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Vanity Fierce

Vintage Australia

Archive Date  Jan 31 2013


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Graeme Aitken's last novel was fifty ways. This novel is fabulous in fifty different ways...bitchy, funny, camp, tender, vain, glamorous, capricious, Sydney itself where this tale of the city is set. The ultimate comic novel of gay Sydney – Armistead Maupin meets Melrose Place at the Mardi Gras! Stephen Spear is everyone’s golden boy (including his own). Blond, blue-eyed, blessed with every talent and advantage, he has the world falling at his feet. And he’s ready to trample all over it. When Stephen falls for Ant, the only gay man he knows who still has chest hair, he is astounded to find his desire unrequited. Or is it? Ant is so inscrutable, it’s impossible to be entirely sure. But Stephen is determined to get his man. And if the wiggle of his cute butt isn’t enough, then scheming, lying and manipulating is second nature to him. He’s too young to realise that love can be tricky enough without adding any extra complications. Vanity Fierce is a love story that’s big on outrageous schemes, dark secrets and firm muscles.


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