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Honestly, I'm not reviewing the advance read copy, I'm reviewing the published copy. It is beautiful and if you are a camper and a fan of national parks (and who isn't ... they are beautiful!), then this book will be a great reference for you. Read up 18-12 months before your anticipated trip to get the most out of your experience. We have a 27 foot Class C RV, I would keep this book in my "go bag" with my atlas and other favorite reference material.

This year (2023) we made reservations for Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. With Yellowstone only Fishing Bridge has electricity. You can't reserve a specific site; you are assigned a site when you arrive. It really is a nice way to experience Yellowstone; we would get up by 6:30am so that we could start touring the part before it got too crazy. (Kind of a pain on vacation, but highly recommended!) The folks at Fishing Bridge were so nice. You get two coupons per night for showers; which were clean. This is the same building as check in and laundry. We took the authors advice for the 3 days in Yellowstone on page 190, didn't follow it exactly but almost. Saw grizzley, black bears and a wolf by Lamar Valley. Great advice.

At Grand Tetons (2023) we stayed at Signal Mountain and Gros Ventre (moose on the right along the river before arriving at the campground). Really enjoyed these campgrounds. Well worth the cost. Again, got up early and enjoyed the scenery.

I had made reservations at Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park (2023) for two nights and we visited Bryce Canyon one day and Zion National Park the other day. Again, got up early ... our advice for these two parks ... park your rig and take the shuttles! There is not enough room for campers at the scenic overlooks. (Folks with cars could do themselves a favor and take the shuttles. Shuttles are free and you can get on and off as often as you like.)

In 2022 I was pretty clueless in making camping reservations and we were SOL in Utah around Capital Reef and Canyonlands. We couldn't find any spots anywhere near Moab, UT. Thanks to Harvest Host we stayed at Buzzards Belly General Store one night and then stayes at Badlands National Park. Loved it! Beautiful! Deer were literally walking up to our RV. Bighorn sheep sleeping at the side of the scenic loop.

Disclaimer: Typically I won't review a book unless i've read EVERY word. (Any DNF/Did Not Finish will typically not be reviewed and I'll give publisher feedback as to why I didn't finish, but I won't provide a review.) This book is an exception, as often as possible I have my tablet or iphone "read" the book to me via text to speech option; but that wasn't working for me with Where Should We Camp Next? I read parts of Where Should We Camp Next?; but not EVERY word.

Anyway. Where Should We Camp Next? Is a great book and I highly recommend it to campers.

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read the advance review copy in exchange for an honest review (even though I reviewed the physical final version). Also thank you to authors Stephanie & Jeremy Puglisi ... nice job on the text! So many great recommendations, even with small stuff like worst time for bugs and best local ice cream shops. And thank you to publisher Sourcebooks for approving my NetGalley ARC request.

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This is a basic and accessible guide for newer campers interested in the America's National Parks. Broadly organized by region, this highlights the major national parks in each area and breaks down information about camping both inside and nearby the parks. The write-ups focus more on the vibe of each particular camping venue more than the nitty-gritty details (number/type of sites, rates, seasonal schedules, etc.) but website information is provided for readers to research further.

The best part about this is the little asides about fun and unique local attractions and places to see. There are almost no pictures, which feels like a missed opportunity, but this is a nice, light introduction to inspire travel dreams in would-be campers.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me review this book. This was a great read about finding camping spots in or near the national parks. I also enjoyed the various fun and interesting facts on the parks.

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Very handy and easy to,use resource for anyone who likes to camp.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing an ARC for my review.

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Loved this campground guide. Nothing out there like it and already preordered my physical copy for my camper van!

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Where Should We Camp Next? is a well written and graphically appealing guide to the best campgrounds and accomodations in the US national park system curated and collected by Stephanie & Jeremy Puglisi. Due out 4th April 2023 from Sourcebooks, it's 400 pages and will be available in paperback and ebook formats.

The profiles for more than 50 national parks are arranged geographically from the North Atlantic region to the Pacific Northwest. Each national park is further divided into specific campgrounds and attractions both inside and outside the boundaries of each area. Most of the profiles include contact links and online resources and a short description. Tips and extra info are provided in highlighted text boxes throughout.

The info provided is pithy, correct (as far as info available at time of publication), and has a welcome family friendly vibe. My fondest memories of my childhood are of RV travels with my paternal grandparents, and this book brought so many good memories back to me from campgrounds and parks we visited. I was delighted to see some of the actual campgrounds I visited as a kid are still there and in operation *decades* later.

