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What a page turner. Great book. Suspenseful plot and interesting characters. I like hoe he interjects what happens to minor characters after the story ends. And a surprising twist at the end.

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this book to review.

In "Deep State," Chris Hauty delivers a pulse-pounding thriller that delves into the enigmatic world of power, politics, and hidden agendas. Set against the backdrop of Washington, D.C., Hauty weaves a gripping narrative that takes readers on a roller-coaster ride through the corridors of power, uncovering dark secrets that lie beneath the surface.

The story centers around Hayley Chill, a young and tenacious intern who unexpectedly stumbles upon a complex conspiracy that has the potential to alter the course of the nation's future. Hauty's character development is both engaging and layered, and readers will find themselves immediately invested in Hayley's journey from an ordinary intern to a determined force seeking to expose the truth.

One of the standout elements of "Deep State" is its portrayal of the intricate political landscape. Hauty's own experience in the world of politics shines through as he intricately outlines the power struggles, alliances, and betrayals that shape the narrative. The author's attention to detail and meticulous research lend an air of authenticity to the story, making the political maneuvers and machinations feel all too real.

The pacing of the novel is relentless, with each chapter unveiling new twists and turns that keep readers on the edge of their seats. The narrative is peppered with suspenseful moments and unexpected reveals, making it difficult to put the book down. The tension builds steadily as Hayley inches closer to the heart of the conspiracy, leaving readers guessing at every turn.

However, while "Deep State" excels in many areas, there are instances where the plot feels slightly convoluted. The intricate web of characters, motivations, and plotlines can occasionally become overwhelming, requiring readers to pay close attention to keep up with the unfolding events.

Despite this, Hauty's writing style is engaging and evocative, effectively capturing the atmosphere of tension and mistrust that permeates the novel's setting. The dialogue is sharp and often laced with political wit, adding depth to the characters' interactions and personalities.

In conclusion, "Deep State" by Chris Hauty is a captivating thriller that offers a thrilling glimpse into the world of high-stakes politics and hidden agendas. With its well-drawn characters, relentless pacing, and intricate plot, the novel keeps readers engaged from start to finish. While it occasionally leans towards complexity, its overall impact is undeniable. Fans of political intrigue and fast-paced thrillers will undoubtedly find themselves engrossed in this thought-provoking tale of power and deception.

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I loved this book up until after they got back from Camp David, not to tell anyone spoilers, but after that I felt it went on and on like it was the next book, the story should have ended shortly after Camp David.

Otherwise, the book was great! Loved the characters especially Hayley! I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, because the ending dragged on and on, otherwise it was good. I will read the next book to see how it goes from there!
Looking forward to a next in the series.

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I did not finish this book. The plot was predictable and the main character was way too stiff. It was very hard to read. I did like the flash forwards when initially presenting the characters.

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Deep State by Chris Hauty is such an amazing political thriller!

A page turning thriller that kept my attention from page one.
This book was fast paced and easy to follow.
Chris Hauty sucked me so deep into the story that is so believable.
This book had a cast of very strong, believable characters that I genuinely liked.
I've enjoyed this series so much and I only hope he continues writing more of these!

"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Thank you to NetGalley and Atria/Emily Bestler Books for my ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Big thanks to netgalley and Atria for my copy of Deep State.
I had this book on my shelf for so long and I am so mad at myself for waiting so long to read it. Let me tell you, this book kept me up all night. I didn’t want to put it down and I definitely couldn’t stop talking about it.
Excellent read.

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Thank you Atria for our gifted review copy!

Hayley Chill grows up poor in the Appalachian mountains. She joins the military to get out of the area, learns to box. I love that because the book opens with her boxing in my home state of Texas. She later leaves the military as she is recruited to be part of "The Deep State".

She is behind the scenes, basically one of the puppetmasters behind the US government. This is a great political thriller that is suspenseful throughout each and every page. And that ending!!! I can't wait for more of this series.

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I am a complete novice to the political thriller genre, but I was completely entertained and totally captivated by this book. Hayley Chill is a heroine I ended up loving and I am happy to learn we will have more Hayley Chill thrillers to read. It was so easy, in today's current climate, to picture myself right in the middle of all of this drama. Reading this book was like watching an episode of Scandal and I am here for it!

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So much fun! I loved the twist at the end, and it's clear that Chris Hauty has worked with movie studios. This is definitely one of the most cinematic books I've read in a while. And I can't wait to post my review of the sequel next week. Thank you!

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I don't typically read political thrillers, but I couldn't ignore the reviews for this one. Deep State follows Hayley Chill, an Army veteran who has moved to DC and landed an internship in the White House. Hayley quickly uncovers a plot to assassinate the newly elected POTUS, and this discovery leads her down a dangerous path.

