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I found Grant's story and writing enjoyable. It is always valuable to get some insight into the history of basketball.

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For everyone that loves Grant Hill, this is definitely a good book for you. He came across as candid. Seemed to cover well known stories as well as a few that I was unaware of. Good read.

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To say Grant Hill has lived a charmed life would not be inaccurate, but it certainly had some bumps in the road. From his upbringing by two successful parents (his father was Calvin Hill, an All-Pro NFL running back and his mother was a successful businesswoman) to an eventful basketball career complete with injuries and a near-death hospitalization to successful business ventures, Hill has many stories to share and he does so in this fast paced and fun-to-read memoir.

Having read this fairly quickly on an e-reader, I was surprised to see that the hardcover edition is 400 pages – it certainly didn’t read like a 400 page memoir. No matter what part of his life Hill is discussing, he does so in a manner that the reader will enjoy as it feels like Hill is sitting next to the reader, talking to them in plain language – even when discussing basketball strategy or later, medical terminology during his injury-plagued years while under contract for the Orlando Magic.

Those years were certainly the most frustrating for Hill, as he not only laments his lack of time on the court but also expresses his displeasure at the medical teams that treated him for his ankle injuries. One of the surgeries he underwent had complications due to infections and he nearly died in the hospital. He eventually recovered from these thanks to the medical teams at Duke University and was even able to play some more seasons as a role player for the Phoenix Suns.

It is only appropriate that Duke was the place for his medical recovery as that was where his basketball career really took off and his star rose quickly as in his four years as a Blue Devil, Duke won one championship and appeared in two additional championship games in Hill’s four years there. He was the third pick in the 1994 NBA draft by the Detroit Pistons and immediately made an impact in the NBA as well, as his six years with the Pistons were successful for him individually but not as much for the team before he left for Orlando as a free agent.

The book is certainly not limited to his basketball career or his medical issues as he talks at length about his parents and their influence in his life, both in childhood and adulthood. He also spends much time discussing his marriage to Canadian singer Tamia and their two daughters. His love for hip hop music is evident throughout the book and he even dips into social and political commentary. The latter is written quite well and even-toned which was a welcome change from the divisive dialogue of today.

One doesn’t have to be a basketball fan to enjoy this book, although it does help when he is discussing his time at Duke and in Detroit, where much of the basketball talk is focused. The book is a great look at the man and his mostly humble personality. I say “mostly” because he isn’t shy in sharing his opinions when they enhance the discussion.

I wish to thank The Penguin Group for providing a copy of the book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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I initially wanted to read this book because I grew up as a die-hard Detroit Pistons fan. I remember when Grant Hill was drafted; I immediately became a fan.
This book did not disappoint. It starts with detailed descriptions of games from early in his life, providing us with insight into how his love of the game started and grew. Basketball fans will enjoy how much behind the scenes information is presented in the early chapters including strategy and impact.
For me, once the book transitioned to his time in Detroit, I could not put it down. While the early chapters certainly touched on his development as a player, I felt that the chapters covering his early NBA days gave a lot more insight into how his life was being shaped.
There is very honest discussion about business decisions that were made by others that clearly impacted his career and was difficult to read, but I appreciated him talking about those trying times and how he persevered.
I would certainly recommend this book but especially for fans of basketball (especially Detroit fans) but knowledge of the game is not a prerequisite. Beyond basketball, there is business, romance (he discusses his relationship with the extremely talented Tamia), family and a bit of good-natured trash talk.

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t didn't take long at all for basketball fans to fall in love with Grant Hill's game.

He arrived at Duke in the fall of 1990, adding his talents to a roster that already had such stars as Christian Laettner and Bobby Hurley. Hill was 6-foot-9, and he immediately showed why he was so extraordinary. It was once said about Grant's father, football player Calvin Hill, that he could have played any position on the field when he suited up for Yale University. His son was just like that too. Need someone to guard a point guard? Jump center? Rebound? Grant was your guy.

And he all made it look so darn easy - which, of course, discounted the hours of work that made it all possible.

