clues so readers think they know what's going on, but there is a blend of history that's not yet come out. That's when we meet their mother, who for some reason I'd suspected was dead. She's not. And this also isn't a spoiler because it's something pointed out that just wasn't a central point. This is why I like Hepworth's novels... well... that and because when I look up to check the time, thinking I've read 10% and a half hour has passed... I learn I'm halfway down already. It's so simple to read yet full of complexity in the words and imagery.

In the end, I really enjoyed this book. It's less about the plot and more about the character development. You want to see Fern and Wally succeed, but can they? Is this a story where you are meant to think she's the bad or the good sister? Does Hepworth want you to find your silver lining in the end, or is this about saying "I told you all along, she did something bad." Phew... I kept waffling because it was too obvious and too murky at the same time. I'm quite happy with the way it culminated, not because of which sister is good, bad, or a combo of the two, but because I felt like the story truly wrapped up everything that had happened over thirty years, and I understood so much of the tension and fear along the path.

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Told from the alternate perspectives of fraternal twins Fern and Rose, what at first appears to be a mutually loving and supportive relationship reveals itself to be something much more complicated. I got hooked from the first few pages, and finished the book in less than 24 hours. Fans of family drama and domestic suspense novels will love this one.

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This is now one of my favorite books! It is such a ride and Sally Hepworth NEVER disappoints! Thank you so much for allowing me to read and review this book! I went through this book in no time. Will be purchasing a physical copy when it comes out!

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I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.

I came across Sally Hepworth on instagram. If it wasn't for social media, I honestly wouldn't know about her books.

I was very intrigued by this title. I knew it was meant for me to read when I saw the email that I was accepted to read it in advance.

This is an interesting story line. The story is about twin sisters, Rose and Fern. They came from a rough childhood and often spent most of their time homeless and in the library.

Fern becomes a librarian. She also has sensory issues. Rose is sort of like her caretaker.

Mom is in a nursing home type of situation after overdosing about 10 years ago.

Rose can't have a baby, so Fern decides she is going to find a man, have sex, become pregnant and give the baby to Rose.

A fellow walks into the library and Fern decides he's the man.

Turns out the man lives in his van- but is a millionaire who is a computer programmer and an app creating guru.

The book has many twists and turns. It will leave you guessing. I did not expect it to turn out the way it did. I give this book a 5/5. Not only because it held my attention the entire time, but I did not expect the twist at the end. The last sentence is so creative. It leaves the reader wanting more. Hepworth is really talented at what she does. I really enjoyed this book.

If you are looking for a quick summer day read- I highly recommend this one. I read it honestly in about 2 hours.

This is the first book that I have read of Hepworth's, so I cannot compare it to her other titles. I plan on reading more of them this summer.

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The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth A domestic suspense novel that is warm, humorous, heartwarming with an underlying threat that is dealt with in clever outcome.. Rose and Fern are fraternal twins with the premise that one twin is more dominant than the other, Their story further complicated because of their past and Fern's life issues. The final pages reveals a relationship that is both loving and complex. Fern and Wally are absolutely adorable as a couple.

Thank you to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book.

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5 out of 5 for The Good Sister.

Fern and Rose are twins who have always had to look out for each other as their mother was not always the most caring mother. From the age of 12 they were put into foster care and have had to depend on each other.

Fern has sensory issues and doesnt like being touched. Rose is always looking out for Fern and making sure that she doesnt forget things. But all is not as it seems. A great thriller with twists and turns along the way.

Was this review helpful?