I'm echoing a lot of reviewers, but I will say that this book would probably be better as a movie - but that does not make it an unenjoyable read. A screen adaptation of this would undoubtedly be a blockbuster action movie perfect for summer (picture it: a cool theater, a heart-pounding movie, a giant tub of popcorn and some overpriced candy. Damn you, COVID!)

The twist is really the draw here, and it's worth it. I'm excited to read the next book in the series now that Hauty has laid a great foundation for what's sure to be a fun sequel.

Thank you Atria Books for the NetGalley ARC of Deep State!

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Deep State is an exciting political thriller. It kept me engaged and wondering what was next throughout. Just when you think you have it figured out it will surprise you!

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Chris Hauty's first novel, Deep State, is a timely, politically-charged page turner. Hayley Chill's career takes a fast track to the inner circles of power as she moves from an Army base to the basement office of a congressional aides into the President's circle of trust. When she sees evidence that the President's Chief of Staff may have been murdered, she becomes a target herself.

Hauty keeps the action going with the cat-and-mouse, who-can-you-trust game. He presents a convincing, if a bit dark, view of Washington political culture. It all comes together very nicely in the final confrontation. However, not to give away the ending, but Hauty tears down a pretty good novel with his denouement. The character of the president is, in part, clearly modeled after President Trump, and I was impressed that Hauty didn't let politics get in the way of a good story. But at the end, he let stupid politics ruin a good story. This is obviously a novel and a genre that will have politics infused into the story, but in my opinion the way Hauty does it takes away from an otherwise enjoyable political thriller.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the complimentary electronic review copy!

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I just finished this Audiobook! It is a fast paced read and do I get the sense of a series? That would be wonderful. When you thought you had it all figured out that twist at the end hits you. Great writing.

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If you’re looking for an entertaining thriller I recommend giving this a try. What seems like a random beginning introduces us to the main character, Hayley Chill, boxer in the Army. Soon she arrives in Washington DC and from there we are treated to a political thriller that felt so refreshing in a genre filled with mediocre domestic thrillers about alcoholic women who’ve lost their memory. No thanks. Shortly after Hayley arrives in Washington and at the White House, there’s a murder and from there the stakes are high, the tension ramped up and the lies and secrets multiplied. I can’t ask for more from a thriller and I really enjoyed the fast paced chapters and dialogue. Did I have to suspend my disbelief regarding Hayley’s abilities and incredibly good luck at times? Yes, but it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story. I can most definitely see this as a tv series and will be looking forward to Chris Hauty’s next book!

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This compelling debut novel from screenwriter Chris Hauty takes place in Washington, D.C, following the recent election of the highly divisive President Richard Monroe. In the midst of heightening partisan tensions, the White House chief of staff is found dead. When an enterprising intern finds a clue that he may have been murdered, she realizes there may be deep state forces at play. Timely and provocative, anyone who loves a good thriller will find it impossible to put this novel down, particularly in the thrilling, twist-filled third act.

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Haley Chill is a former Army boxer who is now serving her country as a government intern. She is pleased to be assigned to the White House chief of staff even if it means she is relegated to a cramped desk in the basement. The other interns access this mousey newcomer and don’t see much threat. They are more than willing to let her work the late hours and finish their work. Then they are surprised when she is called in to stand with the chief of staff for face to face work and meetings.

Haley likes the chief of staff and is only a little surprised when he warns her that if either he or the president (disruptive to the status quo) end up dead, it wouldn’t be natural or suicide. She is told, “Trust no one.” Shortly thereafter Haley finds the chief of staff dead. She discovers a single clue that indicates the death wasn’t natural. But who can she trust with this information? She doesn’t want to trust the FBI and she doesn’t plan on telling the Secret Service short term boyfriend whom she is about to break up with.

When Haley is attacked and barely escapes, she ends up sharing her secrets with a new friend, another White House staff worker. Then another man ends up dead. Haley knows the Deep State is at work and the president is in danger. She is on a race to get to the president to warn him before the killers act again.

I loved this gripping thriller. The characters are well developed and the plot has some zingers. I had to get accustomed to the writing style which presents future events in the lives of the characters. I would compare these to facts sometimes disclosed at the final credits of a movie. Although that was a bit unusual, it worked and even helped create a little extra intrigue. The story moves with action and the tension builds to exciting twists. There is some foul language and use of the Lord’s name which I didn’t like. Still, I was able to slide over those pretty quickly. I highly recommend this to readers who enjoy a good thriller with twists.

Source: 2019 NetGalley.

