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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

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This is a fantastic resource for kids. The hardest part of figuring out what you want to be is often simply not knowing what the job is really going to be like. This book has interviews with people in a wide variety of professions, including a sports talent scout, a farmer, an interior designer, and someone who helps people interact with animals. They talk about what they did to get where they are and there are lists of related jobs.
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I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a wonderful book. The text is fantastic and has such a great message and the pictures are adorable.

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If you have kids who worry about what they might be when they grow up, this is the book for you! Thorough information about how people prepared for and got their jobs, how they knew that's what they wanted to do. A really good mix of jobs that require college and trades. Several classic jobs and many jobs you wouldn't think of. My favorite part was the spin off jobs that people don't even usually realize exist. So many options opened up!

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Great resource to explore a variety of careers, as well as, motivating kids to dream BIG!

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This is an inspiring book that belongs in all of our elementary and middle-grade classrooms. Each section of the book portrays a career and includes interviews with people working in that field, the educational background needed for the role, and vocabulary related to that job. Related jobs are also highlighted and suggestions for kids are provided so they can see if the job is of interest to them. For example, in the section related to becoming a chef, other careers such as butcher, dietician, and sous chef are listed, and the "Try It Out" section encourages volunteering at a soup kitchen.

I appreciate the wide variety of careers that are included, and that stereotypes are avoided. Social justice is a theme that is woven throughout the book, which will also appeal to students and teachers alike. I love the Canadian representation, but people around the world are included.

Thank you to NetGalley, Pajama Press, Colleen Nelson and Kathie MacIsaac for the advance reading copy. I will definitely be purchasing a copy!

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In just 25 profiles, Nelson and MacIsaac provide glimpses into such a wonderful variety of individuals and career paths that it's hard to imagine any kid walking away from this book without their head buzzing with at least a half dozen or more areas to explore further. Reading about real people and how they got to where they are is an inspiring way to learn that there are many paths, including sometimes U-turns and unexpected detours, to turning your passion into a fulfilling career. This book is targeted at a younger audience, but I plan to pick up a copy for my high schooler who is exploring these same questions as he considers his future career options.

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The authors approached the unique topic of a variety of jobs, highlighting actual people. They included fascinating side bars, spin-off jobs, pro-tips, etc. Very intriguing, engaging, and inspiring! A delightful nonfiction book to add to libraries.

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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It is a gem! Nelson and MacIsaac highlight numerous jobs and what is involved in entering that field and share someone's personal experiences. For each they also highlight another noteworthy individual, sometimes a young person, and some related jobs. They have selected a wonderfully diverse group of people and jobs, resulting in an inspiring text, appropriate for a wide-range of ages. Each job is detailed on a well-designed, two-page spread, coming together in a great resource!

I highly recommend If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It for school libraries at all levels.

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Reading recommendation: If You Can Dream It You Can Do It by @colleennelsonauthor and @kathiemacisaac

I bet you this non-fiction book will be on all the award lists in the coming year!

Publisher: @pajamapressbooks
Ages: 8-12

Mini-biographies of twenty-five individuals of different backgrounds, genders, and abilities. Theme: jobs and careers.

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If you can Dream It, You can do it exceeded my expectations. Not only does it show case people with different careers and how they got there, they included spin off careers that may be exactly what the child/teen is looking for.

I also really enjoyed how there were careers for all post secondary education levels. University is not for everyone and that's okay.

A great tool to open one's mind to the many many careers out there that you may never have even heard of.

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I received an electronic ARC from Pajama Press through NetGalley.
Nelson offer readers a look at twenty-five people who pursued careers they felt fit best. Each page spread offers a brief biography of the person, fun facts text boxes, other jobs that connect to this field, and frequently, another person who has pursued a similar career. Reades are challenged to think about their own interests as they read through and then at the end when possible future careers are listed. This book encourages readers to think for themselves and learn about a wide variety of options for their future. The short textboxes wrapped around the text work to hold middle grade interest. A terrific addition to the biography section for libraries.

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What a great way to learn about different careers and jobs and find out how to make your dreams come true.
With 25 people of many genders, abilities and backgrounds featuring their career paths and how they made their dreams come true. Even if your 3rd- 8th grade reader doesn’t see the job of their dreams highlighted, this is a great way for intermediate readers to be exposed to the variety of life paths and how those adults found their way to be successful.

We really enjoyed the WIDE variety of the careers that were featured. From a human rights lawyer to a farmer, a smoke jumper and an ornithologist. These are super exciting people!! (I am totally second guessing my current career 😊)

What a fresh book and a great way to start learning about potential dreams.

Grateful to have received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley & Pajama Press.

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This book is so great! What an inspirational and original premise. Well written and laid out with a variety of professions that any child can find relatable.

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This book illuminates a pile of modern careers and professions in a way that's diverse and accessible for young readers. Each job is described with just the right amount of detail, and then on the same page spread, there are bullets about related jobs, plus interesting anecdotes. This is all enhanced with photos and vibrant illustrations,

Kids will pick up this book and browse it, stopping a jobs that appeal to them. They'll learn of jobs they'd never heard of, let alone considered. And they'll see a diverse range of people who do these interesting jobs. Every reader will find themselves in this book. Good job, Colleen and Kathie!

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