This is my favorite book of the year!! I absolutely loved reading this excellent novel and fell in love with the main character, Fern. Her quirky personality was so endearing to me, I want to know her in real life. Hepworth captured the beautiful sweetness of (high functioning) autism spot on with this character!
Fern Castle works at her local library, she eats dinner with her twin sister, Rose, three nights a week, she avoids eye contact and crowds, lights and loud noises whenever possible to avoid a sensory overload. She has a strict routine and doesn't like to deviate from it, which is consistent with her autism. Though never diagnosed, she is clearly on the spectrum.
When Fern discovers that her best friend and twin, Rose cannot have children, she realizes that she can give this wonderful gift to her sister! She can have the baby for her! She just needs to find a sperm donor. Enter the lovable character of Wally. He is well developed and absolutely the sweetest guy for Fern. Fern sets upon her mission.
In the first quarter of the book, I almost forgot I was reading a thriller. I was completely enamored with the characters and excellent character development. As I mentioned, I fell in love with Fern and Wally immediately and watched their relationship blossom with excitement. We learn early on- through the diary of Rose- that Fern's childhood wasn't the greatest and her mother may have been abusive and a possible narcissist. Something terrible happened in the girls' childhood that could affect them in the present. What did Fern do and what is she capable of? What did her mother do these girls?
We begin to see that one of the characters isn't a reliable narrator, but which one? Can we trust what we are reading about the childhood of these twins? The relationship between sisters is examined and pushed to the limit. I can't tell you anymore. READ this book. I loved the character development, I loved the surprises in the end and I love this book. My first 5 star read this year!!! Thank you to netgalley and St. Martin's Press for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book! It was a little slow to get going but hooked me and I just couldn't stop reading. This is my first book by Sally Hepworth, but I will surely be reading more of her work. It's suspenseful, has an unreliable narrator, and incredible characters (Wally is my favorite!).

Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this book!

Was this review helpful?

I received an ARC of this book and I am so glad I was able to read it ahead of it's publication date! Thank you for the opportunity.
From the time I started reading this book, I was absolutely hooked. It tells the tale of twin sisters, with an apparently neglectful mother, and follows their story from childhood through adulthood. I enjoyed reading the "back and forth" between journal entries from Rose's point of view depicting their childhood and the traumatic relationship they experienced with their mother, to going forward to present time and reading Fern's point of view of her relationship with her sister, her mother, and the world around her.
I have a child with autism, and the way that the author writes about Fern, who has sensory processing disorder, appears to be very accurate and I could feel her experiences as I read the book and pulled from my own life with my daughter.
Kudos to Sally Hepworth for weaving a tale that kept me guessing throughout the story. I look forward to reading more from her.

Was this review helpful?

I could not put down the new novel by Sally Hepworth, The Good Sister. Fern is a young woman, working at the library and protects herself from the sensations of the world with noise-canceling earphones and goggles. Despite her struggles with the world, her big sister, Rose, is always there as a protector even against their mom.

However, when Fern meets a man named Wally and becomes unexpectedly pregnant, she learns some deep dark secrets of her family.

It will be hard not to read this book in one sitting. Thank you, NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book.

Was this review helpful?

A beautifully written, fantastic read with plenty of little twists to keep you on your toes. This book explores childhood and life from the perspective of twins. Until the end, you're left wondering about whose version of events is most truthful since the dual narrative gives two convincing portrayals where, as a reader, you want to believe in the happier version of events.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for this ARC.

I deeply adored Fern. I can’t sum it up. Everything about her was vulnerable and lovable. What a beautifully constructed character. And the people who surrounded her! Who else besides Sally Hepworth can make secondary characters so deep and evolved? Throughout the whole story, I pictured the library I worked in for years. It felt like home, reading this book.

Truly, this tale of two sisters had me from the beginning, and truth be told, I did not foresee the end. I started to have sinking suspicions just when the author wanted me to. This book was wonderfully written and executed. I am a huge fan of the author, with her relatable descriptions and deep characters. I want more of Fern, please.

Was this review helpful?

I adored this quirky, captivating, and suspenseful book! Sally Hepworth successfully blends realistic characterization and engaging storytelling to create a one-of-a-kind novel. The two main characters, Fern and Rose, are fraternal twins who could not be more different. Fern is a librarian with sensory processing issues, while Rose is married and dealing with infertility. Despite their differences, they rely heavily on one another and both hold secrets from their childhood that threaten to affect their current lives. The events of the past and present unfold through Rose’s journal entries and Fern’s real-time narration. Fern’s character is beautifully constructed and I instantly connected with her and her atypical approach to live. The shocking twists add another dimension to this book, making it simply unputdownable. The Good Sister is a must read! Thank you to so much to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for my e-galley in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

What a psychologically intense novel as explored through the characters of Rose and Fern. Just like her journal, Rose's life is as fabricated as the words on the page. Despite her emotional and mental impediments, Fern actually was the more "normal" of the two. She was just constantly told otherwise. She has a great heart as evidenced by her love for Wally and Willow. This was quite a page turner especially at the end due to Owen's reveal and their mother.