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Screenwriter Chris Hauty successfully jumps the tracks and lands his first novel – which is really a glorified screenplay disguised with extra narrative. Hey, you write what you know. Deep State is an average political thriller that will no doubt make for an above-average Netflix film. The book, which has had a surprisingly great word-of-mouth marketing campaign, narrates an assassination attempt on President Richard Monroe. The president, in this fantasy, make-believe world is a populist, controversial, and divisive figure trying to lead an increasingly polarized Washington, DC. See, pure sci-fi. Hayley Chill (a fantastic Chander-esque homage if there ever was one) is a White House intern who accidentally becomes aware of an assassination plot and, using her infantry background and skills as an accomplished boxer, must warn the POTUS while navigating minefields of mistrust. Hilarity ensues.

Deep State orchestrates over-played beats but Hauty swings together a fast story and, more importantly, a fun character with Chill. From her origins in Appalachia West Virginia through her time in the Army, Chill has a strong moral center and a stronger left hook. You want her to succeed. And of course she does. As strong and as successful a character Chill becomes, the story surrounding her is as fresh as an evening-commute Dunkin’ Boston Crème. For a political thriller set in a “polarized world,” the reader is never immersed. Monroe might be controversial, but rarely is that shown. The nation seems to despise the man, yet proof is never truly drawn. Missing is that smooth Le Carré-style diplomatic backstabbing where razor-sharp words solicit deadly consequence. Instead, base in-your-face confrontations rage on as if this was CBS prime time. No world building; only face value acceptance. Deep State feints too often; not enough jabbing.

Hauty knows when to play it light by offering the occasional zinger, such as naming the Russian Premier Malkin (never took Hauty as a Penguins fan), and once comparing Hayley to the X-Men, Rogue. Hauty then goes deep and gives insight to secondary and tertiary characters’ ultimate resolutions. A fast forward glimpse into that person’s future, which plays out convincingly in a style similar to Tom Tykwer’s film Run Lola Run. In that movie, the viewer gets a stuttered look at minor characters’ often dreary future after encountering the title character. Hauty plays this card decisively and cleverly, making this deep cut his best.

Deep State is not without its own guilty pleasure. The ending, to be deliberately obtuse, concludes on a fun reveal that although might not be Keyser Soze level in magnitude, certain resets the axis of the book. Questions are answered. Explanations abound. And the mass-paperback triteness is elevated to a cinematic finale worthy of a celebratory tub of popcorn.

Look for Deep State. Starring Brie Larson. Coming soon. Only on Netflix. Maybe. Probably.

Thanks to NetGalley and Atria/Emily Bestler for the ARC. I continue to applaud Atria’s work and remain a fan.

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Deep State was written by Chris Hauty and published on January 7, 2020 by Atria Books. I was given a copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

President Richard Monroe, newly elected and super controversial, has completely divided Washington D.C. In the middle of all of this drama, the White House chief of staff is found dead in his home. When an over eager intern discovers that it was not from natural causes as publicized, she unearths a conspiracy so large, everyone is a suspect. Will she uncover the truth in time? Who else is keeping a secret?

This book floored me. First of all, the super divisive President hit a little too close to home. Part of me was really hoping he’d be next to go. All of the players in this book are so incredibly detailed and not one of them has clear intentions from the start, aside from the intern Hayley Chill. This book twists and turns the entire way through, leaving the reader guessing right up until the end. Personally, I loved the ending. I don’t read a lot of books similar to this, but I was so glad I read this one. I was entertained from start to finish, and was a little bummed when the book was over.

Deep State is a great thrill ride. If you’re ready to question everyone and everything, this book is for you.

Easy 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 on this one. Go pick up this book today!

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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an eARC of this book.
Really gripping thriller that sounds too plausible in today's politics. Great plot though the writing could stand to be smoothed out. The ending puts the icing on the cake.

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I really wanted to like this book. The premise was so cool but unfortunately it did not live up to its potential. There were so many times while reading I almost DNFed the book. I wanted to know how it ended so I pushed through.

I will say it finally starts to pick up around the 70% mark. It shouldn’t take that long for any book, especially a thriller to get interesting.

My biggest issues with the book has to due with the slow pace and lack of character development. I found the main character to be touch but boring. The most interesting things about her are literally explained in the LAST chapter. I also had major issues with the beginning of the book. Every time a new character was introduced the author would go into paragraphs worth of description of their past, present, and future. It trashed the pace and took me totally out of the story.

I also never fully understood how we were supposed to feel about the President in this book. The was no real good development on this character or even why he was so disliked. It was hinted at but not everyone who will read this book follows real life politics so it should have been better laid out.

The only character I really liked was Asher. Great character and development (and the first character introduced without needless backstory and future explanations... hmmm, maybe there is something there...)

I will say however the last 30% was pretty good. I was pretty shocked by the twist at the end.

I will probably try the author again in the future if they can write more like the last 30% and not like the first 70%.

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