Five stars. Invaluable resource for travelers in and to the USA. It would make a good choice for public library acquisition and home use.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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Thank you, NetGalley and Sourcebooks for this ARC of Where Should We Camp Next?: National Parks.
I was excited to download this book as my family loves camping in the Colorado mountains every Summer and Fall and we are always looking for new spots to explore. I quickly learned that this book is far too basic if, like us, you have one particular region you prefer. I didn't learn anything new about camp spots in Colorado. But this book could be somewhat useful for a traveler that camps all over the U.S. and is looking for a general idea of where to stay.
But, where are the photos?! I feel like a quick online search would provide more helpful information including pictures of each campground.

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This camping travel guide offers useful tips on the staying at or near National Parks and Recreational Areas. It is divided by region. In Park campgrounds are listed first, then public and private out of Park campgrounds are listed. The authors take the time to describe the amenities and special features for each campground.

The parks themselves also get descriptors. I found the special features and hiking trail guides most useful, as the Puglisis share the best times of day and year to visit the parks and use the trails. These authors also give info on bugs and when they are active and feasting on human flesh - much appreciated!

Five stars for this fantastic travel guide. If you like to camp or visit National Parks, but especially if you like to do both at the same time, then this guide is for you. It is chock full of good information, great observations, and fantastic suggestions. My thanks to Sourcebooks via NetGalley for this ARC. All opinions are my own and offered without recompense.

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This edition of Where Should We Camp Next? covers over 300 places to camp in and around the national parks. The book is divided by region then by the parks, seashores, or monuments in that area.

The book is well organized with a variety of campground options for inside and outside each park listed. A table of contents is included at the beginning for ease of use. Each listing includes the location, website (if available), and type of sites available (tents, RV, etc.).

The only thing I found to be lacking in this book is that there are no pictures.

This would be a great resource or gift for anyone interested in camping or those interested in the national parks as a whole.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks (Non-Fiction)!

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I thought I’d love this book. We love national parks and camping. I’d love to know where to go next. It turns out I’m not the target audience and it was pretty much a bust for me.

First off, it’s more of a campground guide than a park guide. If you know where you’re going and want quick summaries of the camping options nearby, this will tell you who has flush toilets, glamping tents and good views. It won’t tell you how much they cost though, not even one of those simple scales like $$.

Secondly, it covers only 51 national parks, motorways, monuments and other areas. That sounds like a lot but there are well over 400 and none of the ones in this book are near me in Minnesota. In the Midwest they list 2 Michigan sites, one in Indiana, one in Missouri and one in Ohio. So where I should go next is apparently anywhere a thousand miles away. They do list a couple of sites in the Dakotas but we’ve been there already (and she cannot convince me Mt. Rushmore is worth going back to). There are a lot of military and historic battle sites in the mix, along with ones in Alaska and Hawaii. I’m sure these are great sites, but they don’t really pertain to our options or preferences.

Thirdly, there are no photos. I really wanted to be sold on where to visit and a half page about a park along with some AAA type of campsite summaries just didn’t have me really wanting to go anywhere.

Another small gripe is they don’t say what state the parks and sites are in. Sometimes I had to scan two pages in to figure out where an entry was and how far it would be for me.

Honestly, this really did remind me of a AAA guide and we get those for free. Those also do have photos of some of the area and price ranges.

If you are a RVer who wants information on some campgrounds, this might work well, or if you’re going to some of the most popular national parks. It was pretty much a bust for me though.

I read a digital copy of this book for review.

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We love to stop at National Parks when we travel. This is an excellent guide with a lot of information on some of the best National Parks in the US.

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I can't wait to get a copy of this book and to share more of it with my family. I showed my daughter multiple parts of this book as I was looking through it. We love going to National Parks as a family and I found that there are lots of good little tips in this book.

Thanks NetGalley for this ARC!

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A comprehensive guide to where to camp (both tent and RV sites) when visiting the national parks. This was particularly helpful as it explains how to work the reservation sites (which can be cumbersome) with a few tips and tricks on how to find the best sites with the amenities you need. There are both public and private sites with suggestions on best times to go for each park. Bonus points for including information on Bark Ranger locations (my pup loves this). Each park mentions several campgrounds within and outside of the park, a short description, website where available, site type, and a few extras (where to get homemade blueberry pies). Incredibly helpful for those planning trips to these parks (which should be everyone!).

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