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Garage Sale Diamonds

Suzi Weinert

This title has been archived by the publisher, so it can no longer be downloaded or sent to Kindle.


Hallmark Channel’s #1 Hit TV Movie GARAGE SALE MYSTERY Based On Suzi Weinert's Nail-Biting Thriller Series – Get the 2nd Garage Sale Mystery Now!

With enough nail-biting suspense to keep even the most hardened of mystery readers on the edge of their seats, a dash of romance, and a powerful dose of realism, Suzi Weinert’s Garage Sale mystery-thriller series debuted as a Hallmark Channel made-for-TV feature based on the book on September 14th, 2013, which reached over 2.3M viewers and propelled Hallmark Channel to the #1 spot in Saturday primetime ratings.

The second Garage Sale mystery novel from Suzi Weinert, in Garage Sale Diamonds, Jennifer Shannon (played by Full House star Lori Loughlin) discovers hundreds of diamonds hidden inside an innocent garage sale purchase in McLean, Virginia. As danger to Jennifer and her family escalates, she must rely upon her ingenuity and inventiveness to hurdle the frightening obstacles thrown across her path. This mystery thriller is the second in the exciting Garage Sale Mystery series.

An imaginative, engrossing and assured debut, Garage Sale Diamonds cements Weinert’s status as a formidable new voice in the thriller genre.