Was this review helpful?

Sally Hepworth is one of those authors whose work is so exquisite that every story is completely unique yet fantastic. The story of two sisters, Rose and Fern, who grew up in an abusive household are navigating adult life in completely different ways. As the two sisters learn to live with how their past affects the present, you will not be able to put this one down.

Was this review helpful?

I have been a fan of Sally Hepworth for years now and I couldn't wait to dive into her upcoming 2021 release. The Good Sister pulled me in right away with its quirky and unique characters and interesting relationships.

The book is narrated by Fern, a woman with intense sensory processing issues, whose beloved routine and “safe” relationship with her twin sister is rocked by the meeting of a man who she’s surprised is interested in her. As their relationship develops and the unexpected occurs, Fern is forced to uncover the truth about her relationship with her twin sister.

I loved the multifaceted characters and suspenseful storyline and had a hard time putting this one down- highly recommend! My full review will be posted on closer to the April 2021 publication date!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the gifted copy.

Was this review helpful?

Absolutely loved this book! I have read and loved all Ms. Hepworth’s books and this one did not disappoint. Heartfelt and honest story of twins with lots of twists and turns. When Fern and Rose were growing up life was not always easy, but maybe not as hard as Rose made it out to be. Because Fern had special needs Rose always felt she needed to have a lot of control over her sisters life. When Fern falls in love and wants more freedom in her life she learns that Rose may not always have her best interests in mind. Excellent story of family and what it means to be sisters. Highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

SPOILER-FREE REVIEW: The Good Sister was written by bestselling author Sally Hepworth (known recently for her hit The Mother-in-Law, published in 2019). It’s set for release in April 2021, by St. Martin’s Press. The Good Sister is a mystery/thriller about a pair of twins whose lives are so incredibly intertwined that it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins...and how that closeness - and the secrets kept between sisters - can be both life-saving and absolutely deadly.

PLOT RUNDOWN/BASICS: Rose and Fern are fraternal twins with an incredibly close bond and a tragic history. Their mother overdosed when they were 12, resulting in their placement into foster care. Told through Rose’s reflective journal entries and Fern’s current-day circumstances, we learn the details of their tragic childhood and how the sisters still remain close to this day.

Rose takes it upon herself to be the protective twin; she is diabetic and has spent her life taking care of her sister, even taking the blame when their volatile mother was looking for a target. Fern has social anxiety and sensory processing issues; she is likely on the autism spectrum but was never diagnosed, and lives a life of regimented schedules and predictable activities, which she finds calming. Fern spends most of her days working as a librarian, which is her dream job; she is incredibly happy with her life and her work commute, just a quick and calming walk from her flat. Rose’s life, however, is beginning to pull at the seams. Her husband Owen has run off to London, and she is attempting to win him back; we learn that Rose believes he left because she suddenly decided she wanted children, eventually pushing him away with her zealousness.

When Fern learns about her sister’s troubles, she begins to brainstorm all of the ways she could help Rose achieve her dreams and get the life Fern thinks she truly deserves. After all, Rose has kept Fern’s secrets for years, and helped her clean up her messes - and some of the things in their past are, well…truly dark. Too horrific to tell someone outside of their sisterly bond. But at the same time, a new man walks into Fern’s life, and she is given the chance at a new form of happiness she didn’t realize was possible.

When their pasts and present collide - and when the only other witness to the twins’ most horrific secret starts to talk again - Fern must decide what the future holds for her. Which of the people in her life is looking out for HER best interests, and who is determined to wreck her future for the happiness of their own? Her choice may have deadly consequences, and it’ll be the most important decision she’ll ever make.