No one, then, should be surprised that some of those same qualities are on display in Hill's autobiography, "Game." His writing is as smooth as a steal and a layup on the court.

Hill's story for the most part is as smooth as his game, as he seemed destined for success. Calvin - a former NFL star who later worked with teams to help troubled playes - and wife Janet were not only great role models for their only child but for others as well. Janet picked up the nickname "The General" from Grant's friends over the years, as she was a special assistant to the Secretary of the Army for a period.

Eventually Grant arrived at Duke, where he fit in with one of the great teams in college basketball. There were some strong personalities on those squads, and maybe it's not surprising that the people on the roster aren't particularly close years later. It might be giving Hill too much credit to say he was one of the "glue guys" that kept everyone together in that era. Then again, maybe it's not.

Then it was on to the pros for Hill, where there were unexpected bumps in the road. He was drafted third overall in 1994 by the Detroit Pistons, where he played at a high level on some mediocre teams. When his first chance at free agency arrived in 2000, Grant jumped to the Orlando Magic - where he immediately developed ankle problems. He spent more time on the sidelines than on the court in those seven years, and implies here that the medical treatment was less than appropriate. He came close to dying because of an infection in 2003. Even the storybook tales have some bumps in the road. Unless you followed the Magic in that era, you probably aren't aware of how difficult those years were for him.

Hill finally returned to health (relatively speaking) around the time he left Orlando in 2007, signing with Phoenix. He wasn't a star any more, but settled nicely into the job of role player for several years. Hill ended up playing 18 years in the NBA. Grant was back on the right track, and he has apparently stayed there. Hill married Tamia, a world-class singer from Canada, and they have had two children who we can only assume are going to be overachievers too. Grant eventually made the transition to basketball broadcasting, working the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament. And, oh by the way, Hill owns a share of the Atlanta Hawks. The Basketball Hall of Fame called him along the way.

That's a very interesting life, of course, especially for someone who hadn't reached 50 years old when he wrote it. But the best part is that the story is so well told. The story flows together quite seemlessly, and Hill is even willing to admit his (few) mistakes that he made along the way.

The result is a biography that is just like listening to an intelligent, thoughtful over a series of long dinners - and what could be much better than that? "Game" is a top-flight effort that even non-basketball fans will appreciate.

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Solid NBA book looking at Grant Hill's time in the basketball world. My biggest complain is the lack of unique stories usually coming in basketball related books. but this was more about merging his life details along with his career. The Duke chapters felt long at times but it was fascinating learning about Grant's perspective in the NBA during his rise, injuries and last few years competing

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I love reading basketball book and looking inside of NBA player and how they being in life playing basketball and Grant Hill explain how he’s player and how he struggle with injury . So had to win a championship great book to read

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Growing up as an avid Grant Hill fan, I followed him from his rookie year through his time with the Suns. This is an excellent in depth look at a career and what could have been. Grant Hill had tremendous talent and he has figured out how to share his basketball knowledge through retirement.

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As a life-long Duke fan, I have loved Grant Hill so reading about his life from his perspective was so interesting. The insight into team dynamics was equally as entertaining as it was wild.

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Having been a frequent reader of NBA books & memoirs, I’m skeptical when I see a new player memoir being released. They often feel like a bunch of stats and thin recollections that barely keep my attention. This book has now set the standard for a sports memoir. Grant Hill takes you inside the game and provides enough detail of not only of what happened but why he made the decisions that he did that you can’t help but be absorbed. A fantastic read for fans and non-fans of the NBA and Grant Hill

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A fun filled life lived by Grant Hill. From growing up out side D.C to playing 4 years at Duke to playing 19 years in the NBA. He gives a honest account of the highs and lows of it all. Throughly enjoyed reading about it all. Thanks to NetGalley for advanced copy.

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An comprehensive look into the life and career of NBA Hall of Famer Grant Hill. The book goes into Hill's life growing up, college career at Duke, playing career in the NBA, and retirement life. If you're a fan of the NBA, 90's, or college basketball in general, this will be an interesting book for you.

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