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Will He Go?

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What I found really interesting is that this author came up with even MORE ways for Trump to cheat in the 2020 election than he actually used. There were so many scenarios, and it was pretty scary reading all the possibilities. This wasn't just about Trump leaving, though; there are other examples where Republicans have acted appallingly.
The other thing that was funny were the funny tweets the author imagined Trump sending. 
This book is short but it has a lot of ideas. Thanks to NetGalley for letting me read this
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I found this book quite fascinating yet equally terrifying! January 6, 2021 revealed a lot about our democracy. It held but it was tested like never before.  This test did not just happen overnight.  Trump slowly built up to it. Trump’s lies & misinformation dating back to his campaign in 2016 set the stage for it.  Douglas’ research lays out the ways we allowed Trump to flourish because his lies were not called out.  These lies laid the foundation for what ultimately happened.  These lies should never have been dismissed as just Trump being Trump.  Knowing what we know now, we can save our democracy.
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An outstanding and frightening academic read for, most likely, constitutional law enthusiasts and/or lawyers, Douglas' short book discusses the myriad of paths Trump could take, possibly invoking never-before-used legalities, to not only squat in the White House post-election but upset the foundations of our democracy in the process.  I read this after Ginsburg's death, so also mentally added in the havoc that could ensue if the election is contested in our country's highest court with a highly conservative majority.  

Douglas demonstrates outstanding research and collaboration with con-law experts and deftly marries the text with interpretation and analysis that renders it readable and approachable.  

A worthwhile read for those interested in, or worried about, what could happen after the polls close on November 3rd.
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This book was super interesting and brought up so many critical factors and scenarios. He touched issues in every state at every level, not just Trump.
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The author presents well-researched ideas, themes, and probabilities, giving a lot of historical perspective to it all. After reading this book, I hope the reader would begin to re-think his/her ideas on the electoral college, as the book definitely provides a lot of pluses and minuses for it as well as historical perspective.  The author provides us a large amount of background on the sitting president and his emotions, ideas, and history.  He also cites and explains various situations that have occurred in our history that are similar in some or many ways to the current situation.  He definitely agrees that there may be a problem getting the current president to admit and accept election results, if he does not win, and suggests things he might do because of this. He does not fully discuss, however, what can be done if the president refuses to go willingly and instead sits out as many crazy ways he and his team can come up with to invalidate the election. I had hoped for more on how to get rid of someone who does this, but, as I said, I really did not find it in the book.  Still, there is a lot of good material, explaining our system, how it came to be, citing many situations where it was challenged and how the challenge was handled, which could provide some help to the powers to be if this occurs after the election. Thus, I found it a book well worth my time to read, as I think any other intelligent, concerned reader will. I received this from NetGalley to read and review.
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The quick answer is a resounding no, obviously. I like how each chapter is titled with something that Trump has done and ties it into Constitutional Law and history. Some of this book is a glimpse of what could happen or what should happen aka getting Trump out of the White House and his reaction this. I couldn't read this fast enough. No matter what side you are on, or an Independent voter like me, you need to read this and hope for the best for the country. Dump Trump November 3 2020.

Thanks to Netgalley, Lawrence Douglas, And Twelve Books for an already published copy in exchange for an honest review.

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I think most of us have asked her self the question about our current president.  This book basically examines all the avenues the election to take and the aftermath. If you enjoy politics and history this is the perfect book for you.
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