MY THOUGHTS: This was my first read by Hepworth (despite the fact that I’ve had The Mother-in-Law on my TBR shelf since last year…...oops), and I found this book very enjoyable. I would absolutely read more books by this author, and it’s honestly moved The Mother-in-Law up on my (neverending) list of books to read soon.

It's technically a mystery/thriller, but I would consider it more of a psychological suspense novel that explores family bonds - the tightest, one might say, being that of twins - and the boundaries of individualism and self. (Fern ruminates at one point, "Maybe when it comes to sisters, boundaries are always a little blurry. Blurred boundaries, I think, are what sisters do best." ) It also reflects on how our best-laid plans in life may not have room for what will truly make us happy, and we may have to learn to be more flexible than we’re typically willing to be.

Fern was an incredibly written character, and one of my favorite recent literary protagonists; seeing the world through her eyes as someone on the autism spectrum was both eye-opening and educational. We see duality not just in the twins, but in Fern herself: her flaws and her strengths, her weaknesses and her coping mechanisms. She may seem rigid about her routine, and adamant about refusing to learn the library’s technical side...but we also see her softness at the hands of Rose and the children who visit the library.

This book examines the price that is often exacted at the hands of systemic abuse and mental manipulation. The plot becomes tense as the reader realizes the terrible situation Fern is in long before Fern does - but it's a very quick read with an ending that ties up all the loose ends. It's absolutely as much a book about finding yourself and learning the importance of opening yourself up to love, as it is a book about murder and betrayal.

Readers will bond with Fern immediately and really root that she can come out of this awful situation with the happiness she desperately deserves. Seeing her journey in learning to trust herself - and trust that she has made good decisions and can live a good life with people who truly care for her - is a very satisfying one.

Was this review helpful?

I was lucky to receive an Advance Readers Copy from Netgalley and these are my opinions of this book.

Sally Hepworth has done it again with another outstanding read! She never fails to impress and has outdone herself with this latest book. You absolutely must add this to your TBR list immediately.

Was this review helpful?

Oh. My. Goodness. This book!! Thank you so much to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for a copy of The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth in exchange for an honest review, it publishes April 13, 2021.
This book gets every single star! I absolutely could not put this down. It was so twisty in such smart, unpredictable ways that truly had me on the edge of my seat! I am purposely being vague because no spoilers from me!
I adored the twin sister aspect and was really drawn to it and their dynamic. I loved what Sally said in the acknowledgements about noticing the sister relationship and needing to write about it.
I highly recommend this to anyone interested in thrillers!
Trigger Warnings: Abuse, overdose, sexual abuse.

Was this review helpful?

Another excellent book by Sally Hepworth that chronicles the story of twin sisters, Fern and Rose. Fern is an interesting character, and the story quickly turns into a thriller when the reader gets an inkling that her sister, Rose, is not all she seems to be. The clues come together quickly and the book is a quick and enjoyable read. You won't be able to put this one down.

Was this review helpful?

Fern and Rose are fraternal twins. Fern has sensory-processing issues, sound, light and touch. Rose has taken care of Fern since they were children, helping her to cope with situations and dealing with people. Rose is married but her husband Owen has been in London for a while on a job. Rose wants a baby badly but has diseased ovaries. Since Fern shouldn't have a child because she probably wouldn't be able to care for it, she would like to have a baby and give it to Rose and Owen.

This book is a first time author for me. I was delighted with the story from page one. Fern is a wonderful character who I would love to know. Hepworth does a great job of going day to day with Fern and making her such a lovable person. Rose keeps a journal and tells her side of growing up with their single mom and taking care of Fern.

I loved this book and thank Netgalley and St. Martins for allowing me to read and review it. I'm looking forward to more books by Sally Hepworth.

Was this review helpful?

Honestly..this was the best book i have read in years!!!!
Sally Hepworth obviously is an amazing writer!!! Fern and how her thoughts were presented was just amazing. It was almost like she was "real". It was almost as I could "feel" what she was going through.
Just a wonderful book and I truly couldn't put it down.

