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Funniest Illustrated Jokes for Kids!

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These are funny jokes for kids. Maybe not so amusing for us adults, but the kids will surely enjoyed it. Bring it back to old times when color were scarce on books, but they made kids imagine more, might be the goal of the author. Children can read this book together with their friends and share the fun.

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LOLZZZZ- these jokes were clean and cute. The lack of color and depth in the illustrations I think may put off kids of the targeted age range, along with some of the jokes being ones that would not make sense to them.

Overall I found the jokes very enjoyable but the targeted consumer may be challenged to understand why some of these are funny. Definitely a book that can be grown into and used as opportunities to learn some of them!

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Unfortunately, this wasn't as good as I was hoping. I'm not a huge fan of the illustration style and the lack of colour used. It was okay. I'm sure some kids will really like it.

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Amusing illustrations that pinpoint how ridiculous some of these joke responses are. A good mixture of puns, imaginative double-meanings, and just plain silliness. Kids will be sure to enjoy some of these clean jokes. Great for use in schools, both for children to read and introduce a little humor into lessons. If you have a kid that loves to be a little clown, this little gem may be right up their alley.

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I volunteer at my kids library a few days a week so I’m always looking for clean jokes for the kindergartners. This book totally fit the bill! I can’t wait for Friday to see how they like it!!

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This is a cute joke book for kids

I read it with my 5 year old daughter and she did giggle quite a few times

There are a few jokes about animals which she loved, a few went a little above her read but it will be good to go back and pick it back up when she is a little older with it being marketed for ages 5 to 7.

It has some great little illustrations and they worked well with the jokes

it is 4 stars from me for this one, highly recommended!

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*thank you to Netgalley, Zeitgeist, Z Kids and Jeremy Nguyen for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

4 stars.

Ok so hands up, who loved a good joke book when they were kids? Me. That's who. I had one in particular that I would drive my mum crazy with as I read every joke out to her, while following her around the house as she done the house work. This book made me remember that and how much I enjoyed it! So, I really like this one.

Of course, now I'm older, I do still enjoy them but in an eye rolling, that's so lame but I can't help but smile, way. Yes they are lame and corny but in a GOOD way. The way jokes are meant to be. Silly and fun and this is exactly what this book gave.

I really like how there are also little pictures with each joke too which I think makes it that much funnier. Also there is a bit of genius going on there because even if your kid can't read, the pictures themselves are fun and funny to look at while giving an example of what the joke is about. A little kid could just look at the pictures and get a giggle.

Definitely recommend for kids who love jokes and annoying those around them.

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Unfortunately, it's not very funny! I was looking forward to reading this as I do realize it's tough to compile jokes that really make kids laugh, are nicely illustrated - and in a sufficient number to fill a whole book with them. The cover seemed to suggest it may work in this case... alas, most of these word-plays are very similar and only a small portion of them would actually make kids smile.

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Kids love jokes and they are sure to love this joke book! With simple and easy to understand jokes, pairs with simple but nice illustrations, this will be the book kids will carry around with them and share about at the dinner table. It is a fun and enjoyable book that kids in the age 4-8 range will love. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!

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The illustrations are really cute, and add to the enjoyment of reading the jokes! I liked the representation for disabled folk, too.

I snickered at many of the jokes, and this would be a great book for young ones wanting to learn some funny material or have a silly laugh. These aren't new or innovative jokes, for the most part or at all, but there are plenty in there that I'd never heard. Kids would likely never have heard any of them, and could share them with their friends as if they're comical geniuses.

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I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My daughter loved and memorized many of the jokes from this book to share with her friends. The art work was cute as well.

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Although I love a good joke book for kids, this one fell a bit flat. It was a bit corny and the child I was reading with (7) didn't get some of the jokes. I don't see these jokes getting kids a lot of giggles

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This joke book is perfect for the age group specified (5-7) - the language is simple and the illustrations are cute. Unfortunately, the jokes lacked originality and felt like the same old recycled humour. I’ve read a lot of kids joke books and many are a lot funnier..

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Review to come end of August on my blog + later on Goodreads.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just love books about jokes and so when I spotted this one over on Netgalley I knew I had to get it. Plus, I always love it when joke book add illustrations. And not just one small one in the corner like some do, but bigger ones! Ones that also can make you laugh, when done right. I have seen a few in both English and Dutch so I was hoping this one would feature some new and funny jokes. Plus, I really liked that this one was for a younger group of kids, 5-7 specifically.

And it is really for that age-group. Not too hard in text, with fun illustrations empathising the point of the joke. There are only 64 pages (well, according to Goodreads, my ASCM was 18 pages or so though I quickly found out that sometimes it just stayed stuck on the same page for 6 scrolls/clicks). I liked that the illustrations were orange/blue and the style of the illustrations was also really fun. I also enjoyed that at the end there was room for kids to draw their own illustration and write their own joke based on an illustration.

However, many of the jokes just fell a bit flat for me. I know that the age group is 5-7, however I have read some really funny books for that age group and so it can be done. But most jokes weren't that new or just missed that extra spark to make it funny.

I did have a few that made me laugh (and then also my husband as I always like to read funny jokes or riddles to him). Here are three that I really liked: "What do you call a bear cub who hasn't gotten its teeth yet? Answer: A gummy bear." || "What did Saturn say to Mars? Answer: Can I give you a ring sometime?" || "What do you call a drawing by George Washington? Answer: A Yankee Doodle."

All in all, I am still happy I got this book from Netgalley. Yes, not all the jokes worked, but I still had fun reading the book.

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This is a wonderfully and whimsically illustrated joke book for kids. The jokes are classics, some reworkings, and some original (to me) jokes, but the glory of the book consists of the illustrations which are very nicely done and really accent the book. I like joke books, but just listings of jokes can be dull and dry and the illustrations give a lift that makes the joke book much more enjoyable. I think this is a good addition for the younger set, and the illustrations will likely help them to remember and then be able to tell the jokes over endlessly to their parents and grandparents (like me). Fun stuff.

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