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It struck me as odd that Korzenik begins the text by saying he feels uncomfortable speaking in a business setting about “social justice, racial justice, and systemic racism” preferring “the language of earlier decades” when the book he wrote is essentially a social justice-oriented response to the systemic racism in our justice system. It seems like he doesn’t want to be accused of being what he is—someone interested in rectifying centuries of social injustice against black and brown people by encouraging businesses to hire those with criminal records (in a country where BIPOC people are more likely to be arrested/convicted/sentenced to jail/etc.) It did a lot to lessen his authority while reading the rest of the text. I appreciate I may not be his target audience in this book, but I still found it troubling.

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Took my time reading this book and it's worth it!

I love how raw and straightforward the content is. It gives you what you expect and what you did not expect at all!

People say such books are just theory. But we got to believe we have to take the best practical tips from such books in order to get the best out of it.

And I sure did.

What's different about this new book?

It focuses on the indifferent scenario of second chance hiring and how it will affect your investment and business.

The updated scenario in today's working system with well explained figures and examples.

Who is this book for?

I would say the language is apt even for beginners, the students and the ones who are at the top of their business/company.

Before you pick up this book, you have to believe you will gain something out of it.

Thank you, HarperCollins Leadership, for the advance reading copy.

The book will not take much of your time. It's easy to follow and will make you understand the core concepts pretty easily.

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I was curious to know more about second chance hiring and why the author would advocate for this especially in my context, coming from a country where so many young and old people are struggling to secure employment.
What I learned instead was linked to population of a nation, the GDP, methods of on-board coaching and also sometimes what works and what fails when you are looking to hire someone- I don't know if I got everything the author was sharing in this book, however, I feel more informed than I was before reading it.

Thanks Netgalley for the eARC.

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