Was this review helpful?

The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth is an easy ***** review.  This book took tropes and turned them upside down.  It was engaging, disturbing, delightful, and twisty (and you know I love a good twist!).

Fern and Rose are fraternal twins in Australia.  Rose is married, has a house, and seemingly has it all together. Fern has sensory issues and struggles with independence and boundaries.  When Fern finds out that Rose is struggling to get pregnant, Fern comes up with a plan--that isn't as perfect and flawless as it seems.

Fern and Rose's relationship is at the crux of the novel, asking questions along the way about how much dependence is too much and what if what you see isn't what you get.  The book alternates narrators between Rose's diary and Fern's first person and as with any good thriller, there's a mystery at the heart of their stories--the same story, told by two different people, isn't always the same story.  Their relationship with their mother is intriguing and along the way, I was wondering what was really going on.  This book kept me guessing until the end-which tied everything up very nicely.

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely could not put this book down! Yet again, Sally Hepworth has done it! This book is so many different things rolled into one wonderful, delicious book. Fern and Rose are twins and the book goes back and forth between their narrations. Fern has sensory issues and her sister Rose has always protected and taken care of her. But Fern meets a guy at the library where she works and realizes over time that she can take care of herself. There is humor, romance, and twists and turns in this excellent book!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the eARC.
Another great book by Sally Hepworth, I couldn't put it down.
It's the story of two fraternal twins, Fern and Rose, told in alternating chapters: from Fern's point of view and from Rose's diary entries.
Fern suffers from sensory overload (autistic?) and relies heavily on Rose's help to navigate her way through a noisy, bright and overwhelming world. She works at a library, which she loves and has a small apartment, but spends a lot of time at Rose's home. Then she meets a young man.
This is a book I absolutely loved. It deals with mental illness, the sisters' relationship with their mother and what happens when Fern falls in love, slowly pulls away from Rose and the subsequent fallout.
Do yourselves a favor and read this book! Highly recommended.

Was this review helpful?

I read this book late into the night and then quickly finished it the next day. Going in to it I thought I had it all figured out. Rose and Fern, fraternal twins, grew up without a father. Their mother was abusive, and it shaped their lives forever. Now grown, the sisters spend many nights eating dinner together. Each sister has her own life, but they are never far from each other. When Rose and her husband Owen want a child, but cannot conceive, Rose decides to get pregnant and give her baby to them. What happens next is a wild ride of emotions. I’m thankful to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to be an early reader.

Was this review helpful?

A suspenseful new thriller featuring two sisters, and an unreliable narrator that will have you fully engrossed and questioning who to trust. The first half reads more like a family drama/character study ...with one of my favourite characters this year - Fern, and the unique way she socializes with others, perceives situations and communicates. The second half is a thrill ride!!! Psychological thriller for the win. I loved this book so much. Thank you @sallyhepworth. Go into this one blind and you won’t regret it.

Was this review helpful?

I received an ARC for my honest review of this book.

I have read two other books by Sally Hepworth and both received five stars from me....not something I give easily! I didn’t think this one would reach the expectations I had going into it, but boy was I wrong! She hit it out of the park on this one!

I have a son who has many sensory processing issues. Ms. Hepworth describes those issues perfectly! I felt at times that I was reading a book about him!

Was this review helpful?

This book is pretty emotional. It shows family dynamic and what mental health issues can do to a family. Sweet Fern still has no idea what her sister is capable of and what her Momma went through raising the twin girls. It is a little slow to start, but once the characters are developed, you will not want to put it down. I still can't believe all of it, but you know what, I don't have a sister. Maybe two sisters would total understand.

Was this review helpful?

Sally Hepworth has become one of my favorite authors so, when I saw her new book up on NetGalley I had to apply to read it! Than you NetGalley for the opportunity to read The Good Sister for a fair review.
A story of twin sisters, fern and Rose, told in turn by the sisters, these are two well developed, interesting characters who draw you into their story very quickly and keep you there until the very last word! Sally Hepworth has again done what she does best with a great story, interesting characters and enough twists to keep you guessing! Grab this one as soon as you can!

Was this review helpful?

Wonderful! I was sucked in right away. The characters were relatable and had me wanting to dig deeper. This book had me completely hooked. Could t put it down. Definitely one to put on your list!

Was this review helpful?

Fern and Rose are fraternal twins who grew up with a challenging mother and ended up very dependent on one another in many different ways.

Once again Sally Hepworth has written a smashing hit. This is one book you will not want to miss!

Was this review helpful?

Twins, Rose and Fern have always watched out for one another during their turbulent childhood. After their father left, the girls have found they can't always rely on their mother.
With a sensory disorder, Fern finds that she must take care to avoid loud noises, bright lights, and disruptions to her routine. Rose does a good job of managing Fern's condition or so it seems.

As a beloved librarian, Fern has found a job she loves and created a careful routine that works for her. Once she begins to allow friends into her life, she finds new coping mechanisms that help although she lives with the guilt of having injured someone in the past.

While Rose's husband is away in London, she cajoles Fern into staying with her and tries to take over her life. Living in a nursing home, the girls' mother warns Fern that she needs to not allow Rose to control her.

What happens becomes the makings of a wonderful story in which hidden truths are revealed and friendships grow. I stayed up until 2am after reading this book in one day. It's a story that I found impossible to put down. It's a story I won't soon forget.

I received an advance Kindle copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I'm a fan of Sally Hepworth and found this to be her best book yet.

Was this review helpful?

The Good Sister was an ARC sent to me by NetGalley, Sally Hepworth and St. Martin's Press. Thank you very much for this book and this is my personal review.
The Good Sister is a book about twin sisters. You truly have to read this book – it will be one that stays with you long after you have finished it.
I enjoyed this book from cover to cover.
Thank you again for another amazing story Sally Hepworth.

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WOW! This book. Such a great story. I loved that the author would write about sensory overloads. I liked the two different perspectives. I really was drawn into Ferns world of order and being safe.
I also liked Rose but felt that something was off about her.
A great thriller and a great story.
I loved Fern and her challenges and all the ways in which she over came them.

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Holy smokes! This book was an ARC (digital) from NetGalley, Thank you! I have seen Sally’s name in my book groups and thought I’d read one of hers. I had no idea the synopsis and took a chance. What a good decision! I could not put this down! What a twist!
I’ll definitely be reading more of this author.

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My favorite sally Hepworth yet- not that she’s ever disappointed me before- she’s always been a reliable author. I liked the characters and it was a real page turner. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free copy in exchange for review.

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How suspenseful could. a story about twin sisters be? If it's written by Sally Hepworth you better hold on tight. The characters in this book are so well developed I felt like I knew them. The differences between Rose and Fern carried the story to places I never expected. I highly recommend this twisted tale. The ending is especially great.

I received an Advanced Reader's Copy from St Martin's Press through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are completely my own.
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Wow. A page turner with a number of twists and turns. I enjoyed the the intricacies of the sister and mother relationship. The author does a great job of both celebrating and exploiting them. I don’t want to give too much away but it’s kind of a cross between The Rosie Project and Gone Girl in the best ways! Thank you to Net Galley, the author, and St. Martin’s for the advanced reader copy!

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Now this was fun!

Ever since the pandemic hit I have had trouble concentrating. Books and reading didn’t hold their usual appeal. Hence, my (probably) overly critical and lackluster reviews of late. This story was a wonderful respite from that!

I loved The Mother-In-Law. I thought it was clever and well written. I liked this even more! The characters were so interesting! Fern was fascinating. The details of her struggles with social situations (sensory issues) were very intense and heartbreaking(the noise, smells, lights, touch). Rose’s diary entries gave additional details and layers to the story and characters.

There were surprises and I saw a few of them coming but there were a few little twists within some of them that I didn’t. I couldn’t help but root for the relationship between Fern and Wally. This was excellent and I advise you to go into it as blindly as possible.

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and St. Martin’s Publishing Group for a copy in exchange for a review.

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